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I haven't learned a thing from my problems. They've all just made me worse. You think of me as some angel, but I'm not that kid anymore! I'm a fraud. I'm a fraud. I'm a monster!


"Everything's Fine" is the 18th episode of Steven Universe Future and part 2 of the four-part series finale.

Official Synopsis

Steven insists that everything is fine.[2]


Everything's Fine 005.png

The episode continues off from the last one, with Steven warping back to home, where he slowly and quietly goes inside and slumps on the bed. Then he gets a call from Connie, who notes that that she hasn't spoken to him since the hospital and asks if he is feeling better from the swelling. He jumbles with his response before settling on "maybe". He then attempts to change the subject by asking Connie how she's been preparing for college. Connie tells him that it's been fine, but becomes concerned with Steven's answer to her question. Panicked, Steven hangs up and once again struggles with keeping his mind together, which interferes with the TV, displaying his rage against Greg, Jasper's recent shattering, and nearly shattering White Diamond while controlling her. He turns the TV off and sees his reflection, noticing his pupils in the shape of diamonds.

Everything's Fine 029.png

Looking with disbelief, he denies his outbursts he has had with everyone, and constantly tells himself that he's fine. Looking at a painting of him as his younger self, Steven yells this aloud, certain that he is the same person as he was years ago, and his powers, along with the denial, cause the windows to crack, and the Gems take notice of his presence, shocked at his appearance. Even Garnet herself says they're all worried for his condition, but Steven tries to reassure them that they have nothing to worry about. He gets the idea that since he has quit running Little Homeschool everything has gone downhill, so he should go and visit. Steven rushes out of the house with his super speed.

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After arriving at Little Homeworld, Steven looks for any Gems in need of assistance. He starts by visiting Peridot in the Greenhouse, who is teaching her Gem students about horticulture. He takes notice of the plants in bad condition, and attempts to heal them with his powers, but Peridot halts him from doing so, reminding him that Amethyst told her about his last encounter with plants. However, the plants appear to be dying, so Peridot hesitantly allows Steven to use his healing powers to cure the plants. This all goes awry when Steven uses saliva to try and heal the plants, as the scene cuts outside of the greenhouse, where the plants have come back to life, in the shape of him, breaking through and running amok and trying to help others. As Garnet is giving advice to a couple, she hears Peridot screaming. She is ready to fight, but is blocked by multiple Topiary Stevens. Steven interprets this as though he's helped a lot, and uses his super-speed to search Little Homeschool and see if anyone else needs help.

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As he walks through Little Homeworld, he sees Bismuth's forge and monologues about the ongoing shop class. Amethyst, noticing Steven is talking to himself, asks if he is okay, but he doesn't respond. Inside the forge, Bismuth is testing new armor with Yellow Pearl as the model. Steven approaches, with Bismuth being impressed by his appearance. Steven asks if she needs any help, so Bismuth offers to let Steven shape a piece of the pauldron. Steven is excited and prepares to mold it with his fists. Bismuth stops him, explaining that he is supposed to detail the armor. She offers him a small hammer, which he accepts, feigning forgetfulness. He taps the metal, bending it, but in the process splitting the anvil in half despite his careful touch. Steven cracks a joke, but Bismuth grieves over the destruction of her anvil, so Steven laughs the situation off, throws the hammer behind him, and leaves, seeking an opportunity to help elsewhere. He is followed by three Topiary Stevens.

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Steven stops by to see Amethyst playing a baseball game with other Gems, and Steven asks if he can participate, which Amethyst allows him to. With Onion as the hitter, and a Nephrite as the pitcher, Onion successfully hits the ball, but it begins to head towards a window where inside, the Heaven Beetle and Earth Beetle are sharing tea. Steven rushes and catches the ball before it hits the window, garnering applause from the players. Steven is amazed at how he not only caught the ball, but also genuinely saved someone during the event, and didn't mess up as he thought he would. He shouts in joy, only to cause another outburst, accidentally destroying the surrounding buildings. Steven looks in embarrassment, and nervously apologizes for his mistake, but tries to brush it off by saying that making mistakes is okay, and he can improve from them. He picks up some of the remains of the neighborhood in Little Homeworld, as more Topiary Stevens follow him and do the same.

