My own sword? It's perfect!

—Connie, "Change Your Mind"

Connie's Sword is a weapon forged by Bismuth, belonging to Connie Maheswaran. Bismuth made the sword for Connie and gave it to her in "Change Your Mind" when they were trying to keep the hands of the Diamond Mech off Obsidian.


The sword is a straight short sword, featuring a golden pommel, a purple hilt, a gold, upside down star emblem at the blade's base, an aqua chappe, and a crystalline pink blade. It has enough strength to cause visible damage to the Diamond Mech. The star represents the Crystal Gems whilst the blade is pink, resembling Rose Quartz's sword. It is also noticeably smaller than Rose Quartz's sword, as this sword is built specifically for Connie. 


Following Steven's help message in "Escapism" and before they journeyed to Homeworld, Bismuth went to The Forge and forged a new sword for Connie, as her previous sword was destroyed out of rage by Blue Diamond in "Reunited".

"Change Your Mind"

Change Your Mind 550

Bismuth presented the sword to Connie before they went off to help fight the Diamond Mech. Peridot lifts Connie into the air using her metal powers, where she slashes into the Diamond Mech before they're both knocked out of the sky. After being saved by Obsidian, Connie is ready to continue fighting the mech, until Obsidian summons their Greatsword, at which point Connie allows them to handle it. Connie uses the sword one more time by scaling the walls of the mech and entering White Diamond's ship, where she fights a possessed Pearl, who quickly disarms her. 

Steven Universe: The Movie

Connie first uses her sword upon arriving back to Beach City on Lion, having it ready after assuming she'd need to be ready for a fight. At one point, Greg exits Steven's Bathroom, startling Connie and the Gems, who all draw their weapons on him. He believes it's because he didn't wash his hands, and retreats to do so. Connie later uses her sword during the evacuation of Beach City. Whilst riding on Lion, she uses the sword to cut a car in half to prevent it from crushing them. The sword also seems to have been given a scabbard of its own since the events of "Change Your Mind", where it was seen without one.


  • This sword seems to differ from Rose Quartz's sword in the manner that it can penetrate hard objects, specifically metal surfaces, quite easily, while Rose's sword was designed to destroy the physical forms of Gems.


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