List of countries represented

  • Australia & New Zealand (A&NZ)
  • Central & Eastern Europe (C&EE)
  • France
  • Hong Kong (HK)
  • Italy
  • Latin America (LA)
  • Middle East & North Africa (MENA)
  • Netherlands & Belgium (NB)
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Russia & Southeastern Europe (R&SE)
  • Scandinavia
  • South East Asia (SEA)
  • Spain
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom & Ireland (UK&I)

Notes on censoring:

1.The version broadcast on CN in Australia is the Turner Asia Pacific master edit.The Philippines, however, has minor distinctions.

2.The broadcast on CN CEE uses the Turner EMEA master edit with minor additional edits due to Hungarian broadcast regulations.

  • This broadcasting area includes Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, and Slovakia.

3. Although France gets the "European edit" (based on the UK edits), CN France has restored some of the censored scenes.

4.The show airs with a Cantonese audio track on ViuTV, which includes additional censorships.

5. In addition to Turner EMEA's own edits, the Italian language version also removes some dialogue.

6.The edits used are done by Turner Latin America.

7.In addition to using Turner EMEA's own edits, CN Arabic and CN MENA removed other scenes, mostly romantic ones, apparently due to Turner Arabia being more socially conservative.

  • For LGBT+ reasons, Steven Universe is no longer airing on CN Arabic and CN MENA. The show was removed in October 2016, shortly before the Ben 10 reboot premiered.
    • These do not apply to Israeli broadcasts.

8. In addition to using Turner EMEA's own edits, the Dutch language version as aired on CN NL also removes additional dialogue.

9. In addition to using Turner EMEA's own edits, the broadcast on CN in Poland also edits out certain other scenes for unknown reasons.

10.In addition to using Turner EMEA's own edits, the broadcast on CN RSEE also removes other scenes, supposedly due to the Russian gay propaganda law, in addition to other broadcasting regulations in Russia. The show is given a 6+ rating rather than the 12+ rating used by most programs on the channel, explaining some non-LGBT-related edits.

  • This broadcasting area includes Bulgaria, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, former Yugoslav nations, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

11.The Turner EMEA master edits are used, in addition to some dialogue being changed, particularly in the Swedish dub.

12. As Spain no longer has a CN feed, Steven Universe and other CN shows are instead shown on Boing in Spain.

13.Since October 2016, for also LGBT+ reasons, Steven Universe is no longer airing in Turkey. However, It can be watched on Netflix with only the complete first season in it. (excluding Jailbreak due to henced reasons) All episodes has UK and EMEA censors without any additional censors written down below.

  • When Steven Universe aired in Turkey, all EMEA edits were applied. In addition, CN Turkey cut some additional scenes from various episodes, mainly due to their romantic themes, but also for other reasons. However, those censored scenes can be watched as uncut on Netflix with UK censors only.

14.The version broadcast on CN UK is the version used by all other EMEA feeds, though some feeds may add additional censorship.

  • This broadcasting area includes Malta.

Cut Scenes

Season 1A

"Gem Glow"

The following in R&SE:

  • Garnet snapping a Centipeetle in half.
  • Pearl snapping a Centipeetle's neck and her entire line, "Steven, until you learn to control the powers in your gem, we'll take care of protecting humanity. Okay?" .
  • Steven throwing up at the end of the episode.

"Laser Light Cannon"

  • In the scenes where Steven and Greg transport the cannon to the beach, the cable used as a rope were blurred for unknown reasons in HK.
  • Garnet's line, "stop that!" along with Pearl's line, "It's no use!" as Amethyst forces Steven onto the light cannon in Turkey.


