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This is a transcribed copy of "Change Your Mind". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Prison Tower]
(Steven slowly wakes up and sits up on the floor of a dark room. He looks up and spots a high window, beaming a stream of light upon, as he realizes where he is.)
Steven Oh, right. Prison...
(Steven then hears the door opening and he turns around, seeing Blue Diamond entering the room, as she immediately begins to berate him.)
Blue Diamond I cannot believe you! Making a scene like that!
Steven We weren't trying to make a scene! We were just... dancing...?
(Steven looks around then room to find Connie is nowhere to be found.)
Steven Connie? *points at Blue* What have you done with Connie?!
Blue Diamond What have I done?! What have you done!? You're the one that wanted to keep those organics from the Kyanite colony! I'm just the fool that let you.
Steven ...What?
Blue Diamond Now your little pets are chasing the Pearls up and down the halls. What were you thinking!? Letting them loose in the ballroom? They could be anywhere.
(Just then, a rainbow-colored, caterpillar-like creature appears from Blue Diamond's hair. It babbles happily before Blue notices, screams in fright, and smacks it across the room, sending it slamming against a wall.)
Blue Diamond Pink!
(The creature falls off the wall, lands in Steven's arms and hugs him. Blue groans as she rubs the spot where the creature touched on her face.)
Blue Diamond Ugh. Please. Just get rid of it.
(With a concerned look on his face, Steven walks over to the door and lets the creature escape through a crack in the door. Blue turns to look out the window as she sighs.)
Blue Diamond Pink... White is very unhappy with you. If this keeps up, she's going to take away your Pearl.
(Pink Diamond is now in the place of Steven, but still speaks with his voice. She appears remorseful and a tear falls down her cheek.)
Pink Diamond (Steven) I know. I'm sorry...
(As the tear hits the ground, Steven cries out in surprise to find himself in Pink's body. His vision turns blurry as Blue speaks ethereally in the background.)
Blue Diamond *echoing* Why do you always do this, Pink...?
Steven Huh?
(Steven finds himself back in his body, and in a strange pink void. Silhouettes of Gems surround him as they glare at him with glowing pink eyes with unintelligible whispers. They quickly disappear beneath view, and Steven looks up to suddenly see Yellow and Blue Diamond looking down at him with surprised, angry looks on their faces, motionless. Pearl and Amethyst also suddenly appear frightened behind Steven, and are poofed by an unknown source. Steven screams and then sees Garnet also getting poofed as well. A clip of Yellow, White, and Blue Diamond extending their hands to emit the Corrupting Light from "Your Mother and Mine" is shown. Steven raises his hands to shield himself form the light.)
Steven No! Stop!
(A great glow can be seen behind, and Steven find himself rapidly cycling between the forms of Pink Diamond, Rose Quartz, and himself. Steven grasps his head in pain as the cycling gets faster, and he screams in distress. A cropped clip of White Diamond's eyes opening from "Legs from Here to Homeworld", glaring down at Steven.)
[Trans. Int. Prison Tower]
(Steven wakes up, now back in reality, in cold sweat and breathing heavily. He quickly realizes hie is himself again, and notices Connie sleeping beside him.)
Steven Oh, Connie, you- you're here.
(Connie wakes up and yawns, rubbing her eyes as Steven smiles.)
Connie Yeah. Can't exactly leave...
(Connie and Steven looks up at the window, when they hear the door opening. They turn around, seeing Blue Diamond entering the room, as she immediately begins to berate Steven.)
Blue Diamond I cannot believe you! Making a scene like that!
Steven Whoa. Deja blue.
Connie We didn't mean any harm! I asked Steven to dance; he wasn't trying to cause trouble!
Blue Diamond What do you know about this, human?
Connie *chuckles* You think I've never been grounded before?
Blue Diamond "Grounded"?
Steven Blue, you gotta let us out of here. We're gonna starve!
Blue Diamond "Starve"? What is this? Another made up problem? Another trick, so I'll cave and let you out? Well not this time. You're not leaving this tower until you apologize for fusing at the ball!
(Steven looks down, considering his options for a moment, and looks back up.)
Steven No.
(Blue Diamond gasps in shock.)
Connie Steven!
Steven What? I'm not sorry.
(Blue's hands shiver as tears well up in her eyes.)
Blue Diamond We finally have you back... And you're worse than ever!
(Blue Diamond emits her blue pathokinesis aura, causing Steven to cry and collapses to his knees.)
Connie Steven!
(Steven smiles as he sits up and looks over at Connie, wiping the tears from his eyes.)
Steven It's fine, Connie; I'm not even sad.
Connie But you're really dehydrated!
Steven Blue, Connie and I fuse all the time. It's totally normal and fine.
(Blue is visibly uncomfortable at this point and squirms as Steven speaks, grasping her face in her hands.)
Blue Diamond Agh! In what universe could that possibly be fine?!
Steven This universe! The Crystal Gems fuse all the time, too. Blue, you gotta tell me where their gems are. They didn't do anything wrong!
Blue Diamond Ooohh! Pink! Your time on Earth has warped your sense of right and wrong!
Steven Yeah, maybe it has. Maybe Pink thought you guys were right to lock her in here when she messed stuff up.
(Blue Diamond's sorrow quickly turns into anger again, as Steven speaks.)
Steven But I know what it's like to have a loving family. And we don't do stuff like this to each other. The Crystal Gems understand that I'm Steven, and they support me and Connie. *holds hands with Connie* And you guys poofed 'em for sticking up for me. That isn't normal!
Blue Diamond That's enough!
(Blue summons a concentrated burst of blue energy and throws it at Steven, knocking him across the room. Steven grunts as he is knocked a good distance backward. Falling on his hands and knees, he notices more tears flowing from his face.)
Steven This isn't normal.
(Blue backs away a bit, surprised.)
Steven How many times did you lock her in here? How many times did you make her cry?!
Blue Diamond *gets defensive* I didn't, I...
(Blue quickly realizes her abuse and gasps in horror, as she dissipates her blue aura. She then falls against the wall by the window, tears welling up in her eyes once more, and her hair slightly disheveled as it is pushed against the wall.)
Blue Diamond And I'm doing it again... Aren't I?
(Blue Diamond slumps down the wall, as tears flow down her cheeks. Steven and Connie look at each other briefly, before Steven jumps and floats up to the window to speak eye-to-eye with Blue.)
Blue Diamond And this is why you left... isn't it?
(Blue Diamond and Steven look at each other. Tears fall down Steven's face too, not because of Blue's power, but instead of his own emotion. Blue stands and wipes the tears clean from her face. She looks away, contemplating for a moment, before speaking.)
