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The "Ending Theme" is a song that plays during the credits of each episode. A new instrument is added in a few episodes, such as "Laser Light Cannon", "Serious Steven", and "Onion Trade".

In Season 1B, the ending theme changes entirely. Changes to the Ending Theme are common throughout the rest of the season.

During the credits for "Nightmare Hospital", the ending theme has new lyrics, and it is entitled "Nothing Like You".


There are currently 15 variations of the song including melody, instruments and lyrics.

  • Variation #1: Classic (Piano only).
  • Variation #2: Classic + Glockenspiel (first played at the end of "Cheeseburger Backpack"). 
  • Variation #3: Classic + Glockenspiel + Upright Bass (first played at the end of "Tiger Millionaire").
  • Variation #4: Classic + Glockenspiel + Upright Bass + Drum set (first played at the end of "Onion Trade").
  • Variation #5: Classic + Guitar (first played at the end of "Beach Party", and then next played at the end of "Joking Victim").
  • Variation #6: Piano + Guitar + Upright Bass (first played at the end of "House Guest"). This has the same tempo and same chord progression from the original, but now has a new melody.
  • Variation #7: Piano + Upright Bass + Drum set (first played at the end of "Watermelon Steven"). This focuses mainly on percussion with a new melody.
  • Variation #8: Classic + Guitar with a new melody. (first played at the end of "Winter Forecast").
  • Variation #9: Classic + Guitar with a new melody. This version has only played once, at the end of "The Message"). The ending of this version fades to static at the end, foreshadowing the arrival of the Homeworld Gems in "The Return".
  • Variation #10: Static. Continuing the foreshadowing of the Homeworld Gems' arrival, as the last version did, this is not actually music at all, but just static. (first and only played at the end of "Political Power", and in "The Return" when it does not air as a two-parter).
  • Variation #11 is the original chords and baseline in addition to Rebecca Sugar singing the lyrics as the melody. (first played with two verses at the end of "Jail Break"; shorter version with one verse first played at the end of "Full Disclosure").
  • Variation #12 (Uncle Like You)[1] has more synth and techno sounds. This is because the piece was styled to sound like the Uncle Grandpa theme song (only played at the end of the Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe crossover, "Say Uncle".)
  • Variation #13 is a faded "second part" to version 11 coming directly after "you" that is slow-moving and somewhat distorted (first played at the end of "Cry for Help").
  • Variation #14 is a lyrical song with a different melody to the original and new lyrics. This version is faster and jazzier (first played at the end of "Nightmare Hospital").
  • Variation #15 is ominous, creepy guitar with no lyrics. This is probably foreshadowing something. When this variation played, there is no temple (first played at the end of "Back to the Barn").


Normal version

If I could begin to be,
Half of what you think of me,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love.
When I see the way you act,
Wondering when I'm coming back,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love like you.

Faded version

[Faded voice] Love, like you...

Nothing Like You

I always thought, I might be bad,
Now I'm sure that it's true,
'cause I think you're so good,
And I'm nothing like you.



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