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I am a child. What's your excuse?

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"Change Your Mind" is a 44-minute special episode.[2] It takes up the production slots of the 29th through 32nd episodes of the fifth season of Steven Universe, and the 157th through 160th episodes overall. It is the final episode of the fifth season as well as the series finale of the original TV series, as well as a sub-event of the Diamond Days event, advertised as Battle of Heart and Mind.

Official Synopsis

Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.[3]


Part 1

Change Your Mind 028.png

The episode begins with Steven waking up, realizing that he's still in the Prison Tower. Blue Diamond opens the Prison Tower's door and enters, immediately scolding Steven. As he tries to explain what happened while frantically searching for Connie, Blue continues to berate him on why he shouldn't have brought organic life back from the Kyanite Colony. Confused, Steven realizes that it was another one of Pink Diamond's memories. Blue tells him that his little pets are chasing Pearls down the halls and reprimands him for letting them loose in the Ballroom. She gets startled that the alien caterpillar was on her neck, tells him to get rid of it, and reminds him that White is very unhappy with him and if he keeps misbehaving, she will take away his Pearl. Steven's form then switches to Pink Diamond's original form where she tears up and apologizes. When suddenly, he begins to have surreal visions, one being a disgusted Yellow and Blue Diamond looking down at him as the other Crystal Gems are poofed. White, Yellow, and Blue Diamond raise their hands to perform the Corrupting Light attack. Terrified, Steven raises his hands in desperation before seeing his hands phasing into different forms. Steven constantly flashes from Rose Quartz to Pink Diamond over and over as he clenches his hair and screams while his form is switching faster. Before the attack fully commences, White's eyes open.

Steven wakes up from his nightmare to see that Connie is present. Blue Diamond comes into the Prison Tower, upset that "Pink" won't, once again, act as a Diamond should. Steven notices the pattern from his mother's memories in his dream, while Connie tries to convince Blue that they didn't mean any harm, trying to take the blame by asking Steven to dance and that he wasn't trying to cause trouble. Blue dismisses her and informs them that they're not leaving the Tower until they apologize for fusing at the Era 3 ball. But Steven refuses and tries to convince her that what she's doing to him and the Crystal Gems isn't right, only for Blue to attack Steven in anger. Then he calls her out on it, asking Blue how many times she did this to Pink and made her cry. In response, Blue Diamond has an epiphany and realizes her and Yellow Diamond's behavior towards Pink

Change Your Mind 138.png

in the past had caused her to feel miserable and misunderstood, admitting that Pink was right to betray the Authority. She adds that she always thought that Pink was failing Homeworld, but since she finally understands if Pink was happier on Earth than here, it was the other way around. With her change of heart, Blue helps Steven and Connie find the other Crystal Gems.

But before that, she takes Steven and Connie to Pink's old room first where they eat snacks and change their clothes back and say goodbye to the Pebbles. Blue then takes them to Yellow Diamond's Bubble Chamber. They confront Yellow Diamond and Steven demands Yellow to let the Crystal Gems go. Yellow

Change Your Mind 275.png

Diamond ignores him and tells Blue to take Steven and Connie back to the Prison Tower, but Blue refuses and the two Diamonds begin fighting. Steven gets them to stop (right before Blue Diamond is poofed) and points out to Yellow that building an empire based on perfection just destroys everything she loved. Realizing that he's correct, Yellow collapses to her knees and becomes remorseful for everything she's done. The united Diamonds then make up before they head for Pink Diamond's Ship. When they arrive in front of the Pink Diamond's ship, Yellow tells Steven and Connie with the Crystal Gems to get inside. But before the two kids can enter, White Pearl appears to corner them, stating that no one is leaving Homeworld. She takes control of White Diamond's Ship and docks it with Pink Diamond's Ship.

Part 2

Change Your Mind 308.png

As the Diamond Mecha rises, Steven, Connie, and the Diamonds begin to panic about infuriating White Diamond. As the Mecha stands above them, two sparks of light glimmer in the sky. They are revealed to be Blue and Yellow's ships as they begin to fight the Mecha. Yellow's ship uppercuts the Mecha, sending it flying into an array of buildings. The ships land to reveal Bismuth, and a new Peridot, and Lapis in Crystal Gem uniforms. Together, they manage to connect Yellow and Blue's ships to White and Pink's ships. They then all get on the arms to try and talk to White Diamond. However, White instead shoots white light from the eyes of her mech, striking Blue and Yellow Diamond's gems. The two lose their own color and turn white and motionless - as they are now controlled by White Diamond. In the process, the mech's arms grow slack. Lapis and Peridot fly while carrying Bismuth and Connie. Steven slides and grabs Connie’s hand, accidentally dropping the Crystal Gems.

