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|writer = [[Jeff Liu]]<br />[[Lamar Abrams]]
|writer = [[Jeff Liu]]<br />[[Lamar Abrams]]
|director = Sang Un Jeon & Seung Wook Shin <small>(animation)</small><br />[[Liz Artinian]] <small>(art)</small><br />[[Joe Johnston]] <small>(supervising)</small>
|director = Sang Un Jeon & Seung Wook Shin <small>(animation)</small><br />[[Liz Artinian]] <small>(art)</small><br />[[Joe Johnston]] <small>(supervising)</small>
|previous = "[[Lars' Head]]"
|next = "[[Gemcation]]"
'''"Dewey Wins"''' is the 5<sup>th</sup> episode of the [[Season 5|fifth season]] of [[Steven Universe (TV series)|''Steven Universe'']] and the 133<sup>rd</sup> episode overall.<ref name="NYCCDEWEY">[ Recorded clip from ][ NYCC]</ref>
'''"Dewey Wins"''' is the 5<sup>th</sup> episode of the [[Season 5|fifth season]] of [[Steven Universe (TV series)|''Steven Universe'']] and the 133<sup>rd</sup> episode overall.<ref name="NYCCDEWEY">[ Recorded clip from ][ NYCC]</ref>

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You're safe. You're here. I'm here. We're safe. Everything's fine.


"Dewey Wins" is the 5th episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe and the 133rd episode overall.[1]

Official Synopsis

Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign.[2]


After the events of the previous episode, Steven insists he walks Connie home, while Greg and the Gems look on in worry. Connie gives herself a head start without notifying Steven, so he and Lion run to catch up, as he is excited to tell her all about his Homeworld adventure, including being put on trial in front of the Diamonds, and the aftermath, with Lars and the Off Colors.

He also admits that he really was happy to see her once again, and despite Connie expressing she feels the same, she is critical of the fact Steven gave himself up to Homeworld without a fight. Misunderstanding her implications, Steven explained that he had no choice, since Topaz and Aquamarine would have abducted his friends, as well as her, if he hadn't. Connie states she feels betrayed, as it seems that all her training and their fighting practice as Stevonnie was for nothing. Steven still insists the previous events were his fault, and thought if he turned himself in, no one would get hurt. Unconvinced he understands what she is trying to say, Connie mounts Lion and warps away, leaving Steven alone on the beach.

The next day, Steven heads to the Big Donut to tell Sadie about his adventure, but she becomes distressed when she discovers that Lars is still in space. Steven reassures her that Lars will be fine, but he is yet to tell his parents. On their way to Lars' House, they pass a commotion at Fish Stew Pizza, where Nanefua Pizza is campaigning to be elected as the new mayor of Beach City, as she feels Mayor Dewey is unfit to run the town. Sadie goes on to see Lars' parents, as Steven texts Connie, informing her of the recent events.

Steven visits Mayor Dewey in his office, as to root for him to stay as mayor, since the Gem abduction was his fault and he should've told him about it before it had occurred. His idea was to call an improved town meeting in the boardwalk, tell everyone Mayor Dewey wasn't involved, and everyone would vote for him in the next election. Dewey approves and hope he doesn't "drop the ball".

So later that's what they did as Steven explained everything, that Dewey had nothing to do with it, and it was all caused by Steven with them giving names and putting the people in danger. As if Mayor Dewey would never do that, as to that he basically keeps a low profile and doesn't get involved in much of anything. But the people explain that was the point, he should have been involved as that he is the mayor. Steven then concluded as Mayor Dewey took the bull horn since Steven was giving out too much information, Dewey explain that everyone was at least safe and accounted for from the abduction. But Sadie came in to explain about Lars being the only one who is not noticed, and asked how he as the mayor could not notice one of his citizens missing. He soon realized who she was talking about and was insisting by his power to hire a new donut boy. No one liked that idea, everyone booed at him. In anger, Lars' Mother throws a tomato at him.

