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Speaker Dialogue
Strike Come out, come out wherever you are. I summoned you two heroes here to destroy you. And just like all the others, I will annihilate you!
Garnet (Grunts)
Strike Fine, I'll just summon some other hero to obliterate. Let's see... Ah, this one looks like he's got some fight in him. Let's play!
Pen Now summoning hero.
K.O. Oof!
Pen Success.
K.O. Hey, what's this spooky dump? And where are my friends?
Strike I am Strike. Howdy, hero -- and toodle-oo!
K.O. What, me?! I-I'm still just a hero in training.
Strike Yeah, I don't care.
K.O. (Whimpers)
Garnet (Grunts)
K.O. Huh? Wha-- Who?
Garnet No time for introductions.
Ben Tennyson Guys this way, c'mon!
Strike (Growls) If these heroes don't want to stay and play, I'll just have to pin them down.
All (Panting)
Garnet There!
K.O. You two seem like heroes, but I can't find either of you in my Pow Cards.
Garnet I'm a Crystal Gem. I fight off threats from outer space and protect my planet from anything that would harm it. The name's Garnet.
K.O. That's amazing! Uh, what do you do, little boy?
Ben Tennyson Uh, I'm Ten.
K.O. Oh! I'm sorry.
Ben Tennyson No, I'm Ben Ten... ...nyson. I travel around the country with my grandpa and cousin Gwen in an RV.
K.O. That's nice.
Pen Destroy heroes.
All (Startles)
Ben Tennyson Let's go Four Arms. It's Hero Time.
(Ben Tennyson pressing the Omnitrix and turning into Four Arms)
Four Arms Oh, yeah! (Grunts)
K.O. Whoa!
Four Arms Did I fail to mention my Omnitrix, which lets me turn into 10 different super-cool aliens?
K.O. Who-ha-ha!
Four Arms My Omnitrix! I'm stuck like this without it!
Garnet Stop gawping, or it'll do worse.
K.O. (Shouts)
Garnet Ha! Ha! Take this!
Pen Spin attack.
Four Arms That don't look good.
K.O. (Strains) Thanks, Ben. Or should I call you Four Arms? It's kind of confusing.
Four Arms Don't sweat it.
K.O. (Whimpers)
Garnet Huh? (Grunts)
K.O. Garnet! Your cool glasses!
Garnet We'd better get movin'. We'e got to lose it before it recovers and steals any more of our powers.
K.O. Your sunglasses were your power?
Garnet Not quite -- they just gave me the clarity and focus I need to use my future vision -- also, they're prescription.
Four Arms In there! New, new, new, new! All clear, guys! (Screams)
K.O. Four Arms!
Four Arms It's hideous!
K.O. Huh? Who are all these guys?
Garnet They must be heroes that couldn't escape Strike's...strike. Let's keep moving.
Four Arms Man, if red Strike X'ed all these years, h-he be may stronger than I thought.
K.O. If all these heroes couldn't stop him, what could the three of us possibly do?
Raven (off-screen) Do what he isn't expecting, and go to his lair.
K.O. That's a great idea, Garnet!
Garnet I didn't say anything, K.O.
K.O. Ben?
Four Arms Dude, did that honestly sound like my voice to you?
Raven I said.
K.O. (Gasps) A hero!
Raven Hi.
K.O. (Strains) You've got X'ed by Strike, but you can still talk and stuff?
Raven I got protection spell off just before he X'ed me.
Garnet (Grunts)
Garnet Garnet.
K.O. K.O.!
Four Arms Four Arms -- and Ben -- and, like, a bunch of other guys, too --
Garnet We need to know who you are and what this place is.
Raven I'm part of a group of superheroes called the Teen Titans. My name's Raven. Uh, excuse me? That's better. Before I got X'ed out, I learned this used to be a great city of heroes, but Strike appeared and stole everyone's powers.
Strike (Evil Laughs)
Raven He was still hungry, so he started summoning heroes from other dimensions to destroy. If we don't stop him, there'll be no heroes left...anywhere.
