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Speaker Dialogue
Open int. Prison Tower, Stevonnie is seen attempting to get out with multiple shields at first, but gets blown back when the shield breaks.
Stevonnie Hmm. Not getting out that way. (Looks up in the air) A window!
Stevonnie climbs up and looks out of the window which slowly zooms out showing the Prison Tower. They then slip and fall unfusing into Steven and Connie.
Connie You okay?
Steven (Nodding) Mm-hmm.
Connie [Sighs] Well... good thing I grabbed a couple of these before the ball. Otherwise, we'd have nothing to eat. Can't escape Gem Prison on an empty stomach.
Steven We never should have come here.
Connie [Swallows] What?
Steven This whole plan -- what was I even thinking?
Connie Well, you were thinking that if you came to Homeworld and talked to White Diamond, maybe you could save all the corrupted Gems on Earth.
Steven Oh right, and look where that got us.
Connie Well, we knew it wouldn't be easy.
Steven Yeah, but I didn't think I'd get every Crystal Gem poofed at the same time. And what'll Dad say when he finds out? His only son, in jail at 14! What a disgrace.
Connie We can't give up. One step at a time. We'll think of something. Okay, so, we tried the bubble and the shield and that window. What else have we got? Uh... hey, my phone. Oh, wait. No reception. Not that there's anyone we could call for help anyway.
Steven begins to fall into his psychic mind power state, but breaks out of it when he realizes.
Steven [Gasps]
Connie How long do you think they'll keep up locked up in here? 100 years?
Steven That's it!
Connie Really? 100 years?
Steven No, call for help. There's one Crystal Gem left that hasn't been poofed, and that's Bismuth. Maybe I can reach her with my sleeping psychic mind powers.
Connie You think you can do that, reach all the way to Earth with your mind?
Steven It'll be a stretch for sure, but I won't know unless I try.
Connie Well, what are we waiting for? Bedtime, mister.
Steven All right. Here goes nothing.
Connie You can do this.
Steven breathes in and out, and then begins to enter his psychic mind power state.
Steven Whoa. Connie, I did it. I'm in that psychic ghost space again.
Connie Great. Can you talk to Earth?
Steven H-hang on. I gotta find it first. Okay. Earth, where you at? Come on. Beach City. video games, donuts, Dad! [Gasp]
A white spot appears in the distance.
Steven There you are!
Connie You find it?
Steven Yeah, but it looks far away. This might take me a while.
Connie Okay. I'll be here. Good luck.
Steven begins to swim through the air trying to reach Earth.
Steven This is gonna take forever. Maybe if I... (Throws both arms back simultaneously, causing him to move fast towards Earth) W-whoa! Uh, too fast! Too fast! Slow down! Aah!
Steven wakes up on Mask Island as a Watermelon Steven. Animals chitter as he opens his eyes gazing to the sky.
Steven Raaaaaaaahh!
Steven walks through, disappointed he has entered a situation he did not want.

Speaker Dialogue
The rest of the episode, besides an instance of the song "Escapism" playing, is of an unintelligible dialect until Steven returns his consciousness to his body, Connie sleeping behind him.
Steven [Gasps]. Guess we'll see what happens.

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