  • Steven saying "I wear the pants in this relationship!" in R&SE
  • The scene where Steven and Peedee find Frybo force-feeding customers French fries; Mr. Smiley pleads for mercy, and Frybo fills his mouth with more French fries in LA.
  • The part where Steven says, "your move, Frybo" and eats a French fry in C&EE,Portugal,Spain & UK&I.
  • Steven and his squad of clothes' arrival was simplified in Italy & R&SE. Both versions cut from Pearl uttering "where?" to Steven ordering "attack!" several shots later, excluding Steven's line, "your move, Frybo" and a shot of Frybo charging.
  • The scene where Steven runs into Frybo while nude, and his butt is shown in LA, MENA,Turkey.
    • The butt-related dialogue was also removed.
  • The sound Frybo makes when Steven takes the shard out of the suit was muted in LA.

"Cat Fingers"

  • The scene where Amethyst spanks herself while imitating Pearl. This edit was exclusive to CN MENA, as the scene was retained on CN Arabic.

"Bubble Buddies"

  • Lars saying, "did you make the bubble because you're in loooooove?"  in MENA.
  • All times that Lars makes a kissy face on Steven and Connie's bubble in MENA.

"Steven's Lion"

  • The part where Ronaldo spits his soda on his laptop, and says, "Steven's pregnant?!" in C&EE, Italy, MENA,R&SE.
    •  Steven's line, "I don't think so." is also removed in Italy,MENA.
    • It went straight to "I have a giant pet lion right outside!" in Portugal,Spain, UK&I& Scandinavia.
  • Ronaldo saying, "bet you're not even pregnant" was muted in C&EE,Italy,Portugal,R&SE,Scandinavia, UK&I& Spain,although his mouth can still be seen to move.
    • Strangely, despite this censorship, the "Baby Maybe?" image from "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies" was left unedited in Portugal ,Spain & UK&I.

"Arcade Mania"

  • The arcade game "Meat Beat Mania" was digitally edited to become simply "Beat Mania"  in France,Portugal,R&SE,Spain, & UK&I.
  • All instances of Steven saying the name "Meat Beat Mania"  in France,Italy,Portugal,R&SE,Spain

"Giant Woman"

  • In Romania, the Heaven Beetle is translated as "Gândacul Cerului" (in English, "Sky Beetle").
  • The scene when Steven and Amethyst jump on the bridge in HK possibly for being too dangerous, also some parts of "Giant Woman".
    • This remains uncensored in the Netflix release.

"So Many Birthdays"

  • Amethyst puking is muted in R&SE.
  • Teen Steven's line, "but a boy on the cusp of manhood can't spend the whole day whackering"  in A&NZ,Philippines,R&SE,SEA & UK&I.
  • All uses of the word "die" were changed in the Italian dub.
  • The episode didn't aired in MENA due to themes of mortality.

"Lars and the Cool Kids"

  • The episode is only available at Netflix at MENA.

"Steven the Sword Fighter"

  • The scene where Pearl drops her sword when she gets impaled by Holo-Pearl in A&NZ,Italy,MENA,Philippines,Poland,Portugal,R&SE,SEA,Spain,Taiwan & UK&I (also from Steven's flashbacks).
  • The scene where Pearl poofs in Steven's flashback in A&NZ,SEA

"Coach Steven"

  • Steven saying, "you can beat up Lars, and you don't have to starve to death if Sadie divorces you!" followed by Lars' line, "we're not MARRIED!!" in Italy,MENA,Poland,R&SE,& UK&I
  • The part where Sugilite headbutted Pearl was shortened in A&NZ

"Joking Victim"

  • When Sadie says, "he let me be his player 2, and we spent the whole night together",notably the part underlined in A&NZ,Philippines,SEA
  • Everything  about the Heimlich Maneuver in France,Italy,MENA,Portugal,R&SE,Spain & UK&I

"Steven and the Stevens"

  • The scene when Steven kissed the original Steven in MENA
  • The last part of the song "Steven and the Crystal Gems", where Steven sings, "by watching myself die", has been changed in Italy,MENA,N&B, like "by watching myself fade" in the Italian dub ("guardandomi svanir").