K.O. Why would he do something so cob-darn awful?
Raven Eh, it's his thing. It's what he does. He's like evil, you know pure evil or whatever.
Four Arms Seems like this dude always has the element of surprise.
Garnet Maybe we should surprise him, and ambush him at his lair.
Raven That was literally the first thing I said.
K.O. Raven, want to join us?
Raven Eh, I don't know. I was having such a great time as a lifeless statue.
K.O. Ooh, a new friend! You can be the brains of our team.
Raven as usual.
K.O. Hey, Raven? Where is this evil lair anyway?
Raven Over there -- the giant fortress just past the impassable chasm.
K.O. Oh, okay. Neat.
Raven (Sighs) Still smarter than Beast Boy.
K.O. So, what kind of magic can you do?
Raven Uh, all of it? Normally I would wield my dimensional magic to get us home, but Strike stole my powers. I can still levitate but -- Azarath Metrion Zinthos! (Sighs) Nothing.
K.O. Whippley dip dipple. I just realized that we all come from teams of great heroes. Maybe the four of us can form a new team together. How about "O.K. Ben! Let's Go! Universe"?
Four Arms, Garnet and Raven (Laughs)
Four Arms Yeah, this is a pretty good time. (Laughs)
K.O. (Sighs)
Four Arms K.O., watch out!
K.O. (Gasps)
Raven Strike's traps.
K.O. W-- How are we supposed to get across that?!
Raven You guys all have flight powers, right?
Four Arms You know, one of my other forms can fly, actually.
Raven Really?! That's so cool! (Grumbling) And would be really useful in this situation.
Four Arms It's not my fault I don't have my Omnitrix, okay?
Garnet You double need to stop bickering and pay attention.
Four Arms Ahh! Chompy fish!
Raven Everyone, hold on to my super-strong legs!
K.O., Garnet and Four Arms (Shouts)
Garnet Get…
K.O. and Garnet ...back!
K.O. Ha! Power fist!
K.O. and Garnet (Grunts)
Raven We're almost there! Hold on tight! Agh! Never mind. We're gonna die.
Garnet Leave it to me. Hup! No one hurts my friends. Rrrraw!
K.O. Wow! Thanks, Garnet.
Four Arms Yeah, thanks, Garnet.
Raven This is it -- Strike's lair. Got to admit, he's got taste.
Four Arms What do we do now?
K.O. Whoa! (Shouts)
Garnet Run!
Garnet, K.O., Four Arms and Raven (Panting)
Pen Destroy Heroes.
K.O. Ah!
Four Arms What is it waiting for?
Strike (Laughs) Me.
Four Arms What?!
Strike I programmed ole blasty here to corner you -- not to destroy you.
Four Arms Oh. Phew!
Strike (Chuckles) I'm gonna do that myself.
All Uh-oh.
Strike And now to start my incredibly long, un-interruptible power-up sequence. Ra-a-a-a-a-a…
Garnet He's channeling dark magics for a single, fatal blow.
Four Arms We got to do something!
Raven Without our powers? Face it, he's got us pinned.
K.O. Pen... Pen... Pen! That's it! Power fist! Ha. Ta-da!
Raven What?
K.O. Well, I noticed all those piranha traps back there were red. So I figured this thing can create as well as destroy. Besides, it does look kind of like a big ole pen.
Raven That's an astonishing logical leap K.O.
Four Arms, Raven and Garnet (Shouts)
K.O. (Groans) Aaaand... Whoops, can't forget this.
Four Arms I'm too young to di-- My Omnitrix!
(Four Arms transform back into Ben Tennyson)
Ben Tennyson Ah -- feels good to be a kid again!
Raven Ah, satisfying.
K.O. Ready, Garnet?
Garnet Well, that's our powers restored, but what about yours K.O.?
K.O. (Chuckles) Oh, well, I never actually lost my powers. The only thing I've been missing is my friends. But I just realized -- I have friends right here! And as long as we're together, nothing can stop us!
