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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Amethyst and Pearl are sitting in a life raft in the middle of the ocean, wearing life jackets. Amethyst is holding Steven, also wearing a life jacket, by the ankles under the water]
Pearl *looking over the edge of the life raft, visible bags under her eyes* Guh! This isn't getting us anywhere.
Amethyst *sleepily* What's the matter, Pierogi? You tired?
Pearl *annoyed* I don't get tired, I get results.
(Steven is looking from side to side underwater. He begins to gargle and reaches for his neck as he begins to run out of air. Wiggling his legs, he attempts to signal to Amethyst that he needs to be pulled up.)
Amethyst *speaking slowly with visible bags under her eyes* Was the sign for "pull me up" one wiggle or two?
Pearl Amethyst, stay focused!
Amethyst (She lets go of Steven's legs in order to shrug at Pearl's response.)
Pearl *searching the water using her gem as a flashlight* For all we know, Lapis and Jasper's fusion could be right under our noses! *gasps as something appears beneath the surface*
(Steven floats to the surface of the water with the aid of his life jacket. He gasps for air and spits out a fish, then grabs it midair.)
Steven This is why we wear life jackets.
Pearl Ah! Are—are you alright?!
Garnet *emerges from the water, picking up Steven and climbing into the life raft* *sighs* Nothing. *tosses Steven on the floor of the raft*
Steven (He flops around in the raft with his eyes out of focus, imitating a fish out of water.)
Pearl Ugh, it feels like we've been searching for light years!
Amethyst Uh, light years measure light, *pokes Steven's stomach, causing him to spit out another fish* not years.
Pearl *throws hands up in air in exasperation* Guh! *attempts to lean on the side of the raft* And I'm sick of these... life diapers!
Steven Safety is no punchline, Pearl. (He gets up and grabs a life jacket to give to Garnet.)
Garnet Safety is our job. We must find Jasper and Lapis. As it stands, their fusion is a ticking time bomb. (She throws the life jacket Steven gave to her over the edge of the raft and makes her own appear.)
Steven *worried* Is... Lapis gonna be okay?
Garnet She had control when she used her power to drag their fusion into the ocean. But, a fusion like theirs is unstable, bound together by anger and mistrust. If that bond snaps, their anger will take over, and destroy.
Steven *looking at the water, in a tired, slurred voice* Don't worry, Lapis, we won't let you sleep with the fishes... *yawns*
Garnet We're gonna have to keep looking. But first, let's bring Steven home.
Steven *asleep on the floor of the raft, then sputters as he wakes up* Huh, wha—? *stands up, one eye slightly closed in grogginess, drooling slightly* No, I'm— I'm— I'm fine! Let's— let's go fishing! *walks over to the edge of the raft, sleepily mumbling" First one to catch something wins... *falls over the edge*
Garnet *catches Steven before he falls into the water* I win.
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Gems walk inside, now without their life jackets.)
Pearl We should be out there, searching! Not in here, not searching!
Steven *quoting himself* "Sleep is a curse, and yet a curse I need to live." -Steven Universe.
Garnet Steven isn't like us. He needs rest.
Steven Don't you guys need rest too? You look exhausted.
[Close up on the trio. Garnet's face is lined with creases. Amethyst is drooling slightly, her face squashed down. Pearl is squinting, her hair disheveled.]
Garnet *voice strained by her stiff face* We look awesome.
Steven *walks over to the couch* Look, you can't really knock sleep until you try it. *picking up pillows* And maybe we can throw a little fun into the mix, with- *throwing pillows on the floor* a slumber party!
Pearl *eye twitching, disgusted* Fun?
Steven Yeah! All of us together, peacefully dozing off. *lies on the pillows* It'll be like there isn't a vengeful fusion boiling the ocean with hatred.
Garnet *walks over to Pearl and Amethyst, putting her hands on their shoulders" Steven's right. You should stay here and relax. But I'm going. *straining with her teeth clenched* Because I'm always relaxed.
Pearl But, Garnet, you couldn't possibly search the ocean by yourself! Let me— uh, let us, help you! *pumps fist in the air* We're a team!
Garnet No, right now you're a party. A slumber party. *walking backwards toward the warp pad, facing the other Gems* Steven, put these gems to bed. Don't stay up too late. There's snacks in the fridge. Bye.*warps*
[Trans. Int. Steven's room.]
Steven Now, before we get our slumber party started, *picks up a tray of three different stuffed toys* would any of you care for a slumber companion?