Blue Diamond You were right to leave. I always thought that you were failing this world. But, if you were happier on Earth, maybe... this world was... failing you.
(Blue glances at Steven and smiles, then casts her view out the window at White Diamond's Ship)
Blue Diamond We never should have brought you back here. Your "family"- your "Crystal Gems"- are bubbled. Let's get you all back in your legs... and back home.
(Blue Diamond picks up Steven and Connie and raises them to her face. Steven and Connie then smile at each other.)
[Trans. Int. Pink Diamond's Palace]
(The door to Pink Diamond's room opens and Blue enters, setting Steven and Connie down on the floor.)
Blue Diamond *whispers* All right, it's safe.
(Connie and Steven gleefully hop off Blue's hands and dump a bunch of food onto the floor.)
Steven & Connie Food!
(Blue Diamond looks on with a disgusted expression as Steven and Connie chow down on the food. Candy bar wrappers and chip bags are strewn about the room as the Pebbles emerge to see the commotion. Steven and Connie lie back, sighing in content for a brief moment, before opening their eyes with determination. Steven's Pink Diamond outfit is tossed onto the floor as Steven and Connie get dressed in their Earth clothes.)
Connie Goodbye, Pebbles. Wish us luck.
(The Pebbles look up at Connie and wave her goodbye.)
Steven I'm ready. We've got friends to save.
[Trans. Near Yellow Diamond's Palace]
(Blue Diamond walks steadily towards Yellow Diamond
Yellow Diamond What... are you doing?
Steven I'm taking back my friends!
Yellow Diamond *annoyed, ignoring Steven* What are you doing, Blue? Take Pink back to the tower.
Blue Diamond She prefers to be called "Steven".
(Blue exchanges a friendly glance with Steven. Yellow then slams her hand so forcefully against her throne that it cracks and stands up angrily.)
Yellow Diamond What are you talking about?! You can't keep bending the rules for her, Blue. She has to set an example, and we have to set an example. If we bend the rules for her, we have to bend them for everyone!
Connie Well, maybe you should!
(Angered, but still ignoring Steven and Connie, Yellow looks forward at Blue.)
Yellow Diamond Take them back to the tower, now!
Blue Diamond I. Won't.
Yellow Diamond Then I'll do it myself.
(Yellow Diamond reaches out to grab Steven and Connie, but Blue Diamond quickly slaps her hand away.)
Yellow Diamond *incredulous* Blue?!
(Steven and Connie look on in shock and Blue Diamond gasps, surprised by her own action. She charges a blue energy blast and throw it at Yellow, knocking her back and making drag marks in the floor. Yellow angrily growls and then sprints towards Blue, engaging her in a wrestle.)
Connie Steven, now!
(Steven and Connie narrowly avoid being crushed by Yellow's foot as they float up to the Crystal Gems' bubble. Yellow Diamond quickly notices and tries to grab them. Steven creates a bubble shield around the Gems, Connie and himself, leading to Yellow grabbing the larger bubble. Blue reaches up to grab her hand, and the Diamonds enter into a stalemate, as they stare each other down.)
Yellow Diamond When we thought Pink was shattered, when she abandoned us, I alone was there for you, and you would use your power against... me?!?!
(Yellow shoves Blue against the wall, breaking right through it. Everyone fall off the palace onto a platform below, and Steven's bubble bounces several times before popping, break his and Connie's fall. Yellow's bubble around the poofed Crystal Gems also pops, and Connie and Steven run over to the released gemstones.)
Connie They're free!
Steven *anxiously* Come on, guys. You're not bubbled anymore. You can come out!
Connie Are they okay?
(Steven and Connie backs against each other nervously, as Blue and Yellow get up, preparing to fight again.)
Yellow Diamond You'd hurt a fellow Diamond?!
Blue Diamond Didn't we hurt Pink? She was suffering in silence for ages, just like our Gems; just like me! And I know you're suffering in silence, too.
(Yellow's angry facade begins to waver upon hearing Blue's remark. She looks down, almost ashamed, and then clasps her fist. In a fit of fury, Yellow begins to zap Blue with her electric blast from her hand, knocking her down on the ground. Blue Diamond cries in anguish as she struggles to keep herself from destabilizing, while Yellow continues zapping Blue, clearly torn, betrayed, and disappointed with a unique expression on her face.)
Steven Stop!
(Steven summons his shield and chucks it towards Yellow Diamond's hand, disrupting her concentration. A surprised Yellow then glares toward Steven.)
Steven You don't have to do this!
Yellow Diamond Yes, I do! This is what White Diamond expects of all of us. From a thin flake of mica, to the deepest, hardest stone. We all must make sacrifices for the sake of our perfect empire.
Steven Does this look perfect to you?!
(Yellow's anger wavers, as she looks at the ruined wall of her palace, as well as Blue sizzling on the ground from her attack earlier.)
Steven My dad says, "if every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs".
Yellow Diamond And that means... what?
Steven It means if you try and make this empire perfect; if you just wipe away everything you see as flawed, you lose all the things that make you happy, like hot dogs.
Blue Diamond Or our Pink.
(Yellow groans a moment of weakness and falls to her knees.)
Yellow Diamond Uhh... Stop! Stop it, Blue. Stop using your power on me.
(Yellow is seen crying, in an uncharacteristic emotional breakdown.)
Blue Diamond *surprised* I'm not.
(Blue Diamond gets up and walks over to Yellow, comforting her as she continues to cry.)
Connie Steven, come on. Grab the Gems. Let's get out of here.
Steven Right. I hope they're okay. Amethyst would usually be back by now.
Yellow Diamond *now composed* They'll be out for a good while. They took a direct hit from me.
Blue Diamond Yellow, we've got to get them out of here! Before White finds out about any of this.
Yellow Diamond Right. Quickly. Your legs are this way.
(Yellow walks towards Pink's Ship as Blue, Steven, and Connie follow. Steven looks down and speaks to the four gems in his arms, as the group runs towards the legs.)
Steven Don't worry, guys. I'll get you home safe.
Connie Even if we have to escape now, we'll find some way to heal the corrupted Gems. We can come back to Homeworld. W-we'll still have the legs.
Steven I don't know, I- I don't know if White will ever see us.
Blue Diamond *jubilantly* We're almost there.
Yellow Diamond Here we are! Hurry, get inside.
(Steven and Connie rush towards the ship between Yellow and Blue, but are intercepted by White Pearl, who appears in a white bubble.)
Pink Pearl (White Diamond) You're not going anywhere.
(The place begins to rumble as White's bust ship starts to move. It flies overhead and lands on top of Pink's ship, forming a giant body without arms. With control of the legs, the face of Diamond Ship glares down at the group.)
