I'm not Lapis anymore. We're Malachite now

Lapis Lazuli

"Chille Tid" (/ˈtʃɪlə ˈtiːd/) is the 13th episode of Season 2 in Steven Universe, and the 62nd episode overall.


Steven and the Gems hope a slumber party will allow them some time to relax.


The episode begins with Pearl and Amethyst on a raft in the middle of an ocean, with Amethyst holding Steven underwater by his legs. Pearl is frustrated that they have not found any leads to Malachite. Steven begins to lose his breath underwater, but Amethyst is confused whether or not to pull Steven up, so she releases him and Steven resurfaces. Garnet jumps out from the water, grabbing Steven, stating that she did not find anything underwater. Pearl becomes increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress, saying that it feels like "light years" and finding the life jackets pointless. Garnet explains that Malachite must be found, as their fusion is a ticking time bomb. Despite the fact that Lapis is powerful enough to sustain her fusion with Jasper, their fusion is highly unstable. Their fusion is bound by anger and mistrust, and if that bond snaps, they will unfuse. Steven begins to sleep on the raft, prompting Garnet and the gems to return home to let Steven rest.

Pearl becomes frustrated that they are home and not searching for Malachite. Garnet explains that Steven is not like the Gems and, like a human, needs rest. Steven asks whether or not the Gems are tired, and Garnet answers that they "look awesome," despite all the Crystal Gems appearing visibly exhausted. Steven suggests a slumber party to help the Gems forget that Malachite is still somewhere and have them take a rest for a little while. Garnet says the rest of the crystal gems should participate in the slumber party (against Pearl's will) and heads off to search for Malachite alone.

Steven begins the slumber party upstairs by offering Amethyst and Pearl a slumber pal each. After they both refuse, Amethyst immediately falls asleep, and Pearl, confused as to how to do so, attempts to fall asleep. After several unsuccessful attempts, Steven shows Pearl how to fall asleep and begins to sleep himself. He begins to dream. Steven and Pearl are in a sitcom, and Pearl is excitedly preparing Steven for his first school dance with Connie. Amethyst rolls down the stairs on a skateboard, and Pearl chases Amethyst off-screen. The doorbell rings, and Steven answers the door to see Garnet, who exclaims "Chille Tid!" Steven explains to Garnet that he will attend a dance party with Connie soon and, as soon as the doorbell rings again, assumes that Connie is behind the door. When he opens the door, he sees Lapis crying heavily, with the setting changing to the Malachite Realm

Steven wakes up from the sudden nightmare with Pearl asking if he's alright. He begins to explain his dream to Pearl, who interrupts him saying that none of what he is saying makes sense, as Lapis is under the ocean fused with Jasper, so she would not have been in his dreams. Steven deduces that Pearl never had a dream, and Pearl admits so. He tries to explain what a dream is, but it is difficult because they are boring to listen to. He starts telling Pearl of one of his convoluted dreams of Lion being able to drive Greg's van, which puts Pearl to sleep. Steven quickly falls asleep and begins to dream again. 

Steven is flying in the sky with a helicopter propeller on his back. Dogcopter appears and Steven asks for his autograph. Dogcopter meows and flies away quickly. Pearl's head appears, which eats Steven, but quickly launches Steven fast enough for him to catch up. Amethyst riding a whale appears from the ocean and immediately changes Steven's dream. In the darkness, Lapis appears behind Steven, yelling his name. She asks him what he is doing here, and Steven claims that he is simply dreaming. Lapis denies that, and tells him that she must concentrate. Steven wakes up to see Amethyst laughing. Steven is confused, but Amethyst points to the ceiling. Pearl is sleeping, with her dream being projected visually and with audio holographically onto the ceiling from her gemstone. She is ecstatic to spend time with Rose (while surfing on a slice of pizza). Rose then turns to face Pearl, and has the face of Greg, who expresses gratitude to Pearl for fixing his van. Pearl is terrified and wakes up, visibly tired from the dream. 

Steven tells Pearl that he had another dream about Lapis, and she exclaims that it's alright, implicitly denying her own dream. Steven claims that he was talking to Lapis, and Pearl says that he might be using his dreams to mentally connect with Lapis. Steven tries to go back to sleep to find Lapis' whereabouts, and falls asleep before Pearl begins explaining her dream to put him to sleep. Steven tries to have a lucid dream, but discovers he couldn't. He quickly finds Lapis in the Malachite Realm, who is chained to the water. Lapis tells Steven that he must not distract her, because she must use all of her concentration to use the ocean in order to keep the fusion alive. Lapis sinks and Jasper, also chained to the water, appears behind Steven. She angrily crawls towards Steven, but quickly sinks, with Lapis flying out of the water. Lapis can't stop concentrating even for a second, and tells Steven not to look for her. Steven repeatedly offers help, but Lapis denies his offer, refusing to tell him where Malachite is. Malachite appears from the water, visibly fusing, and screams at Steven to leave.

