Yeah. So, uh... can you sign off on my class schedule?

—"Little Homeschool"
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Cherry Quartz[1] is a Quartz Gem living on Earth. A formerly corrupted Gem, she was healed with the help of Steven Universe. She debuted in "Little Homeschool". After being introduced to life once more, she decided to stay on Earth, living in Little Homeworld. She has been seen working at Beach City Funland, along with some other Uncorrupted Quartzes.


Cherry Quartz is tall and broad-shouldered, like most other Quartzes. Her complexion is pink with salmon red and peach blotches, and (after being uncorrupted) she has three horns on her head; two where her ears would be, and one at the very top of her scalp. Her fluffy hair is pink-white and is in a ponytail, with her bangs covering one of her eyes. Her gemstone is located on her navel.

Her clothing consists of a rose top with burgundy details and shoulder pads, as well as rose shorts and white ankle boots.


Cherry Quartz's personality was somewhat influenced by the teachings of Homeworld. Although she seemed aggressive at first, after fully understanding what was going on, Cherry turned out to be kind and eager to join Little Homeschool.


Around 4,500 Years Ago

Cherry Quartz was presumably a Homeworld Gem (inferred from her continuing to practice social norms established by Homeworld's Caste System). At the end of The Rebellion, Cherry Quartz was unable to escape the Corrupting Light and became corrupted.

"Little Homeschool"

Steven uses the Diamond Aura Bottles and his healing spit in his bathroom to heal her. She is confused and immediately questions where she is and what happened to her. He explains that she was corrupted in a Diamond blast and proceeds to drive her to Little Homeworld and show her around. At the end of the episode, she asks Steven to sign off on her class schedule.


She can be seen in Beach City Funland managing the line for The Appalachian.

"Little Graduation"

She is seen after the graduation watching other gems put up a banner welcoming new gems into Little Homeworld.

"Together Forever"

She is one of the students attending Sapphire's lesson, and applauds Steven when he reveals that he will propose to Connie.

"Homeworld Bound"

She is briefly seen riding a cloud in Blue Diamond's room.

"Everything's Fine"

She is seen in Peridot's class as a student.


Cherry Quartz possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, and superhuman strength/durability.

Episode Appearances


Steven Universe

Steven Universe was the first person Cherry Quartz met upon being healed. She was at first shocked at what was happening and where she was so Steven filled her in on things while driving her to Little Homeschool. He showed her the sights and classes there was to offer before presumably stopping to "learn" about Amethyst's class while she went to go have lunch with Steven. At the end of "Little Homeschool", she seemed to warm up to Steven as when she smiled while asking for him to sign off on her class schedule, which he does.


  • Cherry Quartz is the only corrupted Quartz to have a nose and eyes shown all the time.
    • This was likely done to make her more emotive.
  • Before the premiere of Steven Universe Future, Cherry Quartz's name was first confirmed by Steven Universe Future storyboarder Drew Green on Twitter.[1]
  • Cherry Quartz in real life is thought to be a stone that can heal trauma from the past, referencing her being healed from her traumatic corruption.


Image Description
Cherry Quartz's gemstone is located on her navel, featuring a hexagonal facet with blotches. The aforementioned spot patterns obscure the visibility of the top facet, rendering the facet pattern impossible to distinguish.


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