[Zoom in to tray. On the tray there's a brown bear, looking away, a light brown tuft of hair on its head; a green cat with a blue scarf around its neck and lighter green cheeks, eyes shut in the shape of an X and a wide smile; and a yellow creature slumped over, hair spiked up, its arms stretched in front of it.]
Amethyst *arm stretched in rejection* I'm good. (She flops over onto her stomach and begins snoring.)
[The camera is zoomed on her face. Her cheeks are covered in anime-esque blush lines as she snores.]
Steven *nods and makes noises of approval, staring at Amethyst* *looks to Pearl* Pearl?
Pearl *raises hand in rejection* I'll pass on the slumber pals.
Steven Okay! *walks away with tray* Sleep it up, then!
Pearl *sitting with legs crossed to one side* Oh! Right. (She switches to sit cross-legged, eyes half closed.) Is... this right?
Steven No, you should lay down.
Pearl I get it now. (She switches to lie down on her front, pulls up a pillow to put beneath her head. Her eyes are half open.) Am I doing it?
Steven [Camera pans as he walks up to Pearl] Well, that's way better than before. *sits near Pearl* But close your eyes all the way.
Pearl *closes eyes* Okay. *nods her head on the pillow* Alright. *nods again* I'm sleeping now. I'm sleeping.
Steven You can't talk while you sleep.
Pearl *opens eyes and looks at Steven* How is this even supposed to work?!
Steven It's easy! *flops onto his stomach with an audible thump* You just lie down, get nice and comfy, *puts arms under head* Don't move... *speaking slower* And don't think about aaaaanything... *falls asleep*
[Screen fades to wavy grey lines as a harp plays a chord. Harp plays as grey wavy lines fade to a black and white sitcom stage that looks similar to the ground floor of the temple. Steven and Pearl are standing at the front. Steven looks confused, wearing a tuxedo with his flip flops. Pearl is dressed like a sitcom mother in a polo tucked into waist high slacks, lacking her gem, kneeling next to Steven, her hands clasped and held to her side. Canned applause plays as a narrator talks over the scene.]
Narrator (Greg) Steven Universe was filmed before a live studio audience.
Pearl Oh my goodness, *arms out* Connie's going to be here any second now! I can't believe it, *hands clapped together near face* your first school dance! *adjusts Steven's bow tie* Let me just fix your tie, and—
Amethyst (off screen) Stop fussing over Steven like a baby!
[Canned laughter plays in the background. Zoomed out behind Pearl and Steven as Amethyst rides down the stairs on a skateboard. She's dressed like a stereotypical masculine older sibling in a baseball cap, a T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a fanny pack, and a pair of jeans.]
Pearl Amethyst! What did I tell you about riding that thing in the house?
Amethyst (She rides past the two on a skateboard near the front of the scene and waves at Steven.) Have fun at your dance, dude!
(More canned laughter. Pearl stands up and grunts in frustration as steam blasts out of her head. Amethyst rides up the second staircase and Pearl chases after her.)
Amethyst Bunga-cowa!
Pearl Amethyst, I'm gonna get you!
(The two disappear above the stairs as the bell rings. Steven runs to the door.)
Steven Just a second, Connie! *opens door* You won't believe what Amethyst just—
(Behind the door is Garnet, turned away, in a varsity jacket with a star insignia and jeans. The audience whoops, whistles and hollers.)
Steven Huh. *in a snarky voice* Can I help you?
(Garnet turns around. She's smiling, her hands clutching the collar flaps of the jacket. She has two wide eyes and is grinning.)
[Camera zooms in on her face]
Garnet *eyes closed* Chille tid! (Her eyes open to smile at the camera.)
Steven Oh! Hi, Garnet!
Garnet *walks into the house* Hey Steven. You gotta come to the beach tonight! There's gonna be this huge bonfire party thing.
Steven I can't go to that! I'm going to the big dance with Connie!
Garnet Wow. The big dance. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
(The audience whoops and cheers.)
Steven Uh-huh!
(The doorbell rings again.)
Steven *gasps* She's here! *grabs the door handle* Okay, I'm ready for the big dance, Con— Huh?
(Steven opens the door to reveal Lapis Lazuli. In contrast to the black and white atmosphere, Lapis is in full color. Water is flowing out of her eye sockets and open mouth. She looks up to the camera, silent aside from the water sloshing from her eyes and mouth.)
Steven Lapis?
(Water rushes past Steven's feet onto the floor. It's partially greyscale, partially colored. Behind Lapis, the top of a clam shell rises out of the water, casting a shadow over Steven. He looks up in horror. Lapis is completely still as the shell half rises above her head.)
