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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. It's a Wash]
(Greg is washing a van modeled in the image of Mayor Dewey with Steven.)
Greg Almost done! *sprays the van with a hose* Steven, get the hubcaps!
Steven Hubbing it up! *rubs the van's hubcaps vigorously*
Greg Hub it good! This is a high-profile job.
Steven You mean cause it's the mayor's election-mobile?
Greg If we do this right, we might get political favors!
Steven I'm not sure what that is, but I like it! *grabs a nearby hose*
(Steven turns on the hose to spray the van, but the water arches over the van and splashes onto Greg by mistake. Greg laughs and sprays back at Steven with his hose, starting a water fight. Mayor Dewey then walks in towards them.)
Mayor Dewey Hey, hey, hey! I'm not paying for father-son bonding here! (Steven sprays him with his hose.) Universe! Control that kid! *tries to wipe the water off himself*
Greg Steven! *holds Steven close to him* Hehe, I'm sorry, Mayor Dewey. Hehehe, this one's on the house.
Mayor Dewey *examining his van* On the house, eh? I like the way you do business, Universe.
(Mayor Dewey gets into the van and drives off, with a siren chanting "Mayor Dewey". Greg sighs in dismay.)
Steven *wiggles his fingers* Political favors!
Greg Ahh, you rascal! *picks Steven up and noogies him* Enough with the hose fights!
Steven Aw, okay.
(Steven and Greg are suddenly splashed by some water.)
Greg What the--?
(Steven and Greg notices a purple cat holding a running hose in its mouth.)
Steven and Greg Woah!
(The purple cat starts chasing them around, continuously spraying them with the hose.)
Greg What is with this cat?!
(The purple cat begins to shapeshift, revealing to be Amethyst.)
Amethyst Haha! Got you guys!
Steven Amethyst!
Greg Uh, pretty cool, Amethyst.
Steven Really cool! I wish I could shapeshift like you!
Amethyst *ties hose into a knot* You could probably learn.
Steven Really?
Amethyst Sure. *lifts up Steven's shirt* You've got a gem.
Greg Whup! Magic stuff! Should I get out of here? Is there going to be an explosion?
Steven Aw, it's no big deal, dad. *pulls his shirt down*
Amethyst *shapeshifts into Steven* Yeah, it's fiinnneeee.
Greg Gah!
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
Amethyst Hey, Pearl! *shapeshifts into a seal* Arp, arp!
Steven *laughing* Do more!
Amethyst Check it out. *shapeshifts into a wolf, while Pearl stares blankly* Aaoooo! *shapeshifts into a wrestler* Raaa! *shapeshifts into a jay* Gaah! *perches on Steven's head*
Steven Whoa!
Pearl *walks over* Amethyst, you're overdoing it.
Amethyst Uh, chill-it, dude.
Pearl Just because you can shapeshift, doesn't mean you should.
Steven Can you shapeshift?
Pearl *smiles* Well, of course--
Amethyst *shapeshifts into Pearl and interrupts Pearl* Well, of course I can. I'm perfect! *smacking her butt* WOMP, WOMP!
(Pearl shoves Amethyst to the side and Amethyst tumbles away laughing.)
Pearl All Gems have shapeshifting powers, Steven. *projects some holograms* We can turn into objects, we can change parts of our bodies or... we could do that. *looks at Amethyst*
Amethyst *still smacking her butt* WOMP, WOMP!
Steven I want to try it all!
Pearl Don't bite off more than you can chew, Steven.
Amethyst WOMP, WOMP!
Pearl Ugh! *leaves through the front door, and Amethyst shapeshifts back into herself*
Steven Alright! Show me how to change into a, uh, huge lion!
Amethyst Actually, for once Pearl is right. If you're gonna do this, you've gotta start with something easy.
Steven Like that cat you turned into?
Amethyst That sounds good. Now follow my lead. *begins demonstrating for Steven* First, think of what you wanna be, and then, just shake it out. *shapeshifts into the cat* See? Haha! Now your turn.
Steven Okay. *take a deep breath and starts straining himself* Caaaaat...
Amethyst Nah, you're too tense. *opens a bag of chips* Just relax and feel it. *eats a potato chip* Bio-rhythms, yo.
Steven *presses fingertips against his temples* Feeeel it...
Amethyst Ehh, if you're not ready, we can try later.
