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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Int. Beach House]
(Steven, still glowing pink, warps into his greenhouse and walks into his room. Steven's phone rings, receiving a call from Connie.)
Steven ...Hey, Connie, what's up?
Connie Steven! Good, you finally picked up! I can't believe we haven't spoken since the hospital. How are you?
Steven I'm great! Never been better!
Connie Really? Have you had any more issues with swelling and glowing pink?
Steven Um... Nope? Well, maybe, but how about you? How's college prep?
Connie Steven, that's, uh- It's fine, but what do you mean, maybe?
Steven Look, there's nothing to worry about. I'm okay.
Connie Steven...
Steven I should go. I don't wanna wake up the Gems.
Connie But they don't even sleep!
Steven Uh, bye!
(Steven groans as he ends the call. He looks down at his flip flop-less foot and holds his hands out in front of him. He grabs his head and his television turns on.)
Steven (TV) *in "Mr. Universe"* -is I'm a UNIVERSE-
(His television cuts to static, turning on again shortly after. The shattered shards of Jasper are shown from their reveal in "Fragments". His television cuts to static again. In "Homeworld Bound", White Diamond is shown from Steven's nightmare vision about to shatter herself. Steven gets up and turns the television off, gasping as he sees his diamond-shaped irises in the television's reflection.)
Steven No! No-n-n-n-no! Th-Th-This isn't happening...! I didn't think about shattering White. I-I-I didn't shatter Jasper. I didn't fight with Dad. I- *happily* I'm Steven Universe!
(Steven sees the portrait of himself and Garnet.)
Steven I'm fine. I'm fine!
(Steven shatters the glass of the sliding door to his room with his scream.)
Pearl Steven? Is that you?
(Amethyst is seen running into the room, followed by Pearl, who trips on the top stair, and Garnet.)
Amethyst What happened?
Pearl Are you okay?
Steven I'm fine.
(The Gems gasp at his appearance.)
Steven Going to see the Diamonds was a waste of time. I thought I needed to figure myself out, but I know who I am. I'm Steven Universe! I help people, I don't... hurt them.
Amethyst Dude, what's going on? You look really different.
Steven Pfft, I'm still good ol' Steven!
Garnet Steven. We're worried.
Steven I'm okay. Really!
(The Gems share a concerned look.)
Garnet We'll take your word for it.
Steven You know, everything's gone downhill since I quit running Little Homeschool. I should head over there and make myself useful! I'll see you all there.
(Steven speeds out of the room. The gems turn around in slow motion. Steven speeds out of his home and past the Big Donut. The giant donut on top leans forward as he runs past, which he stops briefly to fix. He runs straight to Little Homeworld.)
Steven Ah, Little Homeworld. Long time, no see!
(Still speeding, Steven launches himself into the air and lands safely on the Little Homeworld Warp Pad.)
Steven Time to find someone in need of my assistance.
(The scene changes. Cherry Quartz, Pink Pearl, Peridot, and an Aquamarine are seen in Peridot's greenhouse. Steven appears in a window at the back of the scene.)
Steven What do we have here? *gasps* Peridot's horticulture class! Perfect! If anyone can get a plant to perk up, it's me.
(Steven enters the room. The same four characters, with the addition of a Sapphire, are seen gathered around a table. Pink Pearl holds a pot of flowers over the left side of her face.)
Steven Need some help?
Peridot Woah! Steven! What, uh, brings you back to school?
Steven Just your friendly, neighborhood "Stev-o", passing through and ready to make a difference! And I see you have a couple of struggling saplings here. I can help with that!
(Steven is preparing to lick his hands when Peridot stops him.)
Peridot Not so fast! Amethyst says you're on a strict "No Plant Friends" policy!
Steven Aw, what? No. I'm just giving them a healthy nudge!
(Peridot looks at the plants. A leaf falls off of one of them.)
Peridot Hmm... It is hard to see them in such sad shape. Mm, alright. Just a scientific smidge, though!
Steven *chuckles* You got it!
(Steven licks his finger. A slow shot is shown of the pink, sparkling finger approaching the plant. Suddenly, a large number of plant Stevens break the walls and ceiling of the Greenhouse. Peridot and the students of her class run out of the doors, screaming. Steven follows cautiously.)
