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Old Gems ruin everything. That's why new Gems like us have to fix it.

Unleash the Light

Demantoid is one of the main antagonists and a boss in Unleash the Light. She is an Era 2 Garnet who is a former holder of the remaining Light Prisms.


With Limb Enhancers

Demantoid's build is similar to that of Hessonite and Pyrope but smaller. She has dull yellow-green and a dull cool green hairstyle resembling an afro. She has a unibrow and a yellow eyepatch-like visor on her right eye as well as dull cool green eyes. She wears a black and green uniform with shoulder pads. Due to her small size she utilizes limb enhancers programmed with her Prism bigger than those of other Homeworld Gems functioning as a mech of sorts.

Without Limb Enhancers

Without her limb enhancers, she is short like Peridot 5XG. Her uniform is also similar to Peridot before her second regeneration. Her rectangular-faceted gemstone is located on her forehead above her hairline.


Demantoid acted in a robotic, pragmatic and businesslike manner, rarely showing emotions, speaking in a calm yet analytical tone and being exasperated by the proclamations of others. When angry her expressions drastically changed and she could be very fierce. She firmly believed older Gems ruined everything and newer Gems like her had to fix it. She got angry when her limb enhancers were taken with her Prism and angrier at Pyrope.


Some time after the beginning of Era 2, Demantoid was given limb enhancers and a Prism after emerging while becoming closely acquainted with Hessonite and Pyrope.

Unleash the Light

By the time Era 3 came thanks to Steven, Demantoid and Pyrope cut off their colonies' communications with Homeworld, made their Gems build in solitude, banned them from speaking about Era 3 and replaced them with constructs from her and Pyrope's Prisms.

She first appeared on a monitor when Steven and his friends approached the Palace before Pyrope sent them off. Pearl later hacked into her transmissions and overheard her planning on heading to Crystal System Colony 215. When the Crystal Gems confronted her on another unfinished colony she expressed her knowledge of Era 3 stating the Gem Empire and the Great Diamond Authority had become "obsolete"; she took notice of Hessonite's former Prism George in their possession and stated she upgraded her own. When the Gems tried to contain her Prism for a while with the Prism Containment Chest she had her Prism knock it away before the Bismuths originally working on her colonies confronted her as well. Depending on the player's choice, she either used her Prism to poof Bismuth or held on to the chest; either way she fled the colony.

When the Crystal Gems were heading through the Palace she appeared on another monitor alongside Pyrope when Hessonite met the Crystal Gems again; she was cut off by Pyrope before being able to inform her of Hessonite's disguise to her irritation. After the Gems faced Pyrope, she showed up, pointed out her fellow Homeworld Gem's arrogance and questioned Pyrope's ignorance of Hessonite's identity when she revealed herself. Demantoid then snatched George away with her limb enhancers to combine with the other Prisms and silenced Steven when he tried reaching out to George before Hessonite did it herself. When the Prisms separated, she became angry and refused to follow Pyrope's orders anymore; she ultimately had her Prism taken by Bismuth which also took away her limb enhancers, making her even more frustrated and causing her to argue with Pyrope, saying she did all the work. Not too long afterwards, she and Pyrope lunged at one another, resulting in them poofing themselves.


Demantoid presumably possesses standard Gem abilities; due to being made in Era 2, she lacked certain resources in production and required limb enhancers.


  • Light Prism: Demantoid owned a Prism of Light which she used to fight the Crystal Gems. Unlike the other two Prisms, Demantoid managed to upgrade hers, thus being able to create her own version of limb enhancers. However, it was eventually taken away from her.

Additional Tools

  • Limb Enhancers: Demantoid had a pair of limb enhancers that were constructed from her Prism, although they were bigger than the ones which Peridot originally had. However, they were immediately deconstructed when Demantoid lost her Prism.
    • Tractor Beam: Demantoid was able to produce a tractor beam from her left hand to move objects/people, however the color of her tractor beam is unknown.
    • Blaster: Demantoid could use either of her limb enhancers arms to blast her opponents like Peridot.
    • Helicopter Fingers: Demantoid was originally able to expand the fingers of either limb enhancer hand and spin them rapidly enough to fly, the only difference being she uses both hands whilst Peridot used one.


  • Demantoid was confirmed to be an Era 2 Gem by Pearl stating she was "younger". Hessonite furthered this by telling her "The adults are talking."
    • However, it is currently unknown if her short size is due to being an Era 2 Gem like Peridot 5XG or "overcooked" like Amethyst 8XM.
  • According to Grumpyface Studios, when designing Demantoid they were asked to reference military strategists like Napoleon Bonaparte.


Image Description
Demantoid's Gem by FOS.png
Demantoid's gemstone is located above her hairline appearing embedded in her frontal lobe area. It is green and somewhat rectangular with facets around the edge similar to Hessonite and Pyrope's gemstones.


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