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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Steven's Bathroom, Night-time]
(Steven is prepping himself for bed by brushing his teeth, cleaning his face and swabbing his ear. He then sits on the toilet, lifts up his pajamas shirt and wipes his gem. The clean gem reflects his face on it, and he gives himself a thumbs-up.)
[Trans' Int. Steven's Room]
(Steven dives into his bed and lays upright.)
Steven Goodnight, Happy Bear. Goodnight, Sad Bunny. Goodnight, Playful Kitty. Goodnight, Ominous Triangle at the foot of my bed.
(Steven closes his eyes to sleep. He then opens his eyes again, and the Ominous Triangle has disappeared.)
Steven Ugh, whatever. *closes his eyes and smiles*
(Peridot's hand then closes over Steven's mouth, causing him to scream-muffled and struggle.)
[Trans. Galaxy Warp]
(Peridot warps into the Galaxy Warp, carrying a struggling Steven.)
Steven Aargh, let me go! *screams*
Peridot Enough of this! *sighs*
(Peridot holds Steven with her tractor beam and hovers him over the Gem Homeworld Warp Pad.)
Steven What do you want from me?
Peridot *walking towards Homeworld Warp Pad* I want, to get off this lousy gem-forsaken planet!
Steven Huh?
(Peridot disables her tractor beam and Steven falls to the ground.)
Peridot *shapes her fingers into arrows and points them at the warp pad she and Steven are stepping on* You have to fix this!
Steven Wait, what?
Peridot You're my last chance. I've got no Flask Robonoids. I've got no foot! I've got no response from Yellow Diamond! *breathes in and out, calming herself down* I know you fixed Lazuli's gem. Whatever you did, you've got to do it to the Homeworld Warp! Or else!! *charges her energy blaster*
Steven Oh, o-okay, just give me a second! My mouth gets really dry when I'm scared. *licks his palm* Here goes!
(Steven slaps his palm onto the warp pad with a wet smack sound. Peridot looks around in confusion as nothing happens.)
Peridot What was that?! It didn't do ANYTHING!
Steven *hesitantly* It... doesn't always work.
Peridot No... *shaking head in exasperation* No no no no no! It HAS to work!
Steven I'm really sorry...
Peridot *laughs and curls up on the ground, looking plaintively* This was it... This was my last shot! *gasps* I'm gonna die here! Noooooh, oh-
Steven Hey, hey- come on! Earth isn't that bad...
Peridot It doesn't matter what Earth is like! It's not going to be like anything soon! *pulls on her face in panic*
Steven What do you mean?
(The Crystal Gems then warp in.)
Peridot Uuuuuugh!! *runs away from Steven*
Pearl There he is! *runs towards Steven, with Garnet and Amethyst, and hugs him*
Steven Guys!
Pearl What happened?!
Amethyst Ahh, you're okay!
Garnet Peridot!
Peridot Why can't you just leave me alone?!?!
Garnet *cracks her knuckles with her gauntlets* Gems! Move! *charges forth*
Peridot Kyaah!
(Peridot shoots three energy blasts in quick succession at the Gems, who dodges out of the way, and tries to fly away with her helicopter fingers. Amethyst swiftly tethers Peridot with her whip, and Peridot laughs as she generates and sends a electric current down the whip. Garnet then grabs the whip and stops the electric current.)
Garnet Not this time!
(Garnet sends the electric current back at Peridot, electrifying her, and whips her slamming down to the ground screaming. shocking Peridot, as a concerned Steven watches and gasps. Peridot coughs as she gets up, and backs off as Garnet and Pearl approach her.)
Peridot Wait, wait.. you- you need me!!
(Peridot aims her energy blaster at Garnet, as Pearl sneaks up behind her, drawing her spear.)
Peridot I'm, the only one who knows ABOUT THE-
(Peridot notices Pearl and turns towards her, ready to fire her blaster, when Garnet grabs and squeezes her, effectively poofing her. Peridot's disembodied limbs then fall to the ground, as the Crystal Gems gather around to observe.)
