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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Int. Crystal Temple]
(Bismuth and Greg are seen trying to fix Greg's van after Steven crashed it in the previous episode. Steven is then seen watching them over the balcony, then heads back inside.)
Pearl How could this happen? You crashed the van with Greg inside? You know how fragile he is, these pink outbursts of yours are getting out of hand.
Steven It's not an outburst! *turns pink*
Pearl See? This is exactly what I'm talking about! What's happening to you?
Steven Nothing! ...It's nothing.
Pearl S-Steven! Where are you going?! We're not through tal-
(Pearl hits Steven's generated force field.)
Pearl Steven! Drop this wall!
Steven *gasps* Pearl, sorry. I'm trying- I just... (Steven's dome dissipates.) need... some space, OK? I'll be in my room.
Amethyst Not so fast, my dude. You gotta tell us what's going on.
Garnet It looks like Steven is trying to avoid a serious discussion about this all together.
Steven No! I'm not!
(Steven slams his fist into the stairs, unleashing a room-wrecking shockwave from his rage.)
Garnet Steven, you have got to calm down and talk to us!
Amethyst Just chill, man!
Steven Nnghh...
Pearl We need to do something about this before someone gets hurt!
Steven NNGGHH...
Garnet Don't let this power control you. You're better than this.
Steven NNGGHH... Leave me alone!!!
(The Gems start moving in slow motion.)
Steven Huh? I'm speeding up again. I gotta get out of here.
(Steven runs out of the temple as everything returns to its normal speed.)
[Trans. Int. Beach City Woods
Steven And that's why I can't go back.
Jasper So, what you're saying is; you're here- for a rematch?!
(Jasper rips off her cloak.)
Steven What? No! I'm telling you why I'm out here in the first place. I think my diamond powers are coming out, I can't control them. I just need to be alone so I don't hurt anyone.
Jasper If you really wanted to be alone, you're doing it wrong.
Steven But, Jasper! This is the last place anyone would look for me.
(Jasper walks away as Steven follows her.)
Steven W-Wait! Don't leave me here.
(Steven pants as they walk further into the woods.)
Steven This thing with my powers is a real problem.
Jasper The only problem you have are your friends.
Steven Huh?
Jasper Can't you see they're holding you back?
Steven What? No. Th-they're just worried about me.
Jasper They're afraid of your power.
Steven Yeah? Yeah.. I-I guess so.
Jasper You are too! You came all the way out here to hide from it. But I'm not here to hide, I don't need to stifle my anger, or my power! I channel it into training.
Steven Oh, right. This destroyed forest.
Jasper I got no one to serve, nowhere to go. All I have left... is power!
(Jasper punches a tree and destroys it, sending smoke towards Steven.)
Jasper And in order to control that power, I have to use it. Those so called friends of yours don't understand, they want you to feel bad for being yourself.
Steven I do feel bad.
(Steven walks over to another tree and prepares to punch it, turning pink as he does. Then holds his hand in pain.)
Jasper Yeah! Destroy that weakling tree!
Steven No!
(Steven heals the tree by kissing it.)
Jasper Gross! That's disgusting! Burgh! No, the grass!
(Jasper tries to kill the grass that grew by Steven.)
Jasper Get out of here! *grunts*
(Jasper picks up Steven by his jacket.)
Jasper Quit helping the local ecosystem recover! Show me, show me your power!
(Jasper throws Steven to the ground.)
Steven *grunts and coughs* No way, Jasper! I can't control myself.
Jasper Shut up!
(Jasper lunges at Steven as he turns pink and creates a barrier but it breaks as Jasper punches it, causing him to shoot into the air.)
Jasper This is it? This is what you were worried about? It's nothing!
(Steven falls to the ground in pain.)
Jasper I'm stronger than the ones who want to hold you back! Because I'm not afraid of this, and you shouldn't be either!
(Steven turns pink again as he creates another barrier and shoots it at Jasper.)
Jasper Yes! That's more like it!
(Jasper runs at the barrier and breaks it.)
Jasper Now, tell me. Did it feel good to let your anger out?
Steven Y-Yeah.
(Jasper laughs.)
Steven If I stay here, will you teach me how to control this feeling?
Jasper I'm not gonna teach you unless you fight me!
Steven Well, I'm not gonna fight you unless you teach me!
Jasper Hmm, fine!
Steven *returns to his normal color* Really?!
Jasper Lesson one: stop smiling!
Steven But, I've seen you smile.
(Jasper kicks Steven into the air.)
Jasper Lesson two: Shut up!
(Steven hits the ground in pain again.)
Steven *grunts* I guess my training starts now..
