Template:Cloud Connie"Cloud Connie" is a character who made her debut in "Rose's Room" and made a second appearance in "Open Book".


"Rose's Room"

Cloud Connie takes the look of Connie, dark skin, long, wavy brown hair, and red glasses. Her clothing is the same as Connie's. She wears a mint-green and white dress, along with a baby blue sash, and lime green socks, as well as salmon-colored boots. It look's like Connie, but its not.

"Open Book"

Cloud Connie is shown wearing a red cape with a buckle holding it together, a black eye patch, along with a black dress with white wrappings on the arms and a pouch around the waist, pale baby blue tights, and black boots up to her knees. In later scenes, she is shown wearing a white wedding gown with gold along the edges, white gloves up to her elbows, a veil covering the back of her head, and a white eyepatch.


As per being a "duplicate" she has the same personality as Connie. She has a reserved/bookwormish personality. She is withdrawn and introverted, as well as curious and intelligent. She is also shown to be very forceful and menacing, whereas she pulled Steven's hair and forced him to the ground to make him tell Connie how he "really felt".


  • As of "Open Book", Cloud Connie is the first creation from Rose's Room to act as an antagonist.
  • As Steven comes to know Connie better, Cloud Connie becomes more realistic and aligned with the real Connie.

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