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Connie Maheswaran is a human female of Indian-American descent and the only daughter of Doug and Priyanka Maheswaran. As a result of being raised in a strict household, that frequently moved from place to place, Connie found it difficult to form relationships with other people for most of her life.


Bubble Buddies (225)

One year before the events of the episode, "Bubble Buddies", Connie is seen attending a parade in Beach City. Steven saw Connie drop her bracelet at the parade, and decided to keep it in his freezer so he could return it to her the next time he saw her.

Season 1

"Bubble Buddies"

Bubble Buddies (060)

One year after the parade, Steven runs into Connie, who is reading a book near his house. Steven then tries to impress her by doing tricks on his bike, but unfortunately, he fails. Steven panics and runs back into his house. As a backup plan, Steven grabs Connie's glowing bracelet from the freezer and runs back to her. While on the way, Steven is practicing his greeting, when a piece of the cliff crumbles and falls towards Connie. When Steven jumps to rescue her, his gem glows and encases both of them in a pink bubble that deflects the rocks. Steven and Connie introduce themselves, and she asks Steven if he can deactivate his bubble. Steven then realizes that he cannot disable the bubble. He says the Gems can help, but Steven and Connie are unable to roll up the hill to the house. Steven and Connie try multiple methods of popping the bubble, but none of them seem to work. They eventually end up on a roller coaster track in Funland. The roller coaster hits them and launches Steven and Connie into the ocean.

Bubble Buddies (266)

As the two try and roll back to shore, a giant worm appears and frightens Connie. When the worm eats some kelp, she buries herself into the ground, which creates a trench that Steven and Connie fall into. For a moment, the trench is dark, but then some sea plants start to light the surroundings. Steven ended up accidentally putting his foot in Connie's face. He tries to apologize to her, but she finally explodes, frustrated that Steven does not know what he is doing, and that she might die without ever making a friend. Connie starts crying, and Steven shows her the glow bracelet, telling her that they can be friends. He tells her that he saw her during a parade the year before, but couldn't find her to give her back the bracelet, so he kept it in case he met her again. Connie remembers that she saw him last year too, realizing that Steven was the kid on the car wash float at the parade. As the two reconcile, the bubble finally bursts. Steven and Connie make it to the surface, only to find out that the monster followed them. They swim to shore and run away from the monster, at which point Steven realizes the monster is chasing Connie because of her glow bracelet. Steven takes the bracelet and uses it to lure the worm to a nearby pier, where he uses the pillars to trap and defeat the worm. The Gems show up and Garnet bubbles the monster's gemstone. When Pearl and Amethyst try to introduce themselves. Garnet stops them by telling them not to mess with Steven's "funky flow". Connie asks what "funky flow" is, and Steven gets embarrassed.

"Lion 2: The Movie"

Lion 2 The Movie 055

Connie shows Steven a trailer for Dogcopter 3. She tells Steven that it is her favorite film franchise, and she hopes it stays loyal to the book. Amethyst sees Dogcopter and decides to shapeshift into him, astounding Connie. Steven assures her that the movie will be more impressive than any magic. Connie, unsure of this, asks how they will get to the film, as the theater is far away, but Steven says he has a plan. Outside the house, Steven introduces Connie to their mode of transportation, Lion. They mount Lion, but when Steven says he is not trained very well, Lion leaps above the ocean, terrifying Connie and Steven. He runs across the ocean for a while, until Lion creates a portal by roaring and runs through it. The three then arrive inside an empty room in a cave.

Steven and Connie explore the armory while Lion lies down and rests. Steven finds out he can control the room, and after a while, he activates a floating robot. Lion helps them escape the armory and takes them to the Beach City theater. After being slightly burned by the robot, Steven offers Connie a can of soda to ease her pain. She says to just forget about the movie, as Steven probably has more important things to do. Steven says that Dogcopter 3 is imperative to him, and asks why Connie would hang out with him because he messes everything up. Connie asks why he would ever hang out with her because she is less interesting than anything else he experiences. Suddenly, the robot comes back and is more aggressive than before. Lion summons a sword from his head to help them defend against the robot. Connie helps Steven destroy the robot, by using what she learned in tennis practice to reflect its shots. After dealing with the amazed ticket clerk, they finally get to see Dogcopter 3.

"Rose's Room"

A cloud version of Connie appears in Rose's room. Her cloud version stays stuck on a repeat of saying "He was incredible!" exactly the way she said it in "Bubble Buddies" until Steven runs away.

"An Indirect Kiss"

An Indirect Kiss 200

Connie and Steven are having a picnic, when she notices Steven is upset. This leads her to ask him why there was a fence put over the cliff. After Steven tells the story of how he and the Crystal Gems rescued Amethyst, Connie is shocked to hear that Steven feels useless to the gems. Connie tells him that he can always come to her, magic or not, and leans in for a kiss, only to stop short and exclaim that she has a headache. After taking her glasses off, she realizes she can see without them. Both are shocked, and they realize Steven's juice, (which he foreshadows by stating that the juice box trade was mostly backwash,) healed her. The episode ends with Steven rushing off to the Gems to tell them about his new healing saliva ability, while Connie takes the lenses out of her glasses.

"Mirror Gem"

Connie tells Steven over the phone that they could hang out more, now that her school has closed for summer vacation.

