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"Dreamland Arcade" was a Steven Universe mobile game created by Cartoon Network and StellerJay Studios. The game's intro starts with Garnet playing "Meat Beat Mania". She plays for such a long time, the onlooking Steven gets tired and falls asleep. He dreams of an arcade land where various minigames can be played.

The game has since been taken down from app stores for unknown reasons.


Legend: iTunes and Cartoon Network; Google Play & Amazon

Steven has dreamed up arcade games for all his friends in Dreamland Arcade.


The Dreamland Arcade is open! Smash monsters with Garnet, pilot the Gem Drill with Steven, catch critters / bugs with Onion, climb the Kindergarten with Amethyst, and show off Connie's sword skills against Holo-Pearl / train to be a sword master with Connie.


Cash in your tickets to earn G.E.M.S. (Game Enhancing Mini Squad). Unlock figures of your favorite Steven Universe characters, including Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Bismuth, Stevonnie, and more.


Activate your Gem powers! Use G.E.M.S. to unlock new abilities and outfits for every game. in the Dreamland Arcade

List of Minigames

The game takes place in a big arcade with various consoles, most of which cost 1,000 tickets to unlock and to use power boosts and costumes (sequentially 100, 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000). At the start of the game, you can play three minigames for free.

Lion's Beach Racer

In this minigame, Steven rides Lion as the latter jumps platforms and encounters various Corrupted Gems. Lion can collect tickets by running through them and 15 pink stars to charge a Mega-Roar Dash attack. The minigame is over when Lion falls or loses three heart points.

Power Boost
  • Lion-In-A-Box: Start the game with a Mega Roar Dash.
  • Rose's Redemption: Unlocks Steven's bubble shield for Steven to take 1 extra hit.
  • Sleeping Lion: Continue the minigame after Lion falls off a platform or loses his last heart.

Meep Morp Master

In this minigame, Peridot attempts to collect falling junk, ranging from books to calculators, by moving left and right while holding out a bucket. Falling gross items serve as hazards Peridot must avoid. Purple jam is to be touched by the player's finger because if it lands, the area slows Peridot down. The player can tap the junk collected to earn bonus points and tickets depending on how many have been stacked, and the items themselves serve as extra hitpoints against gross items but also make stacking future items harder, which always take a heart point. The minigame is over when Peridot loses three heart points.

Power Boosts
  • Angry Peridot: Adds a falling Peridot head which if acquired allows Peridot to zap out gross items for 10 seconds.
  • Pumpkin: Adds a falling Pumpkin which if acquired attracts junk items to Peridot for easy collecting.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Adds a falling Lapis Lazuli head which if acquired shields gross items out of the playing field for 10 seconds.
  • Beta Peridot: Unlocks wearable bowtie seen on Peridot in "Beta".
  • Squaridot: Unlocks Squaridot skin.

Bug Hunt

In this minigame, Onion catches bugs with the assistance of the player circling the area that includes the bugs, giving extra seconds depending on how much he catches while avoiding paper airplanes, which deduct 2 seconds from a 30-second timer. Tickets are earned depending on the end score. The minigame is over when the timer runs out.

Power Boosts
  • Garbanzo: Adds a button which if pressed makes the paper airplanes intangible, providing invincibility for 5 seconds. Airplanes on-screen affected remain so for their presence, so debuting airplanes can not have an effect on them as they mix with the affected.
  • Pinto: Flower powerup lures bugs together to make them easier to grab.
  • Squash: Bugs slow down for a short burst + extra time.
  • Soup: Unlocks a golden net Onion wields.
  • Onion: Unlocks Onion with a leaf headdress.

Gauntlet Smash

In this minigame, Garnet faces waves of various corrupted Gems coming left and right. The player has to charge one of the two meters to determine Garnet's attack distance and direction. Points are earned by hitting the enemies, but the amount acquired is determined on how close the landing attack was to their gemstone. Tickets are earned when Garnet completes a wave, the amount determined by how many points were earned during that wave. The minigame is over when Garnet loses three health points.

Power Boosts
  • Brass Knuckle Garnet: Brass knuckles can be equipped with Garnet's gauntlets.
  • Meat Beat Garnet: Meat Beat controllers replace Garnet's gauntlets and provide a larger hit area during combos.
  • Sardonyx Fusion: Hammer smashes 2x the amount of enemies in 1 hit + larger hit area for combos.
  • The Answer Garnet: Unlocks a skin for Garnet seen in "The Answer".
  • 1800s Garnet: Unlocks an outfit for Garnet seen in "Buddy's Book".

Cluster Buster

In this minigame, the player takes control of the Gem Drill to find Gem Shards and eliminate opposing Cluster Gems. The Gem Drill can maneuver side-to-side but will only continue downwards. The forcefield mechanism can be charged to create a ringed field that poofs the Cluster Gems and will need a recharge after. Tickets are earned from poofing Cluster Gems during a mega-dash accompanied by how much distance has been traveled during any form of gameplay. The minigame is over when the Gem Drill loses three health points.

