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Speaker Dialogue
[The star iris from "Jail Break" opens, showing the Crystal Gems again, looking at the ocean.]
Pearl That could have gone... a lot worse. *smiles*
Garnet Could have gone a lot better too. *looks back at the burning Crystal Temple*
[Pans to the Lighthouse hill with the broken parts of the Gem Warship burning]
Connie *through Steven's phone* Steven, I got your message. Steven? What happened?
Amethyst *happily* WE WON!!! (She surprises Steven as she twirls him around.)
(Lion looks at Steven and Amethyst.)
Connie *on the phone* Is that Amethyst? *Lion nudges Steven* Ah... what's going on? [Cut to Connie in her house] You said that there's some kind of giant space hand and you all may die?
[Amethyst's screaming is heard through the phone as camera pans back to the Gems]
Amethyst Wooohooo! Ye-he-he-he! *noogies Steven*
Steven Connie! You're not going to believe what happened. Where do I even start?!
Amethyst *off screen* I see you, P!
Steven It's been a madhouse over here.
(Lion goes away. Amethyst hugs Pearl over-exaggeratedly)
Pearl Amethyst! That's enough celebrating.
(Greg comes to Steven with his van.)
Steven Huh?
Greg *yelling* Steven!
Steven Dad! *to Connie on the phone* Connie I-I have to go. I promise I'll call you back. *hangs up phone* Dad's back! Dad's back!
(Steven runs to his dad.)
Greg *running to Steven* Oh! Thank goodness you're okay! *hugs Steven* Mmmmm! I saw the spaceship start to leave and then it crashed so I came back and... ohhh *sees Steven's black eye* your eye... But you're okay! I guess those jerks were no match for the Crystal Gems!
Steven No way, they were super strong!
Greg But you were able to beat them back?
Steven No. They totally stomped us! This warrior, Jasper, was super beefy and knocked me unconscious. Then they abducted me onto the ship because they wanted to take me away forever. And then we crashed the ship and I almost died!
Greg *panicked* What did they want with you?
Steven They think I'm Mom.
Greg *stammering* A-are more Homeworld Gems gonna come after you?
Steven I... uh... I don't know. Maybe?
(Greg's face shows he is clearly distraught.)
Greg Steven. I-I'm supportive and very proud of you. And I'll be right back. *runs into his van* Got to calm down. Where's my... *picks up lots of his CDs* Where's my relaxing music CD? *picks one* This one? *puts it in the radio and loud music starts to play* Wrong one! *presses the button for the CD to come back out* Stop! Eject! *punching the radio and trying to relax*
(Steven is looking at him and his phone starts to ring. Than he picks it out of his pocket and sees Connie is calling him. He looks at his dad trying to relax while his van crashes down.)
(Steven is walking on the beach.)
Steven Now Connie. Please don't freak out. But a giant laser hand tried to steal me into space. But it didn't, it didn't. I'm back and everything is *slowly* fine now. *sees everything broken at the Big Donut and runs away* Um, Connie. Funny story. As it turns out, there's a lot more Gems out there than we thought. And I think they wanna... kill me? Aghhh! Ughhh! *laughs* Hey Connie that... that message I left you was— was just a dream. *laughs* Eh, she's too smart for that. *runs away* Hu, huh, ugh. *tired of walking on the hill and listening to his ringtone* Ughhhh! Huhhh. *looks at broken space ship*
Ronaldo Yooo!
Steven *looks at Ronaldo* Oh! Hey Ronaldo.
Ronaldo Didn't you hear? Mayor Dewey is calling everyone back into the city. We can go home now. *looks at the sky*
(Steven looks at him sadly.)
Ronaldo Oh! I see... you come up here to brood too.
Steven Brood?
Ronaldo Yes, Steven. That's just what people like us do. Suffer quietly, shouldering the knowledge no one else can bear.
Steven Hm.
Ronaldo As an aficionado of the weird yourself, you've probably noticed ordinary people fear the cold, leaded anchor of the truth. The abyss is no Sunday swan drive.
Steven I know! My dad flipped out when I told him.
Ronaldo *sternly* Sounds typical. But it's a good reminder. This is no easy path we've chosen here. There are... sacrifices. Look at them all down there, Steven. (Beach City is shown) It's our duty to let those simple people live out their simple lives, without ever knowing the burden of being friends with us.
Steven At least we can be there for each other.
Ronaldo Is that giant hand from the sky sitting right in the middle of the beach?! I gotta get some of this for my blog!
(Ronaldo runs off.)
(A wave splashes against the hill and Steven starts singing Full Disclosure.)
Steven Everybody told me Gem stuff's dangerous / I guess I didn't believe it / Until now, Dad always seemed apprehensive, / and now he's really freaking out, what do I do? / I don't want that for you.
(Steven's phone starts ringing to the song and Steven drops it.)