Steven Would you look at that? Life! It's everywhere. And, really, what's a little broken glass between friends?
(A plant Steven runs out of the greenhouse, yelling excitedly. The camera shifts to Garnet giving a counseling session to two humans.)
Garnet Now, tell me how that makes you feel.
(Peridot screams off-screen, causing the humans to gasp in alarm and stand.)
Garnet Alright, see you next week.
(The humans run away as Garnet summons her gauntlets. She steps forward, ready for action, as three plant Stevens surround her.)
Plant Stevens Steven's here to help! Steven's here to help! Steven's here to help!
Steven Oh, Garnet! I see you're making some new friends! Then I guess this was a net win. Welp, gotta run and help more people. It's what I do!
(As quickly as Steven entered the screen, he speeds off, as a plant Steven comes up behind him in slow motion, attempting to give him a hug. Steven comes to a stop in front of Bismuth's Forge.)
Steven That's right! It must be shop-o'clock! Bismuth's shop class, that is. Time to get my shop on!
(Amethyst enters the screen, wearing a sports coach's outfit.)
Amethyst You good, bud? You talking to yourself?
(The scene shifts. Bismuth is standing in front of her anvil with Pearl to her left. To her right, Yellow Pearl is seen modeling wedding armor, with Snowflake Obsidian, Bixbite, and Blue Pearl in that order following.)
Bismuth Now, the detailing requires a light touch-
Steven Uh, hey, howdy, hey!
(The camera reveals Steven casually leaning against the door frame.)
Bismuth Woah-ho-hoh! Looking good, Steven!
Steven Why, thank you, Bismuth! So, you, uh, in need of a teaching assistant?
Bismuth Well, Pearl's my TA today, but I guess I could use a wedding expert for my wedding armor crafting demonstration!
Steven Woah... I can help with that!
Bismuth Lemme just get some steel warmed up for us.
(Bismuth pulls a bar of steel out of the coals. After morphing her fist into a hammer, she flattens out and curves the end of the bar.)
Bismuth Alright, that looks good, for a start. Hey, Steven, help me finish shaping this pauldron?
Steven Yeah! I got this.
Bismuth All yours.
(Bismuth backs out of the way and lets Steven get behind the anvil. He cracks his knuckles and raises his fist, about to punch the metal.)
Bismuth Hold on there, boulder-brain. This is detail work! No need for a giant mallet when a humble hammer will do.
(Bismuth passes Steven a tiny hammer. He gingerly accepts it.)
Steven Oh, yeah. Right.
(Steven gently taps the metal and the screen flashes pink upon contact. The anvil beneath the metal cracks and splits in two.)
Pearl Ehh...
Bismuth Ahh...
Steven *laughing nervously* Ooh, look at that. Now you have two anvils.
Bismuth *falling to her knees* Noooo! My anvil! My beautiful anvil!
Steven Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, my work here is done. Well, toodles!
(Steven leaves a concerned-looking Pearl comforting Bismuth, who has her hands over her face, by speeding away. More plant Stevens pass outside Bismuth's Forge. Steven speeds his way straight into a game of baseball. A Nephrite is shown pitching a baseball to a Ruby. Amethyst is to the right of the Ruby coaching the game while Onion stands next to her. At the bases are two humans and a Topaz, with Larimar in the outfield. Amethyst blows her whistle loudly.)
Amethyst What's up, man?
Steven I wanted to see if you needed any more players, 'cause I'm ready to have a ball!
Amethyst Ooh, we could use a new outfielder. Oi, Larimar, hit the showers! Steven's subbing in.
(Larimar gets up and runs off.)
Steven Yeah, good hustle out there, buddy! Wow, I'm honored to be joining such a great game. I mean, everyone here has just been playing outstanding.
Amethyst Batter up!
(Onion takes a bat and takes his place at the plate. Nephrite throws the ball and Onion hits it. It flies straight toward a window.)
Steven The window!
(Inside the window, the Heaven and Earth Beetles can be seen. Steven speeds up and jumps to catch the ball. The Beetles' terrified faces are shown just before Steven catches the ball and lands safely on the ground.)
Steven I did it.
(The other players applaud.)
Steven I didn't mess anything up! YEAH!
(Steven's scream causes a windstorm powerful enough to send Larimar flying, shatters the glass around the courtyard, and causes the Beetles' building to collapse.)