Change Your Mind 448.png

Steven chases after them and fuses with Amethyst's gemstone, jump-starting her regeneration as they create a new Smoky Quartz. Realizing that he can use fusion to wake them up, Steven fuses with Pearl's gem to create Rainbow Quartz 2.0. Eventually, all of the Gems land safely on the road of Homeworld's city. Steven fuses with Ruby and Sapphire, while the rest of the Crystal Gems looking onward in surprise. Suddenly, the Diamond mech stomps on the Crystal Gems.

Part 3

Change Your Mind 499.png

It is revealed that no one was injured and that the new fusion between Steven and Garnet, Sunstone, is holding the foot up. They're able to push it off before unfusing. Sunstone claims that victory will involve getting inside White Diamond's ship and changing her mind. She makes it up a short distance with Pearl and Amethyst in hand before being knocked off by the Diamond Mech. Sunstone unfuses to reveal Garnet, who says that they need to "be bigger".  With the Crystal Gems ready to fight, Steven states the only way to win is for all of them to fuse and form Obsidian. Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, and Steven all dance and form Obsidian, before starting their climb up the Diamond Mech. Bismuth, Connie, Lapis, and Peridot distract the Mech to keep it from attacking Obsidian, slicing it with weapons and barraging it with insults. Unfortunately, Lapis and Bismuth are swatted at by the Diamond Mech, with Lapis landing on a nearby tower and Bismuth landing back on Homeworld's streets. Peridot and Connie are also attacked, with Peridot being swatted into a courtyard and Connie landing in Obsidian's hand. As the Diamond Mech turns its attention to Obsidian, she forms her Greatsword and slices off the Mech's arms. Obsidian stabs her Greatsword into the Mech's chest before jumping onto its face, howling into its eyes. The Mech loses balance and rams its face into a nearby tower. With Obsidian poofed, the main Crystal Gems spot an opening through the Mech's pupil. They make it safely inside through the eye,  only to see White Diamond as well as Blue and Yellow all in the same standing pose. White points out how Yellow's strong loyalty to the Gem Empire is weak when Blue is involved, and

Change Your Mind 637.png

Blue can't focus on anything while her grief consumes her. Amethyst asks Steven what White's introspective rant means.  White sarcastically remarks that "Pink's" new friends are so funny and uses her light to take over Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl's minds by surprise, arguing that she is making things perfect. Steven begs White that his friends don't need to be fixed as they're fine the way they are, flaws and all. White argues that "Pink" brings out the worst in everyone and surrounds herself with inferior Gems so she can be "the best of the worst", and Steven thinks that she's still talking about his mother but not talking about him, but White laughs it off and mockingly saying "Your mom?". Connie makes it into the mech and is forced to fight Pearl. Ultimately, Connie is restrained by the controlled gems. White further argues that "Pink" isn't gone, that "Steven" is a new form just like "Rose", and that Pink Diamond merely got so good at lying, she managed to lie to herself. White then theorizes that Steven couldn't have any of Pink's memories if he wasn't Pink; Steven felt surprised that White questioned him on things about Pink that he couldn't possibly know. Then he remembers about his mother being

White Removing Steven's Gem.gif

 a connection with Pink, and that his powers help him connect with others. Steven tells White that he's not Pink but just feeling her feelings. However, White believes Pink is in there and says "stop cowering inside your Gem. You can hide from yourself, but you can't hide from me, Pink." Connie tells Steven to not listen to White because she's trying to mess with him, but White picks up Steven and proceeds to pull out his Gem, Connie shouts "Nooooo!" as his gemstone is completely pulled out of his body.

