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I don't think she understands that I'm not Pink Diamond.


"Familiar" is the 26th episode of the fifth season of Steven Universe, the 154th episode overall, and the second episode in the Diamond Days event.

Official Synopsis

With many changes going on in his life, Steven tries to find his place in the world.[2]


Familiar 003.png

Starting where the last episode left off, Steven looks at White's ship and wanders around Pink Diamond's room. He wishes he had a bed to sleep on, only to find that a bed is instantly made for him. Looking down, he notices some very shy pebble gems. Once Steven thanks the Pebbles, they recognize him as Pink Diamond and crawl all over him excitedly. Pearl then enters the room with Steven's duffel bag, explaining that Garnet, Amethyst, and Connie are still in Pink Diamond's ship. They hear the Diamond chime, and Pearl knows that Yellow Pearl has arrived and enters to summon Steven to Yellow Diamond's extraction chamber.

Familiar 079.png

Pearl informs Steven that he will be more comfortable in trunks than in jeans. In the hallway leading to Yellow's extraction chamber, Steven notices that the walls are in fact animate and attempts to interact with them. Steven tries to get Yellow Pearl to acknowledge him as just 'Steven', to which she calls him 'Pink Steven'. This goes on for a few more seconds and ends with Steven asking her to call him 'Pink Lasagna' before finally entering Yellow's extraction chamber.

Familiar 104.png

Yellow Diamond tells Steven, as Pink Diamond, to take a seat. She proceeds to ask how the meeting with White Diamond went. Steven answers how he was only able to get a few words in, to which Yellow replies how two and a half words is a record in regards to speaking with White. Steven then mentions how two and a half words aren't going to be enough to convince White Diamond to help heal the corruption. Yellow wishes Steven luck and then explains how White has isolated herself in her head and almost never lets anyone in, and then laments about how she hasn't gotten to see White despite her hundreds of successful colonies, while Steven got to see her just for failing to operate one. Steven then comments on how Yellow could just fail if she wanted to see White, causing her to break into laughter and comment about how Pink was always so good at making her laugh. A chime plays, and Yellow excuses herself to turn off the sauna and check the latest Citrine production reports. Steven attempts to get a few questions in before Yellow walks off without answering. While Steven is still standing there dumbfounded, the Diamond chime plays again and Blue Pearl informs Steven that Blue Diamond has requested Pink's presence.

Familiar 147.png

While walking up to Blue's pool chamber, Steven tells Pearl how he and Yellow barely talked about White before she rushed off to her report, and states that he understands that they must be busy and that he needs more time to talk with her, then states that he should have asked her what she has planned after the reports. Pearl then explains that when Yellow isn't overseeing Gem production of her colonies, she's leading her army to take more colonies. Steven asks if the Diamonds have any days off before Blue Pearl informs them that Blue is awaiting them. While Steven is waiting, he looks around and sees the wall statue's eyes blink.

Familiar 172.png

Pearl informs Steven that Blue is just up the stairs and that she'll wait for him. Steven says that he'll be back in a bit and runs to meet Blue. Blue Pearl says "Welcome back." to Pearl before the camera cuts back to Steven. Comby (a comb-shaped Gem) is heard singing before Blue acknowledges Stevens' presence. Blue sees Steven and invites him into the water with her, which Steven sees as an invitation to back flop into the water.

Familiar 179.png

Steven felt funny that he's living near the ocean, yet going to space to swim, to which Blue laughs, and states how Pink hasn't changed. She then elaborates on how Steven is still as silly and small as Pink was. Steven comments that he's not done growing, but doubts he'll ever be as big as Blue and Yellow. Blue states how it's nice to have Steven back, specifically calling him 'Steven', causing Steven to get excited about Blue possibly starting to understand who he is. Blue then mentions how 'Steven' and 'Steee-von' is such a funny-sounding name, and comments Pink's creativity for coming up with it, causing his excitement to die down. Blue then asks Steven about the time she let Pink name a batch of Pyrite as 'Fools Gold', and that it made White livid. Steven states that he doesn't remember. Blue then asks if he remembers the game Pink used to play where she would sink to the bottom and sing, while Blue, Yellow, and White would try to guess the song from above the water. Steven asks if they can do that at that very moment, to which Blue replies that they stopped coming to the Chamber together after Pink left, and that her departure was the start of Era 2, and that none of the remaining diamonds wanted to be there with Pink's spot empty. Steven states how despite the other diamonds having duties while running their colonies, they should make the effort to spend more time together. A chime is heard and Blue Pearl announces that Blue has an upcoming appointment. Steven states that he wanted to talk with Blue about White, and she responds that they can perhaps talk about it later. The pool drains as Blue leaves, then Steven calls for Pearl because he got water up his nose and Pearl, surprised, says 'Oh dear' and pulls the string to get Steven out.