"Monster Buddies"

  • Garnet kicking the Centipeetle in the ice cave in Italy,Portugal,R&SE,Spain & UK&I
  • The Centipeetle Mother getting crushed under the stalactite, and the closeups of it closing its mouth and its gem dimming in Italy,Poland,Portugal,R&SE,Spain & UK&I

"An Indirect Kiss"

  • The episode title was changed to "New Power" in Arabic & "Steven's Power" in Russian.
  • The scene where Connie tries to kiss Steven in MENA

"Mirror Gem"

  • The episode is only available at Netflix at MENA.
    • When Lars mentions about getting girls was cut

Season 1B

"House Guest"

  • The scene where Greg gives Pearl a hug after she fixes his van in MENA.This makes it confusing when she is seen backing away afterwards.

"Island Adventure"

  • The hugging moments in R&SE,& SEA.
  • The scene of Lars and Sadie hugging  in Taiwan ,Turkey,& UK&I
  • Lars and Sadie's fist bump and hug scene in Italy & Scandinavia from the song "Be Wherever You Are".
    • The song immediately ended after the fist bump in MENA
  • The sound when Sadie is hunting fish was muted in LA
  • Starting 2016, the scene where Sadie and Lars cuddle in their sleep in the Philippines.
  • Everything from Sadie's line, "we're okay" to when Steven starts singing again in MENA (by a span of 21 seconds).
  • The entire scene of Lars and Sadie's exaggerated kiss by A LOT  of countries by:
  1. replacing it with a shot of Lars crying in A&NZ, Philippines, & SEA.
  2. discarding it all in C&EE,Poland,R&SE,Taiwan & Turkey
  3. Only show the liplock in France,Italy,LA & UK&I
  • Some scenes from the fight with the Invisible Gem Monster,including the line below in Polan,Taiwan & R&SE.
  • Steven's line, "use your fish-murdering skills" in Italy ,Turkey,& UK&I
  • Sadie forcefully pushing the sharpened stick deeper into the invisible corruption when she realizes it didn't die from her initial stabs in A&NZ, C&EE,LA,Philippines,SEA
  • The scene where Sadie slaps Lars and says, "you kissed me on the mouth!"  in A&NZ ,C&EE,Poland,R&SE
    • It was changed to "how can you say that!?" in MENA
    • The line, along with Lars' line, "no, I didn't", is removed in the Philippines & SEA.
  • In most of reruns in Poland,this episode is airing slightly censored. The Lars and Sadie kissing scene is shortened and the moment, where Lars and Sadie are lying on the spoon is still censored (the next scene where Lars covers Sadie, and Steven covers Lars was returned).

"Fusion Cuisine"

  • Before 11th February 2016, Amethyst picking & eating her boogers in Poland.
  • Amethyst being described as a fun mom in R&SE.
  • The scene when Steven hugs Connie in MENA. The episode ends early.

"Garnet's Universe"

  • The parts when Garnet catches Hoppy's sword when she swings it at her & when Garnet punched the Foxman in his stomach in A&NZ, Philippines & SEA.

"Watermelon Steven"

  • The scene when Garnet shoots her gauntlets as rockets and explodes the Watermelon Stevens in A&NZ,Philippines,SEA.
  • The scene where Pearl "kills" the Watermelon Stevens midair in A&NZ, SEA.
  • The scene where Garnet kicks the Watermelon Stevens right after when she says, "come on!", and again, when she punches two, and kicks one in A&NZ, LA, SEA.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

  • The part when Dogcopter ate the chess piece in the Philippines & SEA.Instead,it showed a replay of the scene when Dogcopter says that he won the game.