Pearl What on Earth?
Amethyst Ughh, sick, there's bits of her all over.
Garnet Nope, she's right here. *bubbles Peridot's gem and sends it off* And now she's in the temple.
Pearl *picks up a piece to inspect* So these weren't actually part of her body?
Amethyst *snatches Pearl's piece, scoops up the rest and drops them all into the ocean, making it looks like an accident* Uhh whoops.
Steven Garnet, she was trying to tell us something...
Garnet Those were just the desperate lies of a Gem who's been caught. You don't need to worry about her anymore. *walks off*
Pearl Come on, Steven. *pushes Steven along* Oh, I'm so glad this is finally over.
[Trans. Int. Steven's Room]
(Steven in back in his bedroom, holding onto Peridot's detached foot, as he sighs deeply. He curls up to to ponder with concerns, when Amethyst suddenly appears and slaps his face.)
Amethyst I'm back to kidnap you! What? *chuckles* It's been long enough that we can joke about it, right?
Steven It's only been, like, an hour.
Amethyst So- Ew, what are you doing with her foot?
Steven ... Think it's lucky?
Amethyst Not for Peridot! *laughs and hugs Steven* Well, glad to have you back. *walks off*
Steven Um, Amethyst?
Amethyst Yeah?
Steven Uh, do you think... No, it's okay. Never mind.
Amethyst Okay, weirdo. If you need anything, I'll be in my room eating garbage. *leaves*
Steven 'Kay.
(Amethyst returns back into her room, and Steven flops backwards onto his bed, sighing deeply again.)
Steven Why were you so scared? What were you going to say? Now you're deep in the temple in a bubble and I'll never know. If I could just talk to you for one more second...
(Steven's gem then starts glowing and the Temple Gate opens.)
[Trans. Int. Rose's Room]
(Steven runs into his mother's room.)
Steven Room, I need to talk to Peridot.
("Peridot" is then formed from clouds.)
Cloud Peridot I'm the only one who knows ABOUT THE-
(Cloud Peridot just freezes in place.)
Steven The what? Ugh, no no no. *swipes at the Cloud Peridot and dissipates it* Room, I need to go to the basement. The real basement! I know there's a way down from here!
(The clouds in front of Steven part away, revealing one of the Crystal Heart's veins to the Burning Room.)
Steven Thank you!
(Steven hops onto the vein and slides down.)
Steven Woo! Yeah! *flies off the vein and starts somersaulting* Triple 550 Deluxe with no cheese! Ugh!
(Steven lands on his face and gets up with a slight limp.)
Steven *strained* Yep, perfect landing..
[Trans. Int. Burning Room]
(Steven begins looking at the array of bubbled Gems and spots Peridot's gem.)
Steven Hmm. There we go! *climbs up the vein towards Peridot's gem* Gotcha! Whoa!
(Steven falls off of the vein onto the floor, accidentally letting go of the bubble and it pops. The gem then levitates into the air and Peridot regenerates.)
Peridot -THE CLUSTER, you insufferable half-formed traitor MEGA-CLODS!!!
(Peridot aims her arm at Steven, but quickly realized her blaster is missing, as she wiggles her fingers around.)
Steven *with puppy eyes* Oh my gosh... you're so... cuuuuute! *approaches Peridot, who is now shorter than usual*
Peridot My limb enhancers! Where are my limb enhancers?! *inspects her whole body*
Steven Aw, you're like.. an angry little slice of pie!
Peridot Stop talking! I demand to know what this place is, and where I- *looks up and sees the array of other bubbled Gems* Oh my stars... You're going to harvest me?!
Steven No! I mean... (Peridot slaps him in panic.) Ow, that hurt!
Peridot ... It did?
Steven Yeah, a lot. (Peridot slaps him again.) Ow!