"Ocean Gem"

Ocean Gem 059

Connie decides to go with Steven, along with Greg, the other Crystal Gems, and Lion, on his quest to find Lapis. When they make it to the water spire Lapis has made out of the ocean, Lapis tells them to stay away and creates water clones to fight the Gems. Steven's water clone attacks Connie and him, nearly drowning them in bubbles of water. Greg saves them but breaks his leg in the process. In anger, Steven puts up his shield, destroying the water clones. Connie then watches him go up the tower to talk to Lapis. After Steven heals Lapis, he falls with the tower. Teaming up, Lion and Connie catches him before he lands.

"Fusion Cuisine"

Steven and Connie are watching Under the Knife. Connie's mother calls and asks to speak with Steven's mother. Steven starts to get worried due to his mother giving up her physical form to make him. He hands the phone to Garnet. Garnet pretends to be "Mom Universe", but she panics, and makes it sound like they had died playing with swords.

Later, Steven calls Connie and asks if she can come over. Connie says she cannot because her parents are upset with Steven and refuse to let Connie see Steven until her parents have met both of his parents. Steven assumes that he will bring all of the Gems to the dinner, but Connie objects. Connie then admits the fact that she told her parents that Steven has a nuclear family, meaning that Steven has a mother and a father living with him.

That night, Connie and her parents are at The Crab Shack. Connie's father wonders why Steven and his family are late, when they are startled by rumbling. Steven and Greg come riding in on Alexandrite's shoulders. After a while, the two families are having dinner. Some awkward conversation occurs, after which Connie asks Steven to help her find the restroom. The two go into the restaurant, and Connie urges Steven to lie about his family, much to Steven's dismay. Steven and Connie go back to the table, and after a short while, Alexandrite starts arguing with herself, which leads to her unfusing.

Fusion Cuisine 191

Dr. Maheswaran berates Connie for lying to her, which causes Connie to run crying towards a nearby bus stop, and Steven to follow her. Connie and Steven decide to run away so they can be friends without having to worry about Connie's parents. As they are leaving on a bus, the enraged Gems (fused back as Alexandrite) catch up to them and force them to return. The Gems angrily chastise Steven in front of the Maheswarans. The Maheswarans are impressed with the Gems parental abilities, and allow Connie to continue being with Steven.

"Alone Together"

Alone Together 065

In "Alone Together", Steven practices fusion dancing with the Gems but hasn't been able to fuse. He expresses his disappointment to Connie while they are on the beach. She tells him that she is impressed that he can dance with the Gems at all, admitting that she does not like to dance in front of other people. Steven decides to ask Connie to dance, stating that they are the only ones there.

Alone Together 198

As they dance, Steven suddenly trips over Connie, and she catches him. They laugh and touch foreheads while Steven's gem begins to glow. Steven and Connie black out, and wake up to realize that they have fused into Stevonnie. Later in the episode, Stevonnie unfuses back to Steven and Connie, after a moment, they start laughing hysterically. Sour Cream, unperturbed, starts throwing everyone glow sticks, which Steven and Connie run through, still laughing.

"Winter Forecast"

Winter Forecast 098

Steven and Connie are hanging out inside the Beach House eating marshmallows by the fireplace. Dr. Maheswaran calls Connie on her phone to tell her to get a ride home because of the impending snowstorm. Steven and Connie wish that she could stay so they could watch the snow fall. The Crystal Gems walk in, and Garnet confirms the impending snowstorm with her future vision. Steven wants to show Connie a video, but Garnet advises him to make the right choice before kissing him on the forehead and passing her future vision to him.

Steven witnesses a series of alternate timelines of his decisions to get Connie home. In the first timeline, he and Connie head over to It's A Wash so Greg can drive Connie home. They play around in the snow before Greg suggests they leave immediately so they can beat the storm. Steven and Connie however, are able to convince Greg to try on various outfits with the pretext that he needs to look appropriate. During this time, Steven and Connie continue playing around in the snow. By the time they leave, the snow is falling heavily. Greg's van rolls over a patch of ice causing it to spin wildly out of control and crash into the snowbank. Greg decides that they should walk the rest of the way. They eventually reach Connie's house, only to be greeted by her furious parents who are upset because of the late arrival and because Connie became sick. Mr. Maheswaran reluctantly allows Steven and Greg to stay the night.

Winter Forecast 174

The second timeline starts back in the crashed van. This time, however, they decide to wait out the storm in the van. While they are eating dinner, Connie's dad calls her and informs her that he is almost at Beach City. Due to the snow, Mr. Maheswaran's car swerves out of control and crashes into Greg's van. The third timeline starts back at It's A Wash. Steven convinces Connie to stay at the Beach House because of the bad events that could come to pass. As they are running back, Connie calls her parents to inform them of her decision. As they begin to protest, Steven grabs her phone and attempts to persuade them before throwing it into the nearby snowbank. When they reach the Beach House, they see the Crystal Gems about to warp the Shooting Star to the Galaxy Warp. Pearl is surprised by Steven and loses focus. The star touches the warp pad and explodes.

Steven returns to the present, and with the knowledge acquired from the future vision, makes the right decision to leave immediately. Connie arrives safely home to her happy parents, who suggest that Steven and Greg stay the night to avoid the snowstorm. Later that night, Connie creeps downstairs to watch the snow fall with Steven.

"Marble Madness"

Connie introduces Steven to her favorite book series, The Spirit Morph Saga and tries to tell him the story, but they are constantly interrupted by the Plug Robonoids Peridot keeps sending to Earth.