Part 4

Change Your Mind 752.png

Steven regains consciousness as he hears Connie call out for him, he wakes up and looks down at his bellybutton to see that his gemstone has been ripped out of his body, leaving him human. Above White Diamond's hand, Steven's gemstone floats into the air. The gemstone radiates pink light which shapes itself into Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz, pauses, then forms a Pink Steven. Human Steven takes a couple of steps towards Pink Steven, but then he falls because he is extremely pale, weak, and in pain. Shocked by his appearance, White Diamond asks the Pink Steven where Pink Diamond is, then Pink Steven answers quietly that Pink's gone, then White demands him to answer louder, prompting him to furiously scream "She's GOOOOONE!!!!!!!!" with such force it blasts a crater into the floor and cracks the platform and nearly blows White Diamond off of her feet. Pink Steven, his face devoid of any emotion, begins walking towards the incapacitated and possibly dying Human Steven to rejoin his other half. Connie picks up Human Steven and begins walking towards Pink Steven. White tries to interfere by blasting Pink Steven with her mind control ray, but Pink Steven uses a shield - which is faceted and without the rose and thorn design that Steven's usually has - to block it. White Diamond attempts multiple times to control Pink Steven but each attempt fails. Even when White uses all the gems under her control to also blast the Pink Steven with her Light, he merely shields itself, then 'pops' the shield, throwing every

Steven Reunited 3.gif

one off balance and causing Human Steven to beg him to stop, he's hurting them. Connie and Pink Steven continue walking and Connie gives Human Steven to his Gem half. The two begin to laugh, White asked "Pink" what she's doing and why she's laughing, and Connie surprised that these two begin to dance before recombining and fusing into normal Steven. She was so happy and asked he's back together and "Are you you?", and he answered yes he's me.

Furious, White Diamond yells in anger "No!" when she thinks that it's not fair, pounding her fists on the floor making Steven and Connie bounce, complaining that she's Pink Diamond, that is her gem, that she doesn't look like this, doesn't sound like this, is not half-human and accuses "Pink" of acting like a child. Steven claims he is a child and asks White Diamond what her excuse is. This causes White to blush in shock and embarrassment along with all of the other mind-controlled Gems and even her ship, and the mind control on the Crystal Gems, Blue and Yellow Diamond, and White Pearl is lost as White realizes she's showing a flaw. Steven reunites with the r

Change Your Mind 832.png

est of the Crystal Gems (with a sudden appearance from Lapis, Peridot, and Bismuth coming in as backup), and comforts the now Pink Pearl, who is confused about where she is. White Diamond goes through an existential crisis, wondering why beings with flaws should even exist. She turns to Yellow and Blue Diamond in desperation, who recoil from her in fear and disgust, calling White "off-color" due to her pink blush. Steven comforts White as well, telling her she can still fix things and live a better, happier life - if she would "leave her own head".

Back on Earth, Sadie Killer and the Suspects sing a Ska version of Greg's "Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart" to everyone in Beach City. As they're applauded, the full Diamond Mech lands directly in front of the stage, surprising many of the guests. The Crystal Gems, along with the Diamonds, exit the ship as well as the Sun Incinerator landing shortly after. Lars and the Off Colors depart to meet the Diamonds and reunite with Steven, Lion, and a very worried Sadie. With the fighting between the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds stopped, they set out to find a cure to Corruption. So Steven, Yellow and Blue Diamond took White to the old ship where the corrupted Nephrites were. When White peeks it, the Nephrites are excited that White has arrived. Nephrite came out of the door causing White that she didn't know that the Gems were corrupted instead of obliterated. Steven took the Diamonds and the Nephrites to his mother's garden where her fountain is and watched the water flowing and filling up near the entrance.

The Crystal Gems getting the bubbled Corrupted Gems from the Burning Room in the Temple and throw them into the water while Steven jumped in, and the Diamonds sit in the water of Rose's/Pink Diamond's Fountain. The powers provided by all four Diamonds restores the Gems' forms and minds. The newly healed Gems begin to converse and play, all showing some remnant of their corrupted forms, but otherwise unharmed. A now healed Jasper attempts to attack Steven before realizing that the Diamonds are present and watching. Amethyst swims over, comforts her and explains what is going on, causing Jasper to sullenly sink into the water.

Change Your Mind 1016.png

The other Diamonds bid farewell to the Crystal Gems before the top half of the Diamond Mech separates and warps back to Homeworld. Steven sits on the beach playing a song on his ukulele when the other Crystal Gems ask if they can join him. They take a seat next to him (similar to their poses in the show's second intro) and enjoy each other's company as a shooting star streaks overhead in the night sky.



