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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Outer Space]
(Steven slowly opens his eyes with a ringing in his eyes. As he regains consciousness, he sees the Homeworld Rubies scattering in the distance.)
Steven The Rubies? Huh? Whoa!
(Steven soon finds himself inside his bubble shield twirling and floating through space at a drastically fast speed.)
Steven Oh, geez! AAAHH!
(Steven's bubble collides with "Eyeball", which slows him down.)
"Eyeball" You!
Steven "Eyeball"!
("Eyeball" regains her balance and stands on top of the bubble. She and Steven watch as the Earth and Moon shrink away in distance.)
Steven There goes the Earth...
"Eyeball" There goes my whole platoon! *growls at Steven* This is a mess! *starts pacing around the bubble* What'll I say in my report? How will I even make my report? This is a nightmare! *stops and glares at Steven* And this is all your fault!
Steven Whoa! Hey, no, it's not! You were trying to hurt my friends!
"Eyeball" But you opened the airlock in the moon base! You sent us flying into space, with no hope of ever returning!
Steven ... Okay, so maybe that was my fault. I'm sorry. There, are you happy?
"Eyeball" No. You're lucky you're in that bubble, or I'd pop you right in the face.
Steven Well, if you're going to be a grump about it, then we can just float in silence until we both die!
"Eyeball" *crosses her arms* Sounds great!
Steven Fine!
"Eyeball" I can't wait!
Steven Me, neither!
(The two of them continue to float through space in silence. Steven then takes his phone out of his pocket in boredom.)
Steven What? No signal? Come on, I'm right by a satellite!
(A satellite beeps as it flies by.)
Steven If I don't die out here, first thing I do back on Earth is change my phone plan.
"Eyeball" *sits up and growls* I shouldn't have ever come back to that dumb planet!
("Eyeball" flops back down on the bubble.)
"Eyeball" When I heard rumors there might still be Crystal Gems on Earth, I couldn't believe it. A thousand years of fighting were all for nothing! And Rose Quartz might still be alive? She must be! *rolls on her side* Why else would someone as important as Jasper be back on Earth? For closure, that's why. I wanted it, too. I wanted to see Rose Quartz with my own eye. At the very least, I thought Jasper might have some answers, but... It wasn't even her; just another trick.
Steven That's what you really wanted? To see Rose Quartz?
"Eyeball" *clenches her fists* More than anything.
Steven Well, then today's your lucky day.
"Eyeball" How's that?
Steven I... know where Rose Quartz is.
("Eyeball"'s interest has been sparked and she turns around to face Steven)
"Eyeball" What? Where is she?!
Steven ... She turned into me.
"Eyeball" Right. And I have two eyeballs, which I don't! You expect me to believe anything, don't you? Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me four times, you already fooled me, and you can't fool me again.
Steven Look, I can prove it! *lifts up his shirt to revealing his gem* I have her Rose Quartz gem!
"Eyeball" That's more of a pinkish-red than a real Rose Quartz reddish-pink.
Steven That's because you're looking at it through my bubble! Hold on... Here, check this out! *summons his shield* Look, I can summon her shield! It's got a rose on it and everything!
"Eyeball" Who cares about her shield? Her huge sword is what I remember.
Steven Uh, I left that in my Lion. *dispels his shield*
(Steven takes out his phone, swims up to "Eyeball" and presses his phone against his bubble.)
Steven Look. Tell me you don't see the resemblance.
(Steven shows "Eyeball" a picture of Rose, as he puckers his lips and strikes a pose.)
"Eyeball" Are you kidding me? You're despicable. We're gonna die out here, and you're just gonna make fun of me until we do! *sighs and turns away from Steven* You're even crueler than Rose Quartz...
(Steven looks at the picture on his phone, saddened, when a small piece of asteroid collides with the bubble.)
Steven Uh...
(Another small asteroid collides with the bubble.)
Steven *puts his phone away* Uh, "Eyeball"?
(A group of small asteroids then hits the bubble.)
Steven "Eyeball"?!
"Eyeball" *annoyed* That's not my-
("Eyeball" gasps as she barely dodges a big asteroid. She stands up and finds themselves drifting into the asteroid belt.)
"Eyeball" Oh, great! Asteroids incoming! Find cover, soldier! *ducks and covers her head*
Steven I am in cover, you get somewhere safe!
("Eyeball" begins dodging a few asteroids stylishly, hurting her back in the process.)
Steven Wow!
"Eyeball" I think I'm losing my luster.
(The bubble collides into a ramp-like asteroid and begins bouncing between multiple other asteroids. Steven and "Eyeball" scream as they bounce towards a large asteroid.)
"Eyeball" We're heading right for that big one!
Steven Nooo!! Oh?
(The large asteroid flips around, revealing to be ring-shaped, and the bubble passes through it smoothly.)
Steven Oh.
"Eyeball" *cautiously climbs on top the bubble* I'm... alive.
Steven *sighs in relief* We made it!
(Steven and "Eyeball" start laughing together.)
"Eyeball" *flexes* I'm unstoppable! Agh!
(An asteroid suddenly hits "Eyeball" right in the gem, causing her to drift off the bubble and float away.)
Steven *gasps* "Eyeball"! Oh, no! No! I've... got you!
(Steven reaches out his hand and his bubbles stretches out to encase "Eyeball" in another bubble. Steven then pulls the bubble towards him, merging the two bubbles together and catching "Eyeball" safely in his arm.)