"Open Book"

Steven and Connie go into Rose's Room to create a better ending to The Spirit Morph Saga series. Steven turns into a character in the book after explaining that the room can overload. Connie then exclaims her wish to be the character, Lisa. The room does not obey her command, however, as the room only listens to what Steven wants. Steven asks for a suggestion, and Connie requests a costume shop so she can dress up as the character she wishes to.

After a few moments, Steven says that he wants to see her. Connie exits the shop in her costume. Throughout their attempt in creating a new ending, Connie keeps asking for what Steven wants whenever Steven asks her what she wants, as he intended it to be all for her. After making some endings, Steven, once again, asks Connie what she thinks. She then asks again what Steven wants. Steven says that he is trying his hardest and asks Connie not to do what he wants. This causes Connie to break down, repeating the word "want". Steven soon realizes that this "Connie" is one he accidentally summoned (as the room listens to what Steven says he wants) and that the real Connie must still be in the costume shop. He undoes the creations but is unable to un-summon the fake Connie, who says that he did not want her to do what he wants.

Open Book 100

Steven attempts to fly away on a Wind Lizard, but the fake Cloud Connie grabs its tail and pushes Steven off. They land near the costume shop where Connie is calling out for Steven. Steven is trapped under the fake Connie in a wedding dress who says she knows what Steven "really wants". Steven asks for help, and Connie has a short fight with her, but the fake Connie seems to ignore her presence, still wanting to trap Steven. Steven finally gives in and admits he likes the book's ending, and the fake Cloud Connie evaporates. Connie is shocked and asks why he said he disliked it. Steven states that he did not want Connie to think less of him. Connie says she does not think less of him, saying she cares more about Steven than a book. It ends with Connie and Steven exiting the temple discussing why Archimicarus "obviously" had feelings for Lisa.

"The Return"

Steven calls Connie, but she does not pick up. He leaves a vocal message telling her about the Gem Warship.

"Jail Break"

Connie calls Steven, and she desperately starts asking him about what was going on, but he does not say anything.

Season 2

"Full Disclosure"

Full Disclosure 126

Connie calls Steven multiple times to ask him if he is okay. When Steven does not answer the phone due to wanting to avoid Connie, Connie goes to his house to check on him. Steven leaves the house when Connie arrives, but Connie notices him and chases him through the wreckage of the Gem Warship. Steven hides behind one of the Warship's fingers and tells Connie that he no longer wants to be friends. Connie tells him that she will only believe him if he says it to her face, so Steven comes out of hiding. He then confesses that he still wants to be Connie's friend, and was just trying to protect her from everything that was happening. Steven then tells Connie everything that happened during "Jail Break" and "The Return".

"Love Letters"

Love Letters (109)

Steven and Connie are by the beach taking selfies. They are approached by Jamie who has mail for Steven. Steven introduces Connie. Later on, Connie and Steven deliver Jamie's letter to Garnet in which he professes his love. When delivering Garnet's response, Steven stops Connie from giving the harshly worded letter to Jamie for fear of shattering his heart. Connie then rewords the letter poetically, in an attempt to let Jamie down easy.

"Sworn to the Sword"

Sworn to the Sword 081

Connie is convinced by Steven to begin taking sword fighting lessons from Pearl. As the lessons progress, Connie becomes a very skilled sword fighter, but Pearl's influence on Connie start making her obsessed with protecting Steven with her life. Concerned with her safety, Steven follows Connie to one of her lessons and convinces her that they should fight together. After arguing with Pearl, she is convinced that Steven and Connie would both be great knights. The episode ends with Connie still taking lessons from Pearl, now with Steven by her side.

"We Need to Talk"

We Need To Talk (300)

Connie and Steven are helping Greg sort through his old records. Connie comments that at home she does not have any music other than movie soundtracks and classical music. Greg responds by playing The Philosophy Majors for her. Steven and Connie dance, causing them to fuse into Stevonnie accidentally. They quickly unfuse, startled, and Connie panics, asking Greg not to tell her parents. Greg tells her that he is probably the only human being on the planet who would understand. He then tells Connie and Steven a story about him and Rose and tells Connie if she ever needs someone to talk to that he is okay with talking with her.

"Chille Tid"

In Steven's dream, Pearl mentions that he's going to the school dance with Connie. Steven answers the door twice, expecting her both times.

"Cry for Help"

Steven calls Connie, confirming that Peridot's message is interfering with her television as well.

"Nightmare Hospital"

Nightmare Hospital 177

Steven takes Connie home from sword training and gives her Rose's Sword to practice with. Connie's mother discovers the sword and confiscates it, and takes it back to the hospital with her to check on her patients. Connie and Steven sneak into the hospital to retrieve the sword but are caught by Connie's mother.

Before anything can happen, the patient wakes up and begins attacking them. Steven reveals that the patient is a gem mutant, and Connie pleads with her mother to let her use the sword to help fight. Her mother refuses to back down on a rule, so they run out of the room and attempt to escape the hospital. They are cut off by another gem mutant, and Steven bubbles Connie and her mother to protect them. Connie continues to plead with her mother to allow her to use the sword, but her mother still refuses to listen. Steven insists that Connie has been training to use a sword for a long time, but Dr. Maheswaran insists that she know more about her daughter than Steven does.

