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Camp Pining Hearts is a teen drama and soap opera set in a summer camp, first appearing in "Log Date 7 15 2". Fans of the series include Peridot, Steven, and Lapis.


Much of the show's content and characters have as of yet not been established. However, from what has been seen so far, the show consists of drama between teams of campers competing against one another in a "Color War".


Other than Paulette, Percy, and Pierre, at least three other unidentified characters exist, according to Peridot's chart.



Paulette is a member of the blue team during the Color War, and is Percy's love interest. She has ginger, long, and curly hair. She wears a hat, along with a green bodysuit with a brown belt. She also wears a blue-dotted bow tie around her neck. She is voiced by Deedee Magno Hall.[1]



Percy is a member of the yellow team during the Color War, and is Paulette's love interest. He has long, blond hair along with a hat. He wears a black T-shirt, along with a green shirt and green trousers. He also wears a silver necklace around his neck. He is voiced by Michaela Dietz.[1]

In the episode Peridot watches, he goes to the bottom of the lake to retrieve Paulette's friendship bracelet and competes in a canoe race, which Peridot thinks he would have won if he was not distracted by his love for Paulette.


Pierre is a character from the series Camp Pining Hearts, who has never been shown. His appearance, voice actor, and Color War team are unknown. Pierre seems to have combat skills on land, unmatched by the other campers, as stated by Peridot. He is good at various events at the camp, such as the three-legged races, and is a "force to be reckoned with" on land.

Peridot deems him and Percy to be the most compatible and "superior" pair. There's not much information about him but overall based on Peridot's explanation, Pierre is a skilled camper and a "brute".


Jasmine is a character from the reboot series Camp Pining Hearts, who loves birds. Her appearance and Color War team are unknown. Jasmine is all about the job for Rodrigo. She is voiced by Marieve Hernington.


Rodrigo is a member of the yellow team during the Color War, and is Jasmine's love interest. He also wears a scarf around his neck. He is voiced by Johnny Hawkes.

Peridot's fast-forwarded audio

Writer and storyboard artist Jesse Zuke hints on Twitter that Peridot's rant that Steven fast-forwards through may have subtext.[2] By slowing down and equalizing the audio, more of her speech about the characters is just about audible.

"...using his pogo stick to save her. Not to mention Percy is adept at aquatic sports. He would have won the canoe race if he weren't so busy drooling over Paulette, and the other part where Percy dives to the bottom of the lake to get Paulette's friendship bracelet proves that he has the largest lung capacity in the entire camp. And Pierre is a force to be reckoned with on land. When he hung Bunk Seven's underwear in the tree, the whole--."


  • The series has at least five seasons.
    • It also has a reboot series as of the Steven Universe Future episode, "In Dreams".
    • Steven and Peridot consider the fifth season "trash".
  • Camp Pining Hearts appears to take place in Canada (or Steven Universe's alternate universe equivalent of Canada). Paulette is holding a flag that resembles the Canadian flag with green instead of red.
    • Additionally, Paulette carries a jug of maple syrup, and Percy carries a tray of poutine, both food products typically found in Canada.
    • The camp flag is actually a real flag. It is the flag of Highland County, Virginia, which is about three and a half hours away from where Rebecca Sugar grew up. The flag can be seen in a picture on the Highland Inn website.
  • Peridot's behavior regarding Camp Pining Hearts is meant to mirror that of real-life fans, specifically on the matter of "shipping" - the desire for certain characters to end up in a relationship.
  • Peridot draws a shipping chart with six characters and four possible pairings. She thinks Pierre and Percy are the optimal pairing because of their talents and doesn't ship Paulette with anyone because she does not think she has any place in the camp hierarchy. She forms this opinion after watching the first episode on repeat for 78 hours straight (not knowing that there was more than one episode). Afterward, she does a long-winded presentation of the evidence long and boring enough to lull Steven to sleep.
    • Garnet heard the end of Peridot's shipping rant, and later compared herself to Pierre and Percy to help Peridot understand why she was fused all the time. Pierre and Percy made a good team, as do Ruby and Sapphire.
    • During her shipping rant, Peridot pulls out a stack of notes, including another shipping chart that she ripped up in excitement.
      • Both charts have straight green lines between the yellow & blue faces and wavy blue lines between the green & indigo faces.
      • The draft chart has a straight purple line between the green & magenta faces and a wavy red line between the orange & magenta faces.
      • The final chart has a straight purple line between the yellow & indigo faces and a wavy red line between the orange & blue faces.
  • The star & rainbow/comet production company logo at the beginning of the tape resembles the symbol on one of Mabel Pines' sweaters in Gravity Falls.
  • The concept of lovers on opposing teams such as this is evocative of the Broadway musical "West Side Story", which in turn was based on "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare.
  • The show seems to be a take on the real-life cartoon reality show Total Drama Island, which is also set in a Canadian summer camp. Also, the Total Drama franchise has five seasons, much like Camp Pining Hearts.
  • Although, the show seems to also seems to be based on the Canadian series Degrassi, as they are both teen dramas set in Canada (or Steven Universe's equivalent of Canada).
  • Slowing down the recording even further reveals a second audio track: a clip from an old ad, which is sometimes used as a stock sound effect for fast-forwarded tapes:
"As one of Canada's leading ethical pharmaceutical companies we have researched and developed products of the finest quality to the well-being of Canadians since 1954. Today is no different. The success of Astra depends on our ability to make the right moves at the right time."
  • The colored Diamond insignias worn by the characters to show camp affiliation parallel the similar ones worn by Homeworld Gems.





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