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The Crystal Temps, also referred to as the New Crystal Gems, is a group formed by Connie, Peridot, Pumpkin, and Lapis Lazuli in "The New Crystal Gems" to substitute for the Crystal Gems.


After Connie, Peridot, and Lapis were each tasked with staying on Earth in "Adventures in Light Distortion", the three meet up with Pumpkin Dog at the Temple. Peridot comes up with the plan for each person to imitate a member of the Crystal Gems to successfully protect Beach City.



Connie decides to play the role of Steven. Wearing his shirt, she watches Beach City with a pair of binoculars and often acts as the voice of reason on the team. She is able to give the team a speech that reunites them when things fall apart.


Peridot decides to play the role of Garnet. She wears sunglasses and occasionally uses a calm tone to mimic Garnet.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis decides to play the role of Amethyst. She adopts Amethyst's bang style and occasionally makes jokes in the same manner. She switches to the role of Garnet later on and mimics her accent and young tone.


Expand Pumpkin is assigned the role of Pearl, as it was the last one left. It is dressed with a party hat on its face to represent Pearl's nose.

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