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Crystal Gem Smash was a Steven Universe game available through the Cartoon Network iOS app. It was created by Dan Balgley. As of July 9, 2015, Crystal Gem Smash, and all other games on the Cartoon Netowrk iOS app, were removed in an update.

Creator's Description

"For this new Rebecca Sugar created Cartoon Network TV show, I designed a “Breakout” style game where Steven Universe has to release all the Crystal Gems from being locked in their stones by the Centipeetle. I love this show, its characters, and was so happy to get to work on this game for the official CN iOS App."

How to Play

Drag your finger across the screen to move Steven. Bounce the ball to clear the stones. Dark stones take multiple hits to clear. Beware of the Centipeetle! Hit it in the head to destroy it. Clear all of the stones and rescue all of the gems by smashing the ball into them to advance to the next level.

Power Ups

  • Amethyst's gem = Breaks through stones.
  • Pearl's gem = Summons another ball to break rocks with.
  • Garnet's gem = Explodes the rocks around it.
  • Rose Quartz's gem = Summons a shield, making it easier to keep the ball up in the air.
  • 1-up = Extra life.


  • In the "How to Play" guide for the game, the Centipeetle's name is misspelled as "Centipeedle".


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