Connie then remarks that her mother does not know anything about her, as she has not even noticed that Connie's glasses no longer have lenses, despite the lenses having been removed almost a year prior. Connie then grabs the sword and defeats the gem monsters, before she, Steven, and her mother leave the hospital. Connie apologizes to her mother for lying so much about Steven, and her mother realizes that she and her husband may be too controlling. Her mother promises to back down on some of the rules and to keep an open mind about everything that has been happening. Connie and her mother then embrace.

"Steven's Birthday"

Connie goes to the Barn to visit Steven and spend the night there for his birthday. She is shocked to learn that Steven is fourteen years old and therefore older than her. After Greg shows her a picture album depicting Steven's several birthdays during his life, she is surprised to see that he has not grown up in his last few birthdays. Connie asks Greg to talk in private and asks him whether Steven is going to grow up. As Greg says that he is not sure, Connie is visibly concerned.

Steven's Birthday 102

When Steven uses shapeshifting to make himself look older, Connie is impressed and amazed at his change. They spend the rest of the day together. Later on the same day, Connie and Steven are stargazing when she decides to confess that she was worried that they would not be able to grow up together and that she was relieved to see that she was wrong. This revelation causes Steven to lose control of how old he feels and revert into a baby. Connie gets desperate and takes Steven to Greg. She rides on Greg's van with Greg, Steven, and Amethyst, hoping to calm Steven down. She tells Steven that she will always be with him no matter what age he is, which makes him stop crying. She wakes up the next day to find Steven back to his normal age. She notices a single hair on his face and is relieved to see that he is growing up, although slowly.

Season 3

"Beach City Drift"

Beach City Drift 080

Connie and Steven encounter Kevin asking Steven if they have met before, calling him a twerp. Connie nervously runs over, excusing Steven by saying that Kevin looks like another guy they know. Greg asks if the two know Kevin, and Connie explains the events of what happened when they formed Stevonnie before. Connie then continues that it was uncomfortable when Kevin kept asking them to dance, and Steven adds that Kevin did not even care about their feelings. Greg says that if he is causing this much trouble, then there's no point to even thinking about him, and she thanks Greg.

At night, Steven and Connie are sitting on Greg's "new" car at It's A Wash. Steven is still mad at the incident with Kevin, but Connie is somehow thinking about the situation and wishes that she could just say something big to Kevin to get him to think. Steven says that he wishes he could race against Kevin, and rub the winning ribbon in his face. Connie says that kids cannot drive because it is against the law, but Steven mentions that they were not kids when they were Stevonnie, and Connie understands Steven's metaphor. As they race Kevin, Stevonnie eventually unfuses after becoming unstable. Steven and Connie are shown in the back seat, asking each other if they are OK after they were unfused. Connie asks what they explained to Steven that all they have been doing for that past day is because they are obsessed with Kevin. The two decide to finish the race, but for themselves instead of to beat Kevin.

"Gem Hunt"

Gem Hunt 040

Steven, Connie, and Pearl warp to The Great North in front of a large Wailing Stone. Steven takes lots of pictures with his phone per Mr. and Mrs. Maheswaran's requests. Connie thanks Pearl for allowing her to come along to help them find a corrupted Gem and takes it as an honor to work along Pearl. Pearl complements Connie about her impressive 'sword fighting' which have exceeded beyond her expectations, she also states that with her careful supervision, she is confident Connie will be able to accomplish a simple Gem recovery mission. Connie thanks Pearl and promises she'll not let her down.

As Connie asks how they would know whether a corrupted Gem is nearby, a huge roar is heard, and the corrupted Snow Monster appears. Pearl exclaims that Connie and Steven have to work together. Connie quickly takes out her sword, Steven summons his shield, and they ready themselves to battle but when they were just about to face the beast, another Corrupted Gem (Biggs Jasper) appears, but they run. Connie tells Pearl that they should split up. Pearl tells Connie that she is her pupil and knows that her combat skills are excellent but states it is too risky because she has never been in a real fight before. Steven tells Pearl about the Gem Mutants they fought in the Hospital and quickly interrupts Pearl by taking out a Cookie Cat Walkie Talkie to help communicate with each other when necessary, and Connie takes out a survival guide book that she read at least 20 times. Both look at Pearl, who, having lost a battle of will, decides to allow it under the condition that they would communicate with her the very moment they find the monster because she does not want them fighting her alone.

Gem Hunt 222

The two find tracks in a humanoid shape along with the Corrupted Gem's paw-shaped tracks. A blizzard comes, so Connie and Steven take shelter in a hollowed tree. They hear a roar and follow more tracks to the blue Corrupted Gem. Steven and Connie attempt to be quiet, so they will not attract her attention, but Pearl calls on the Walkie Talkie, which attracts the Corrupted Gem's attention. Connie takes the Gem's growling as a sign of aggression, and she draws her sword. The sword's glint causes the Gem to attack them, and she manages to pop Steven's bubble, pushing them out of the Gem's reach. Connie throws a snowball at the Gem to bring her attention to her, but she hesitates to attack, saying that she was not prepared for this. She slides past the Gem, recovers the Walkie Talkie and calls Pearl, informing her that they have found the Gem just as Jasper appears. Connie realizes that the Gems were running from Jasper. Pearl tells Connie she would not have brought her on the mission if she knew Jasper would be present. Connie considers her mission a failure since she found herself unable to fight earlier. However, Pearl considers Connie's mission a total success, since Connie followed Pearl's instructions to call Pearl when they found the Gem.

