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Bubbled 000.png
Bubbled 001.png
Bubbled 002.png
Bubbled 003.png
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Bubbled 005.png
Bubbled 006.png
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Bubbled 009.png
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Bubbled 011.png
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Bubbled 020.png
Bubbled 021.png
Bubbled 022.png
Bubbled 023.png
Bubbled 024.png
Bubbled 025.png
Bubbled 026.png
Bubbled 027.png
Bubbled 028.png
Bubbled 029.png
Bubbled 030.png
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Bubbled 041.png
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Bubbled 046.png
Bubbled 047.png
Bubbled 048.png
Bubbled 049.png
Bubbled 050.png
Bubbled 051.png
Bubbled 052.png
Bubbled 053.png
Bubbled 054.png
Bubbled 055.png
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Bubbled 060.png
Bubbled 061.png
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Bubbled 064.png
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Bubbled 067.png
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Bubbled 071.png
Bubbled 072.png
Bubbled 073.png
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Bubbled 075.png
Bubbled 076.png
Bubbled 077.png
Bubbled 078.png
Bubbled 079.png
Bubbled 080.png
Bubbled 081.png
Bubbled 082.png
Bubbled 083.png
Bubbled 084.png
Bubbled 085.png
Bubbled 086.png
Bubbled 087.png
Bubbled 088.png
Bubbled 089.png
Bubbled 090.png
Bubbled 091.png
Bubbled 092.png
Bubbled 093.png
Bubbled 094.png
Bubbled 095.png
Bubbled 096.png
Bubbled 097.png
Bubbled 098.png
Bubbled 099.png
Bubbled 100.png
Bubbled 101.png
Bubbled 102.png
Bubbled 103.png
Bubbled 104.png
Bubbled 105.png
Bubbled 106.png
Bubbled 107.png
Bubbled 108.png
Bubbled 109.png
Bubbled 110.png
Bubbled 111.png
Bubbled 112.png
Bubbled 113.png
Bubbled 114.png
Bubbled 115.png
Bubbled 116.png
Bubbled 117.png
Bubbled 118.png
Bubbled 119.png
Bubbled 120.png
Bubbled 121.png
Bubbled 122.png
Bubbled 123.png
Bubbled 124.png
Bubbled 125.png
Bubbled 126.png
Bubbled 127.png
Bubbled 128.png
Bubbled 129.png
Bubbled 130.png
Bubbled 131.png
Bubbled 132.png
Bubbled 133.png
Bubbled 134.png
Bubbled 135.png
Bubbled 136.png
Bubbled 137.png
Bubbled 138.png
Bubbled 139.png
Bubbled 140.png
Bubbled 141.png
Bubbled 142.png
Bubbled 143.png
Bubbled 144.png
Bubbled 145.png
Bubbled 146.png
Bubbled 147.png
Bubbled 148.png
Bubbled 149.png
Bubbled 150.png
Bubbled 151.png
Bubbled 152.png
Bubbled 153.png
Bubbled 154.png
Bubbled 155.png
Bubbled 156.png
Bubbled 157.png
Bubbled 158.png
Bubbled 159.png
Bubbled 160.png
Bubbled 161.png
Bubbled 162.png
Bubbled 163.png
Bubbled 164.png
Bubbled 165.png
Bubbled 166.png
Bubbled 167.png
Bubbled 168.png
Bubbled 169.png
Bubbled 170.png
Bubbled 171.png
Bubbled 172.png
Bubbled 173.png
Bubbled 174.png
Bubbled 175.png
Bubbled 176.png
Bubbled 177.png
Bubbled 178.png
Bubbled 179.png
Bubbled 180.png
Bubbled 181.png
Bubbled 182.png
Bubbled 183.png
Bubbled 184.png
Bubbled 185.png
Bubbled 186.png
Bubbled 187.png
Bubbled 188.png
Bubbled 189.png
Bubbled 190.png
Bubbled 191.png
Bubbled 192.png
Bubbled 193.png
Bubbled 194.png
Bubbled 195.png
Bubbled 196.png
Bubbled 197.png
Bubbled 198.png
Bubbled 199.png
Bubbled 200.png
Bubbled 201.png
Bubbled 202.png
Bubbled 203.png
Bubbled 204.png
Bubbled 205.png
Bubbled 206.png
Bubbled 207.png
Bubbled 208.png
Bubbled 209.png
Bubbled 210.png
Bubbled 211.png
Bubbled 212.png
Bubbled 213.png
Bubbled 214.png
Bubbled 215.png
Bubbled 216.png
Bubbled 217.png
Bubbled 218.png
Bubbled 219.png
Bubbled 220.png
Bubbled 221.png
Bubbled 222.png
Bubbled 223.png
Bubbled 224.png
Bubbled 225.png
Bubbled 226.png
Bubbled 227.png
Bubbled 228.png
Bubbled 229.png
Bubbled 230.png
Bubbled 231.png
Bubbled 232.png
Bubbled 233.png
Bubbled 234.png
Bubbled 235.png
Bubbled 236.png
Bubbled 237.png
Bubbled 238.png
Bubbled 239.png
Bubbled 240.png
Bubbled 241.png
Bubbled 242.png
Bubbled 243.png
Bubbled 244.png
Bubbled 245.png
Bubbled 246.png
Bubbled 247.png
Bubbled 248.png
Bubbled 249.png
Bubbled 250.png
Bubbled 251.png
Bubbled 252.png
Bubbled 253.png
Bubbled 254.png
Bubbled 255.png
Bubbled 256.png
Bubbled 257.png
Bubbled 258.png
Bubbled 259.png
Bubbled 260.png
Bubbled 261.png
Bubbled 262.png
Bubbled 263.png
Bubbled 264.png
Bubbled 265.png
Bubbled 266.png
Bubbled 267.png
Bubbled 268.png
Bubbled 269.png
Bubbled 270.png
Bubbled 271.png
Bubbled 272.png
Bubbled 273.png
Bubbled 274.png
Bubbled 275.png
Bubbled 276.png
Bubbled 277.png
Bubbled 278.png
Bubbled 279.png
Bubbled 280.png
Bubbled 281.png
Bubbled 282.png
Bubbled 283.png
Bubbled 284.png
Bubbled 285.png
Bubbled 286.png
Bubbled 287.png
Bubbled 288.png


The Milky Way Galaxy in all of her ineffable glory.gif
Never fear, the Roaming Eye is here!.gif
We got you Steven!.gif
Here he comes!.gif
Steven, don't go into the light!.gif
Steven, how many fingers am I holding up.gif
Pearl, Amethyst, let it all out.gif
It's okay to cry, Garnet.gif
You little rascal.gif
I missed you guys.gif
We love you, Steven.gif
We're going to home.gif

Official Artwork


Steven Universe Bubbled Storyboard
Bubbled Sequence Colin Howard.jpg
Bubbled Thumbnails Colin Howard.jpg

Promotional Artwork

Bubbled promo.gif

Model Sheets

Art Direction: Ricky Cometa

Lead Character Design: Danny Hynes

Character Design: Aleth Romanillos

Prop Design: Angie Wang

Bubbled Color Key.png


Art Direction: Ricky Cometa

Lead Background Design: Steven Sugar

Background Design: Emily Walus

Background Paint: Amanda Winterstein, Jasmin Lai

Additional Background Paint: Elle Michalka

Color Design: Efrain Farias, Hans Tseng




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