Steven No, wait! I can do it. (Amethyst shapeshifts back into herself and Steven starts "feeling it".) Yeah... Yeah... Hunh!
Amethyst Well, it was a good try.
(A meowing noise appears out of nowhere. Steven opens his palm to see his index finger has turned into a head of a cat, meowing away. Amethyst starts giggling.)
Steven This is so cool!
Amethyst You should go show your dad. He's gonna freak out!
Cat Finger Rreow!
[Trans. Ext. It's a Wash]
Steven Dad, I'm back!
Greg *is suntanning outside* Hey, schtu-ball.
Steven Check it out!
(Steven shows the cat finger to his dad. Greg reacts in shock, hurling a water bottle which hits Steven on the head. Water splashes from the bottle onto the cat finger and it cowers, as if it got burned.)
Steven I shapeshifted my finger into a cat!
Greg Whoa! Is, is that a thing you can do now? That's pretty... cool.
Steven I know, right! I'm gonna take this show on the road! *starts laughing and twirls away*
Cat Finger Meow! Row! Reaw!
[Trans. Int. Big Donut]
Sadie That'll be a dollar 'o five Steven.
Steven Mm, okay. Here's a nickel... and a buck! *hold up the cat finger, holding a dollar bill in its mouth*
Sadie and Lars Whaaat!
(The cat finger drops the dollar bill and meows.)
Sadie Oh Steven, that's adorable! *pets the cat finger with her finger, making it purr* Are... you making it purr?
Steven It kinda does what it wants.
Lars Really? *roughly pokes the cat finger, and it bites him* YOW!
Steven See what I mean? "Bad cat finger!"
Sadie Oh, I'm sure it just wants to play.
Steven *gasps* You're right! And he doesn't have any friends.
Lars *mockingly* Oh my gosh. It's just like you, Steven.
(Steven takes a deep breath, sways a bit and conjures four more cat fingers on the same palm.)
Steven Huh haa! *holds his hand up high*
Cat Fingers Rraaooow!
[Trans. Ext. Beach Citywalk Fries]
Steven *hiding his cat fingers behind his back* Hey, Peedee! Whoa, you work the deep-fryer now? *slams his fist on the counter* Make me some fry bits!
Peedee Steven, I take my job seriously, please use the actual menu.
Steven Give me the bits! *slams his fist again* The bits--!
Mr. Fryman Alright listen, it'll be over sooner if you just give him what he wants. (Peedee sighs and walks away.)
Steven Whoa, hey, hey, it's not for me. It's for these guys! *holds up the cat fingers, meowing away*
Mr. Fryman What the--?!
Peedee Uh, here's your... *looks at the cat fingers* ... bits.
(Steven dunks the cat fingers into the fry bits, and they start to eat.)
Mr. Fryman I can't look away.
Peedee Steven, that is freakish!
Steven No, it's not. It's natural. *starts to sway his other arm* Shake... it... out! (All the fingers on his other hand turn into cats.) See! *dunks the other hand into the bits*
Peedee and Mr. Fryman Whoa!
Mr. Fryman You know who would love this? Your older brother. Yo, Ronaldo!
Ronaldo What's up, daa... *notices Steven, start gasping and shoves Peedee out of the way* I've gotta take a pic for Keep Beach City Weird! *takes out his phone and snaps a picture of Steven and his cat fingers*
Steven What's that?
Ronaldo It's my blog: *dramatically* Keep Beach City Weird! (Peedee groans.)
Steven Can I see the picture? (Steven takes the phone and the cats whine in agony.) Yikes! *drops phone* Sorry, guys. I guess cat fingers don't function well as... fingers.
[Trans. Int. Steven's House]
Steven *struggles to open the fridge* Tsk, I'm just getting a snack! (Steven tries to pull a sandwich out, as the cat fingers start whining.)
Amethyst Steven! Need some help?
Steven *holding the sandwich with his elbows* Nah, i-it's cool.
Amethyst Oh, good! See ya later then.
Steven Huh?
Amethyst We're taking the Gem Sloop out to sea to fight a living island.
Steven What? *drops the sandwich* Uh, Amethyst, wait!
[Trans. Ext. Steven's House]
Steven I wanna go on the Gem Sloop! I wanna see a living island! *runs down stairs and to the dock* Wait, wait, wait!