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4





Instrumental Songs


  • This is the first 44-minute episode in the series.
    • While the Wanted event consisted of four 11-minute episodes aired on the same day, the episodes in Wanted are considered four separate episodes.
  • This is the final episode of the Diamond Days arc, Season 5 as a whole, and the series finale of the original Tv series.
  • This episode was referred to in official Cartoon Network marketing material as "Battle of Heart and Mind".
  • Although healed, some of the corrupted Gems still have features from their corrupted forms, such as the Quartz Gems still retaining their horns.
  • White Diamond calls Yellow Diamond "impure" because she absorbs all the blue, leaving yellow. This is similar to the absorption of light in the real world. Similarly, Blue Diamond absorbs every color except blue. White Diamond is "perfect" because white is the combination of every color of the spectrum; Blue, Yellow, and Pink are, therefore "parts" of her. However, Pink is not any particular frequency of light, but instead is a mixture of red and violet.[4]
  • The 30-second shot of Steven reuniting with his gem from Connie backing away to right after Steven has been made whole again was guest-animated by James Baxter, an independent animator who has worked on films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Prince of Egypt and The Road to El Dorado, hence the lively animation of the heartwarming shot. To Cartoon Network viewers, Baxter is perhaps best known for his guest animation/voice role of the fluidly animated James Baxter the Horse on Adventure Time.
    • Baxter later posted his original pencil test of the sequence (prior to completed animation by Kendra Baxter) on YouTube after the episode aired.[5]
    • The final line and color of the scene were applied to the animation studio of the series, Sunmin Image Pictures.[6]
    • It was revealed on the Steven Universe Podcast, that Baxter wanted to owe a favor for Rebecca. In return, Baxter created this 30-second shot. 
  • This episode seems to mark the end of all hostilities between the Crystal Gems and the Diamonds.
  • The concept of Steven being separated from his gem, and the reunifying fusion of his physical body and gem, was originally going to happen in "Giant Woman," before the Crewniverse came to the conclusion that it would be too soon for that to happen.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Blue Diamond mentions the kyanite colony, the place where some of Pink Diamond's pets originated from. Kyanite itself is a blue mineral found in, among other things, quartz veins. 
  • The episode ended with a teaser of Steven Universe: The Movie, including the release date.[7]
  • When Steven is singing "We Are the Crystal Gems", Ronaldo appears to be criticizing Lars' new space outfit.
  • The argument with White Diamond and Pink Steven became an online meme.I
    • Especially when Pink Steven says "She's gone!"
  •  Steven's gem pulled out of him reappears in Steven Universe FUTURE episode "Homeworld Bound".

Cultural References

  • Peridot and Garnet both have star-shaped visors in their new forms, similar to the ones worn by Kamina and Simon in the sci-fi mecha anime by Gainax, Gurren Lagann.
    • These visors also reference the sunglasses worn by Teddy from Mother (known in the United States as EarthBound Beginnings).
  • The way Rainbow Quartz 2.0 uses their umbrella, coupled with their British accent and attitude, is a clear reference to the 1960s Disney movie Mary Poppins.
  • Sunstone is a reference to PSA cartoons from the early 90s.
  • The way Pink Diamond's Ship crushes the Crystal Gems is reminiscent of the giant foot that appears at the end of the intro to Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • When Blue Diamond meets Yellow Diamond while helping Steven to save Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, Yellow Diamond's pose while sitting down is similar to Gendo Ikari's iconic pose from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • All the Diamonds' ships can attach and detach similarity from Star Trek that two types of Federation starships the Prometheus-class and Galaxy-class have saucer separation to detach the saucer section from the stardrive section for an emergency and reattach when it's clear.