Peridot Yes! Feel my unbridled rage! *begins slapping Steven repeatedly*
Steven Hey! *grabs Peridot's hands* Hey, hey. What's that on your shirt? *points down at Peridot's chest*
Peridot What's a shirt? (Steven flicks his finger up at her nose.) Ow! That's it!
(Peridot tackles Steven and slaps him over and over again.)
Steven Why are you acting like this!?
Peridot You smashed me into a limbless cloud! You trapped me in your bubble dungeon! And, you called me... *sniffs and blushes angrily* cute! *tries to punch Steven, but misses*
Steven I didn't poof you! I freed you!
Peridot *faces Steven and curls up* ... Why would you make such a miscalculation?
Steven Back at the Warp Pad, what were you trying to say? Why do we need you? What do you know?
Peridot What do I know? Everything there is to know about the Cluster, you pebble.
Steven Cluster? Wait, "pebble"?
Peridot My mission. The reason why I'm on this sad rock in the first place! I was to check progress on the Cluster! Just in and out, before it hatches. I wasn't supposed to get stuck here! But now it's going to emerge and nothing can stop it, and we'll all be shattered! *panics*
Steven Okay, okay, wait, slow down. Now, from the top... *sits down in front of Peridot* Emerging, hatching, Clusters.
Peridot You wanna know?
Steven Yes.
Peridot You really wanna know?
Steven Yes?
Peridot What's your shirt? *points to Steven's shirt*
Steven These are my banana pajamas- (Peridot flicks his nose and runs off.) OW! Wait, don't run away!
(Peridot begins climbing out of the Burning Room, laughing maniacally as she exits, and Steven chases after her.)
[Trans Int. Beach House]
(Peridot runs out of the Temple Gate laughing manically, followed by Steven.)
Steven Stop! They're gonna see you!
Peridot *spreads her arms out wide* Freedom is MINE!
(Peridot pauses and slowly turns her head, seeing Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst glaring at her at the kitchen table.)
Steven *runs in between the Gems and Peridot* Wait!
Peridot *stuttering while pointing to the ceiling* Look! Over there! Another planet to betray!
(Pearl grunts, Garnet summons her gauntlets and Amethyst eats a whole pizza box in one gulp.)
Peridot *shaking in fear* Retreat!
(Peridot crawls to the front door, but Pearl and Garnet block her path.)
Pearl Oh no, you don't!
Peridot Eeep!!
(Peridot scampers up the steps, where Amethyst is waiting on Steven's bed.)
Amethyst *pulling her whip* Heey.
Peridot AAAHH! *jumps back down to the ground floor* Ow!
Garnet Get her!
(Peridot scampers into the bathroom and shuts the door.)
Peridot You may have won the war, but the battle isn't over, CRYSTAL CLODS! *laughs*
(The Gems then dispels their weapons.)
Pearl Should we tell her that's the bathroom?
Amethyst Ehh.
[Trans. Int. Steven's Bathroom]
Peridot *looking around* Hmm... Seems I discovered some sort of archaic... think-chamber. Roomy, with a fresh hint of Earth citrus. *opens the toilet lid* A perfect crossroads for my escape.
[Trans. Ext. Steven's Bathroom]
Amethyst *tries to turn the doorknob* It's locked.
Garnet Peridot, open the door!
(Toilet flushing is heard.)
Amethyst If you're trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won't work.
(Peridot is seen swirling in the toilet.)
Amethyst Trust me, I've tried.
Pearl How did she get out? We bubbled her!
Amethyst Maybe we needed a bigger bubble.
Garnet My bubbles are fine.
Steven *sweating anxiously* ... I did it.
(Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl glare at Steven in shock and anger.)
Pearl Steven! Why would you do such a thing!?
Steven Because she knows something! Something that's made her scared!
Amethyst *punches into her palm* Duh. Homegirl knows we're gonna beat her into a green pancake.
