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The Crystal Temps also referred to as the New Crystal Gems, is a group formed in "The New Crystal Gems" by Peridot and includes Connie Maheswaran, Pumpkin, and Lapis Lazuli.

The Crystal Temps serve as substitutes for the Crystal Gems when they are away.


After Connie, Peridot, and Lapis were each tasked to protect Beach City in "Adventures in Light Distortion", the three meet up with Pumpkin at the Temple. Peridot comes up with the plan for each person to imitate a member of the Crystal Gems to successfully protect and observe Beach City.

While their imitation of the Crystal Gems led to a minor disaster at "It's a Wash", they are shown to be acceptable reserved members who are exceptional as mechanics as they have rebuilt the "It's a Wash" sign and acquired Greg's approval in the meantime.



Connie decides to play the role of Steven. Donning his shirt, she watches Beach City with a pair of binoculars and acts as the voice of reason and empathy for the team.

She was able to give the team a speech that convinces the union of Lapis and Peridot when the relationships between them began to fall apart thanks to the constant criticism of each other's poor imitation.

It was then learned that why Connie's previous attempt at a speech Steven would do was because it was an attempt at imitation that garnered the criticism in the first place among the members. In her second speech, it would be mentioned that they could not replace the Crystal Gems, so it would be wiser to do what they can do, not what the Crystal Gems can do.


Peridot decides to play the role of Garnet. She wears black sunglasses and occasionally uses an aloof and distant tone to mimic Garnet. Lapis felt Peridot was more like Pearl, however, because Peridot was easily aggravated by lacking authority over people.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis decides to play the role of Amethyst. She adopts Amethyst's look and sense of humor. She switches to the role of Garnet later on and mimics her accent and tone which led to a fight with Peridot since she was meant to be the leader.


Pumpkin is assigned the role of Pearl since there were no other alternatives around. She wears a party hat on her face to mimic Pearl's pointy nose. Despite her role, she still acts like her regular self.