Power Boosts
  • Roadie Steven: Adds a screen-clearing powerup to the game.
  • Archimicarus Steven: Permanently adds one extra health point.
  • Cat Finger Steven: Adds a time slowdown powerup to the game.
  • Steven's Drill: Make the drill look like Steven.
  • Peridot's Drill: Make the drill look like Peridot.

Sworn to the Sword

In this minigame, with a name based off "Sworn to the Sword", the player traces different shapes to help Connie overpower the waves of individual Holo-Pearls. The gameplay is turn-based where Connie and the Holo-Pearls attack each other the number of times indicative of the current round + 1. Depending on how precise the tracing is, Connie, during her attack phase, will deal 60%, 75%, or 100% total damage, earning points dependent on such; tracing in her defense phase determines how much damage she receives is reduced. The time to trace starts from 6 seconds and decreases by 0.5 until 2.5 seconds. Tickets are earned when Connie defeats an individual Holo-Pearl. The minigame is over when Connie's health bar is empty.

Power Boosts
  • Overalls Connie: Adds 25% health back after Connie loses 50% health, equating to a boosted 125% overall health.
  • Ultimate Connie: Extra drawing time is added during Connie's attack phase.
  • Stevonnie: Takes and deals 25% less and more damage respectively.
  • Gem Hunt Connie: Unlocks an outfit for Connie seen in "Gem Hunt".
  • Classic Connie: Unlocks an outfit for Connie based on her debut appearance in "Bubble Buddies".

Laser Light Panic

In this minigame, the player controls a Laser Light Cannon by moving it side-to-side while shooting Robot Shooty Things shooting downward. Tickets are earned after completing waves and are fixed to a certain amount. The minigame is over when the cannon loses three health points.

Power Boosts
  • Rose's Tears: Permanently adds one extra health point.
  • Bismuth: Adds a falling Bismuth head which if acquired has the cannon shoot axes in a pattern for 10 seconds.
  • 1800s Rose: Adds a falling pink triangle which if acquired summons three gray triangles over the cannon that serves as a 3-hit shield for 10 seconds.
  • Stevonnie: Make the cannon look like Stevonnie.
  • Armor of the Fallen: Endow the cannon with ancient Gem armor.

Sky Swimmer

In this minigame, Lapis carries Steven through random airborne obstacles ranging from shoes to corrupted Gems. The player taps the screen to change Lapis' flight path from diagonally upward to downward. Tickets are earned by passing through them. The minigame is over when Lapis loses three health points.

Power Boosts
  • Mirror Gem: Permanently adds one extra health point. The name is a reference to the episode "Mirror Gem".
  • Malachite: Adds a screen-clearing powerup to the minigame.
  • Hydrokinesis Lapis: A large water hand is shot from Lapis that clears the screen of any obstacles for 6 seconds.
  • Bob: Unlocks Lapis in her Baseball uniform.
  • Water Clone Lapis: Unlocks Water Lapis.

Kindergarten Climber

In this minigame, Amethyst jumps up walls while clinging to sticky parts to maintain her progression and avoiding spikes and corrupted Gems. Amethyst can collect tickets and also blue stars to fill the star bar and boost through the stage. The minigame is over when Amethyst touches a bad object or falls.

Power Boosts
  • Tiger Millionaire: The length of the boost after filling the blue star gauge is twice as long.
  • 1800s Amethyst: Amethyst is invincible for her first enemy impact.
  • Kid Amethyst: Gain one chance to bounce back after a fall or hitting an enemy.


  • King of the Beach: Go 10,000 total meters in Lion's Beach Racer
  • Smash Master: Defeat 100 enemies in Gauntlet Smash
  • This is Only a Drill: Drill 5,000 total meters in Cluster Buster
  • Hidden G.E.M.S.: Unlock all of the G.E.M.S. figures
  • Modern Art: Create 100 meep morps in Meep Morp Master
  • Must Love Bugs: Collect 2,000 bugs in Onion's Bug Hunt
  • Stay on Target: Destroy 100 Robot Shooty Things in Laser Light Panic
  • Aerial Ace: Get 100 Close Calls in Sky Swimmer
  • Star Student: Collect 100 stars in Kindergarten Climber
  • Flawless: Go 5 rounds without taking damage in Sworn to the Sword


