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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Pink Diamond's Palace, Daytime]
(Following the events in "Legs From Here to Homeworld", Steven gazes out from the balcony of Pink Diamond's room, after being sent here by White Diamond. He gets off the balcony and looks after the empty room.)
Steven Hello? ...Must be Pink's room? I need a bed.
(Steven lies down on the floor in frustration, when a platform activates and raises from underneath him.)
Steven What?!
(Steven looks underneath the bed and spot various tiny Gems, who quickly flee once spotted. Steven climbs off the bed and sticks his bottom out.)
Steven I need a place to sit.
(The floor activates and creates a seat for Steven. He looks underneath the seat and gasps, as the tiny Gems inside run out of Steven's sight again.)
Steven Hmm... *walks to a wall* I need a shelf for my ♪ face, face, face, face, face~ ♪
(The wall activates and creates a shelf for Steven's face. He then slides his face through the shelf and looks inside.)
Steven Hey! Who the heck are you little guys?
(The tiny Gems once again begin to scramble away from Steven.)
Steven Uhh... Thank you!
(The tiny Gems quickly stop with shock and look back at Steven.)
Brainy "Thank you?"
Patch Is it...
Nosey It is her! (Nosey begins to laugh.)
(The tiny Gems begin to gather around and jump onto Steven's face.).
Chesto Why does she look different?
Gem #5 She's back!
(Gem #5 cuts a hole in the wall and lifts up Steven's shirt, revealing his gem.)
Noggin Pinkie time! She's back! Our Diamond - Pink, Pink!
(Steven is knocked backwards onto the floor, laughing with all the tiny Gems crawling all over him.)
Steven Don't- Don't build stuff in my mouth.
(Steven spits out a Brainy and a tiny house out of his mouth, laughing.)
Steven All right, who are you guys?
Nosey Very funny, Pink!
(A small tower activates and raises from the floor next to Steven.)
Fisto Always playing her games. Pretending she doesn't know us Pebbles.
(Fisto jumps into Steven's back pocket and takes his own photo with Steven's phone. Steven smiles at them, when door to the room opens. The Pebbles quickly flee back into the floor as Pearl enters the room, Fisto making off with his cell phone.)
Steven Pearl!
Pearl Steven! *runs over to hug Steven* Oh, thank the stars! You're okay! What did White Diamond do? Did she hurt you?!
Steven No, she was like, "Welcome home". I don't think she understands that I'm not Pink Diamond. Where's Connie? And Garnet and Amethyst?
Pearl They're still on the ship. *pulls Steven's Hot Dog Duffel Bag from her gem* I'm only here because I'm bringing your things. And they consider me one of your things.
Steven Yeesh.
(A chime is then heard in the room.)
Pearl The Diamond Chime; it's Yellow.
(The door opens with Yellow Pearl standing in the doorway, as she greet Steven with the Gem salute.)
Yellow Pearl Pink Diamond, my Diamond has requested your presence in the extraction chamber.
Pearl Let's get you into a suit. *opens the duffel bag*
(Steven is seen wearing a yellow swim trunks, as he , Pearl, and Yellow Pearl walk through a yellow hallway.)
Steven Swim trunks don't seem very formal.
Pearl Trust me, this will be more comfortable than jeans.
(Steven notices several figures of the wall whispering indistinctively to each other. Once the figures notice Steven, they quickly return to their neutral positions.)
Steven Hello!
(One figure of the wall looks away and blushes in embarrassment, and Steven keeps walking forth.
[Trans. Ext. Extraction Chamber]
(Yellow Pearl, Pearl, and Steven stop in front of a Yellow door, guarded by two Topazes.)
Yellow Pearl Pink Diamond.
Steven Please, call me Steven.
Yellow Pearl Pink Steven.
Steven No, just Steven.
Yellow Pearl Just Steven.
Steven ...Call me... Lasagna.
Pearl Steven, stop. You're going to break her. *opens the Yellow door*
Yellow Pearl Have a nice extraction, Pink Lasagna.
(Steven walks into the extraction chamber, where Yellow Diamond is seen sweating inside.)
Yellow Diamond Pink.
Steven Hi, Yellow. Cool sauna!
Yellow Diamond It's new. Have a seat.
(Steven uses his floating power to jump up to the seat and sits down.)
Yellow Diamond So, you met with White. How was it?
Steven All I got to say was, "Hi" and "Umm" and "I".
Yellow Diamond Two and a half words, that's a record.
Steven Two and a half words isn't enough. I still need to talk to White about healing all the corrupted Gems!
Yellow Diamond Hmm. Good luck. White never leaves her own head these days, and she never lets anyone in, except you, I guess. It's so unfair. I have hundreds of successful crystal system colonies. But you get to see her because your one colony is a failure!
Steven Maybe you should just... fail?
(Yellow Diamond looks momentarily shocked, then starts laughing hysterically.)
Yellow Diamond Oh, Pink! You always did have quite a knack for making me laugh. You're almost worth the trouble.
(Steven groans in annoyance, when the Diamond Chime is heard again.)
Yellow Diamond Already? Excuse me.
(Yellow Diamond begins squeezing all the water out from her body, as Steven watches in shock. The water drains and steam are sucked into the floor.)
Yellow Diamond I've got to check on the latest Citrine production reports. *walks off*
Steven What should I do about White? I still need to talk to her about helping the... corrupted Gems...
(The Diamond Chime plays again, and Blue Pearl appears at the doorway next to Pearl.)
Blue Pearl Pink Diamond, my Diamond has requested your presence.
(Steven, Pearl, and Blue Pearl are seen walking down a blue hallway this time.)