"Crack the Whip"

Crack The Whip 167

Steven, Amethyst, Connie, and Lion have fun around Beach City and sword fighting on the beach while Pearl and Garnet went to find the gems. Eventually, Steven and Amethyst go into the water, and Connie soon joins them after a little coaxing. While Steven and Connie splash each other, the ground starts to shake, and the orange corrupted Gem (Biggs Jasper) climbs out of the water onto the beach. Amethyst tells Steven and Connie to fight the Corrupted Gem while she takes on Jasper Eventually, Jasper's crash helmet slams Amethyst into the ground, poofing her. Steven and Connie see this and go to get Amethyst back from Jasper. As they run toward her to attack, they fuse into Stevonnie and get her back.

"Steven vs. Amethyst"

Steven recounts him and Connie fusing to defeat Jasper.

Season 4

"Buddy's Book"

Buddy's book animation

Connie and Steven warp on Lion outside of Buddwick Public Library. She is taking Steven to a library for his first time, which has his favorite thing: books. Connie picks up three educational books with intent to get a head start in 7th grade. Steven asks why Connie does not look up information on her phone. Connie remembers the last time she did that, she wrote an "erroneous paper about raccoons having heat vision." Connie suggests to Steven to have a look around the library since there is stuff she is sure Steven will love. Steven sees a book underneath one of the shelves and picks it up. Steven takes a look inside and sees sketches of various Gem structures. He runs back to Connie to show her what he found. It is Buddy Buddwick's journal. Steven recalls Jamie recreating a scenario about Buddy Buddwick helping Mayor Dewey discover Beach City, and Steven and Connie imagine Buddy as Jamie as they read through the book. Steven and Connie realize how Buddy Buddwick left his mark on Beach City by writing so many books that he thought he could fill a library with them which is how Buddwick Public Library exists today. They notice Buddy Buddwick's picture frame and how he looked. They realize they had imagined him way off by imagining Jamie starring as Buddy. They preferred Jamie regardless and laugh it off.

"Mindful Education"

Mindful Education 241

Connie walks up the stairs of the Beach house and knocks on the door. Steven answers the door, appearing to be bald, asking what a lovely day it is. Connie, unaware that Steven is bald, agrees with Steven, although with a calm demeanor, and proceeds to walk into the house. When Connie finally sees, she continues to appear calm and uncaring of the situation, but asks what happened, as Steven reveals that it was just a joke, but disappointed, and puts the bald cap in his pocket. Connie dully replies with "Oh... ok", and continues to dig through her bag with Rose's sword in it. Steven asks her if she is ok, when Garnet and Pearl warp in, reminding the two of their fusion training, and that Garnet is excited to see them fight as Stevonnie.

The group moves to the Ancient Sky Arena where Connie is still noticeably upset over something. When the training begins, the Holo-Pearls fuse together, and Steven and Connie perform a brief fusion dance before fusing into Stevonnie. Stevonnie unlocks their floating abilities while fighting the Holo-Pearl fusion, and takes pride in it. They wall jump straight at the giant Holo-Pearl until reality distorts and a vision of Jeff appears. This startles Stevonnie, making them lose focus and unfuse as they fell. Connie runs out of the Sky Arena, and Steven follows her. Steven finds Connie on the steps behind the area, near the warp pad, and decides to talk to her about the way she is been acting. Connie admits that she beat up a kid named Jeff at school, and Steven is shocked, asking her to explain more about the situation. Connie claims that her training instinct just "kicked in," and she did it on accident. Steven tells Connie not to think about it, but Garnet interrupts and takes the kids to the beach to meditate with her as Stevonnie.

Mindful Education Butterflies

Garnet meditates with Stevonnie and sings the song "Here Comes a Thought". Stevonnie takes the lead after her verse and experiences Steven and Connie facing the same issues with the butterflies but ultimately calms down as well. After learning that her guilt was natural, Connie decides to confront her emotions by apologizing to Jeff and make amends, even taking a picture with him on the phone. Steven is impressed while Connie talks about how nice it was to be able to release and do something about her problem. While Connie goes to change, Steven suddenly sees a butterfly from their previous meditation on his mother's sword. Later at the Sky Arena, Stevonnie is fighting better, but when they thrust the sword into one Holo-Pearl, the hallucinations begin again, but this time of Bismuth, the exact moment where Steven impaled her. Stevonnie, through Connie, is confused about who that was but through Steven, they tell her that it was Bismuth. After experiencing more hallucinations, the one of Rose ultimately shocks them, and they fall off the edge of the Arena.

Mindful Education Fall 1

Stevonnie unfuses in mid-air as they fell and Connie suggests they refuse as to be able to hover and prevent themselves from falling. Steven is still sobbing while saying he did not mean to hurt anyone. Connie assures him that it is okay to feel bad, and he had to be honest about how bad it feels because that is what she did. Steven understands, and they reform Stevonnie, who manages to hover safely to the ground. They then laugh, sigh, and stare at the sky saying "I'm here," referencing their song from earlier.

"Onion Gang"

Steven calls Connie to hang out with her, but she has to turn him down as she's doing back to school shopping.

