"Fire Salt" is a magical dust used by Steven and Sadie in the episode "Joking Victim" to prank and get revenge on Lars for lying and skipping his shift at the Big Donut.

  • Lars after eating salted doughnut
  • Aaaa32.png Sadie putting Fire Salt onto doughnut
  • Aaaa3.png Amethyst telling Steven about the salted fries


Fire Salt is an edible mix of many types of magical red powders and is held in a clear tube with a red, crystalline stopper.


The fire salt causes a burning sensation when consumed. Varying amounts of fire salts have varying effects. A small amount would cause an extremely intense spicy flavor, but if too much is eaten, it can cause the consumer to spew out fire form their mouth.


  • In the Steven Universe comic issue #6, Amethyst used fire salt to win at a hot dog eating competition by "spiking" the other contestants' hot dogs with it, which of course, is cheating.
  • The fire salt also appears in the RPG Attack the Light as a useable item. It makes all the attacks of the selected Gem burn enemies.


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