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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the instrumental song, known as "Earth Beetle" in the season 1 soundtrack.

The Earth Beetle is a former Corrupted Gem that makes her first appearance in "Giant Woman". Garnet had found her while Steven, Pearl and Amethyst searched for the Heaven Beetle at the Sky Spire.



The Earth Beetle's figure somewhat looks like that of a Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle. The Earth Beetle's femurs are black, and the lower half of her legs are black. Her body is mostly a lightish-gray, but has a pale green gemstone on the top center of her body which is surrounded by a clover shape that is dark gray. She also has a black horn, black eyes, and black antlers.


Her uncorrupted appearance is the same as the Heaven Beetle, except with a different color scheme. She has slightly light olive greenish skin and black eyes. Her hair is very dark cool gray in a bob style with a charcoal gray band going around her head and under her hair, with two gray structures similar to wings on top and a black knuckle connecting them. She wears a warm gray dress with a gray collar similar to the chalice of a daisy and small black flats. Her face has no visible nose. The movie revealed that she does have visible hands and fingers.


Thousands of Years Ago

The Earth Beetle was on Earth during the Rebellion, and became corrupted when being exposed to the Diamonds' Corrupting Light at the war's end.

"Giant Woman"

Due to Ruby's ability to resist extremely hot temperatures, Garnet explored the lava lake to find the Earth Beetle while the other Crystal Gems searched for the Heaven Beetle. She was placed in a terrarium along with the Heaven Beetle and bubbled.

"Change Your Mind"

The Heaven and Earth Beetle are released from the terrarium to soak in the healing waters of Rose's Fountain, powered by Steven and the Diamonds. The two are uncorrupted, and the Earth Beetle kisses the Heaven Beetle on the cheek before the two are raised in the air by the emerging Ocean Jasper.

Steven Universe: The Movie

When Spinel accidentally caused the giant pizza cutter to go out of control, one of the barrels on the scaffolding fell towards the two who were on their afternoon constitutional. They were saved by Lapis who flew in to take them out of harm's way. They were then seen at the end of the movie after Spinel left with the Diamonds.

"Little Homeschool"

The Earth Beetle, along with the Heaven Beetle, are seen learning how to forge with Bismuth.

"A Very Special Episode"

The Heaven and Earth Beetle, along with Ocean Jasper and a Nephrite, attend a safety "geminar" hosted by Sunstone.

"Everything's Fine"

Steven saves the Heaven and Earth Beetles from getting hurt by a baseball getting flung at their house by Onion's baseball bat by catching it with his baseball mitt. In his excitement of not causing harm, Steven inadvertently destroys Heaven and Earth Beetle's house leaving the duo unharmed but homeless.


Heaven Beetle

Change Your Mind 979.png

As shown in "Change Your Mind", the Heaven and Earth Beetle appeared to have a very close, presumably romantic, relationship before being corrupted.

Steven Universe: The Movie also showed them going on an afternoon constitutional.

They held each other in fear after hearing Garnet's predictions in "A Very Special Episode".

The two are shown living together in "Everything's Fine."

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis saves the Heaven and Earth Beetle from the runaway barrel in Steven Universe: The Movie. After being asked if they were okay, they answered yes by giving a thumbs-up.

Ocean Jasper

She was hanging out with her during the safety geminar and can often be seen sitting on her head.

A Nephrite

The Earth Beetle is seen with her at Sunstone's safety seminar and is sometimes carried by her.

Episode Appearances


  • The Earth Beetle, along with the Heaven Beetle, are collectively known as "The Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth".
    • This may imply that their gem type is something relating to geodes, although this has not been confirmed.

      The terrarium that the Beetles were bubbled in.

  • The Earth Beetle appears in the Flash game Goat Guardian as a power up that lets Steven jump twice, instead of once.
  • It was confirmed by Matt Burnett that the Earth Beetle, along with the Heaven Beetle, are corrupted Gems.[1]
  • The Heaven Beetle appears to have a gemstone identical to the Earth Beetle's. This could mean that they are the same Gem type.
  • The design of the Heaven and Earth beetles resembles the real-life practice of live insect jewelry.
  • She and the Heaven Beetle are the second and third corrupted Gems that are shown bubbled without being poofed first. The first is the Desert Glass.
  • As revealed in the Earth Beetle's section on the "Design a Gem" page in Steven Universe: Art & Origins, an old idea was that Steven's powers alone actually could uncorrupt Gems, which was at some point scrapped and replaced with Steven coming together with the Diamonds to heal them.


Image Description
Her gemstone is located on her back, appearing to take up her entire back area. It is rhomboidal in shape, specifically a wide kite-like shape. It is physically identical to the Heaven Beetle's gemstone.


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