[Commercial Interlude; End of Part 1]
(The face of the Diamond Ship looms ominously above the group, as it stands towering before them.)
Pink Pearl (White Diamond) *shouting* You've made a grave mistake. Go to your rooms!
(As White Pearl speaks, the ground shakes.)
Blue Diamond Uh... Which "rooms" should we go to?
Yellow Diamond Blue, don't make her any angrier than she already is!
Steven We're busted.
Connie Looks like this just turned into a face-off.
(The eyelids of White's ship open up, revealing an unsettling pair of eyes that glares down at the group below.)
Steven *desperately* Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet? Please... *tears up* I think we're really in trouble.
(Just then, a pair of bright lights appears in the sky, almost appearing like shooting stars.)
Steven *points up to the sky* What the heck is that?!
(The group watch in shock as Blue and Yellow's arm ships, seemingly repaired, come flying through the sky and slap the Diamond Ship in the face.)
Steven Yellow, Blue! Did you have a hand in this?
Blue Diamond *shocked* No way!
Yellow Diamond White, that wasn't us!
Blue Diamond We swear!
Steven Then who's that?
Connie Who cares! Knock her out!
(The arms square up against the Diamond Ship and uppercut it into the air, sending it flying and crashing into some buildings far behind them.)
Yellow Diamond Who's responsible for this?
(Yellow's ship descends from above and open its palm. A yellow bubble appears on the palm and it slowly dissipates, revealing a familiar figure.)
Steven Gasp!
Bismuth I always wanted to uppercut an upper crust! *chuckles*
Steven & Connie Bismuth! *runs forth towards Bismuth, who's wearing the armor from Garnet's wedding*
Steven You came!
Bismuth Heck yeah, we did.
Steven "We"?
Bismuth Of course!
(Blue's ship lands next to Yellow's ship as Bismuth speaks. A blue bubble appears and dissipates, revealing Peridot and Lapis inside, posing dramatically and sporting new forms, after being poofed in the events of "Reunited".)
Peridot You thought we wouldn't be here at a time like this?
Steven Lapis Lazuli and Peridot!
(Lapis smirks and Peridot makes two peace signs as Steven speaks their names. Lapis flies towards the group with her water wings and Peridot hovers over atop a trash can lid.)
Lapis That felt great.
Peridot Wasn't that cool, Steven? Check out the awesome job we did fixing up those hand ships!
(The ships are seen repaired with crude patches of metal, after being destroyed by The Cluster and the Crystal Gems in "Reunited". However, the thumb of Yellow's ship falls off in a comedic effect.)
Peridot Uh... Who needs thumbs?
Pink Pearl (White Diamond) Very cute.
(The group's attention is quickly turned towards White Pearl, who is floating on a white bubble above them.)
Pink Pearl (White Diamond) Glad to see we're having fun. However, White Diamond has certain issues with your conduct that will need to be addressed before we move forward.
Yellow Diamond Steven, quickly! Use one of our ships to get home.
Steven Huh?
Blue Diamond Yes! You have another chance. Take my arm. Fly to Earth. Yellow and I will keep White distracted.
Steven Blue... Yellow...
(Blue and Yellow brace themselves to face the gravity of the situation, as White Pearl enters the forehead of the Diamond Ship via the white bubble.)
Blue Diamond Don't worry, Steven. We understand now.
Yellow Diamond *sighs* This way of living... It must have been like torture for you.
(After White Pearl enters the Diamond Ship, it begins to recuperate and stand up again.)
Yellow Diamond *desperately* Just go! Hurry! She's getting up!
Steven No... No! I won't go! Pink Diamond ran away from you. Rose Quartz, my Mom, she started a war with you. But, I don't want to run. I don't want to fight; I just want to talk! We've come so far just to get White Diamond's attention, and now we finally have it. If we can fix our family, we can fix everything!
(Lapis, Peridot, and Bismuth walk up to Steven in support.)
Blue Diamond But in order to fix it, we'd have to admit that it's broken.
Yellow Diamond She'll never want to hear it.
Steven But it's the truth!
Connie My Mom back on Earth used to have so many rules for me to follow. It was so overwhelming, and it made me feel miserable. After I told her how I was feeling, things got way better between us. She even let me come out to space to help Steven. If White knew how unhappy she's made you feel, maybe everything would change.
Blue Diamond What do you say, Yellow? Do you think White might actually listen to us for a change?
Yellow Diamond It's worth a try. Lend me a hand, will you Blue?
Blue Diamond Heh, okay.
(Yellow and Blue reach out their arms forward and begin regaining control of their respective ships.)
Steven Huh?
Peridot The ships!
(Blue and Yellow begin controlling their ships and hover them towards the Diamond Ship. White Diamond attempts to fend off the two arm ships by kicking, but is unsuccessfully it preventing them from subduing the Diamond Ship.)
Yellow Diamond Steven, take a knee.
Steven Okay. *runs forth* White, please! All we want you to do is listen!
(Steven kneels down, causing the legs of the Diamond Ship to mimic his movement, under his control, preventing White to kick with the legs anymore.)
Yellow Diamond That's it, Steven! Come on, Blue.
(Yellow and Blue begin attaching their arm ships onto the Diamond Ship, which White helplessly watches. Glowing energy courses down the vein-like structures along the exterior of the ship as the arms firmly attach to the ship, completing the body of the Diamond Mech. Gaining most of the control of the ship, Yellow and Blue lower the hands towards the group.)
Steven That's it! Come on, everybody!
(The group steps up onto the hands, and Yellow and Blue raise them up to the face of the Diamond Mech to address White at her level.)
Steven Hey, White. I know I was in there with you for a second, but I barely got to talk to you at all. There are so many Gems that are hurting right now. Even Blue and Yellow were hurting. You should hear what they have to say.
(Steven smiles at Blue and Yellow, but they both look nervous, whimpering and sweating anxiously. Steven walks up to Yellow and pats her heel reassuringly.)
Steven *whispering* This is it!
(Yellow takes a step forward and gazes at the giant, unblinking face of the Diamond Mech. She glances back Steven, who is giving a thumbs-up, as she struggles to get her words out.)
Yellow Diamond We... W- We... We need to talk!... About us. I've conquered so many worlds for the sake of the empire. I do everything you ask, and I do it all perfectly. But your very high standards put us all under a lot of pressure. A Gem could crack under so much... pressure. We Diamonds may be hard, but we're also... brittle.
(Blue steps forward too, to comfort Yellow and stand in solidarity.)
Blue Diamond White, we used to be close. Don't you remember? When Pink would make us laugh? All those silly things she did for no reason, there was a reason. She wanted us to be happy together. But we weren't, and we're still not. I know my purpose isn't to be happy, but I find it harder and harder to enforce your rules, when they make me miserable. When they make us all miserable.