Steven No, not 'cause of us. 'Cause of something called "the Cluster".
Garnet Cluster? That's new. *crosses her arms*
Pearl What else did she tell you?
Steven That's all I got.
Peridot That's right, you dirt bombs! You don't even know what's coming!!! *notices the mirror* Ooh..
Garnet I'm tired of playing these games.
(Peridot is seen making faces in the mirror.)
Garnet If we can't fight her, then fine. We'll talk. Peridot!
Peridot Whoa! *slips off the sink*
Garnet Alright, no more fighting. Let's just have a civil conversation.
Peridot As if I'd negotiate with you, filthy war machine!
Garnet *summons her gauntlets angrily* Okay, let's kick her butt.
Steven Wait!
Peridot *holds a plunger while hanging from the shower curtains* Yeah! Destroy me again, and have fun trying to talk to me when I'm in a bubble! *quickly covers her mouth while clinging to the shower curtains, regretting what she said*
Pearl I really hate to say it, but unfortunately if she has information, she's more valuable to us like... this.
Garnet This is going to be tricky.
(Water gushing is then heard.)
Peridot H-h-hot hot hot!
Steven You have to turn the knob the other way for cold!
[Trans. Kitchen]
(The Crystal Gems then gather in the kitchen to discuss, while Steven drinks from a cup.)
Steven Wait, so we're just gonna let her live in my bathroom?
Pearl Well, yes. What other option do we have? Keep her outside on a leash? *laughs* Ha ha... *ponders* Hmm...
Steven But, I need to use the bathroom!
Pearl Right now?
Steven Yeah, kinda.
Amethyst Just go in the ocean, bro. Pssssh. Like a feeyush.
Steven What's with you guys and making me pee outside!? *storms off*
Amethyst Well I have fun doing it..
[Time Skip — Dawn]
(The Gems are still discussing in the background in the kitchen, while a half-awake Steven, carrying Peridot's prosthetic foot, walks past.)
Pearl But even if we do get her to come out of the bathroom...
Amethyst She's never gonna talk to us.
Garnet Looks like there's not much else we can do right now.
Pearl We have her in our custody at least, even if the circumstances are less than optimal. How important do you think this Cluster is?
Garnet If it has anything to do with the experiments she was conducting in the Kindergarten, then very.
Steven *knocks on the bathroom door* Peridot, can I come in? I need to get ready for the day.
Peridot No!
Steven I have something for you.
(Peridot cracks the door open to see Steven holding her foot. She grabs it and shuts the door, then slowly opens the door again for Steven.)
[Trans. Int. Steven's Bathroom]
(Steven enters the bathroom and turns on the lights, seeing Peridot clinging to her prosthetic foot in a corner.)
Peridot What a great souvenir of that other time you assaulted me.
Steven Oh, right, sorry. I can take it back.
Peridot No, it's too late! You... wouldn't happen to have the rest?
Steven *washing his face* Uh, sorry, we lost them. *pauses* Well, we kinda threw 'em away. *points to the toothbrush on the floor* Can you pass me that?
Peridot *picks up Steven's toothbrush* Is this a weapon!?
Steven Only for cavities.
Peridot Hmm. *tosses the toothbrush to Steven*
Steven Thanks! *begins brushing his teeth*
Peridot *looking around Steven at the sink* Is that a weapon?
Steven No, that's a comb I never use.
Peridot *climbs onto the toilet* Is that a weapon?
Steven Hmm? Oh, well, I guess if you get it wet and roll it up. *rolls up his towel, and Peridot flinches in fear* Look, I know you're scared, but I'm not going to hurt you. And whatever's going on, whatever the "Cluster" is, I wanna help.
Peridot I doubt you can help me, but I... appreciate the offer.
Steven *smiles* Now do you mind moving? *points at the toilet* I have to use that.
(The star iris closes in on Peridot's face.)
Peridot ... For what?
(The iris closes, ending the episode.)

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