"Steven's Dream"

Steven has a dream where he sees a pink palanquin. The next morning, he calls Connie over, who is excited about his discovery, giving him Buddy's journal from the library. Steven flips the pages to the page with the palanquin drawing, and she corrects Steven's pronunciation of the word, and they decide to ask the Gems about it. Connie awkwardly watches with Amethyst as Steven argues with Garnet about going to where the palanquin in the drawing was located, and as he storms out, she lets him borrow the journal, saying she has to return it in a week

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

Steven asks Connie to protect Beach City while he heads into space with the Gems to rescue Greg.

"The New Crystal Gems"

The New Crystal Gems 074

Connie meets Steven, Greg, and the Gems in front of the Beach House as they return from space. She explains to them her supervision of Beach City went well; however, she experienced some minor difficulties. As Connie describes her story, a flashback to when Steven called her before leaving to rescue Greg begins. After the phone call, Connie heads over to Steven's house where she is surprised to meet Peridot, Lapis, and Pumpkin. Following an awkward introduction, they explain to each other that they have been tasked with the protection of Beach City. They are initially unsure of working together, but Peridot determines that emulating the team structure and roles of the Crystal Gems will be the ideal way to carry out their duties. They form their own team, dubbed the New Crystal Gems, and each chooses a member from the original team to impersonate. Peridot chooses Garnet, Connie picks Steven, Lapis pretends to be Amethyst, and Pumpkin is assigned to be Pearl.

The New Crystal Gems 114

They shortly begin their supervision of Beach City and its citizens. After a while, the team hears a cry coming from It's a Wash. They head over and find Buck with his dad's defaced van. Connie reasons that they should also run the car wash while Greg and Steven are away. The New Crystal Gems proceed to wash the car, utilizing their abilities and acting their roles as they do. They promptly finish, satisfied with their first success as a team. Sometime later, the four return to the car wash and find a long line of vehicles, word of their effective car-washing procedure having gotten around town. As the team washes the cars, they begin to find each other's behavior unbefitting of their roles. Arguments between the members escalate until the team accidentally drops a car on the car wash sign. In an attempt to rally the group, Connie tries to give an inspiring speech, which ultimately fails.

The New Crystal Gems 254

The next day, the New Crystal Gems regroup at the Beach House where Peridot and Lapis continue arguing about each other's incompetence. Connie eventually shouts at them to cease their bickering. She acknowledges that she does not have Steven's patience or aptitude to mediate arguments, but states that it is impossible to solve problems if they are trying to imitate others. Connie states that the team is more fitting as the Crystal Temps, and suggests they try to do things their own way. The others agree, and they head back to the car wash to clean the mess. In the present, Connie, Steven, Greg, and the Gems arrive at the car wash and find the building in perfect condition, save for the missing sign. Connie admits that they were unable to repair the sign, after which Peridot, Lapis, and Pumpkin arrive with a new one. To the Crystal Temp's joy, Greg is impressed, finding the new sign better than the old one.

"Storm in the Room"

Connie prepares to leave the Beach House now that Steven has returned from space. Dr. Maheswaran has not arrived yet, however, prompting Connie to call her. She does not answer, so Steven and Connie decide to play some board games as they wait. As time passes, Connie gradually grows more concerned, afraid that her mother may have gotten into an accident. Dr. Maheswaran eventually arrives, apologizing and explaining to Connie that there were some complications at the hospital. The two bid farewell to Steven as they leave for home.


Connie is seen leaving the Beach House after spending time with Steven.

"Doug Out"

Steven and Connie are hanging out and eating fries together, but they're interrupted by Connie's father playing a joke on them. He explains that he's been hired by Harold Smiley to investigate trespassers at Funland. The two decide to join him for his stakeout.

Doug Out (102)

Connie helps her father pursue the suspect through Funland, discovering the culprit to be Onion. Mr. Maheswaran is saddened and reveals he wanted to seem cool to his daughter. Connie consoles him, saying that she likes to hang out with him even if he isn't cool. They decide to let Onion leave with a warning, as they scared him.

"Are You My Dad?"

Connie and the Gems work on composite drawings of the Gem Steven saw near Funland Arcade. He decides that Connie's drawing is the closest. When the Gems split up to look for this Gem, Steven and Connie go together.

In the woods, Steven and Connie encounter Aquamarine. When she realizes Connie's name, Aquamarine calls over Topaz to kidnap her, trapping her and the rest of the missing humans between herself in a fusion. Steven is unable to save Connie before being knocked out.

"I Am My Mom"

Steven asks the Crystal Gems to help him save all his friends. He gets a call from Connie revealing where they are and they go to Funland. After trying to save them, Steven realizes that he made the list and he says that he's "my dad" as an attempt for a plan. Aquamarine traps Steven in Topaz. They go in Aquamarine's ship and Steven unfuses Topaz by popping her with his bubble before taking off.

I am my mom 296

Connie battles Topaz along with Steven and mentions they that should fuse, but Steven is too worried because he made the list. Eventually, they reach the door and everyone jumps out except for Steven. Aquamarine freezes everyone but Steven using her wand. Steven turns himself in saying he's his mom (Rose Quartz) and Aquamarine lets everyone else go. Steven tells Connie and the Gems he loves them before he leaves. Connie screams for him not to go as Steven is taken to Homeworld.

Season 5

"Lars' Head"

Connie becomes glad that Steven has finally returned home and she, the Gems and Greg run up to hug him, knowing that Steven is back.