Steven White, please. Why don't you let us all into your head? We could come up with a plan to help everyone. You could start by helping Yellow and Blue.
(Yellow and Blue smile as Steven gestures over to them. Everyone looks up at the Diamond Mech momentarily, hoping for an emotional family discussion, when the eyes of the Ship begin to glow white. A pair of white energy beam erupt from the eyes and hits Yellow and Blue directly into their gemstones. The two scream in agony as their gems and forms are stripped of all color. Everyone else watch in horror as the Diamonds struggle hopelessly, until their entire forms are devoid of color, then they go limp and stop moving. Shortly, their limbs begin to jolt unnaturally, as they assume the same position of White Diamond and White Pearl: both arms lightly extended to either side palms up, with an unnatural smile shining on their faces.)
Steven Wha-?! Guys?!
(A giant white bubble encapsulates Blue and Yellow and they both sinks in the Yellow hand, disappearing into the Diamond Mech. Claiming control of the hands now, White begins to maneuvers them, while the Crystal Gems struggle to balance on top.)
Lapis We gotta go!
(The Diamond Mech lowers its hands, dropping everyone atop off of them. Lapis extends her water wings and carries Bismuth, while Peridot stands atop her levitating trash can lid, with Connie grabbing onto its handle. Steven, however, plummets towards an abyss below while still clutching onto the four poofed gems.)
Connie Peridot, over there!
(Connie quickly notices Steven sliding down a pink structure into the abyss, screaming in fright. Peridot and Connie rush down to intercept his fall.)
Connie *extends her hands to Steven* Grab on!
(Steven is able to grab onto Connie's hand, but is unable to hold onto all the gems as he does so. He loses grip of the four gems and they continue plummeting into the abyss.)
Steven No!
Connie & Peridot Steven!
(Steven lets go of Connie's hand to dive after the falling gems without hesitation. The gems tumble through the air as Steven desperately tries to grab for them. Various tube-like structures block his path, which he frantically dodges and slides on with his shield, chasing after the falling gems. After much difficulty, Steven manages to catch Amethyst's gem.)
Steven Amethyst! Please reform, I need you! Amethyst!... Can you hear me in there? *tears up* Everyone's falling! We can save them! Together!
(Steven holds Amethyst's gem desperately close to his chest, quickly losing hope that he can save everyone. Suddenly, Steven begins to glow, and with a puff of smoke and light, Steven and Amethyst's gem fuse together in Smoky Quartz)
Smoky (Amethyst) Don't worry! I'm here for- Uhh... What just happened?
(Amethyst, through Smoky, attempts to contemplate the situation while still plummeting through the air.)
Smoky (Amethyst) Mmm... Holy smokes! I'm Smoky! Steven, you beautiful genius! You pulled Amethyst out of her gem through fusion?!
(Smoky gasps, as they notices Pearl's gem falling some distance away.)
Smoky Pearl! Gotta throw Steven...!
(Smoky pulls their own body in half, separating a newly-reformed Amethyst (who wears tiny shorts, her old white shoes and a black tank top with a hole exposing her gem) from Steven, and catapulting him towards Pearl's gem.)
Amethyst *triumphantly* Don't worry about me! *shapeshifts into an owl* Owl be fine.
(Zooming through the air, Steven regains his composure and somersaults around to face Pearl's gem, dramatically vaulting towards her in a ballet pose. Steven reaches Pearl's gem and holds her over his head.)
Steven Come on Pearl, dance with me!
(Steven spins and twirls in the air with Pearl's gem, and he begins to glow, fusing together Pearl. A parasol obscures the screen, as Rainbow Quartz, different from the one between Pearl and Rose, appears and floats gracefully and flamboyantly through the air, descending slowly thanks to their parasol.)
Rainbow Quartz 2.0 Well, what do you know? It's Rainbow 2.-oh.! Now, this is a fine mess we're in.
(Rainbow Quartz gasps as they see Ruby and Sapphire's gems nearing the ground.)
Rainbow Quartz 2.0 That won't do!
(Rainbow Quartz makes a silly face and blows a raspberry, as he closes his parasol and begins to fall faster. He twirls his parasol around as he dives towards Ruby and Sapphire.)
Rainbow Quartz 2.0 Rainbow Quartz powers... Activate!
(Riding the parasol like a broomstick, the tip of the parasol begins blasting like a rocket, rapidly propelling Rainbow Quartz downwards and leaving a rainbow trail in its wake. Rainbow Quartz swiftly reaches Ruby and Sapphire and scoops them up with one hand, reaching the ground safely while still sitting on their parasol.)
Rainbow Quartz 2.0 Ah, yes. Now that's two stones, with one bird.
(Rainbow Quartz twirls their parasol and hoists it over their shoulder. Amethyst, as the "bird", perches on the parasol as Rainbow Quartz glances at her gleefully, holding out the two "stones" in their palm. Rainbow Quartz then unfuses, splitting back into Steven and a newly-reformed Pearl (who wears long pants and a short-leaved teal leather jacket), as Amethyst shapeshifts back to normal.)
Amethyst Wow! Nice form, Pearl.
Pearl Oh, heh, thank you. I'm particularly excited about the jacket.
(Pearl glances down at her jacket, when she gets a spark of realization.)
Pearl *yelling excitedly* Aah! Steven! We fused! *hugs Steven*
(Connie, Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis then descend from above.)
Connie Are you guys okay?
Steven Almost. *looking at the gems in his hands* Garnet, we're up against a giant robot. We need your help. Please come out. I'm here! I love you!
(Steven hugs the two gems tightly, as he begins to glow. Everyone step back as Steven fuses with Garnet, taking on a fiery form and casting a light on all around. Just as the form stabilizes, the Diamond Mech stomps down upon the group with Pink's foot.)
[Commercial Interlude; End of Part 2]
(Trampling onto the Crystal Gems, the Diamond Mech's foot begins to shudder, creak, and groan, as a force below pushes it upwards. The Crystal Gems are seem unharmed beneath the foot, as the orange, fiery, four-armed fusion of Steven and Garnet lifts it up.)
Sunstone Awwwwwwwwwww yeah! You better step off!
(Sunstone lifts the foot entirely as they make peace signs with their two lower hands. They then tosses the foot away, slightly throwing the Diamond Mech off balance for a moment. Sunstone begins dusting off their upper hands confidently.)
Sunstone Chillax, my dudes. Your rockin' pal Sunstone is holdin' it down.
(The Crystal Gems look on in awe at the totally radical fusion.)
Pearl Wow!
Amethyst Holy-
Connie All right!
Peridot Unbelievable!
