Template:Cloud Connie "Cloud Connie" is a character who made her debut in "Rose's Room". She made her first major appearance in "Open Book".


"Rose's Room"

Cloud Connie takes the look of Connie, dark skin, long, wavy brown hair, and red glasses. Her clothing is the same as Connie's. She wears a mint-green and white dress, along with a baby blue sash, and lime green socks, as well as salmon-colored boots. She also held the red glow stick bracelet that Steven gave back to her in "Bubble Buddies".

"Open Book"

Cloud Connie is shown wearing a faded red cape with a buckle holding it together, a black eye-patch, along with a black dress with white wrappings on the arms and a pouch around the waist, pale baby blue tights, and black boots up to her knees. In later scenes, she is shown wearing a white wedding gown with gold along the edges and a red buckle, white gloves up to her elbows, white, fuzzy hair covers on the side of her head, and a black eye-patch.


"Rose's Room"

Like all other cloud replicas (except Cloud Greg) she has next to no personality whatsoever in this first incarnation, merely chanting "He was incredible!" over and over.

"Open Book"

At first she appears to be just as one-dimensional and compliant as all of the room's previous creations, obeying every order given to her by Steven as well as agreeing to do whatever he chooses to do. However, once Steven discovers that she is a cloud replica he furiously orders her to "Not just do whatever I want..." which seemingly causes her to malfunction and a new sinister personality emerges. This is due to the paradox that arises when she is ordered not to follow orders; as a creation of the room she is bound to follow every wish by Steven and that creates an obvious conflict when he orders her to not follow orders any more.

As per being a "duplicate", it is assumed that she has the same reserved/bookworm personality as the original. She is withdrawn and introverted, as well as curious and intelligent. She is also shown to be very forceful and menacing, whereas she pulled Steven's hair and forced him to the ground to make him tell Connie how he "really felt". After Steven confesses his true feelings regarding the ending of the last book, she lets out a sigh of relief and proclaims "that's better," before willingly disappearing of her own accord. This implies she knew that Steven keeping his feelings about the book from the real Connie wasn't good for him, and wanted him to let it out, to free him from the stress of holding it in.


  • As of "Open Book," Cloud Connie is the first creation from Rose's Room to act as an antagonist.
  • In "Rose's Room," Cloud Connie was only capable of saying "He was incredible" repeatedly, however in "Open Book," she is shown to be more developed, with capabilities similar to Cloud Greg, by the end of the episode, she is capable of independent action and thought.
  • As Steven comes to know Connie better, Cloud Connie becomes more realistic and aligned with the real Connie.
  • The cape Cloud Connie wears is red, as Steven imagined, whereas real Connie wore a black cape as she imagined.
  • Cloud Connie is the only creation in Rose's Room that has been shown to resist Steven's attempts to dispel it, as shown when her cloud form merely distorts when Steven wills her to vanish, as well as when Connie slashes at her with a sword.
    • This could mean that Cloud Connie has some connection with Rose Quartz, as the only character known to have been able to manipulate the room was Rose herself (and the Tiny Floating Whale, which may have the same connection).
  • The paradox created by ordering her to not follow orders anymore is very similar to the famous "Liar Paradox."

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