Steven Uh- oh... I-I'm sorry. That- that was an accident. But, what are accidents, other than new opportunities to improve, right?
(Steven looks down at the Beetles, who look back at him with shock on their faces.)
Steven We- we all make mistakes, and- and as long as we improve ourselves, everything is gonna be okay!
(Two plant Stevens come up on either side of Onion, laughing. Amethyst looks on with concern.)
Steven Alright, let's get to it. Hup!
(Steven picks up a large log and walks off with it. One of the plant Stevens does the same, while the other picks up Larimar. Steven laughs nervously as he passes Amethyst.)
Amethyst Uhh...
Plant Steven WE'RE HELPING!
(The scene changes to Steven's house. Steven himself warps in.)
Connie Steven!
Steven Huh?
(Connie is standing next to Steven's couch while Greg, Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet are sitting on it.)
Connie I knew it! You are swelling and glowing again. I've been trying to call you, but I came as soon as I saw this.
(Connie holds out her phone, on which Steven, glowing and swelled up, is doing the plant Steven's dance and looping the message "Steven's here to help!")
Connie What is going on?
Steven I... broadcast my subconscious sometimes these days. It's really no big deal.
Connie Okay, but... I can tell something is bothering you.
(Connie holds out her phone again. The message changes after some static from "Steven's here to help!" to "Steven help!" The static continues, switching the two words repeatedly.)
Steven Ah, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm fine! Awesome, in fact. Come on, you've seen me when I wasn't doing well.
Greg Steven, if being like this is what you want, then we'll support you one hundred percent. Whatever makes you happy. But, if you're not happy, if something's wrong-
Steven Nothing's wrong! Besides, I don't want you to worry.
Connie We are worried!
Greg Steven, you know you can tell us anything.
(Steven looks down and frowns.)
Steven It's not that easy. You know what? I don't have to deal with this.
(As Steven moves toward the door, Amethyst, Pearl, and Connie run to block his path. Off-screen, Garnet stands and blocks the path to the warp pad.)
Amethyst Hold up, dude.
Garnet Steven! You have to stop running.
Greg Please.
(Steven seizes up and his face swells.)
Connie Steven, we should get you back to the hospital.
Amethyst HOSPITAL?!
Pearl HOSPITAL?! When were you in the hospital?!
Connie You didn't tell them?
(Steven groans, swelling up again. His breath quickens.)
Steven It wasn't that important, you guys. You're making a big deal out of nothing. Have I done some things wrong? Sure! I trashed the house today. I broke an anvil. What teenager hasn't? Dad and I had a little disagreement. That's practically a rite of passage!
(As Connie and the Gems turn their questioning gazes to him, Greg shrugs.)
Steven I mean, it would be weird if we didn't, right? And maybe, I've had a not-so-nice thought or two about, like, you know, slamming White Diamond's head through a pillar, but it's not like I actually went through with it! I only actually shattered Jasper!
(Pearl gasps and her eyes widen with shock.)
Amethyst WHAT?!
(Garnet's jaw drops, Greg and Connie gasp as well.)
Connie You're- you're joking, right?
Steven Oh, don't worry! I fixed that too! I can fix anything. I can just keep messing up and fixing things forever, and you'll never have to know or think about any of it!
Garnet Steven...
Steven *gasps* How messed up is that? That I've gotten away with this for so long. You have no idea how bad I am.
(While Steven talks, Pearl is shown putting her fist up to her mouth in horror. Amethyst grimaces. Connie's face remains still, frozen in shock.)
Steven You think I'm so great, and I'm so mature, and I always know what to do, but that's not true! I haven't learned a thing from my problems! They've all just made me worse!
(Greg's face is shown while Steven rants, similar to Connie's. Garnet looks down and grimaces.)
Steven You think of me as some angel, but, I'm not that kid anymore!
(A close-up of Steven's scowl is shown.)
Steven I'm a fraud.
(Steven falls to his hands and knees, letting out a sob. He takes a deep breath.)
Steven I'm a fraud!
(Steven grabs his head with both hands as his body starts shaking violently.)
Steven I'm a monster!
(The music crescendos rapidly as massive pink spikes burst out of Steven's back, tearing his shirt. Everyone takes a step back, with plain terror displayed on Greg's face. Cut to black.)

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