Sunstone *bends down and grins at Peridot* Oh, you better believe it.
Peridot Okay!
Connie Sunstone, what are we gonna do? White Diamond's never going to listen, and she's never going to let us leave.
Sunstone If she won't listen, we'll make her listen.
Amethyst And how are we gonna do that?
Sunstone I know she's in there. We'll bust into her head and change her mind!
Everyone Else Right!
Sunstone *points up at the Diamond Mech* Let's take that bully down!
(Sunstone then turns to the screen, breaking the fourth wall to speak to the viewers directly.)
Sunstone But remember kids: If you ever have to deal with a bully, be sure to tell an adult.
(Sunstone suddenly yanks Pearl and Amethyst, hoists them onto their shoulders and sprints towards the giant pink foot of the Ship.)
Sunstone Come on! *vaults on top of the foot* Alley-oop!
(Sunstone summons their fusion weapon, a pair of suction cup gauntlets, in preparation to climb the ship.)
Sunstone Kids, don't try this at home. Ha! *leaps onto the ship leg* Bungacowa!
(Sunstone begins climbing up the giant pink leg, grunting while spouting inspirational quotes as they do so.)
Sunstone Ah! Yeah! You can do it! Believe in yourself! Always. Do. Your best!
(The Diamond Mech shortly springs to action again, activating its arms. The hand draws back and swats at Sunstone.)
Sunstone Oh, no! Wah! Owwwwwww!
(Sunstone is flung a distance onto the ground, splitting back into Steven and a newly-reformed Garnet, now with star-shaped orange shades, as they hit the ground.)
Amethyst *grunts* No dice.
Garnet We need to be bigger.
Steven Then let's fuse. All four of us. It's the only way we're gonna get up to her head.
Amethyst I'm in!
Pearl I'm in too.
Garnet Then it's decided. It's time to form Obsidian.
(The other Crystal Gems back away to give some space for Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven to perform their fusion dance, landing in the shape of a pyramid and a planking Pearl on Garnet's hands. All of them begin to glow and the five gems spiral in a pentagon shape. The other Crystal Gems run away, as a colossal fusion begins to take form. The result is the massive molten fusion Obsidian, debuting with a guttural roar for battle.)
Peridot They're huuuuuge!!
(Obsidian begins to climb up the antagonizing Diamond Mech as it attempts to swat the fusion away, to which they quickly dodges away.)
Connie Guys, we've gotta do something to keep those hands off of them.
Bismuth Right. But, first, I made you a little somethin'.
(Bismuth hands Connie a freshly-forged sword.)
Connie My own sword? It's perfect!
Bismuth Let's show White Diamond we mean Bismuth.
(Lapis picks up Bismuth and flies towards the giant ship while Peridot leaps upon her trash can lid,, hovering above Connie and aiming the handle towards her.)
Peridot Grab on!
(Connie grabs onto the lid handle, and the group makes their ascent to assist Obsidian.)
Bismuth Time to take this thing apart!
(Connie's sword and Bismuth's blade hand scrape and cut into the legs as they are flown close to the Mech surface.)
Peridot Set your eyes on me, Homeworld! I, Peridot, have returned, not as your servant, but as your savior! I rule the skies!
(As Peridot boasts, White takes the opportunity to swat Peridot out of the sky. Fortunately, the Mech is slow and clumsy, and Peridot easily able to dodge the attack. Lapis then cleverly leads the Yellow arm to attack the Blue arm, temporarily incapacitating it against Obsidian's advance.)
Peridot *laughs* Try and catch me, you enlarged, bipedal housing unit!
(The group leave Obsidian to reach the top, but not without a final swipe from the Diamond Mech, which knock Lapis and Bismuth out of the skies.)
Connie Lapis! Bismuth!
(Lapis is knocked unconsciously on a platform far away while Bismuth plummets towards the ground from high up.)
Peridot Hold on! I've got ya!
(Peridot struggles to save Bismuth through her ferrokinesis on Bismuth's armor pieces and succeeds in catching her, just before she hits the ground. Peridot sighs in relief, but fails to notice another swipe from the Diamond Mech, knocking her far away and sending her colliding to the ground. Connie plummets towards the ground, when Obsidian extend an arm to catch her.)
Connie Ah! Thanks.
(With no more distractions, the Diamond Mech gives Obsidian its full attention. Connie raises her new sword in anticipation to attack.)
Connie Heads up! I've got this!
(Just as Connie braces herself, Obsidian summons all the weapons of the fusion's individual Gems and combines them into a sword handle. A second mouth opens on Obsidian, overflowing with magma, and the handle is inserted into it, forging a fiery greatsword for Obsidian to wield.)
Connie *sheepishly* I'll let you take this one.
(The Diamond Mech reaches it hands towards Obsidian, which they swings their greatsword against them and slicing them apart. Obsidian plunges her greatsword into the Diamond Mech, uses it as a platform to leap onto the Mech's face and roars into its eyes. The Diamond Mech then smash its face into a nearby Homeworld structure, causing Obsidian to unfuse back into the four Crystal Gems, desperately clinging to the Mech's face as it pulls back from the building.)
Steven Guys! Connie!
Connie Keep going! I'm right behind you!
(Connie is seen to have plunged her sword into the chest of the Mech as well, dangling from it unharmed. Steven looks up and notices the eye of the Mech actually has a tunnel, where the pupil would be, leading into the interior.)
Steven There! We can get inside through the eye. Come on!
Garnet Hurry!
(The Gems proceed to climb their way up and enter the eye tunnel. The Mech begins to plunge its face towards the building again, and Steven quickly leaps up to the tunnel, being caught by Garnet, just before the face hits the building again. Connie clings onto her sword tightly as the Mech rumble from the impact.)
[Trans. White Diamond's Palace]
(Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst and Steven slide though the tunnel and they all lands gracefully on the floor of the chamber inside.)
Steven White Diamond.
(The group look up at White Diamond, who is still in the same pose seen in "Legs from Here to Homeworld", and is flanked on either side by a possessed Yellow and Blue Diamond. All three Diamonds act and speak in unison, in White Diamond's voice.)
White Diamond Oh, Starlight, what are you doing crawling in here? You want your legs back? You want your planet back? Surely, you can understand why I can't let you leave. Look what you did to yourself last time.
(As White Diamond speaks, she is expressive, while Yellow and Blue smile and stare blankly.)
Steven White Diamond! My name is Steven Universe. I'm here to- Gah!
(As Steven approaches White Diamond, White Pearl suddenly descends from above to block his path, causing him to jump backwards. White Pearl now speaks in unison with White as well.)
White Diamond My, my. We've been causing quite a scene, haven't we?