Ben Tennyson Good pep talk, bro!
Garnet Okay, K.O., let's be heroes.
Strike -...a-a-a-ah! There -- fully powered and ready to face heroes who are powerless. Now... Huh? Where dey go?
Ben Tennyson Hey, jerk!
Strike What?!
Raven, K.O., Garnet and Ben Tennyson O.K. Ben! Let's Go Universe!
Strike Oh, there you are. Ha! Goody. Now, perish! Wah! (Laughs)
Garnet (Grunts)
Strike Wha-- (Groans)
Raven Azarath Metrion Zinthos!
Strike (Grunts)
Ben Tennyson Got to find the right alien for the job!
(Ben Tennyson pressing the Omnitrix and turning into Jake the Dog)
Jake the Dog What? For reals?
(Jake the Dog changes into Prohyas Warrior)
Dolphin Magisword (Chatters)
(Prohyas Warrior transform back into Ben Tennyson)
Ben Tennyson My Omnitrix! Why isn't this thing working?!
K.O. Ben! It's okay! Your Omni-thingy was made with Strike's power, and he has the power to summon any hero into this world.
Ben Tennyson (Chuckles) I see where your going with this. It's Hero Time!
K.O. You just need... (Shouts) ...a power fist!
(Ben Tennyson transform into Robot Jones)
Robot Jones Ha ha ha ha ha.
(Robot Jones changes into Festro)
Festro Yeah, yeah! Spring Break!
(Festro changes into Uncle Grandpa)
Uncle Grandpa Good Morning!
(Uncle Grandpa changes into Gumball Watterson)
(Gumball Watterson changes into Mordecai)
(Mordecai changes into Edd)
(Edd changes into Wirt)
(Wirt changes into Moxy)
(Moxy changes into Grizzly Bear)
(Grizzly Bear changes into Jeff Randell)
(Jeff Randell changes into Grim Reaper)
(Grim Reaper changes into Chowder)
(Chowder changes into Captain K'nuckles)
(Captain K'nuckles changes into Monkey)
(Monkey changes into Cow)
(Cow changes changes into Johnny Bravo)
(Johnny Bravo changes into Buttercup)
(Buttercup changes into Dexter)
(Dexter changes into Finn the Human)
Strike Noooooo!
(Finn the Human punches Strike)
(Finn the Human transform back into Ben Tennyson)
K.O. Wow, Ben! You were incredible!
Ben Tennyson We were incredible.
Raven Yeah, we did all right.
Garnet Thank you. We made great teammates.
K.O. Thank you very much.
Ben Tennyson Ooh, I meant all the dudes in my Omnitrix, but you guys are okay, you, I guess.
K.O. That's nice. Thanks. Pen!
Raven Must be lost without its master's commands.
Garnet Then let's give it some of our own. This should reprogram it to make the world as good as new.
K.O. Let's make it better than new!
Garnet Done.
K.O. Whoa!
Pen Rebuilding.
Festro Whoa, bros, we're back.
Robot Jones What happened to me?
I.M. Weasel I am Weasel!
Festro Hey, nice to meet ya.
Ilana Oh, hi!
Garnet Hmm. That's that settled.
K.O. Hey, how are we getting home?
Raven Oh. Leave that to me. Azarath Metrion Zinthos!
Ben Tennyson Well, time to get going. Bye, guys! Gwen's gonna flip when she hears about this.
Raven See ya, guys. Finally, this crossover is over. (Gasps) Wait a minute! Zinthos! Phew. Close call.
Garnet It's time for me to go home, as well.
K.O. Mmm... Garnet, am I ever gonna see you again?
Garnet I don't know, but whatever happens, I'm not gonna forget you. (Whistles) Here.
K.O. Huh? (Gasps) (Crying) Garnet!
(K.O. woke up at Gar's Hero Supply & Bodega)
K.O. Ough. What happened? Did I just fall asleep? (Gasps) I hope Mr. Gar didn't see -- Huh? (Gasps) Wooow.

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