"Warp Tour"

  • Amethyst's line, "heh, Steven Jr.'s been busy" was muted in A&NZ,Philippines & SEA
  • Steven's line when floating outside the warp stream, "and now, I'm gonna die" was muted in A&NZ,Philippines & SEA.
    • the part "die" is changed to "go" in MENA

"Alone Together"

  • The episode title was changed to "Stevonnie" in Arabic.
  • Most of Steven and Connie's fusion dance in MENA.
  • Stevonnie's gem glowing before splitting into Steven and Connie in Taiwan,only due to the brightness of the screen.
  • When Stevonnie dances for the first time, the part of the dance where they swing their upper body in the Philippines.
  • When Kevin entered the disco ball, the part where he observed Stevonnie was shortened so that it looked like he did not observe them from top to bottom in the Philippines.
  • The scene when Kevin steps inside the disco ball and sizes Stevonnie up, Kevin's eyes were edited in SEA.
  • The scene when Kevin makes Stevonnie uncomfortable with his dance also at SEA.
  • Kevin pelvic-thrusting in the Philippines.
  • Kevin's line, "Not tonight. Hey baby, why'd you leave me on the dance floor?".The part underlined is removed in the Philippines.
  • Connie's line, "um... you are" along with Steven's line, "oh... yeah." in MENA.
  • Steven's line, "so, what I was trying to say was... come dance with me" in MENA.
  • The scene when Stevonnie dances at The Rave and shakes their rear in A&NZ & SEA.

"On the Run"

  • Amethyst yelling, "I don't care!" in R&SE.
  • The length of the shots of train wheels at the end of the song was reduced (probably for time) in R&SE.

"Horror Club"

  • Lars referring to Ronaldo as a "social napalm" in Italy & UK&I.
  • Steven saying, "I think you can stop being such a dink to Ronaldo" in Italy,R&SE & UK&I.

"Winter Forecast"

  • For unknown reasons, this episode is heavily cut down in the Middle East.
    • After Steven throws Greg's van keys into the snow, all of the scene where Steven and Connie are running and calling Connie's parents was cut right up until Steven and Connie enter Steven's house in MENA. This is a cut of 40 seconds.
    • The entire final scene where Steven and Greg sleeps at Connie's house was cut also in MENA. The episode ends abruptly after Greg runs into the Maheswaran's house and Steven and Connie grin at each other. This is a cut of nearly 40 seconds.
      • 80 seconds are lost because of those.

"Maximum Capacity"

  • The episode is inavailable in MENA by unknown reasons.
  • The scene when Steven looking at Greg's book collection and shown the book Passions of Xanxor in A&NZ,Philippines,Taiwan. Also the scene when Greg mentioned and picks up the book.
    • The camera instead didn't pan at SEA.
  • The scene in the "Li'l Butler Theme" when Li'l Butler kisses Mr. Money in A&NZ,Philippines,Taiwan,& SEA, making the song skip a second.

"Story for Steven"

  • The episode is inavailable in MENA by romantic themes.
  •  Rose's line, "... and I really wanna play with you" in Poland,Portugal,R&SE,Spain & UK&I.
  • Greg's line, "Ugh, Marty, women are people." was replaced by "Ugh, Marty, but they are humans." in R&SE.
  • The line, "see, Greg, this is your problem. You want one huge woman, when you could have multiple small ones" was changed to "see, Greg, this is your problem. Don't get distracted by these smalltown girls. They don't matter" in UK&I.
  • In Bulgaria, the line, "you want one huge woman, when you could have multiple smaller ones" was translated as "you're losing your mind over the ladies in this small town, but they aren't modern".

"The Message"

  • Pearl's line, "I can't believe my flipping eyes!" along with Garnet's line, "everyone, listen up!"  in Italy,MENA,Poland,Portugal,R&SE,Spain & UK&I.