"Dewey Wins"

Dewey Wins 19

Connie becomes upset that Steven had given himself up instead of working together with her as he'd always promised to defeat Aquamarine and Topaz. After arguing with Steven, and failing to get him to realize how much he emotionally hurt her by forgoing their team and surrendering to Homeworld, she resignedly leaves with an equally upset Lion.

Steven realizes how he hurt Connie at the end of the episode. He calls her, but she doesn't pick up.


Steven tries to text Connie throughout the episode, but she doesn't respond. He reveals to Pearl that the reason he's been despondent is because Connie is upset with him. He's disappointed after regaining his cell service that Connie still hasn't gotten back in touch with him.

"Raising the Barn"

Steven is still depressed that Connie hasn't gotten in contact with him. He repeats to himself that she'll call when she's ready. When Peridot and Lapis video call him, Steven at first assumes the call is from Connie.

Between "Dewey Wins" and "Kevin Party"

During the estrangements, Connie receives Steven's multiple texts and calls from his attempts to make amends. She considers responding but is unable to figure out what to say to him. Eventually, she decides it best to talk things out in person, and rides Lion, who'd been staying with her during this time to Steven's house to talk. When she arrives though, she finds that he's gone on vacation. Afterwards, for reasons unknown, she apparently doesn't try to visit Steven again or let him know that she was ready to work things out, even after he stops trying to reach out to her to give her space on his dad's advice.

At some point during this time, Connie also cuts or gets someone to cut her long, flowing hair down to a chin-length bob with bangs, both as a coping method for her recent experiences, and as a personal reflection on how she has changed and grown over the past four seasons with as her experiences with Steven and the Crystal Gems, as well become more confident in herself.

"Kevin Party"

Kevin Party (092)

A few weeks after last seeing or hearing from Steven, Connie shows up to Kevin's party after being invited by him and told that Steven would be there as well. After much awkwardness and tension caused by her and Steven's own feelings of uncertainty towards each other, as well as Kevin's manipulations, the two are finally able to talk again. Connie apologizes to Steven for not texting back and leaving him in the dark for so long, and Steven apologizes to her for giving himself up and ignoring her feelings, and the two reconcile their relationship, reaffirming themselves as "Jam Buds". Steven comments on Connie's new haircut after Connie comments on Steven's shirt (which she had given him for his birthday). The two then leave together on Lion after ignoring Kevin's attempts to get them to fuse into Stevonnie (which was what he'd truly invited them both there for).

"Lars of the Stars"

Connie becomes excited about her first space adventure with Steven, and the two travel through Lion's mane, and emerge through the portal in Lars' head. She and Steven find that Lars and the Gems known as the Off Colors (whom she meets for the first time) are now a space pirate crew now. She and Steven later fuse into Stevonnie to help Lars regain his confidence after he breaks down over Sadie seemingly being so happy without him, and remain fused into and all throughout "Jungle Moon".

"Jungle Moon"

Connie spends the whole episode fused as Stevonnie. While trying to get in contact with the Sun Incinerator, Stevonnie identifies themself as Steven and Connie.

"Your Mother and Mine"

Steven recalls how the Off Colors saved him and Connie from the Jungle Moon.


Reunited (541)

Connie attends the Ruby and Sapphire's wedding with her parents, and later participates in the battle against the Diamonds. During the fight she takes charge several times, including a direct attack on Blue Diamond which results in the destruction of Rose's Sword. After Steven is knocked out cold, Connie tries to wake him, but he manages to communicate with her via spiritual means and convinces her to guard his body while he tries to get through to Blue and Yellow Diamond about the truth about Pink Diamond, and is there when Steven regains consciousness.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

Following the battle, Connie sticks with the Steven and the Crystal Gems, and mostly observes as the Diamonds rejoice in finding Pink Diamond, aka Steven, learn more about the consequences of their final attack, including corruption, and then, with her parents' blessing, goes along with Steven, the Diamonds and the original Crystal Gems to Homeworld to try to convince White Diamond to help cure the Earth Gems' corruption. She is last seen with the Crystal Gems after Steven is taken away to see White Diamond, much to her dismay.


Connie, along with Garnet and Amethyst, reunites with Steven after Pearl smuggles them into his room via her gem and learns of his decision to throw a ball to bring everyone together.

"Together Alone"

Together Alone - Steven and Connie dancing

Connie helps Steven, the Crystal Gems, and Blue and Yellow's Pearls plan the ball, helps the Pearls understand what fun is, and is begrudgingly allowed to attend the ball as his "pet" due to her status as an organic being. Later, during the ball, when Steven feels that he's made everyone miserable by caving into Homeworld's stifling traditions to impress White Diamond, she comforts him and convinces him to dance with her despite his reservations about it, which leads to them accidentally fusing into Stevonnie, and unintentionally causing an uproar that winds up ruining the ball, getting the Crystal Gems poofed and Stevonnie thrown into a prison tower as punishment.


Escapism 065

Connie comforts Steven as he mopes over how their mission has gone wrong, and when Steven gets the idea to use his psychic powers to travel to Earth to find help, she remains with him to watch over his body, staying with him to the point where she falls asleep with him in her lap prior to his return. 

"Change Your Mind"

Steven and Connie are awakened by Blue Diamond entering the tower. She's sassy to Blue Diamond and backs Steven up as he confronts her. After Blue resolves to help them escape with the Crystal Gems, she takes them first to Pink's room and then to Yellow's.