(The next day, Steven is seen struggling to carry tons of rocks on his back while going up a hill, while Jasper is only carrying two. Next, Steven turns pink as he shoots multiple barriers at Jasper, who is smashing all of them. Then, Jasper charges into a pile of rocks and smashes them, Steven runs into a rock but face-plants into it. Jasper then throws a rock on top of Steven and walks away slowly until Steven, in his pink state, breaks out from underneath. Jasper tries to throw more rocks at him as he keeps running away. At night time, they are seen heading into Jasper's cave, but she kicks Steven out shortly after, leaving him to sleep outside. The next day again, shows Jasper throwing another rock at Steven as he activates his barrier and gets thrown into a tree by the rock. Next, it shows Steven splitting a log in half with his hand, as Jasper hits a tree. Then, Steven starts to construct a shelter with logs as he has his jacket tried around his head. At night time again, Jasper is seen in her spin dash until Steven runs past, sped up by his power. The following day noticeably shows Steven, in his pink state again, has a slight beard and ripped shirt as he throws another barrier while Jasper throws a rock into it and the barrier slams it into some trees. Next, Steven catches fish with his bubble barrier ball in a swamp. He is seen wearing a cloak, similar to Jasper's, sipping food from a bowl, while the fish he caught is cooking near a fire pit. Then, Jasper and Steven are seen punching more trees while Steven looks very noticeably taller, and more muscular, and has a different hairstyle. He breaks another rock with his barrier.)
Steven Yes!
Jasper Hm, not bad for three days of work.
(Steven kisses his muscles.)
Jasper I didn't teach you that.
(At dusk, a crack of thunder goes off in the distance.)
Jasper I found some new rocks. *Throws rocks into a pile* You won't believe how hard it is to find a good rock around here.
Steven I'm done with rocks, Jasper.
Jasper Huh, what?
Steven I'm ready, for our rematch!
(Steven stamps the firepit, putting it out.)
Jasper *laughs* It's about time! Come on then! Show me what you've learned.
(Steven creates another barrier and shoots it at Jasper, who jumps over it and runs towards Steven, trying to punch him. He punches her instead. As Steven gasps, Jasper summons her helmet and hits Steven on the head while he tries to summon another barrier in defense. She then throws him onto the ground. Steven coughs from the smoke.)
Jasper What are you holding back for?! You think I can't take it? I'm not gonna coddle you, Steven! Do you wanna go home to your Gems?
Steven *tries to get up* No...
Jasper Are you afraid to be strong? Are you pathetic? Are you weak?
Steven I'm not!
(The shockwaves from Steven's shout knocks Jasper back, and he lunges at her as they start to fight.)
Jasper *laughs* Is that all?
(Steven throws a heavy barrier at Jasper, which slams her back into a tree. Steven pants and laughs.)
Jasper That's more like it!
(Steven lunges at Jasper again, but this time he is going insanely fast while repeatedly punching Jasper in mid-air.)
Jasper Come on, come on! Show me what you can really do!
(Steven's laugh becomes more maniacal as he kicks Jasper to the ground, then launches four shields around her, pinning her in place. Jasper grunts as Steven begins to make a huge barrier while floating in the air.)
Steven You're right, Jasper.
(Steven's huge barrier grows spikes, his irises take on the shape of white diamonds and he smiles maliciously.)
Steven I have been holding back.
(Steven throws the barrier at Jasper. Her eyes widen in fear as crack of thunder flashes. Cut to black.)
[Trans. Int. Crystal Temple]
(Later, as rain falls at the beach house, Steven is seen running to the temple in his normal state and size.)
Pearl I've sent so many messages but he hasn't replied.
(Steven storms through the door with his hand inside his pocket while Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl are waiting for him inside the temple.)
Pearl Steven! Where have you been?!
(Steven ignores them as he rushes to the bathroom and closes the door.)
Amethyst *outside the bathroom* We looked everywhere for you!
Steven Not now!
(Steven turns on the faucet for the bathtub, then immediately grabs the remaining Diamond aura potions and throws them into the water. Steven breathes heavily as he pulls out Jasper's gem from his pocket, revealing that he had shattered her from the impact he caused. Steven puts the pieces of the gem back together.)
Steven Please, please let this work..!
(Steven holds Jasper's gem in his hands as he puts them into the bathtub water.)
Steven *tears fall down his face* Jasper, I'm sorry. Please, come back!
(Steven's tears fall into the water, causing it to turn into the rainbow-colored healing water.)
Steven Please..
(After a while, Jasper's gem starts to glow between Steven's fingers, and he lets go as Jasper begins to reform.)
Jasper *breathing heavily* Huh, what? You- shattered me...
Steven Jasper! I-I'm so sorry! I should have stopped. I-I just wasn't thinking!
(Jasper steps out of the bathtub.)
Jasper *drops to one knee in front of Steven* I bow to your strength, my Diamond.
Steven *horrified* No...

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