(The group look in unrest at the uncanny unison of White and the possessed Gems.)
Steven What have you done to them?! They're-
White Diamond Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
(As one, White and the possessed Gems draw a finger to their lips and shush Steven. White begins addressing the Diamonds flanking her, as they mirror her every gesture.)
White Diamond Poor Yellow. Her impurities absorb all the blue in her light. She's so strong...! But so weak when it comes to Blue. Ah, and Blue, her impurities soak up all of the warmth in her spectrum. She thinks she needs you, Pink. As for me, I'm certain I don't need you. After all, I'm every color of the light. *gets wistful* But you're a part of me; the part I always have to repress.
Steven ...What?!
Amethyst *whispering* Dude, what is she even talking about? This is nonsense!
White Diamond Oh! Hello there! Your new friends are so funny. Is that what they're supposed to be? Funny?
(White Diamond blinks her eyes and fires a white energy beam at Amethyst from her eyes. Amethyst yells in pain as she gets hurt, and her gem turns white.)
Amethyst Hey, White... dirtwad! *panting* That all you got?! ...Huh?
(Amethyst notices her now-white gem and her form beginning to lose its color, much like Yellow and Blue not long ago.)
Steven Oh, no!
(Amethyst shivers and groans in anguish, and collapses to the ground after she loses all her colors.)
Garnet Leave her alone!
(White Diamond continues blasting her mind beams at the group, felling Garnet next.)
Pearl Stop!
(To no avail, Pearl is swiftly converted as well. All in the room, except Steven, are now colorless, to Steven's horror.)
White Diamond It's a pity, the way you bring out the worst in others. See how you've encouraged their deficiencies? It's written all over their gems: insecure, dependent, obsessed.
(Amethyst struggles to get up, but fails, Garnet's visors vanishes as she topples over, and Pearl falls limp to the ground.)
Steven Oh, no, no. G-Guys! Come on, snap out of it!
(Steven falls to his knees and tries to lift an unresponsive Amethyst.)
White Diamond *bitterly* Please stop helping them. You'll only make things worse; that's what you do. I make things better. Here...!
(White Diamond snaps her fingers and Amethyst opens her eyes, turning and smiling unnaturally at Steven.)
Amethyst (White Diamond) Oh, thank you, White Diamond, I feel excellent now.
(Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl each slowly rise from the ground, as if being lifted by strings, to assume White Diamond's pose and smile blankly at Steven.)
Amethyst (White Diamond) Oh, thank you. How generous of you.
Garnet (White Diamond) Thank you, White Diamond. We feel so much better now.
Pearl (White Diamond) I feel excellent.
(Pearl's head creepily rotates 360° as she rises up.)
White Diamond There we are! I've removed their flaws! Now there is nothing to hinder my white light from sparking through them. I'd rather not spread my uninhibited self so thin, you know, but you've made it absolutely necessary. Now, the impurities you've encouraged in them are gone. Now, they are brilliant! Now, they are perfect! Now... they are me!
(White Diamond poses proudly as shimmering beams of light dramatically shine from behind her.)
Steven You're wrong! Please, just listen to me! My friends don't need to be fixed! They're fine the way they are, flaws and all!
White Diamond There you go again. Do you understand why you defend their flaws? I know why, Pink. You like surrounding yourself with inferior Gems.
Steven What?!
White Diamond *smugly* You enable their terrible behaviors, so you can be the best of the worst.
Steven That's not true! And, even if it is- Even if it was, y-you're talking about my Mom. You're not talking about me!
White Diamond *cackle maliciously* Your "mom"?
(White continues cackling manically, along with all the Gems in her possession. Just then, Connie slides through the eye tunnel into the room, sword in hand and ready to fight.)
Connie Guys, I'm here! Huh?
(Connie quickly blocks Pearl's attack, who White uses to stop Connie's track.)
Connie Pearl!?
Steven Connie!
Pearl Well, what have we here? It's another one of your pets.
(Connie attempts to fight off Pearl, and Steven runs up to Connie.)
Steven Wait! Whoa...! Grrr...
Connie Huh?
(Steven is held back by Garnet and Amethyst, distracting Connie just long enough for Pearl to disarm her. Garnet and Amethyst drops Steven before White, while Pearl holds onto Connie tightly while covering her mouth.)
Steven Let her go.
White Diamond These worthless Gems weren't enough, were they? See how you surround yourself with lower lifeforms? You've smothered yourself in them. It feels good, doesn't it, Pink? Dulling your power, hiding your face, blaming everything on someone else. You became Rose Quartz to deceive your pathetic friends. And now, you've improved on that because you're even deceiving yourself.
Steven No. You're wrong! I'm not my mom!
White Diamond But don't you know things about her that you couldn't possibly know?
(Steven begins thinking back to his Diamond dreams, containing Pink's memories, as he almost begins to be convinced of White's claim.)
Steven I- I've just been connecting with her. My powers, they- they help me connect to others. I-I'm not her. I'm just... feeling her feelings....
White Diamond Isn't it obvious? Even though you've embedded yourself in that human child, your light can't help shining through. You know you're in there. You've known it all along. Stop cowering inside your gem. You can hide from yourself, but you can't hide from me, Pink.
(Steven grasps his head in agony as White continues to gaslight him. Connie struggles from Pearl's grasp and breaks free from her hand over her mouth.)
Connie Don't listen to her, Steven! She's just trying to mess with you!
(White Diamond reaches out, pinching Steven between her two enormous fingers and lifts him away from his friends.)
Connie Steven! *grunts and struggles*
(Steven is paralyzed in fear as White lifts him up, clutched in her fist. White then reaches towards Steven with a deranged grin, as he struggles in vain to escape.)
White Diamond Now, Starlight... This has gone on long enough.
(White pulls back Steven's shirt to expose his gem, and pinches on it with two fingernails.)
White Diamond It's time to come out... Pink.
(White Diamond begins tugging at Steven's gem, causing him to tear up in pain.)
Connie Noooooo!!!!
(Connie watches on in morbid horror as White yanks Steven's gem away from his belly, causing him to black out.)
[Commercial Interlude; End of Part 3]
(Everything is dark. A loud ringing in the ear is heard, along with a deep heartbeat-like thudding. Connie can also be heard, crying out distantly for Steven.)
Connie Steven. Steven, please. *sobbing* Steven, wake up. Look at me! Please.
(Steven opens his eyes, revealing only one half of the screen, being presented in his perspective.)
Connie Steven? Steven!
Steven ...What?
(Steven's hand is shivering as he pulls his shirt up, revealing that his gem is now gone.)
Steven No. Where? Where- Where's my...?
