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*Amethyst shows her ability to shapeshift just like she did in "[[Together Breakfast (episode)|Together Breakfast]]."
*Amethyst shows her ability to shapeshift just like she did in "[[Together Breakfast (episode)|Together Breakfast]]."
*[[Amethyst]] transforms into [[Purple Puma]], who would be appear again in a later episode, [[Tiger Millionaire (episode)|Tiger Millionaire]].
*[[Amethyst]] transforms into [[Purple Puma]], who would be appear again in a later episode, [[Tiger Millionaire (episode)|Tiger Millionaire]].
*Steven's Cat Finger picture that was taken by Ronaldo will be seen again in "[[Steven's Lion"]] in Ronaldo's blog and again in "[[Story For Steven]]" in Greg's Van.
*Steven's Cat Finger picture that was taken by Ronaldo will be seen again in "[[Steven's Lion]]"in Ronaldo's blog and again in "Story For Steven" in Greg's Van.
== Errors ==
== Errors ==

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I just turned all my fingers into cats!

Steven in Cat Fingers

"Cat Fingers" is the 6th episode of the first season of Steven Universe and the 6th overall episode of the series.

Official Synopsis

Steven attempts to master the power of shape shifting, but can only shape shift his fingers into tiny cat heads.[2]


The episode begins with Steven and his dad, Greg, cleaning Mayor Dewey's car and play fighting with the water hoses. After they finish cleaning, a cat holding a hose in its mouth starts spraying Steven and his dad. The cat reveals herself to be Amethyst.

Steven asks Amethyst if he could shape shift like her as they walk to the Crystal Temple. When they arrive Amethyst shows off her shape shifting powers, and Pearl tells Amethyst that just because she can shape shift doesn't mean she should. Steven asks Pearl if she could shape shift. She answers that all gems can, and Amethyst interrupts by shape shifting into Pearl and mocking her.

Pearl leaves, and Steven asks Amethyst how to shape shift. Amethyst explains her methods of shape shifting, and Steven attempts to turn into a cat. He manages to transform one of his fingers into a meowing cat head. Amethyst than tells Steven to show it to his dad, and Steven runs around showing off his cat finger. Steven meets his dad at It's A Wash and shows him his morphed finger, and his dad, frightened, sprays the cat with a hose.

Steven walks to Big Donut and transforms four more fingers into cats (he doesn't want the original finger to be lonely.) Lars says that the finger is just like Steven because it doesn't have friends. At the fry shop, Steven demands fry bits from Peedee, and Peedee's older brother Ronaldo takes a picture of the cats for his blog "Keep Beach City Weird." In the process, Steven turns the fingers on his other hand into cats. He tries to pick up the phone and look at the picture, but the cat fingers screech at him for having their faces smashed into the phone.

Steven returns to the Crystal Temple and asks Amethyst for help returning his normal fingers, as the Gems are leaving to fight a "living island."
Pearl insists that they stay to help Steven, but Garnet says they can't because the mission is urgent. Pearl blames Amethyst for this; Amethyst replies: "that's fair." Pearl tells Steven to stay calm as they leave.

Back at the Temple, Steven tries to return his regular fingers. All of a sudden Steven begins to sprout writhing, meowing cat heads all over his body, and he runs to the only person who may be able to help: his dad.

By the time, Steven reaches his father, the cats have almost completely over taken Steven's body. Greg surprised by his appearance sprays Steven with the hose, which allows Steven's face to emerge as he begs his father for help. Greg reaches toward his son in an effort to comfort him but one of the car fingers bite him. Steven begins to contemplate the full extent of his condition then suddenly realizes the only thing that can stop the cats is water. He tells his father to spray him with the hose but it does not produce enough water to affect the cats. Steven begs his father to use the car wash but Greg insists that the super wash is too dangerous. Greg finally relents and finally heads into the car wash as the cats almost completely consume Steven's body. Steven struggles to crawl into the car wash then he blasted numerous jets of soap and water.

The wash successfully cleared the cats from Steven's body. Before they can celebrate, they find that one cat finger still remains but Greg immediately sprays it with a hose.

The Crystal Gems return the next day and Pearl rushes to ask if Steven is okay. She then begins to lecture Steven about him listening to her instead Amethyst to which Amethyst agrees. Garnet interjects that the alternative lesson, they all learned, was to place more faith in Steven. The episode concludes with Steven dropping several cheesy cat puns, much to the annoyance of the other Crystal gems.


Major Characters

Minor Characters




  • It is revealed in this episode that all of the Crystal Gems have shape shifting powers.

Cultural references



  • When Amethyst turned back into her human form after turning into a cat and squirting Greg and Steven, she put the hose down next to her, but then when the screen showed back to that same frame again, the hose was gone.
  • In the beginning of a scene, Amethyst shape shifted into a seal and showed Pearl, but if you look very closely, just before she shapeshifts into a seal, she was already in the form of a seal.
  • In the first shot after Steven has stepped into the water to chase after the Gem Sloop, Garnet still has her back turned to the camera but is colored in reverse, as if it were her front.
  • When Steven opened the fridge, its handles were right-handed. When he closed it, it was left-handed again.


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