Steven Everybody tells me life is precious on the planet Earth, / and that means you, and I have to protect you. / What if somehow you get hurt? What do I do? / I don't want that for you.
(Steven's phone starts ringing again and Steven drops it again.)
Steven Oooooooo, ooooooooo, ooooooooo, ooooooo... [Flashbacks to "The Return" and "Jail Break" start playing] What am I gonna tell you? / You're better off not knowing the trouble I'm in, / I don't want you to worry, about what I've just seen, about where I've just been. / You don't have to be a part of this, / I don't think I want you to be. / You don't need this. / You don't need me...
(Steven's phone starts ringing again.)
Steven Ooooooooo, ooooooooooo, ooooooooo. (Flashbacks end and he looks at the sky.) Ooooooooo, *looks at his phone* oooooooo, *picks it up and looks at the Gem Warship* oooooooooo, *looks at the phone again* oooooooo, ooooo.
(The song ends and so does the phone ringing. Steven hangs up the phone and goes to the Beach House.)
[Fade to black]
[Trans. Int. Beach House.]
Amethyst Oh, come on.
Garnet No whining. We need to start cleaning up debris.
Pearl Garnet's right. People are already coming back into town.
Steven We've got to keep them off the beach. If any humans got access to gem technology, they could really hurt themselves. Maybe we should shut them out. For good.
Pearl You know... we did once have a fence. Let's get a new one. With barbed wire!
Amethyst This time let's build a moat. I could be... *shapeshifts her head into a crocodile* the crocodile! *does jazz hands* Jazz hands.
(Pearl looks away.)
Garnet No.
Amethyst Why not?
Pearl You always say you'll be the crocodile, but you never commit! (Amethyst shapeshifts her head back to normal while Pearl is talking.)
Garnet No fence either.
Pearl and Amethyst Garnet!
Garnet Steven needs to see his father and his friends.
Steven No, I don't! I can't keep clinging to the vestiges of my humanity. It's time I got serious. (His phone starts ringing, Steven cringes and moans.)
Pearl Steven? Why is your communication device making that sound?
Steven It's Connie, trying to call me, but I can't face her anymore.
(Amethyst looks through the window.)
Pearl So you're just going to ignore her, forever?
Steven It's the responsible thing to do.
Amethyst It's gonna be hard, 'cause she's coming up the steps right now.
Steven What?!
(Connie knocks on the door and Pearl opens it.)
Pearl Oh! Hello, Connie...
Connie Is Steven home?
(Steven sneaks out the window.)
Pearl No...
Connie Is he okay? I'm just really worried. He hasn't been answering his phone. What's going on?
Pearl Uh... I- I don't know. I don't understand your human relationships. So... uhm... goodbye!
(Pearl closes the door and Connie moans, then she sees Steven.)
Connie Steven!
(Steven is running and panting.)
Connie Steven!
(Steven runs into a corridor of the Gem Warship, then Connie does the same. Steven hides behind a piece of the thumb.)
Connie Steven! Steven? Are you in trouble? Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?
(Steven moans.)
Connie Why are you avoiding me?
(Steven moans again.)
Connie Uuuuuhh *takes out her phone and dials Steven's number*
(Steven's ringtone plays but Steven immediately hangs up the phone.)
Connie Steven, I know you're here! Why are you hiding from me?
(Steven breathes deeply and texts Connie.)
Connie *reads from her phone* I don't wanna be friends anymore. *dials Steven*
(The ringtone plays and Steven picks up.)
Connie Steven?
Steven I can't be with you anymore, I have a destiny.
Connie Say it to my face! Say you don't want to be friends anymore! If you can do that - If you can do that, I'll leave you alone. And I'll just go back to having no friends. But I won't believe it until you say it to my face!
(Connie gasps as Steven is climbing up the thumb. Steven grunts, then jumps down.)
Connie Well?
Steven *crying* I still wanna be friends!
Connie *gasps* Steven, your eye! What happened to you?
Steven I didn't want you to worry about it.
Connie I've been worried sick all day, what do you think I'm doing here?
Steven I just wanted to protect you.
Connie Stop. Just tell me everything.
Steven *snivels*
[Fade to black after he receives a hug from Connie]
[Time Skip—later that day]
(Steven and Connie are sitting on the beach.)
Connie So, Lapis and Jasper are somewhere underwater.
Steven Yeah, and... Peridot escaped while the ship was coming down. She could be anywhere.
Connie That is a lot to take in.
Steven Are you okay?
Connie Are you okay? You're the one that's been through everything. The least I could do is just listen.
Steven I can't ask you to do that.
Connie I want to, Steven. I want to be a part of your universe.
(Greg comes driving in his van.)
Greg Kiddo! There you are! Oh hey Connie, do you need a ride home?
Steven Oh, Dad, are you doing okay?
Greg I got it out of my system. I'm back to being your cool dad.
(Greg's Van is shown driving through parts of Beach City showing the townsfolk with Connie, Steven, and Greg in it.)

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