(Steven and Connie look up to see White holding his gem on her fingertips. The gem begins to take form in the air, as the other half of the screen lights up in its perspective. The gem cycles through its previous forms as Pink Diamond, and Rose Quartz, until it finally sticks with... Steven, entirely in shades of pink. Everyone looks on in surprise as Gem Steven slowly descends onto the ground. It then slowly turns its head, and the eyes of the two Stevens meet.)
(The screen perspective return back to normal, as everyone looks on in silence at the two Stevens staring at each other. Steven begin to attempt to walk towards Gem Steven, but keels over to the ground in his deathly ill state without his gem.)
Connie Steven!
(Upon hearing Steven's name, Gem Steven comes to attention.)
Steven No.. *sobbing* Please.. I... I need... I need it....
White Diamond What is this? Where is Pink?
(Gem Steven has a completely blank expression.)
Gem Steven She's gone.
White Diamond What did you say? Answer me!
(Gem Steven turns towards White with a blank empty stare. The episode begins to turn into volume warning.)
Gem Steven She's GOOONNNE!!!!!
(The shockwaves from Gem Steven's scream shakes the entire room with an unprecedented force, leaving a crater underneath it and a series of cracks up to the steps where White Diamond is standing, causing everyone to stumble. The episode turns back into normal volume. Gem Steven then turns its head back to Steven and Connie, who are grasping their heads in agony. Gem Steven begins to slowly walks over to Steven, walking above the crater where the floor previously was.)
White Diamond Where do you think you're going?!
Steven *gasping and reaching out desperately* Help....
Connie Steven! Hold on!
(Connie scoops Steven up and slowly brings him closer to Gem Steven.)
White Diamond Don't you dare take one more step!
(Gem Steven, ignoring White, continues walking forth.)
White Diamond That's enough!
(White Diamond instantly fires her mind beam from her eyes at Gem Steven. Somehow, the gem manages to reflect White's attack in time with a strange, polygonal pink shield.)
White Diamond Ahh, you little...!
(Taken aback slightly, White attacks again, only for Gem Steven to reflect it once more.)
White Diamond Aghh! Don't you raise your shield at me!
(In her frustration, White begins manipulating all the Gems under her control, and all their eyes begin to glow.)
White Diamond I only want you to be yourself! If you can't do that, I'll do it! For! You!
(White and the possessed Gems then all blast at Gem Steven simultaneously from all angles. Surrounding itself in a pink polygonal shield, Gem Steven deflects all of the attacks and bursts its shield, causing a shockwave that knocks everyone back and collapsing onto the ground.)
Steven *crying* No... Stop... You're hurting them....!
(With White knocked out, Connie and Gem Steven continue their advance towards each other, until they reach each other.)
Connie Here.
(Connie cautiously hands the weakened Steven to Gem Steven's arms. Reunited with his gem, Steven breaks into tears and hugs Gem Steven, laughing heartily. Gem Steven then smiles widely and laughs along, the first sign of any emotion, and the two begin twirling each other around in a joyful dance.)
White Diamond What are you doing? Pink! Why are you laughing?
(Steven and Gem Steven continue to cheer and dance joyfully, even as White stares from a prone position, her face mere feet away from where they stand. The two Stevens begin to glow as they fuse back together, becoming whole again.)
Connie Steven!
(A ecstatic Connie rushes up to Steven to embrace him.)
Connie Are you back together? Are you you?
Steven Yeah, yeah! I'm me! I've always been me...!
(Furious, White Diamond begins yelling in anger and pounding her fists on the floor.)
White Diamond No! You are Pink Diamond! That is Pink Diamond's gem! (Steven and Connie laugh as they bounce on the floor from White's pounding tantrum.) You do not look like this! You do not sound like this! You are not half human! You're just...! A-Acting like a child!!!
Steven ...I am a child. What's your excuse?
(Connie bursts out laughing. White Diamond, mortified by Steven's remark, bursts out into a bright pink blush. The pink blush spreads to all the Gems that she controls, even including the face of the Diamond Mech, turning the entire room into a pinkish hue.)
White Diamond What's happening? What is this? What's wrong with them? They're turning... pink! I don't understand... I'm in control, I... *gasps* Something's wrong... with me! No!
(As White struggles with this newfound emotion, she ceases all control over the Gems in the room. The Gems all regain their colors and collapse onto the floor.)
Steven & Connie Guys!
Garnet Steven...
(Steven and Connie run over to hug Garnet and Pearl, as they get up in confusion, as to what transpired while they were under White's control.)
Pearl Are you okay?!
Amethyst Ughh... what happened?
Connie I think Steven got through to her.
(Just then, Bismuth, Peridot and Lapis slide into the room, in anticipation for a fight.)
Bismuth Listen up, you nail-head! The Crystal Gems are here to- huh?
(The trio encounter the scene in confusion, but quickly let their guards down after realizing the conflict is over.)
Peridot Steven! *runs over*
Bismuth Are you okay? Are you hurt? Oh, look at White. She's shakin' like a piece of chalk!
(As the Crystal Gems joyfully reunite, Steven looks over at Pink Pearl, now free from White's control, as she rubs her cracked eye.)
Pink Pearl Wh-What happened...? Where am I?
Steven Welcome back. *places his hand on Pink Pearl's shoulder*
White Diamond What is this?! I feel... ridiculous... Yellow...! Blue...!
(White reaches out in desperation, still with a flushed face, only for Blue and Yellow to gasp and avert their eyes in disgust.)
Yellow Diamond She's off-color.
(Steven approaches White Diamond as she tries to reason with herself.)
White Diamond This can't be happening! I can't have a flaw! I'm supposed to be flawless! If I'm not perfect, then... who am I?! If you're not Pink, then... who are you?! Who- Who is anyone?!
Steven Ya know, if you just let everyone be whoever they are, maybe you could let yourself be whoever you are, too.
White Diamond But I'm not supposed to be like this! I'm supposed to know better! I'm supposed to be better! I'm supposed to make everything better!
Steven You can! But first, you're going to have to leave your own head.
(White Diamond looks at Steven in consideration. Meanwhile, outside the still-blushing Diamond Mech, a Gem Warship and several Roaming Eyes approach to investigate the abnormal and chaotic scene.)
[Trans. Int. Beach City]
(Back on Earth, Sadie Killer and the Suspects are performing their version of "Let Me Drive My Van (into Your Heart)" on the Beach City Stage, while various Beach City citizens watch and cheer on, and Greg watches proudly in the audience.)
