The Corrupting Light, was a weapon utilized by the Great Diamond Authority, as a means of corrupting the remaining Gems on Earth, near the end of the Rebellion. This light was first shown in "Same Old World" and later explained in "Monster Reunion". The light is composed of blue, white, and yellow rays, potentially referencing the diamonds of the same color.


Same Old World Homeworld Flee

In "Same Old World", Lapis states that there was a panic on Earth to escape after all hope of stopping the Rebellion was lost. After the majority of Homeworld Gems fled, a light was emitted from the sky. Later, in "Monster Reunion", the purpose of the light was explained by Centipeetle as a tool for corruption, most likely to ensure the rebellion could never threaten Homeworld, as well as an indirect way to destroy all life on the planet by way of the out-of-control monsters. Based on her recollection of the event, it is most likely that the majority of Gems were not aware of what exactly they were fleeing from.


  • Steven described the light as: "A sound? A song?".
  • Despite all Gems exposed to the light being corrupted, Lapis was unaffected for unknown reasons.
    • The Desert Glass was also trapped similarly, but became corrupted.
  • Based on accounts of Lapis and Centipeetle, the light has many similarities to atomic weapons, specifically the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the nuclear tests that followed.
    • The light was used at to end the Rebellion, and the two atomic bombs were used to end World War II.
    • The light is to be unknown to a majority of civilians and military personnel, the Manhattan Project was likewise kept a secret from most of the American government.
    • The light is used by the Great Diamond Authority alone without consulting, and the Atomic bombings of Japan were approved by Harry Truman, without consulting with the US Congress.
    • The light changes the appearance of Gems and causes corruption, and atomic weapons affect victims with radiation poisoning and causes mutations such as keloid scaring.
    • Both weapons are describe by eyewitnesses and victims as a bright light
    • Both Homeworld and Crystal Gems were affected by the light. Likewise, a dozen American POWs were caught in the blast of "Little Boy" in Hiroshima


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