Steven Oh, geez! You okay?
"Eyeball" *gasps and pushes Steven away* Get off me!
("Eyeball"'s body starts glitching and she covers her face.)
Steven Whoa! What's wrong?
("Eyeball" uncovers her face, revealing her cracked gem and looking at Steven with a grumpy face, as she glitches again.)
Steven Ay-yi-yi! Your gem is cracked!
"Eyeball" What?! This is just perfect!
Steven Don't worry, I can fix your gem!
"Eyeball" I'm not falling for any of your tr-i-i-i-i-i-icks!
("Eyeball"'s body glitches out, turning her into a tiny version of herself. She growls in annoyance as she glitches again into a cute little angry floating cloud, and then back to into her normal form.)
"Eyeball" Oh... *holding her stomach in nausea* Bleh...
(Steven grabs "Eyeball"'s shoulders.)
"Eyeball" Hmm?
Steven I'm serious, I can help.
"Eyeball" Fine. I guess I got nothing else to lose.
Steven *Sighs* Thank you.
(Steven puckers his lips and begins inching towards "Eyeball", looking rather uncomfortable. He then sticks out his tongue and licks her gem, when "Eyeball" grips his cheeks and pushes him away in annoyance.)
"Eyeball" WHAT was THAT supposed to be?! What in the cosmos is wrong with... you?
("Eyeball"'s gem begins to glow as the crack seals itself up.)
Steven *shakes his head* See? It worked!
"Eyeball" I... I can't believe it! There were rumors back during the war, that Rose Quartz could heal her Crystal Gem soldiers, keeping her small army in contention with the superior forces of Homeworld. Wow! It really is you! Rose Quartz!
Steven See?! That's what I was trying to tell ya!
("Eyeball" covers her face and starts laughing.)
Steven Yup, it's me: the mighty Rose Quartz!
"Eyeball" *keeps laughing* And now we're stuck out here, floating aimlessly through outer space! Pfff! *laughs again*
Steven How'd we get ourselves into this mess?
("Eyeball" continues to laugh, and Steven starts laughing along until he starts crying. "Eyeball" eventually stops laughing)
"Eyeball" The mighty Rose Quartz...
("Eyeball" snickers as her gem shimmers, and she pulls a chisel knife out of her gem.)
Steven *chuckles nervously* Huh?
"Eyeball" I never thought I'd get a chance like this. I can't believe you're all mine!
("Eyeball" dashes towards Steven and begins to attack him. Steven dodges her attacks and expands his bubble, creating some distance between him and "Eyeball".)
Steven Why are you attacking me?!
"Eyeball" Don't act surprised, Rose Quartz! You shattered a Diamond!
Steven Whoa!
("Eyeball" starts chasing Steven in circles inside the bubble. "Eyeball" laughs manically while Steven screams for his life.)
"Eyeball" Ooh, I'm gonna get ya! I'm gonna take your gem and bring it back!
Steven What?! No! Please don't take my gem! Wait, what would even happen to me?
(Steven stops running to think, and "Eyeball" bumps into him. "Eyeball" has Steven pinned down, with her chisel knife floating right above them.)
"Eyeball" Ha!
("Eyeball" grabs the chisel knife and aims it at Steven's gem, preparing to cut it out.)
Steven W-Wait! You don't have to do this!
"Eyeball" *laughs* Oh, give it up already! You can't take this away from me! I'm gonna be a legend! I'll go down in history! What will the Diamonds say when they hear that a Ruby defeated Rose Quartz!? They're gonna give me my own Pearl! *bites the pommel of the knife and laughs in delight*
Steven Wah?! Wait! Please listen! I'm really not my mom! I don't want to hurt you! Just- Just think for a second. We're lost out in space. How are you going to get back to Homeworld alone?
"Eyeball" I've already made up my mind!
("Eyeball" jabs her chisel knife towards Steven, when he quickly grabs her arm, holding his breath, dispels his bubble and flings her away into space.)
"Eyeball" *gasps* Whoa!
(Steven resummons his bubble around him and gasps for air. He breathes heavily as he watches "Eyeball" drift away in distance. Steven then curls up in dread and his bubble shrinks around him, as he floats away, helplessly alone in space...)
[Time Skip]
(A Roaming Eye appears and shines a beam of light on a curled-up Steven in his bubble. A diamond-shaped opening appears on the ship and Steven gets pulled inside. "Love Like You" begins to play in the background as Steven regains consciousness, discovering he has been rescued by the Crystal Gems. Everyone starts crying in joy and relief, and they embrace one another. Pearl pilots the ship as the ship makes its way back to Earth. Steven sits in the captain's chair, staring out to space, while Garnet stands beside him.)
Steven ... How come nobody told me about Pink Diamond?
Garnet We all did what we had to during the war. Everything's different now.
Steven But did Mom really do it? Did she really... shatter her?
Garnet She had to. The Earth belonged to Pink Diamond. Destroying her was the only way to save the planet. For Amethyst to be herself, for Pearl to be free, for me to be together. For you to exist.
Steven But I thought... A-At least she'd never...
Garnet She didn't always do what was best for her. But she always did what was best for Earth.
Steven Even if it meant shattering someone...
Garnet Yes.
Steven *sighs deeply* ... Thanks for telling me.
(The Earth then comes into view, and the star iris closes on the Roaming Eye as it heads towards the planet.)

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