Sadie -Well, baby, that's okay. ♪ I'll drive us into outer space! ♪ Where we can't hear what people say. ♪ I know I don't have a plan, ♪ I'm working on that part. ♪ At least I've got a van, ♪ So let me drive my van into your heart! ♪ Let me drive my van into your heart! ♪ Let me drive my van into your heart! ♪ Let me drive my van into your heart! ♪ Let me drive my van into your heart!~
(As Sadie concludes the song, the Diamond Mech suddenly lands above the stage. Everyone cheers, thinking it is part of the concert. Sadie looks up and drops her microphone in shock. The Mech begins to bend down and lowers the Diamonds and the Crystal Gems onto the beach with its left hand.)
Greg Steven!
Steven Dad!
(Steven runs up to Greg and tackles him down, knocking him a good distance backwards as the two laugh joyfully.)
Greg Welcome home! Huh?
(Just then, the Sun Incinerator also arrives and lands on the beach. Lars and the Off Colors stay by the ship door as it opens up.)
Padparadscha I predict our long journey through space will soon be over.
Lars Welcome home, guys.
Rhodonite We finally made it! Earth! No more running, no more hiding! No more Diamond Authority!
(Lars and the Off-Colors look up and spot the Diamonds staying before them, who have heard everything Rhodonite said.)
Rhodonite Welp... We're cracked.
Steven Wait, wait! It's okay! I know what you're thinking, but they're here to help! Off Colors, meet the Diamonds. Diamonds, meet the Off Colors!
White Diamond *awkwardly and reluctantly* Hello.
Padparadscha Aah! It's the Diamonds!
(Lars trips over at Padparadscha's late prediction, and the Diamonds gasp in shock.)
Lars Padparadscha, it's okay!
Steven Hey, Lars, remember Lion?
(Lion approaches Steven, and he and Lars exchange looks.)
Lars Hey there, buddy.
(Lars pets Lion, and Lion nuzzles him in a sign of affection.)
Lars Whoa! *chuckles*
Sadie Lars? It's really you!
Lars Sadie?! *rushes towards Sadie*
Rhodonite There she is! It's her!
Padparadscha We're about to see Sadie, in person!
Lars *approaches Sadie* Hey.
Padparadscha *gasps* Lars isn't going to know what to say!
Rhodonite Shh! Give 'em a moment!
Sadie Lars... Look at you! You're- You're a space pirate!
Lars Look at you! You're a rock star!
Sadie *giggles* Well...
(Lars and Sadie laugh together in joy.)
Lars I think it suits us!
Sadie Yeah. Me, too!
(Just then, Sadie's audience begins chanting "One more song".)
Sadie Ah! Oh, I gotta back on stage!
Lars Oh, no, ah! I totally crashed your show!
Sadie Haha, you wish! That honor goes to Steven.
(Steven and the Off Colors are seen petting Lion.)
Steven Sorry, Sadie! I'll make it up to you!
Sadie Hey, that's not a bad idea! *returns back onstage* Hey, Beach City, we're not done yet! I'd like to welcome my friend and yours to the stage: Steven Universe!
(Steven runs onstage as everyone cheers loudly.)
Steven Thanks, Sadie!
(Steven takes the microphone from Sadie, as he and the Cool Kids begin to perform a variation of "We Are The Crystal Gems".)
Steven We! Are the Crystal Gems! ♪ We'll always save the day!
(The Crystal Gems and the Off-Colors begin catching up with the Beach City citizens, while the Diamonds awkwardly watch on.)
Steven (Voiceover) And if you think we can't, ♪ We'll always find a way! ♪ That's why the people of this world believe in, ♪ Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and-
(Steven brings the Diamonds to the Ancient Gem Colony Ship and shows White Diamond the corrupted Nephrites. Steven and the Diamonds then make their way to Rose's Fountain, where they devise a plan to heal the corrupted Gems.)
(During the song interlude, Steven and the Crystal Gems begin gathering all the bubbled Gems in The Burning Room and bringing them to Rose's fountain. Once the place is flooded in healing water, Steven dives into the water, while the Crystal Gems submerge the bubbled Gems into the water. Yellow and Blue Diamond eagerly steps into the water, while White reluctantly steps in as well.)
Steven (v.o.) If you're staring with your giant eyes, ♪ You can see that there's more of us than four of us. ♪ And each one of our new friends completes us, ♪ We'll get together and go out for pizzas
(Steven swims up to the Diamonds and smiles at them. Shortly, but surely, the corrupted Gems, one by one, are healed and reverted back to their original selves, though with a few monster features.)
Steven (v.o.) Cause we believe, in peace and love. ♪ We are here for fun~
(The corrupted Nephrite dives into the pool and is finally healed back to her normal form, surrounded by her crew. Steven swims up to Nephrite, who is ecstatic to see him, when Watermelon Tourmaline pops up beside them. Biggs Jasper also pops up on the water surface, and a joyous Bismuth tackles her down.)
Steven (v.o.) If you're not, then, let's not fight, cause, ♪ We, already won!~
(Pearl lets the corrupted Heaven Beetle and Earth Beetle out of their terrarium into the pool, and they revert back to normal too. The two kiss each other, when Ocean Jasper pops up underneath, carrying them on her head. Pearl and Garnet, overjoyed with tears, hug each other in triumph.)
(As another interlude plays, Jasper, now uncorrupted, bursts out of the water and glares at Steven. She summons her crash helmet and begins swimming towards Steven, only to realize the presence of the other Gems and the Diamonds. Amethyst then swims up to Jasper to comfort her as a sister, and Jasper sullenly sinks into the water.)
(Towards the conclusion of the song, the healed Crystal Gems reunite with one another, while the Diamonds converse each other, bonding closely like they used to do. White Diamond looks down at Steven and smiles in relief. Towards the end, the Diamonds, detaching Pink's leg ship from the Diamond Mech, bid Steven farewell and return back to Homeworld in their Diamond ships, as Steven waves goodbye.)
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Temple, Night-time]
(In the aftermath of everything, Pink's leg ship is seen sitting on the Lighthouse hill, while the Crystal Gems are hanging around Greg's Van on the beach. Steven is seen strumming his ukulele on the shore, when Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl approach him.)
Pearl Room for three more?
Steven Always.
Amethyst Whatcha playing?
Steven I had an idea. Well, a song idea- but, also an idea idea.
Garnet Let's hear it.
Amethyst Yeah!
Pearl Yes, please!
(Steven smiles and begins to sing "Change Your Mind".)
Steven I don’t need you to respect me, I respect me. ♪ I don’t need you to love me, I love me. ♪ But I want you to know you could know me, ♪ If you change your mi-i-i-i-i-i-ind, ♪ If you change your mi-i-i-i-i-i-ind, ♪ If you change your mi-i-i-i-i-i-ind, ♪ Change your mi-i-i-i-i-i-ind~
(Steven, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl smile and gaze up to the sky, as a shooting star flies by.)

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