"The Return"

  • The scene when Steven punches the dashboard in Greg's van in A&NZ,Philippines & SEA,because it's painful.
  • The scene when Garnet's arm disconnects from her body due to the Gem Destabilizer in A&NZ,Poland.
  • In the scene where Garnet is poofed, her visor and body snapping and breaking in C&EE,Italy,LA,MENA,Portugal,Scandinavia,Spain,Taiwan,& UK&I. as well as Amethyst and Pearl screaming, moving straight to her "poof" cloud.
    • In the flashback at "Full Disclosure", however, the scene is shown unaltered.
    • Only the arms & reaction are removed in the Philippines & SEA.
    • The episode aired nearly 2 months in R&SE after it was supposed to be with this change.
  • The scene when Jasper head-butts Steven, adding the suspense to the plot in A&NZ

"Jail Break"

  • Ruby and Sapphire's fusion dance and their reunion in MENA & the Philippines,starting at 2018.
  • In the scene where Sapphire and Ruby are hugging each other, Sapphire and Ruby's kiss were cut in SEA& Turkey.
  • The lyrics of the song "Stronger Than You" were changed in MENA to not include any details of Ruby and Sapphire's relationship except their union.
  • In the first few airings of the episode, Garnet sang that she was made of 'friendship' in "Stronger than You," rather than love. This was likely actually due to a translation error rather than censorship. After outrage from French fans, the song was redubbed.
  • Every time Jasper hits Garnet, the scene was replaced with a bright white flash in France,Italy,Spain & UK&I.
  • The scene when Jasper punching Garnet's head was replaced with a white flash in C&EE,MENA,Portugal,R&SE,Spain & UK&I.
  • The scene when Garnet breaks Jasper's Crash Helmet was replaced with the following,causing a second of "Stronger Than You " to be skipped.
    1. Stars in A&NZ,Philippines,Taiwan & SEA.
    2. a white flash in C&EE,France,Italy,MENA,Poland,Portugal,R&SE,Spain & UK&I.

Season 2

"Full Disclosure "

  • Only the first part of "Full Disclosure" is sung for unknown reasons in MENA. After that, the episode skips straight to where Steven ignores Connie's call. This is a cut of 68 seconds, the longest on the show.

"Joy Ride "

  • Steven's "BAD GRRL" selfie in MENA

"Say Uncle "

  • Uncle Grandpa disguised as Rose Quartz appearing out of the giant clam in MENA

"Love Letters "

  • This episode was not aired in the Middle East, possibly due to romantic themes.

"Sworn to the Sword "

  • This episode was not aired in the Middle East, possibly due to themes of human sacrifice.
  • Two changes were made to the song "Do It for Her" in Italy
    • Pearl's lines, "concentrate! Don't you want him to live?" &  "when you live for some one you're prepared to die"  were changed to "concentrate! Shouldn't you protect him?" & "Because you have someone you will fight for" respectively ("concentrati! Non dovresti proteggerlo?")("perché hai qualcuno per cui lotterai").

"Keeping it Together "

  • Garnet saying the Earth would become "janked" along with Amethyst's line, "Garnet! That mouth!"  in Italy,MENA,Poland,R&SE & UK&I.

"We Need to Talk "

  • This episode was not aired in the Middle East & Turkey, possibly due to romantic themes.
  • The part of Rainbow Quartz's fusion dance where Pearl gives Greg a devilish smile while she's hanging upside down &  Rainbow Quartz's dance where she drops down in front of Greg were replaced with a shot of Greg playing the guitar in C&EE,Poland,Portual,R&SE,Spain,UK&I
  • The part of Pearl and Rose's fusion dance where they nearly kiss in Italy
  • The scene where Greg shivers after Rose says his name in C&EE,France,Portugal,R&SE,Spain, & UK&I
  • The following dialogue  in France,Poland,Portugal,R&SE,Spain, & UK&I :
- Greg.
- Rose?
- Is this torture?
- The worst."