  • This episode continues from the events of "Escapism".
  • Sadie's line "Lars? It's really you!" could be a reference to Peridot's line to Lapis in "Reunited".
  • White Diamond's understanding of Steven's nature is similar to Pearl's in "Three Gems and a Baby". Wherein they both believe that removing his gem will allow Pink Diamond to reform.
  • Pearl's new jacket is a reference to her outfit from "Last One Out of Beach City".
  • Steven tells the Diamonds that his dad says "if every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs", which is something Greg told him in "Laser Light Cannon".
  • Connie brings up the conversation she had with her mom in "Nightmare Hospital".
  • Pearl's line "Room for three more?" and Steven's reply "Always", are a reference to a closely similar exchange they had in "Gemcation".
  • This episode reveals what would happen to Steven if his gem were removed from his body, a question he briefly ponders while being chased by Eyeball in "Bubbled".
    • Pearl also tried removing Steven's gem in "Three Gems and a Baby", but could not bring herself to. This is similar to White's actions, except White actually did remove Steven's gem.
  • Sunstone stopping Pink's ship from crushing the Gems is a callback to "Arcade Mania" when Amethyst's made-up mission for Steven was Garnet asking him to help her stop "the giant foot".
  • Yellow Diamond says the phrase "We need to talk", referencing the title of a Season 2 episode.
  • The Crystal Gems landing on the ground (with Steven landing gracefully) parallels the Crystal Gems landing on the ground (with Steven hitting the ground face-first) in "Serious Steven".
  • Steven saying "I am a child; what's your excuse?" is a reference to Steven saying "I can't help it; what's your excuse?!" in the Pilot.
  • Steven saying "Be whoever you are" to White Diamond is a repetition of the themes from "Be Wherever You Are" from "Island Adventure".
  • Sunstone saying "Bungacowa!" was a callback to the episode "Chille Tid" and "Crack the Whip", in which Amethyst says the same thing.
  • Amethyst complements Pearl's new form, similar to how the latter compliments Amethyst's new form in "Reformed".


  • When Steven sees the Gems poofed in his dream, Garnet's gems both stay red rather than one of them (Sapphire) becoming blue.
  • When Blue Diamond fires her energy projection at Steven, her gem is missing.
  • When Steven gets the Gems gemstones Ruby's stays the same deep red of Garnet's gems instead of turning back to bright red.
  • During the scene where White's ship is flying over to Pink's ship, Yellow's sclerae are colored yellow.
  • When Yellow and Blue are staring up at their arm ships flying in, Blue's tongue is the same color as the background.
  • When Yellow tells Steven to take one of their ships to go home, Amethyst's gemstone is the same color as Sapphire's.
  • When Yellow is talking to White about her feelings and when White blasts Blue and Yellow, White's ship has diamond-shaped pupils when they are round throughout most of the episode.
  • When Smoky Quartz spots Pearl's gem and exclaims "Pearl!", their lips continue moving despite Smoky not saying anything.
  • When Smoky Quartz is about to unfuse, Amethyst's gem on Smoky Quartz's chest is colored as its normal purple.
  • When Smoky Quartz unfuses Amethyst splits with the naval gem while Steven splits with the chest gem instead of the other way around.
  • Ruby and Sapphire's gems on Sunstone are missing in a few shots.
  • During the scene where White was talking about Blue and Yellow's imperfections, Blue's gem is triangle-shaped.
  • When Pink Steven forms, Blue Diamond is on White's right (left from Steven's perspective), but in the previous shots, and all the following shots, Yellow Diamond is there instead. 
  • When Pink Steven is walking towards Human Steven, just before the scene transitions, Pink Steven's arm is colored incorrectly.
  • During the scene where Human Steven and Pink Steven fuse, the white glow of White Diamond's nails are missing.
  • When the Diamond Ships land on Earth, one duplicate of Barbara Miller, one duplicate of Dante Barriga, and two duplicates of Connie can be seen in the crowd.
    • Also, during this scene where Blue Diamond's arm drops down, the crowd is frozen still cheering for Sadie's show. 
  • When the Diamond Ships land on Earth, Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot aren't seen with the rest of the Crystal Gems.
  • When the Sun Incinerator lands on Earth, the foot of the leg ship goes on the back instead of the front.
  • As the Diamonds approach Rose's Fountain, Blue is carrying Steven with both hands. In the next shot, her left hand is yellow.
  • When the Crystal Gems near the water, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli aren't seen.
  • Biggs Jasper is shown to have a round polished gemstone rather than the hexagonal cut she is supposed to have.
  • When Jasper emerges from the water upon being healed, her left hand is missing the teal spots that are later seen in the next few shots.
  • The credits of this episode misspell "Pink Pearl" as "Pink Peral".
  • The episode was not featured in the credits after its television premiere, instead, the credits of "We Need to Talk" was displayed.
    • It can be assumed that the original credits were deleted or misplaced. Therefore, the credits of another episode were used to replace it instead.
  • When the Diamonds leave the Earth, the Diamond Mech is out of scale, being much smaller than it should be.
  • When Steven holds Ruby and Sapphire's gemstones before fusing, on his point of view, Ruby's gemstone is on the left (right from our point of view) and Sapphire's on the right (left on our point of view) however when the view shifts to our point of view, the gemstones location switched.


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