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Back at the Temple, Steven warps back home, surprised to find Connie, Greg, and the Gems waiting for him. Connie reveals she tried to call Steven multiple times, until his powers interfered with her phone, displaying Steven's current behavior during the day. Steven continues to deny how he's feeling, but Greg responds that no matter what happens, everyone will be there to support him. Steven once again explains that there's nothing to worry about, but Connie tries to reassure that they are, in fact, concerned for his well-being, and if something is wrong, he can tell them anything. Steven does not wish to talk about this any further and tries to leave the house, but everyone surrounds him, trying to give him the opportunity to talk to them and share his feelings. Steven strains and his swelling starts to get worse.

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Upon Amethyst and Pearl finding out that Steven was in the hospital due to the swelling, Steven starts acting even more hysterical, thinking that everyone else is overreacting, and even admits the things he's done from the events from "Mr. Universe" to "Homeworld Bound", which shocks everyone, specifically when he admits to nearly shatterting White Diamond, and actually shattered Jasper. Shocking as this news is to everyone else, Steven reveals that he fixed that situation as well and seems to come to the conclusion that he can continue making mistakes and fixing them forever, to where no one will suspect a thing afterwards; but his false cheery attitude becomes somber, guilty, and frustrated as he comes to the conclusion that he hasn't learned anything from his mistakes and that they've made him even worse than before, that he's no longer the same person, no longer the same kid that people have always seen him as growing up, and that he sees himself as the same thing he has seen his mother as for so long: a fraud and a monster. At that, the episode abruptly ends with him hitting his apex as spikes protrude from his back and rip through his shirt as his friends and family watch on in horror.









  • Starting with this episode, Miriam Hyman voices Bismuth, since her main voice actress, Uzo Aduba, did not voice Bismuth in the last three episodes.
  • During her appearance in this episode, Pink Pearl's damaged left eye was hidden by various objects.
  • When the gems start playing baseball, a shorter version of the soundtrack from the episode "Hit the Diamond" can be heard.
  • Although it is Steven's memories that were broadcasted on the TV, they are taken from what viewers have seen in previous episodes, not what Steven could have recollected.

Cultural References

  • The late 2010 Cartoon Network Studios logo is seen on a black coffee cup when Steven goes to his room.


  • Several previous episodes are referenced throughout the episode:
    • "Little Homeschool".
    • "Prickly Pair".
    • "Growing Pains".
    • "In Dreams".
    • Steven's fight with Greg in "Mr. Universe".
    • Steven shattering Jasper in "Fragments".
    • Steven wanting to shatter White Diamond in "Homeworld Bound".
    • In the episode, Steven replies to Bismuth's compliment with "Why, thank you Bismuth.", referencing "Serious Steven" where he replied to his echo in a similar manner "Why, thank you Temple." including the wink and hand wave.
    • In this episode, Bismuth mourns her anvil in a way similar to how she mourned her scaffolding in Steven Universe: The Movie.
  • Steven mentions when he quit working at Little Homeworld between the events of "Little Graduation" and "Prickly Pair".
  • Connie's shock that Steven hasn't told the Gems about his hospital visit is similar to Steven's shock that Connie didn't tell her mom about Steven's wedding proposal in "Growing Pains".
  • Steven's ringtone (from "Full Disclosure") is heard again.
  • The Sadie Killer and the Suspects poster from the movie is seen on the wall above Steven's TV.
  • The scene where Steven has an complete meltdown over everything he's caused before eventually transforming into a monster is reminiscent of when Jasper rants on about herself, Rose Quartz and her actions towards Pink Diamond before becoming corrupted in "Earthlings".
    • The shot where pink spikes burst out from Steven's back parallels the shot when Connie gets on her knees as swarms of butterflies burst from her backpack in the mindscape in "Mindful Education". What connects these scenes is that both of them express guilt over the actions they've done.


  • When Steven is frightened by his reflection in the TV screen, he is shown to have both of his sandals, despite losing one while running down the stairs in "Homeworld Bound".



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