  • The consistent pricing for the unlockables confirms the number of tickets required to purchase everything in the game is 65,400.
    • The easiest way to earn quick tickets is to play "Sworn to the Sword" while exploiting the defense bug listed below to reach very high rounds that earn over 1,000 tickets every completion.
  • "Gauntlet Smash" and "Sworn to the Sword" are the only minigames not to have stacked passive power boosts. They, along with the costumes, can only be equipped individually, meaning no power boosts and costume combinations can be made.
    • In relation, "Laser Light Panic" is the only game to include powerups that do not need to be purchased before they can be acquired during gameplay:
      • A rosebud may appear that makes the cannon shoot a brief laser.
      • The Quartizine Trio may appear that adds two extra bullets for spread-firing.
      • The head of The Heretic's Anguish may appear that replaces the cannon's uncharged energy bullets with spiked spheres that aim randomly and ricochet off whatever they hit, including the game's side borders.
  • "Sworn to the Sword" determines precision if a certain area is covered, meaning to cover the shape in white also means quality precision.
    • Because of the random precision required, when defending against Holo-Pearls, parrying and blocking can still lead to damage easily. Such gives the minigame fake difficulty as it relies on chance from random preference determined by the minigame's tracing requirements for optimum performance, making players who traced perfectly straight otherwise scratch their heads in confusion.
  • The gameplay of "Laser Light Panic" is similar to a combination of Space Invaders and Galaga with its Ice and Shock robot shooty things:
    • The Ice variants move downward row by row until they reach the bottom and reappear at the top, which is similar to how the enemies in Space Invaders approach from the top slowly until they can touch the player's ship and kill them.
    • The Shock variants attempt to surprise the player by coming from the bottom sides of the screen and attempting to ram the player from above repeatedly after some shooting, which is nearly exact to how the enemies in Galaga behave without the gimmicks.
      • This behavior is consistent with variants beyond Fire, with the purple enemies slowly approaching after some idling.


  • The game within and on the app stores have some typographical errors:
    • Contrary to the game's description, Pearl does not appear in the game as herself. Holo-Pearl is the closest representation of Pearl being in the game, and the Sardonyx fusion indicates Pearl exists and contributes to a power boost.
    • In "Gauntlet Smash", Garnet does not actually wear her gauntlets initially or ever by themselves. She only uses her fists, which is contrary to the minigame's title.
    • In "Cluster Buster", the tutorial refers to the Cluster Gems as corrupted Gems.
    • The title on the arcade machine for "Laser Light Panic" uses "lazer" instead, which is both a misspelling and an inconsistency with the title on the minigame's menu screen.
    • In "Sky Swimmer", the description for the "Bob" costume has an unnecessary "is", causing confusion on what the sentence is supposed to represent.
  • Three minigames do not switch the initial character's vocals to the fusion's vocals:
    • In "Gauntlet Smash", Sardonyx continues to have Garnet's vocals.
    • In "Sworn to the Sword", Stevonnie continues to have Connie's vocals.
    • In "Kindergarten Climber", Smoky Quartz continues to have Amethyst's vocals.
  • Two minigames have instances of technical errors:
    • In "Sword to the Sword", a bug allows the player to block an attack entirely by doing nothing on the timed traces.
    • In "Sky Swimmer", around the score of 7000, the "Hydrokinesis Lapis" power boost no longer clears any area for 6 seconds due to the hazards spawning more quickly and in larger quantities.
  • There are three instances where the minigames miscalculate the points earned in total during and post-gameplay:
    • In "Gauntlet Smash", points are acquired during a wave, but unless the wave is completed, the points are not added to the final score, which is inconsistent with 'Sworn to the Sword' and 'Laser Light Panic' where they keep the displayed score consistent and accurate until the final score.
    • In "Cluster Buster", poofing Cluster Gems in any way besides touching them with the Gem Drill during a mega-dash does not raise the "enemies" counter and accumulate tickets.
    • In "Sworn to the Sword", in Connie's defense phase, tracing to defend does not earn points toward the total score contrary to the popup message displayed after a successful trace.
  • There are various instances where the descriptions of some power boosts are contrary to what is presented in the minigames:
    • The "Lapis Lazuli" powerup in "Meep Morp Master" blocks out only the gross items, which is contrary to the description stating the effects block out all bad items. The purple jam is a hazard that negatively affects the speed of Peridot's movements, so it is considered a bad item.
    • The descriptions for the Bismuth powerup in "Laser Light Panic" are inaccurate:
      • The "Bismuth" powerup spread-shot is actually an axe thrown from one direction of the cannon.
      • A spread-shot powerup already exists before the purchase in the form of the Quartizine Trio, which turns one bullet into three spreading into an arc.
    • The description for the Hydrokinesis Lapis power boost in "Sky Swimmer" is inaccurate:
      • Only one hand exists that does not protect Lapis but is instead launched forward from Lapis to clear her path.
      • Contrary to clearing the screen for 6 seconds, the power boost empties only the area of the screen Lapis was in for the 6 seconds. If Lapis travels upward or downward afterward, enemies will spawn above and/or below before the 6 seconds is over.

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