Season 5

It's over! I've got you now, you miserable Off Colors!

—"Lars of the Stars"

No! No! Those are my nova thrusters! That is my ship!

—"Lars of the Stars"

It was a minor inconvenience when you stole my personal shuttle and crashed it on Upsilon 9. It was an insult when you impersonated imperial officers during a cosmic jubilee. But to steal my Sun Incinerator is unacceptable!

—"Lars of the Stars"

There were 67 elite Citrines guarding it!

—"Lars of the Stars"

Oh, I'll get you! I'll get you myself! I'll do it right now. I'll blow you up to smithereens!

—"Lars of the Stars"

You will not go at hyperspeed!

—"Lars of the Stars"

Off Colors!

—"Lars of the Stars"

Did you really think I wasn't going to be able to track my own ship? The Sun Incinerator's specialized nova thrusters give off an energy signature I could recognize from the other side of the galaxy. Now surrender to me or be destroyed!

—"Lars of the Stars"

Very well. Prepare yourselves for destruction!

—"Lars of the Stars"

You're right about that. I won't destroy my beautiful ship. But I will make it so you can't get away! Aim for their nova thrusters!

—"Lars of the Stars"
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