They get caught up in the Diamonds' fight while rescuing the Gems. Steven and Connie successfully talk the Diamonds down, though their escape is once again halted by White Diamond. Now supported by Lapis, Peridot, and Bismuth, Connie saves Steven after the Diamond Mech drops him. However, he lets go of her hands after accidentally dropping the Gems.

After the Crystal Gems form Obsidian, Connie is caught by them after an accidental fall. She later makes it to the top of the Diamond Mech, where she's able to enter the head ship. She loses in a battle against Pearl, who's being controlled by White Diamond. Connie is forced to watch as Steven's Gem is removed.

Change Your Mind 809

As Steven's Gem reforms, Connie helps his human half make it back to his Gem half. She's overjoyed when Steven reunites with himself and laughs with the other Crystal Gems, no freed from White Diamond's control. The Diamond Mech returns her and the other Crystal Gems to Earth, where she sees her parents once again. She attends a barbecue with Greg and the Crystal Gems.

Steven Universe: The Movie

SU Movie 105

Two years after the end of the fifth season, Connie waits up for Steven to return from Homeworld and kisses him on the cheek before leaving for space camp. Later, after Lion, sent by Steven, notifies her of the danger posed by Spinel, Connie quickly returns with him, helps the other Gems save Beach City's citizens from the poison from Spinel's Injector. During this time, she expresses concern for Steven during his final clash with Spinel, especially after the battle causes the Injector to explode, and relieved to find him alive and safe in the aftermath.

Steven Universe Future

"Little Homeschool"

Steven reveals that Connie has gotten a head start on college prep, despite still being two years away from actually applying, but she told him that it didn't hurt to start early.

"Rose Buds"

Steven mentions Connie as his source of knowledge while describing Earth's atmosphere.

"In Dreams"

Connie appears in two cameos in Steven's nightmares; the first at a dance party in the Beach House, and the second when she suddenly replaces Jasmine in one of Steven's Camp Pining Hearts dreams and gives Steven (as Stefan) an angry glare, before morphing into Obsidian and crushing him.

"Bismuth Casual"

Steven and Connie go with Pearl and Bismuth to a roller rink to have fun. While there, the two  run into her cram school friends Patricia and Daniel. Steven makes an awkward impression on them, and not knowing how to skate, repeatedly urges Connie to go hang with her friends instead of helping him.

Bismuth Casual 121

After a while, with some encouragement from Bismuth, Steven expresses that he feels that Connie is drifting away from him, but doesn't want to hold her back from continuing to grow. After Connie reassures Steven that he is still her best friend, the two reaffirm their bond by fusing and winning a best-skater contest as Stevonnie.

"Together Forever"

Together Forever 153

Connie chats with Steven about her future college ambitions during a study break, but is forced to end the call to continue studying. Later, Steven shows up with Lion and takes Connie on a special date back to where they first officially meet each other, where he has set up a special picnic for them. After singing her a special song, Steven proposes that he and Connie marry and attend college as Stevonnie. Connie is caught off-guard by the proposal, and though greatly flattered, turns him down due to her and Steven's young ages and wanting to be her own person outside of a fusion. However, she clarifies her answer as a "not now" instead of a "no" and assures Steven that they have plenty of time before they take such a step and returns home on Lion to continue studying.

"Growing Pains"

At some point following the failed marriage proposal, Connie calls Steven to check in on him, and after discovering that his shape-shifting powers are getting out of control, convinces him to seek medical help. After getting him settled in with her mother, Connie calls Greg to get him to come back from his tour to be with Steven.

Later, when Steven's recalling of the traumatic events in his life cause his powers to go out of control again, Connie returns to try and help, but soon realizes that, due to his hurt feelings over her turning down his proposal, her presence is only making it worse. She then leaves with her mother shortly after Greg arrives, promising Steven that she's be there whenever he feels ready to talk to her again.

"Everything's Fine"

Connie calls Steven just after he returns from Homeworld, but he dodges her questions about his condition and ends the call, much to her concern.

She visits the beach house after Steven's inner feelings project onto her phone, and participates in a semi-intervention with the Gems and Greg to try and get Steven to open up about what's bothering him. During this, she becomes shocked to learn that Steven never told the Gems about going to the hospital, and is even more shocked when he reveals that he shattered Jasper. She then watches as Steven finally melts down and transforms into a Gem monster.

"I Am My Monster"

Connie assists the Gems and Greg in trying to calm down and revert Steven to normal. Teaming up with Lion once more, the two are first sent to evacuate the town. When the Gems and Greg, along with the recently arrived Diamonds and Spinel start to break down and blame themselves for Steven's transformation, Connie returns with Lion and gives the speech that Steven's condition and prior suppressing his feelings has happened because he has always put others before himself and that now they all need to help him, just as he has always helped them before.

I Am My Monster 182

She and everyone else embrace Steven and assure him that he is loved no matter what, and Connie herself ensures that everyone will take care of him just as he has them for so long and kisses his face. This finally causes Steven to transform back to normal and emotionally break down afterwards, with his family surrounding him.

"The Future"

The Future 120

A few months after Steven's meltdown, Connie visits Steven via Lion, and it's revealed that Steven has opted to leave Beach City to travel and possibly eventually settle down at his own place, with the two planning to meet each other during his travels with Lion's help. It's also implied that the two have finally entered an official relationship as they share their first on-screen kiss just before Steven leaves, and Connie sees him off with Greg and the Gems.

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