They love her but they're leaving her behind....gif

At night, Steven is seen drying himself off in Pink's room, states how everything going on at this point was weird, and asks if it was a spa day or something, and about what purpose Pink had on Homeworld. Pearl answers that Pink threw massive balls before she got her first colony. Steven misunderstands this and interprets that Pink was a juggler. Pearl replies that, while she did juggle, she also threw massive parties for the other Diamonds' accomplishments that every gem from every court attended just for the chance to see all four Diamonds' radiance at once. Steven asks about how even White would attend. Pearl affirms this and wonders about the remainder of Pink's court, reminding her of something, causing her to excuse herself, stating that she'll be back. Steven wonders where he would even head off to. Steven wonders if he's accepted the role of just being Pink, and asks the Pebbles about who Pink was, breaking into a duet with the Pebbles, singing the titular song: Familiar. The Pebbles came in Steven's duffel bag and checked out his stuff. He came to Pink's hallway with moving pillars and checked out his mother's holographic drawings. Then, a drop of Steven's sweat[3] falls onto the pebble display, thus creating a sentient Pebble. There, he swipes through drawings of White, Yellow, and Blue Diamond together, then the next show a single drop of Pink's sweat right above two Pebbles, indicating how they are made, and the final drawing shows all four Diamonds together.

Familiar 299.png

Steven realizes that he's been in a similar situation before, except with the Crystal Gems, where he isn't accepted as being competent enough to be given tasks yet. The pebbles making the outfit for his sizes like his mother and it fits which he became the one true Diamond - a hybrid Gem Monarch. Steven states how he knows what's going on and that he's had practice with this situation, thus bolstering his confidence in his next plan to stop the Diamond Authority's "...spread of terror across space."

Familiar 316.png

Pearl returns and is surprised to see Steven in Pink's old outfit in his sizes. Steven replies that he felt he should dress for the occasion. Pearl then states that she also has a surprise, wherein she summons Garnet, Amethyst, and Connie from her Gem. Steven then asks them to remember how, despite how annoying he was, and unable to go on missions, they would still drop everything to hang out with him, then stating how he believes that Pink was in the same situation, just with the other Diamonds. Steven then announces his plan to throw a huge ball where everyone is invited. The episode concludes with Steven in a triumphant pose.







Instrumental Songs


  • Pink Diamond's main contributions were throwing parties and balls to honor the accomplishments of Blue, Yellow, and White.
    • Pink Diamond's other entertainments to the more accomplished Diamonds and Steven's statements being viewed as humor, such as being a juggler and "Steven" being a clever made-up name respectively, is similar to the role of and perspective towards a jester in the Middle Ages.
    • How the Diamonds describe being frustrated by Pink Diamond while also complimenting her entertaining contributions could imply Pink is given a greater lenient treatment compared to other Gems who can poof from the slightest insult. This leniency is similar to the novelist myth that a medieval king's appointed jester can say things no one else is brave enough to as they would entertain the "bad news" enough to be humorous.[4]

Cultural References

  • The Pebbles creating a Pink Diamond dress for Steven is likely a parody of the scene in Walt Disney's Cinderella where Cinderella's mouse friends help make her a dress to wear at the ball.
  • Pink Diamond calling a group of Pyrites "Fool's Gold" is a reference to how it's the alternate name for the said gemstone.


  • This episode begins directly after "Legs From Here to Homeworld".
  • The title card uses the same image of White Diamond's ship as "Off Colors" and "Lars' Head".
  • Pearl had Garnet, Amethyst, and Connie teleported inside her gem, which is what she did to Steven in "A Single Pale Rose".
  • Steven asks his friends if they remembered when he was "little and kind of annoying" therefore making him unable to go along with them on missions, referring to his early naïve personality in Season 1.


Familiar 052.png

  • The credits of the episode have multiple errors and irregularities:
  • Pearl's right arm is not colored in when she goes to check on Steven in Pink Diamond's Palace.
  • In the scenes of Pink Diamond's Palace, Yellow Diamond's Extraction Chamber, and Blue Diamond's Pool Chamber, the closed-caption of the chimes doesn't appear six times.
  • After Steven standing in front of his mother's desk and picked up a baby Pebble, the Pink Gem Destabilizer was missing.


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