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Speaker Dialogue
[The episode begins with Steven and Connie doing their stock cheer and riding Lion and warping to Buddwick Public Library. They stop outside in the parking lot.]
Connie Great job parking, Lion!
Steven Eh. It's a little crooked.
Lion [Growls softly]
Steven Never mind. It's perfect!
Connie [Chuckles] Is Lion gonna be okay parked out here?
Steven Oh, yeah. Uh, I just gotta lock him up. Boop. Boop. Don't worry. He's not going anywhere.
(Lions walks off as Steven and Connie walk to Buddwick Public Library.)
Connie I still can't believe this'll be your first time inside of a library.
Steven Why?
Connie Because libraries are full of your favorite thing.
(Steven examines and is overjoyed.)
Steven [Gasps] Books!
(The librarian reading a book shushes Steven.)
Steven [Whispers] Books.
(Steven and Connie walk to a table with three educational books.)
Connie All right. Time to beat these books.
Steven Ah. What did they do to you?
Connie I'm mainly trying to get a head-start on seventh grade. We'll be covering a lot of new stuff, so... I just want to be prepared.
Steven Can't you just use your phone to look stuff up?
Connie [Sighs] Last time I relied on the Internet for info, I ended up writing a very, uh... erroneous paper about raccoons having heat-vision.
Steven Raccoons have heat-vision!?
Librarian Shh!
Connie You should take a look around while I get started. There's tons of stuff here I'm sure you'll love.
Steven Okay. B-R-B.
(Steven walks around exploring the library.)
Steven Nonfiction? Wild.
(Steven trips on a wheeled ottoman and begins riding it.)
Steven Whee! [Laughs] Wow! There's even cool books on the bottom shelves!
(Steven continues riding the ottoman until he notices a book under the bottom shelf.)
Steven Huh? What are you doing down here, little buddy?
(Steven picks up the book and blows the dust off of it. It has a blank cover.)
Steven It's blank!
(Steven opens the book and sees Gem structure sketches.)
Steven Whoa. [Gasps] Connie! Look!
Connie It's blank.
Steven It's the journal of first mate Buddy Buddwick!
Connie Like, the real thing?
Steven Yeah! Jamie did a play about how Buddy helped the first Mayor Dewey discover Beach City! There's even drawings of Gem locations in here!
Connie Oh, my gosh! Forget homework. (Connie forcefully pushes all the books aside) Let's take it from the top!
Steven Yeah!
(Steven opens the book and begins reading Buddy's tale as drums and fife music play in the background.)
(Jamie begins to narrate as he stars as Buddy Buddwick in the story for Steven and Connie.)
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) After narrowly escaping certain doom, Captain William Dewey and I, his first mate Buddy, founded the land of Beach City. With Captain Dewey's legacy cemented — well, bronzed — I wondered what my legacy would be. Would anyone remember my name? Or will it be washed away by the ocean of time?
Steven I'm picturing Buddy as Jamie being all sad.
Connie Oh, yeah. Drama zone.
Buddy (Jamie) No! I shall not disappear! I shan't die a lowly first mate! I schwill do something great with my life! I'll comb the world in search of greatness!
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) And so began a new chapter of my life — to explore the previously unexplored and to make my mark on the world! I traveled for many days and nights until, finally, I found myself in a field of sorts... or should I say, a field of swords, intermingled with giant, sweet-smelling strawberries as big as one's head. "Who could've wielded such a weapon?" I pondered. "What sort of battle could this have been used for?" I contemplated. I continued to sketch, sinking into deep concentration when I suddenly felt the touch of a familiar hand.
(Garnet and Pearl appear from behind.)
Garnet Ahoy.
Pearl Salutations.
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) It was two of the Crystal Gems.
Connie Hmm. Would the Gems have looked different back then?
Steven Yes. Definitely.
(Steven and Connie imagine the Gems dressed in mid-80s outfits.)
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) It was two of the Crystal Gems that had saved my captain from a sea beast.
Pearl And now we're here to save you.
Buddy (Jamie) But I'm not in peril. I'm just a humble traveler who wants my name to be remembered by everyone for all time.
Pearl Well, travel not here, traveler, as this place is very dangerous.
Buddy (Jamie) Very well. I'll go elsewhere.
Pearl Wait! There are many places on this Earth that a human like you should avoid.
(Pearl marks multiple locations on Jamie's map before handing it back to him.)
Pearl Here's a convenient marking of all the places where you should absolutely, under no circumstances, visit if you'd like to keep your short life.
Garnet Only the bravest, most courageous, most memorable explorers would dare to visit these fascinating places.
Pearl Yes, that's essentially what I just said. Anyway, glad we cleared that up. Fare thee well.
(Garnet and Pearl ride off on a Penny-farthing.)
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) Surely, if I do explore these places, I'll be remembered as brave and courageous!
(Jamie begins to explore the designated spots, beginning at the Sky Spire. Next is the Lunar Sea Spire and the Communication Hub. Steven and Connie flip through the sketches he drew from his explorations.)
Steven He drew the Communication Hub.
Connie Sparkling slugs?
Steven Where'd he get these names from? Ooh! He got this one right! I feel like I'm back there.
Connie What's this place?
(Steven and Connie look at "The Palanquin".)