(Steven runs into the water to catch up to the Gems sailing away on the Gem Sloop.)
Pearl Steven!
Amethyst *laughs* C'mon, you can make it!
(Steven dunks his hands into the water to swim, but the cat fingers start meowing in agitation. The Gems gasp.)
Pearl Steven, what's going on?
Steven Waah! I-It's nothing! I-I just turned all my fingers into cats!
Amethyst *snorts*
Pearl We have to stay and help Steven!
Garnet We can't. This is a tectonic emergency. We'll deal with Steven when we get back.
Pearl Amethyst, I blame you for this!
Amethyst Eh, that's fair.
Pearl Grrr! Steven, just try to stay calm!
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
Steven Enough! No more cat fingers! I want Steven fingers! ...And I don't mean little me heads on fingers, I mean my regular fingers!
(Steven breathes in and a spot on his head turns into a cat. He collapses onto the floor, and his whole arm turns into a cat.)
Steven Wha! Aahhh! Stop! (His foot turns into a cat too.) Amethyst! (Cat heads start emerging from various parts of his body.) Pearl! ... Garnet! *gasps* Dad!
[Trans. Ext. It's a Wash]
Greg *washing the floor with a hose while singing along to his headphone music, when he hears a bang* Hello? Who's there? We're closed. Come back tomorrow- WOOOHOOO!
(Greg notices Steven, now an amalgam of cats, and sprays at him in fright. The amalgam flinches, but crawls back towards Greg.)
Steven *hardly audible* Dad!
Greg Huh? *sees Steven's face among the cats and gasps* Steven?!
Steven Dad! *starts tearing* Help! (More cats grow on his body.) The cat fingers are taking over my body! (More cats grow.) Eeeeer!
Greg Hold on! Wha- *drops his hose* I'll get you out of there! (A cat bites his arm and throws him to the side.)
Steven No! Bad! Bad cat fingers! (The cats, controlling his body, step in a puddle, hiss and jump to the roof of the car wash.)
Greg Can't you make them go away?
Steven I tried, but it made it worse! (More cats keep growing.) Ohh, my life is over! I can't go on magic adventures! I can't even open the fridge! And I'll never get to have another water fight with you, Dad! Because these things hate... water! They hate water! Dad, spray me again!
(Greg sprays Steven with the hose and the cats jump down of the building. They then start dashing towards Greg.)
(Steven grabs onto the side of the car wash, preventing the cats from reaching Greg.)
Steven It's not enough water! *looks inside the car wash and gasps* Turn on the super-wash!
Greg No, I won't do it! It's too dangerous!
Steven You've got to! I'm a monster! I'm an adorable cat monster!
Greg *starts tearing up* No you're not! You're my son!
Steven Dad, please! Aah...! (The cats begin to engulf his body.)
[Trans. Int. It's a Wash]
(Greg, determined, flips three switches and presses a button, activating the super-wash. Steven then crawls into the car wash. The jets spray Steven with water on all sides, causing the cats to meow in agitation. He then goes through a pair of waxers and another set of jets. Greg watches worriedly as Steven goes through the wash. He then rushes to the exit of the car wash and picks up a hose, ready to spray off any remaining cats. Steven then emerges from the wash, his clothes all torn up, but back to normal.)
Greg Ah!
Steven Dad... we did it.
(Steven realizes one of his fingers is still a cat and starts screaming. Greg screams too and sprays it with the hose. The cat finger disappears, and the two sighs in relief.)
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
(Steven is sitting on the dock, and the Gems returns on the Gem Sloop.)
Pearl Steven! *climbs onto the dock and examines his hand* Okay, let me see it. Whe-? Y-you got them to go away. (Steven smiles.) It just goes to show, always listen to me, and never listen to Amethyst.
Amethyst That's fair.
Garnet It goes to show, you should have a little more faith in Steven. (Pearl blushes.)
Steven Yeah, that would have been a total "cat"-tastrophe!
(Amethyst and Pearl forces a laugh.)
Steven But I'm feeling much better "meow"!
(The Gems groan.)
Steven Ehhh? What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?
Garnet Okay, that's enough. (The Gems walk away.)
Steven Wait, I've been coming up with cat jokes all morning. You guys, I'm "feline" fine. Everything's "purr"-fect! Oh, come on! I'm just "kitten" around!
(The star iris zooms in on Steven, ending the episode.)

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