Steven wakes up, terrified from his encounter. He tells Amethyst and Pearl that he did see Lapis, who is fused and is still in control, but was unsure for how much longer. Garnet arrives home and says that this is a strange slumber party. Steven hastily tells Garnet some of his dreams, but does not reach the part about Lapis. Garnet reassures Steven to relax, and shows him and the gems how a slumber party is really done. She falls face-down on the floor and begins to snore.





Production Notes



  • This is the final episode of the second StevenBomb.
    • This episode was not hinted in the promo art. It was represented only by a question mark.
  • The title "Chille Tid" translates roughly to "Chilling Time" from Norwegian Bokmål.
    • The title is also a play-on-words of the phrase "Chill a tad."
  • When Pearl complains that "we have been searching for light years", Amethyst remarks that "light years measure light, not years". Neither of these are true, since light years measure distance.
  • This is the first time Pearl and Garnet are shown sleeping.
  • It is revealed that when Pearl dreams, her dreams are represented by a hologram produced by her gem.
    • It is assumed that she does this unintentionally, as she had never dreamt or slept before.
  • This is the first time Malachite is mentioned by name.
  • Steven might be able to communicate with other Gems through dreaming.
  • It is revealed that Gems can dream and sleep like humans, but simply have no need for it.
    • This was first implied in "Steven's Lion", however Amethyst is only shown faking it.
      • It is also revealed that Gems have the ability to tire physically when exhausted, like humans.
  • This is the third episode where the title is said in the episode; the first being "Frybo" and the second being "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies".

Cultural References

  • Amethyst's catchphrase during the sitcom dream, "Bungacowa!", is a flipped version of Michelangelo's catchphrase "Cowabunga!" in the show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Steven's first dream was in the style of old sitcoms.
    • At the start of the dream, Greg narrates "Steven Universe was filmed before a live studio audience", which is used in many sitcoms.
    • There was also a 90's style laugh track in the background.
  • Garnet in the first dream acts similar to Arthur Fonzarelli (also known as "The Fonz") on the 1970s TV comedy, Happy Days, complete with the title of the episode being similar to his typical greeting of "Aaay!" whenever he enters the scene.
    • Garnet does not have a third eye during Steven's sitcom dream.
  • When Steven falls off the raft and is caught by Garnet, his pose resembles the signature pose of Cactuars from the game franchise Final Fantasy.
  • In Pearl's dream, the way she's holding Rose is, fittingly, very similar to one of the scenes of Titanic in which the main character Jack holds his love Rose on the bow of the ship in the same way.
  • The scene in the Malachite Realm mirrors a segment from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the Chain Necklace Deathmatch, in which two competitors are chained together and must fight for dominance over the other. Even the combatants match the ones in Jojo - Jasper as the large, muscled warrior (representing Tarkus) and Lapis as the smaller fighter (representing Jonathan). The main difference is that the chain connecting them seems to go underground, rather than into the ceiling as in Jojo.


  • Malachite is still at the bottom of the ocean.
    • Steven learns the name of Lapis and Jasper's fusion. This is the first time the fusion's name has been explicitly mentioned in an episode.
  • This is the second time Steven dreams about Dogcopter, the first being in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".
  • When Steven awakes from his first nightmare (after the sitcom dream), Pearl appears to have been watching him sleep, much like in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".
  • Amethyst says "Bungacowa!" during Steven's sitcom dream, which is similar to "Bowacunga!", one of her victory cries in Attack the Light.
  • In Pearl's dream/nightmare Greg-Rose thanked her for fixing "his" van. This was a callback the couple of times she has done so, for example in the episode "Reformed" as well as after it was wrecked during the events of "Ocean Gem".
  • This is the third episode where Garnet wears her goggles, the first being "Giant Woman" and the second being "Love Letters".


  • At the end of the episode, it shows the left part of Garnet's uniform is white, instead of pink.
  • During the Malachite Realm scene, the triangle on Lapis' skirt disappears before she is dragged under the water.
  • When floating in the background in Steven's last dream, Garnet's skin color is confused with her shoe color on one leg.
  • Steven's mouth disappears briefly while he was trying to tell Garnet about his dreams.


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