Steven I don't know this one. Ooh! It looks like he went to the Kindergarten.
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) I found myself at the most amazing locations.
(Jamie examines a vacant injector.)
Buddy (Jamie) Hmm. Very pointy.
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) Though I could not shake the feeling that something about this journey felt a bit... off.
Buddy (Jamie) Hmm. I wonder why all these tiny caves are here.
Stranger Hey, Buddy!
Buddy (Jamie) [Screams] Th-this is Buddy speaking.
Amethyst Get outta my hole.
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) Lo, it was the third Crystal Gem.
Buddy (Jamie) Do you, uh, live here?
Amethyst Used to! Nowadays, I just come back every so often to see how the fam's doing.
Buddy (Jamie) The fam?
(Amethyst walks over to a rock, or the "fam", and gives them some brief company.)
Amethyst [Chuckles] Hey, how you been? Aw! You getting taller? Uh, give me a sec. I have a visitor. Why are you here!?
Buddy (Jamie) Oh. My apologies. Here, I'll show you.
(Jamie pulls out his map.)
Buddy (Jamie) I've been traveling the globe as an adventurer and explorer.
Amethyst Neat!
Buddy (Jamie) I've been on a journey to discover places no one has ever been before. But by the looks of this place, many people have been here before.
Amethyst Hold on. Did you make this map?
Buddy (Jamie) It was drawn up for me by your compatriots.
Amethyst So, pbht! What have you discovered on it?
Buddy (Jamie) Well, I uh... that is... Oh. Uh... Oh, dear. I haven't discovered a single thing on this map!
Amethyst Yeah, man. You're just following someone else's footsteps.
Buddy (Jamie) And here I was, claiming to be a great explorer and adventurer when all I really am... is a tourist! [Sobbing]
Amethyst Whoa. Don't get all sad on me.
Buddy (Jamie) This is why my journey hasn't felt right! [Sobbing continues]
Amethyst Uh... uh, oh, yeah! Why don't you try and find the sand castle?
Buddy (Jamie) [Sniffles] Uh, wha?
Amethyst Uh, out of the way. I'll show you. It's right around here in this sandy area.
Buddy (Jamie) Really?
Amethyst Yeah! They say it's never in the same place twice. It's always rebuilding itself all over the desert.
Buddy (Jamie) That sounds like the perfect adventure for me! And I'll be the first one to see it!
Amethyst Heh. Okay.
Buddy (Jamie) Thank you for your help. Goodbye.
Amethyst Come back anytime, but not too much!
[Transition to the desert.]
Buddy (Jamie) I've been wandering this desert for ten days now. I suppose I could take off my explorer's coat for a bit of relief, but if I wasn't wearing this, people would see me and think, "Oh, just some man wandering around; not important at all. Why he can't even find the elusive sand castle!" "Ha, ha ha" they'd say. "What a fool," they'd continue. Ugh. [Keels over] This is it, then - the end of my adventure. I've just followed a map to my own end. And this will be the last thing I ever see as I expire - an angel and her... one, two, three... several lions, here for my soul.
Connie Is this the end?
Steven I guess so. [Chuckling] Oh, wait. There's a bunch more.
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) As I slowly regained consciousness, I became aware of a large figure in the shape of a giant woman. The ringlets of her hair spilled over her shoulders and back like a swath of roses.
Steven Mom!
Rose Hey. Are you okay?
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) I realized I was surrounded by her pack of...
Buddy (Jamie) Seven lions!? Please don't eat me!
Rose Oh, don't worry. We mean no harm.
Buddy (Jamie) That's good. Ugh.
Rose What brings a human out to a place like this?
Buddy (Jamie) I was a first mate on a ship, but we found land. And then I realized I didn't want to stay in that land, so I went to find more land. But then I was told not to find that land because it was really dangerous, but I wanted to prove myself and... Look. I wrote it all down here.
(Jamie rants to himself as Rose reads the journal.)
Buddy (Jamie) Why am I looking for the sand castle that probably doesn't even exist?
Rose A sand castle?
Buddy (Jamie) Yes. I've combed these deserts for weeks, and there's been no sign of one.
Rose Would that be a sign of one?
(Rose points to the sand castle.)
Buddy (Jamie) That's it! I've gotta record this! I've got to... Wait. You saw it first. This doesn't count at all! I'm a terrible explorer.
(Jamie walks up to a lion and places his head inside of its mouth.)
Buddy (Jamie) Eat me. It's all I'm good for.
Rose Now, now, that's not true at all. Sure, all these places have been explored before, but they haven't been recorded so intimately as they have been in this journal. It makes them new and special all over again for any reader to experience. Have you ever considered becoming an author?
Buddy (Jamie) (Narration) And become an author I did. I wrote up a storm, making book after book, so many until I realized I could fill a library with them!
Steven [Gasps]
Connie I get it!
Steven and Connie The Buddy Buddwick Library!
Librarian Shh!
Connie He really did leave a mark on this town.
Steven Whoa. Hold the phone.
(Steven points at a picture frame of Buddy Buddwick.)
Steven Is that what he looked like?
Connie [Chuckles] We imagined him way off. I kind of liked our version better.
Steven [Laughs] Me, too.
(Jamie as Buddy Buddwick winks his left eye before being overlapped by the star iris.)
[Episode Ends]

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