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♫ What if somehow you get hurt, what do I do? I don't want that for you. ♫


"Full Disclosure" is the 1st episode of the second season of Steven Universe, the 53rd episode overall, and the final episode in the first StevenBomb.

Official Synopsis

Steven tries to avoid Connie so he doesn't have to tell her about his most harrowing adventure.[2]


Full Disclosure 001.png

After the battle with Jasper, Connie grows worried after the message that Steven left on her answering machine and calls back, hearing Amethyst shouting in excitement that they won. Before Steven begins to tell Connie of what happened, he sees Greg drive to them before promising to call her back. After Greg hugs Steven in relief that he's okay, Steven tells Greg everything, also including the fact that Jasper thought Steven was his own mother, Rose Quartz. Greg panics; rushing back to his van, he tries to find some music to calm his nerves, but while trying to find his calming music CD accidentally ends up playing heavy metal music and panicking further. Not wanting to see Connie reacting the same way, Steven holds off answering his phone until he can find the right words; while Connie keeps trying to call Steven all day, he's not sure what to tell her and wanders around Beach City trying to come up with the right words. Everywhere he goes, he sees damage to various storefronts and debris from the Gem Warship.

Full Disclosure 054.png

He walks up to a hilltop to survey the aftermath of the Gem attack. There he encounters Ronaldo, who tells him Mayor Dewey is bringing the people of the city back, and about how they relate to hiding the harsh truth from them. After noticing the Giant Warship, he leaves to collect some proof for his blog, leaving Steven to ponder more about Ronaldo's words. Fearing that Connie will get hurt if she continues to be with him, Steven decides it's better to avoid her altogether.

Full Disclosure 116.png

Back home, while listening to Pearl and Amethyst debate whether to protect the crash site with a barbed fence or moat (respectively), but Garnet refuses, saying that Steven needs to interact with his father and friends. As Steven relays his decision to them, his phone rings again.  Explaining that he needs to keep Connie away to keep her safe, Amethyst says it's going to be hard for him—Connie, to Steven's surprise, is already coming up his doorstep as they speak. While Connie is distracted talking to Pearl, Steven sneaks out the window and runs down to the beach.

Full Disclosure 138.png

When Connie starts to leave, she sees Steven running away and follows him down to the crash site. When Connie starts to leave, she sees Steven running away and follows him down to the crash site. Steven hides behind some debris from the wreckage as Connie desperately tries to call him: At first, Steven doesn't reply, but after a while texts her a message: he doesn't want to be friends with her anymore. Shocked over this sudden response, she demands that if he means it, he should say it to her face

Full Disclosure 182.png

After a few tense moments, Steven jumps down and finally faces Connie, only to break down in tears, saying he still wants to be friends with her. The two reconcile before Steven finally tells Connie of the events that took place in "Jail Break". Greg calmed down, arrives as Connie tells Steven that she still wants to be with him (being a part of his "universe"). They drive through Beach City, where the people are coming back, before taking Connie home.









Cultural References 

  • Amethyst does the popular "Jazz Hands" gesture when she suggests building a moat.


  • The events of this episode happen directly after Jail Break,
  • Garnet's outfit from "Jail Break" is still worn here. It is confirmed by storyboard artist Joe Johnston that Garnet got redesigned after fusing again in Jail Break.[3]
  • The space ship debris is strewn across Beach City from the previous episode "Jail Break".
    • What is left of the spaceship is still laying across the side of the temple.
    • The title card for the episode shows the debris on the beach.
      • This is also shown on the "Joy Ride" title card.
  • There are multiple flashbacks from the previous two episodes "The Return" and "Jail Break".
  • Steven's right eye is still wounded from "Jail Break".
  • Greg's van is still missing its right side front door from the events of "The Return".
  • Pearl mentions that the Crystal Temple once had a fence which is seen in "Story for Steven".


  • At the end of the episode, Steven's black eye disappears.
  • Steven with no face. Image brightened for visibility.

    When Steven is looking down at Connie in one scene, he does not have a face.
  • In the very first scene, Pearl is shown with her arm around Garnet's arm. However, when the camera shot changes, Pearl's arm is no longer holding hers. But in the next shot, she's holding on again.
  • In Greg's van, the dashboard isn't punched in as it was in "The Return".
  • When Steven was swiping through the images of him and Connie on his phone while singing, the strap on Steven's slipper disappears in the second photo.
  • When Steven picks up his phone while singing, he holds it sideways. After swiping to the last picture, he is seen holding it upwards.
  • When Steven drops his phone by surprise while singing, his phone is not turned on.
  • Greg's shoulder phasing through his face

    A part of Greg's left shoulder phases through the side of his face when he is looking for his relaxing music CD.
  • During the scene where Amethyst points out that Connie was already making her way upstairs, the handle of the door is seen on the right of the inside. But during the scene where Connie was inquiring Pearl on Steven's whereabouts, the handle of the door is seen on the right of the outside.
  • During the same scene, Steven is seen escaping through the window. When the camera focuses on Steven, the blinds are seen halfway opened, allowing him to pass through. But in the next scene, the blinds are only slightly opened.
  • In the same scene, Connie's voice is heard saying "so... uhm..." but Pearl is the one animated and lip-synced.


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