"Chille Tid"

  • Malachite yelling "GO!" was muted in MENA

"Cry for Help "

  • Any scene when Garnet and Pearl are close to each other in fusing & unfusing in Turkey, especially if it includes a part of the song.
  • Pearl and Garnet’s fusion dance in HK
  • Before fusing for the second time, Garnet's line, "I hope you're ready" and Pearl's line, "you know I am" it's been skipped to Amethyst's line "You- You can't!" in MENA & Turkey
  • Pearl's line "What?" and "I'm sorry", in MENA

"Keystone Motel "

  • Italicized "I AM AN ETERNAL FLAME, baby!" in Turkey
  • Starting 2017, Ruby and Sapphire's make out session was replaced by the camera panning back and forth to Steven getting embarrassed by watching them make out in SEA, despite skipping from Ruby's line "I'm sorry" being jumped to Steven covering his eyes in MENA

"Onion Friend "

  • On bold, Amethyst's line, "Do you ever hear from Ol' Farty Marty?" in Portugal & UK&I
  • Parts of the birth tape scene in A&NZ, while full in MENA,Turkey & some of Vidalia's lines in PH,SEA

"Friend Ship "

  • When Peridot fires a barrage of lasers towards the Crystal Gems inside the ancient Gem ship, she repeatedly says "shoo!" ("sciò!") instead of "die!" in Italy, and "Go away!" ("weg!) in NB
  • The scene when Pearl slashes Holo-Peridot was shortened so she is only heard laughing, without calling Pearl an "idiot" in LA

"Sadie's Song "

  • Unaired in MENA by unknown reasons
  • The close-up of Sadie's butt when Sadie is singing along to the radio in Turkey. This also cuts the line, "they're hypnotised by my way of walking"
  • The entire episode ending song in Turkey 

"Catch and Release"

  • The scene where Peridot questions if a towel is a weapon and Steven saying, "oh, well, I guess if you get it wet and roll it up" in A&NZ,PH
  • Peridot's lines, "Stop talking!"  & "That's right you DIRT BOMBS!" in Turkey.
  • Unaired in MENA by unknown reasons

"Back to the Barn "

  • The scene when Pearl punches Peridot in the face in A&NZ,PH,SEA,Taiwan.The punch was replaced with an extended shot of the rest of the gems watching.

"The Answer "

  • It's unaired in Russia & Bulgaria due to Russian regulations & a 6+ rating.
  • "Something Entirely New" was not dubbed into Turkish & the humming has been skipped to refusing, costing 25 seconds.

Season 3

"Super Watermelon Island "

  • The part where the watermelons jump out of the sky and cover each of Malachite's eyes, then punch her in the eye in UK&I
  •  The part where Alexandrite says "you two should spend some time apart", before shooting the arrow to Malachite in Turkey

"Barn Mates "

  • When Lapis reminds Peridot that she stayed for months in the depths of the ocean to keep Jasper locked with her within Malachite, the word "tomb" was changed to "prison" in the Italian dub ("prigione")

"Hit the Diamond "

  • When during the baseball game Steven asks what Ruby and Sapphire doing, Lapis answers him saying that they are "playing" rather than "flirting" in Italy & "chatting" in Scandinavia and Poland.
  • Sapphire saying, "but all I want to look at is you" to Ruby and she replying "you can look at me when you're running for home" was changed in the Swedish dub. Instead, Sapphire says, "I can't concentrate" and Ruby says, "think of when you're running for home".
    • Although no scenes were removed, the altering of dialogue in this episode in Sweden was controversial.
    • Plus, at SEA, Lapis' voice & mouth are edited.
  • Unaired in Russia and Bulgaria due to Russian regulations as well as the 6+ rating.

"Steven Floats "

  • When Garnet is stealing Kofi's mobile phone, the glass breaking and car alarm sounds were muted in A&NZ,Spain
  • During Steven's exaggeratedly pessimistic fantasy about remaining stuck in mid-air and not being able to go to the Big Donut to eat a fresh doughnut, the line "...and then I'll die..." has been changed to "...and for me it will be late..." in Italy

"Mr. Greg "

  • When Greg says, "But I knew how you felt about Rose and I stayed anyway" in the song Both of You was replaced by "Tapi saya tahu awak dengan Rose dan saya kena jauhkan diri" ("But I knew you with Rose and I have to stay away") in the Malaysian dub. Nothing was cut or edited, however.
  • Unaired in Russia and Bulgaria due to Russian regulations as well as the 6+ rating.