Steven We barely talked about White at all. She had to rush to do a report, and I couldn't go with her. I get they're like... busy, 'cause they're dictators and everything, but I need more time! *gasps and facepalms* I should have asked her what she was doing after the Citron thing!
Pearl She'll be at that for a while. Yellow Diamond oversees all aspects of Gem production on every single one of her colonies. And when she's not doing that, she's off with her army, conquering the next one.
Steven What about their days off? Weekends?
Blue Pearl My Diamond is awaiting our arrival.
[Trans. Ext. Blue Diamond's Pool]
(Blue Pearl, Steven, and Pearl arrive in front of a Blue door, guarded by another pair of Topazes, as Blue Pearl activates it. Steven looks around and spots a sentient figure on the wall, blinking its eye. The door opens and the group walks inside.)
Pearl Blue Diamond is just up the stairs. I'll wait for you here.
Steven I'll be back in a bit! *runs off*
Blue Pearl *turns to Pearl* Welcome back.
(Steven jumps up the stairs and sees Blue Diamond in a pool, brushing her hair with a sentient comb.)
Comby ♪ You'll never be alone-y as long as you are combing~ ♪
(Blue Diamond sighs deeply and see Steven standing in front of her.)
Blue Diamond *gasps* You're here! *gently drops Comby into a cup* Come in!
Steven Okay!
(Steven runs and cannonballs into the pool. Blue Diamond watches as he emerges from the water.)
Steven Whoo-hoo! *laughing* It's funny! I- I live right next to the ocean, but I end up going to space to swim.
(Blue Diamond laughs heartily, causing large ripples in the pool.)
Blue Diamond You haven't changed. So silly. So small.
(Blue Diamond slumps into the pool, lifting Steven out of the water on her knees.)
Steven I'm not done growing. *sits on Blue's knees* I'm not sure I can catch up to you and Yellow, though.
Blue Diamond I'm so glad you're back... Steven.
Steven Y- You actually said my name!
Blue Diamond Steven. Steee-von? *chuckles* It's such a funny sounding name. You're so creative, Pink. Remember when I let you name that batch of Pyrite, "Fools Gold?" *laughing* White was furious!
Steven I'm sorry. I don't remember.
Blue Diamond Oh. Do you remember the game we used to play here?
(Steven shakes his head.)
Blue Diamond We had such fun together; You and I and... Yellow and... White.
Steven We were all together here?!
Blue Diamond You would stand underwater, all the way at the bottom, and sing. And we would be above the surface trying to guess the song.
Steven Can we do that right now? Maybe after we can talk White into coming back to Earth with us.
Blue Diamond No. We stopped coming here together after you left. That was the start of Era 2. No one wanted to be here, not with your empty spot. *tears up* It was so quiet.
Steven *wipes off his tears* I know you guys have colony stuff to do, but we should spend more time together.
(The Diamond Chime plays again, and Blue Pearl is seen standing at the edge of the pool.)
Blue Pearl *clears her throat* My apologies, my Diamond, but your next appointment.
Blue Diamond *sighs* Of course.
Steven Wait! I wanted to talk to you about White.
Blue Diamond Later, perhaps.
(Blue Diamond climbs out of the pool and the water instantly drains out from the pool, leaving Steven lying flat on his stomach at the bottom of the pool.)
Steven Pearl?
Pearl *runs up and looks over the poolside* Steven?
Steven Some water got up my nose.
Pearl Oh, dear.
(Pearl starts pulling a purple rope out of her gem.)
[Trans. Int. Pink Diamond's Palace, Night-time]
(Pearl brings Steven back to Pink's room, and he starts patting water out of his ear.)
Steven *sighs* This is so weird. Was this some sort of spa day or something? And what about Pink? Did she have a job here, or did she just sit in a room while they were off doing whatever?
Pearl Before her colony, Pink used to throw massive balls.
Steven She was a juggler?!
Pearl No- Well, yes. But she would also throw parties for the other Diamonds to mark their many accomplishments. Every member of every court would show up to bask in the presence of all four Diamonds.
Steven Even White would come?
Pearl Oh, yes! Huh, I wonder what's even become of Pink's court. *gasps* That reminds me. Hang tight, I'll be back. *runs out the door*
Steven Where would I even... go...? What did I get myself into?
(Steven falls stomach down onto the floor. The floor activates and a platform raises underneath him, as a bunch of Pebbles climb on top of him.)
Steven Am I just supposed to be Pink Diamond now?! Hey Pebbles, can you help me? Who was she? What did she do? And why does this feel so...
(The Pebbles mumbles among themselves, as Steven gets off the platform and begins to sing "Familiar".)
(The Pebbles help Steven get dressed into the outfit. Steven, joined by the Pebbles, then walks onto the balcony and points in determination at White Diamond's ship, as he concludes his song. At that moment, the door opens and Pearl runs in the room.)
Pearl Steven! I'm back with-
(Pearl pauses to see Steven, dressed like Pink Diamond, standing at the balcony, as the Pebbles run out of sight.)
Steven Hi, Pearl. I just thought I'd, uh, dress for the occasion.
Pearl *chuckles* Well... you're not the only one with surprises.
(Pearl pulls Garnet, Connie, and Amethyst out of her gem.)
Steven Guys! *runs up to hug the group* Mmm! I figured it out! Remember back when I was little and maybe kind of annoying, and I couldn't come along on adventures? You guys would still drop everything to hang out with me! That's Pink Diamond! I know I can do this! Just watch- I'm gonna throw a huge ball, and I'm gonna invite everyone!

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