As sundown approaches, Mayor Dewey discovers that a video of him getting smacked by the tomato thrown by Mrs. Barriga is on TubeTube. Steven states that 12 people have seen it, which makes Mayor Dewey panic, as 12 people is half of the town. Steven assures him that they can win in the big debate tomorrow, and hands him the book "How to Speak to People". He decides to write a speech for Mayor Dewey to recite that will redeem himself to the citizens of Beach City. Reading the book and writing the speech takes a long time, eventually taking up the whole night.

The next morning, they were ready for the "Speech-a-Paloza" debate, along with some note cards and some ocean town jokes for him to use in case of the alien invasion was mentioned. Dewey was grateful for Steven as he was a son he never had, even thought he already has one he does added he is very different from him. Soon everyone was calling out for a speech, Steven hugs Dewey for luck and gets on to the stage, along with Nanefua Pizza. Soon they were ready to give out a speech.

Dewey declared that being mayor may look like a glamorous sort of thing, that is the reason why his opponent would want to be in, but since he has been mayor for a decade, he know something that Nanefua does not, the mayor always gets blamed for everything and most people can't handle that kind of pressure but him, he says to them to enjoy the ocean breeze and not worry about a thing "And let Dewey do it for you." Everyone lightly applauded. Nanefue realized he was right, That she has blamed him too many times, which is not helping their situation. Soon everyone them realized it and she gave out when one of them suffer, the town suffers. No longer will she point fingers to Dewey, as she will extend all her fingers to all of beach city to share responsibility, welfare, and safety of beach city together. Everyone gave out a standing ovation and chanted for Nanefue as for the new mayor.

Steven tries to save his duty of being mayor by telling him to read his notecards, as he reached for them they got scrambled all over the floor, and started reading one of the ocean town jokes, but realized that he's not cut out for it and insisted that Beach city Does deserve a real but better mayor, and withdraws from being mayor.

As Ex-Mayor Dewey starts to leave, Steven came to him saying that he can't throw the election like that, and may still win, he believed in him, he believed in them. Dewey informed that he was wrong, there was nothing for him to say. Steven apologized that they were in this together and he let him down. Dewey already knew Nanefue would be a better mayor it was the right thing to do. And went to go find a new job.

Steven felt betrayed and realized what Connie was talking about. They were a team and he let her down. He reached for his phone and tries to call out to Connie to apologize. All evening he tries to call out Connie, and when it got dark, there was still no answer.






Instrumental Songs

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  • The first two minutes of this episode were shown at the New York Comic Con 2017.[1]
  • Initially, the episode was going to be released in Hong Kong on August 25, 2017, where the title of the episode and its synopsis was accidentally revealed due to a programming error. Eventually, it never happened, and the episode "Off Colors" was displayed instead.[citation needed]
  • This is the last episode to regularly feature Connie's original hairstyle, which was first seen in "Bubble Buddies".

Cultural References

  • The episode's title may be a reference to the 1948 U.S. Presidential election, where the Chicago Daily Tribune newspaper incorrectly printed that Republican candidate Thomas Dewey had beaten Harry Truman (with a headline of "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN") before the results came in that Truman had won.


  • The events of "I Am My Mom" leading up to, and including, "Lars' Head" are mentioned.
  • Connie mentions Jam Buds, which is most likely a reference to the The Jam Song she and Steven performed in "Sworn to the Sword".
  • While Nanafua insists that everyone should be held accountable for what happens in the city, Dewey admits his faults and gives up his campaing. This mirrors Steven and Connie's situation, as Steven decided to surrender to Homeworld for feeling responsible of Pink Diamond's shattering, while Connie wanted to keep fighting alongside Steven and the Crystal Gems. Furthermore, Steven feels disappointed of Dewey for giving up, just like Connie felt the same when Steven surrendered.
  • Steven and Connie would later reconcile in "Kevin Party".
  • This is the first episode to officially mention Lars' and his parents' last name, Barriga (which had been previously revealed in the book Keep Beach City Weird: You Can't Hide the Truth!!!).
  • The "Speech-a-Palooza" that is set up for the Bill vs. Nanefua debate is a direct reference to the "Beach-a-Palooza" event that took place in "Steven and the Stevens" and "Sadie's Song".




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