Template:Crying Breakfast"Crying Breakfast Friends!" is a TV show first introduced in "Space Race."


The show consists of crying breakfast items. It is unknown why they cry so frequently or what the reasoning behind their sorrows may be.


  • Sad Apple
  • Sniffling Croissant
  • Sad Pear
  • Spilled Milk
  • Sad Waffle
  • Crying Egg (mentioned in Keep Beach City Weird)
  • Weeping Egg Cup
  • Pining Grapefruit

Critical Reception

At least one person, Greg, dislikes the show, relating his distaste to his age. However, Steven appears to enjoy it, owning stickers produced by the creators of the show, which he used to mark deactivated warps (in "Space Race").

Episode appearances

"Gem Glow"

A brief clip of the show is appears on TV in this episode. It depicts a mural display of crying breakfast friends.

"Space Race"

Steven identifies deactivated warp pads with Crystal Gems at the Galaxy Warp by placing Crying Breakfast stickers on them (the warp pad). Later on the show is played on Greg's TV by the car wash in which he says cartoons have changed in his day and he's starting to feel old.

"Warp Tour"

Peridot flees the Galaxy Warp fearing the Sad Waffle sticker is a sign the site was invaded. She proceeds to take the sticker with her using it as evidence and then uses her Plug EMP to disable all her Plug Robonoids.

"Future Vision"

Steven is shown to be with a Sad Pear toy in the episode.

"Marble Madness"


As Peridot appears in Marble Madness

Peridot furiously shows the Crystal Gems the Sad Waffle sticker and questions if they were the ones who put it on the Homeworld warp, to which she gets no answer. It appears to of been used as evidence against them and she believes that this is their symbol of their alliance.


Steven tries to get the Crystal Gems to take a personality test relating to the Crying Breakfast Friends. Sniffling Croissant, Weeping Egg Cup, Pining Grapefruit, and Spilled Milk are mentioned by name, with some details on their characters.


  • The Steven Universe crew released a model sheet which reveals that the breakfast friends were once planned to appear in "Gem Glow." These early friends included a spoon and a glass of milk, and only the apple was crying.
  • Steven used the stickers at the Galaxy Warp to mark which warp pads aren't working during "Space Race."
  • If it wasn't for the Sad Waffle sticker, Peridot could have found the Gems in "Warp Tour."
  • Peridot believes the Crystal Gems' symbol is the Sad Waffle.
  • Some Crying Breakfast Friends! characters are references to the Crystal Gems and other characters in the show:
    • Steven's personality quiz resulted in "sniffling croissant."
    • Steven sees Pearl as "weeping eggcup, who's neurotic and uptight."
    • Greg Universe is "pining grapefruit, the sensitive older one who wishes he were a better role model."
    • "Oh Garnet, stern yet practical. Just like Spilled Milk!" - Steven
  • On Ronaldo's blog Keep Beach City Weird, he rants about a crossover between the Crying Breakfast Friends and Interdimensional Family Friend.
    • This is a fictional reference to the real world Steven Universe - Uncle Grandpa crossover, Ronaldo's reactions mirror those of many in the SU fanbase including the initial skepticism at its announcement and the events that occurred within the episode.  
    • The character, Interdimensional Family Friend, is a reference to Uncle Grandpa.


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