(Steven wakes up, covered in sweat. Pearl is lying down next to him, her face close.)
Pearl Are you okay?
(Steven stands up, startled and confused. He leans against the window.)
Steven Oh, man. I fell asleep and had this weird dream. *touches his face* I opened the door, and Lapis was there, and—
Pearl Well that doesn't make any sense. *closes eyes and points matter-of-factly* Lapis is fused with Jasper at the bottom of the ocean.
Steven *stares at Pearl* ... You've never had a dream before, huh?
Pearl Uh... I don't think so.
Steven Well, Pearl, *slumps to the floor* dreams don't always make sense. When you dream, the thoughts in your head get all mixed up into a weird movie. And they're really hard to explain, which is why they're boring to listen to. Like *sigh* this one time, I had a dream, where, like, these things... were being sold at the Big Donut, right? But the front door of the Big Donut shop led to the back of my dad's van?
(As Steven talks about the dream, Amethyst wakes up and looks around.)
Steven So, I go into the van, and... Lion is driving, for some reason, but, he's driving really well. *talks slower* And, and then I say to him, I, I says... Lion. *yawns* Lion, how did you learn to drive you, a, vv-van? Y-you can't even, you, you can't.. bring... me... my... *falls asleep*
(As Steven tells this part, Pearl looks away, bored, and yawns, and lies down to sleep.)
[Screen fades to wavy gray lines as a chord plays. Chord plays as grey wavy lines fade to a bright blue sky with small clouds. Steven floats up from the bottom of the screen, flying with a propeller on his back, whooping and hollering with his arms out. He giggles. Dogcopter flies up next to him.]
Steven Whoa. Dogcopter! Mr. Copter! Sir! I'm one of your biggest fans, can I please have your autograph?
Dogcopter *turns his head to Steven and meows*
Steven Mr. Copter, please!
(Dogcopter flies down.)
Steven Hey wait! Where are you going?!
(Dogcopter blasts away with a stream of fuel flowing behind him.)
Steven I hope the rumors about Dogcopter in the tabloids aren't true.
(A large cloud floats towards Steven and morphs into Pearl's head.)
Steven Huh? Oh! Hey, Pearl!
(Pearl's head moves toward Steven as she opens her mouth.)
Steven Wait! Don't eat me!
(Pearl's head catches Steven in her mouth and closes it. She chews for a little, then spits Steven out with a rocket.)
Steven Oh, man! Thanks for the upgrade, Pearl! Now I can catch up with Dog—
(Amethyst emerges from the water below on a miniature humpback whale.)
Steven Woah, Amethyst?
(Amethyst and the whale fly higher away as the screen fades to black. Steven emerges into the darkness.)
Steven Hmm... This is... getting really weird.
Lapis *quiet and distant* This is weird.
Steven (His rockets turn off.) Hey, that sounds a lot like—
Lapis *appears behind Steven* Steven!
Steven Lapis Lazuli!
Lapis Steven, what are you doing in here?
(The pair float out of the darkness into a blue ocean.)
Steven Uh, I know it's weird, but I'm just dreaming, so don't even worry about it.
Lapis What? No! Steven, I'm trying to concentrate! How are you here?
Steven Oh my gosh, are you okay?
Lapis Steven, please, I—!
(Amethyst's huge, distorted laughing, disembodied mouth appears in the background. Steven wakes up. Amethyst is giggling.)
Steven Lapis!
(Amethyst continues to giggle.)
Steven Amethyst? Hey, what are you laughing at?
(Amethyst laughs and points up. Pearl is asleep and projecting her dream from her gem. In the dream, she is laughing and holding onto Rose as the two ride a large slice of pizza like a surfboard. The childlike drawing of the sun and a crescent moon are in the background, smiling. The sound from the dream sounds like an old phonograph.)
Pearl *laughing* Ah, hahahaha ha! Oh, Rose, this is wonderful! I'm just having so much fun spending time with you, Rose! *blushes* Forget about Greg! *looks upwards, stars in her eyes* Let's go travel the galaxy!
Rose *in a deep voice* Pearl, thank you so much *turns showing Greg's face on Rose's body* —for fixing my van!
(Pearl screams in horror. Greg gags as a slice of pizza slides out of his mouth. The dream stops and Pearl wakes up exacerbated and disgusted. She sits up, gagging, Amethyst still giggling.)
Steven Pearl!
Pearl *looks at Steven* Uh... yes, Steven?
Steven I had... another dream about Lapis.
Pearl Oh, that's okay! Dreams aren't real! They're just "mixed up movies"!
Steven But I-I think I was talking to her.