"The New Lars "

  • All of the nudity in Philippines,
  • Lars drooling and his eyes rotating as his mind returns in Poland,R&SE, & UK&I.

"Greg the Babysitter "

  • The shot of Greg eating from the trash can was reduced in France

"Bismuth "

  • This episode was pulled after a single airing.
    • Despite this, the episode would later be made available on iTunes UK as part of Volume 11.

"Earthlings "

  • Smoky Quartz saying "I've got plenty of tricks. Ever see "Sink the dink"?" and repeatedly hitting Jasper with the yo-yo in C&EE,Poland,R&SE,
  • The instant where Smoky kicks Jasper in the head in C&EE,France,Italy,NB,Poland,Portugal,R&SE,Scandinavia, & UK&I.
  • The parts where the metal rod can be seen sticking out of corrupted Jasper in C&EE,France,Italy,NB,Poland,Portugal,R&SE, & UK&I.

Season 4

"Know Your Fusion "

  • The moment when Smoky Quartz burps in Poland,R&SE,
  • The scene where Smoky Quartz spit on their hands during Sugilite's Challenge in SEA

"Last One Out of Beach City "

  • Unaired in Philippines,R&SE,SEA possibly due to LGBT+ and law breaking themes.

"Gem Harvest "

  • Andy saying "you little turd" to Greg in A&NZ,Poland,R&SE,

"Three Gems and a Baby "

  • Grandma and grandpa were cut from diaper pack along with Gregs line "Are these adult diapers?" in Poland
  • In fact, just ALL instances of diapers in Portugal,R&SE,
  • "Are these adult diapers?" in UK&I

"Gem Heist "

  • Holly Blue kicking one of the Amethyst guards in Philippines due to bullying references.

"The Zoo "

  •  The scene where Wy-Six declares that he choosens Greg in the Philippines & SEA due to LGBT+

"Tiger Philanthropist "

  • Amethyst being body slammed in A&NZ,Poland,SEA & UK&I.

Season 5

"Off Colors "

  • Lars hitting the wall after the shattering robonoid exploded in A&NZ,Phillipines, SEA

"Jungle Moon "

The FF in SEA:

  • Any instance of the half of an alien .
  • Stevonnie shaving "her" beard.
  • Stevonnie/Pink Diamond punching the glass.

"Your Mother and Mine "

  • Skipped in R&SE, making confusion there.

"A Single Pale Rose "

"StevenBomb 7 "

  • The whole arc is removed in Philippines & SEA due to the LGBT filled story, rendering A LOT of confusion.

"Change Your Mind "

  • The scene where White Diamond pulls out Steven's gem was shortened, possibly due to distressing themes.
  • The scene where the Heaven and Earth Beetle were kissing was replaced with a scene where Blue Diamond was talking to White Diamond.

Steven Universe: The Movie

  • The FF in SEA:
    • Greg's "HOLY SHH---"
    • The chorus of Isn't It Love?  due to referencing the removed 7th Stevenbomb.
    •  Amethyst's line "The love of her life" (referring to Pearl's love towards Rose) 
  • In the spanish dub, two of Spinel's lines that contained the word "stupid" were changed:
    • The line You know, this is pretty twisted, but I'm a little flattered that you liked the old me -- innocent, loving, stupid. was translated as You know, it's a bit perverse but also flattering that  you liked the old me -- innocent, loving, silly.
    • The line You can't just make everything better by singing some stupid song  was translated as You can't make everything sound better by singing a simple little song!.

Steven Universe Future

"The Future"

  • Like on StevenBomb 7, a mention while Steven gives Garnet her wedding book is removed on SEA.
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