Pearl Wait. How do you know?
Steven I don't, but... I could just feel it. She was yelling, and... she was really freaked out.
Pearl What did she say? Is she still in control?
Steven I... I don't know.
Pearl Steven, you could be using your dreams to connect with her mentally.
Amethyst Can you do it again? Maybe Lapis can just tell you where they are.
Steven I guess I have to go back to sleep! *lies down* Quick! Pearl, tell me about your dream so I can fall asleep!
Pearl M-my dream?!
Amethyst Come on, Pearl! It's for the greater good! Heh hah!
Pearl Ugh! If I must... *closes eyes and breathes in* So, in my dream, I was... wha?
(Steven snores. Amethyst laughs.)
Amethyst Wow. He been sleep.
[Screen fades to wavy grey lines as a chord plays. Chord plays as grey wavy lines fade to Steven floating.]
Steven Oh! I know this is a dream now!
(Elements from the previous dreams and real life, such as Dogcopter, the stairs and characters from the sitcom, and pillows float past.)
Steven So I can imagine anything I want. Uh... *reaches into pocket* Mashed potato! *pulls out a small grey fish* Hmm...
(Steven floats into darkness and begins doggy-paddling.)
Steven Now, how do I find Lapis?
(Amethyst from the sitcom dream floats by.)
Steven Not Lapis.
(Whale floats by.)
Steven Not Lapis,
(Garnet from sitcom dream floats by.)
Steven not Lapis,
(Pearl with her arms raised and face twisted in frustration floats by.)
Steven not Lapis—
(Steven grunts as he bumps into a mass of white fluff, tinted green.)
Steven Lion! Wait. You're not Lion! Woah!
(Steven falls through the white mass into a wet area bathed in green light. The ground splashes when he makes contact.)
Steven Ow. *rubs head* What is this place?
(Lapis is grunting with effort. Her hands are surrounded by water, and she struggles to pull on water chains.)
Steven Lapis!
Lapis Steven! Why do you keep coming back?! I can't get distracted, I've got to hold us down with the weight of your planet's ocean! *struggling to speak* I've got to keep her—! *grunts*
Steven Wait! Lapis, tell me where you are! We can help you!
(Lapis stops struggling for a second to look at Steven. In that moment the force she's struggling against doubles down and she has to refocus her energy.)
Lapis I told you! No!
[Lapis lets out a noise before being pulled under the surface. Behind Steven, Jasper erupts from the water, gasping for air, with water shackles around her wrists and ankles. She falls on all fours, panting, then looks up to Steven.]
Jasper *panting*... You!
Steven Jasper!
Jasper *crawling towards Steven* You! YOU! YOU!
(Jasper struggles against her restraints before being dragged back to where she came from.)
Jasper Guh! Noooooooo-! *dunked under the surface*
(Lapis thrusts out of the water, this time with her water wings outstretched. Her clothes are tattered, and she collapses, grunting and gasping.)
Lapis *gasping for air*
Steven Lapis!
Lapis *voice cracking* Can't you see? I can't stop, not for a second. Don't look for me. I don't want your help!
Steven But—
Lapis Just let me do this for you!
Steven Lapis...
Lapis No! I'm not Lapis anymore... *her wings wrap around her, turning into hands* We're Malachite now.
Steven Lapis, no!
(Lapis slides under the water with a whirlpool, and emerges behind Steven as Malachite. The water rises to cover his head. Underwater, Malachite opens her eyes, turns around, and stares, her upper pair of eyes narrowing in anger.)
Malachite Go!
(The dream ends. Steven sits up from sleeping.)
Steven Lapis! *panting, hugs Pearl*
Pearl Steven, it's okay, we're here.
Amethyst Did you see her?
Steven Yeah, she's still fused, and she's still in control, but I don't know for how long, and—
(Garnet enters.)
Garnet This... is a weird party.
Steven Garnet! *runs up to her and hugs her legs*
Garnet Steven, you're still awake!
Steven *speaking fast, frantically* Amethyst was on a skateboard, and then Dogcopter meowed at me and was just not interested in what I had to say at all, *looks away and mutters* and I might have some issues I need to work out, but - Lapis! She's out there and she's still—
Garnet *shushes Steven, then puts a hand on his shoulder as she speaks* I know you're worried, but there's nothing we can do right now. *picks up Steven and drops him near the other Gems* So let's take it easy. *cracks knuckles* Inowikinowiki'll show you how it's done. *falls face down on the sleeping bag*
Pearl That's pretty convincing.
Steven Garnet?
(The star closes in on the scene while Garnet snores.)

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