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First you need a Gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body that can turn into light. Then you need a partner you can trust with that light.

Garnet, "We Need to Talk "

Pearl explaining what a Fusion Dance is with her psammokinetic powers

A Fusion Dance is a synchronized dance performed by two or more Gems in order to fuse into a Fusion Gem.

Generally, the dance is composed of the dance styles of the Gems that are going to fuse. Each dance is accompanied by a unique musical theme, usually exhibiting the motifs from the respective themes of the Gems. Fusion dances are only required for Gems of differing gemstones; Gems of the same type of gemstone can fuse at will. A dance is not entirely necessary for fusion to occur: fusion can also occur when the two participants share a moment of profound emotional unity, such as attacking an enemy as one or bonding over similarities.

Known Fusion Dances

Pearl and Amethyst

Pearl's dance is elegantly precise while Amethyst dances a bit wilder and more suggestive, and the two run towards each other near the end. However, this style of their dance seen fails, and in the two first appearances by Opal, her successful dance is not shown. Pearl and Amethyst's first successful dance is shown in "Log Date 7 15 2", this time without interruption. Opal is formed in "Together Alone" without a fusion dance, but by Pearl picking Amethyst up. They once again form successfully in Steven Universe: The Movie. Their fusion theme is "Amalgam".

Garnet and Amethyst

Garnet begins by moving her hips provocatively, following it with some more sensual moves as Amethyst moves left to right. Garnet then walks forward as Amethyst rushes towards her and jumps into Garnet, turning them into Sugilite. Their fusion theme is "Synchronize".

Pearl and Garnet

During their fusion dance, Pearl begins by twirling elegantly and then looking at Garnet longingly. In response, Garnet does a rhythmic hand-based dance, followed with hip swaying and running her hands along the profile of her hair, matching Pearl's sensual elegance. Garnet and Pearl proceed towards each other, Pearl executing ballet spins and leaps and Garnet strutting while flipping her hair. Once meeting in the middle, they both dance in synchronization as Garnet sways her hips and Pearl shimmies, getting closer with every movement. Afterwards they hold each other's arms while Garnet pulls Pearl down. Garnet then flings Pearl into the air, and the fusion dance ends with Pearl twirling in the air and then free falling gracefully towards Garnet, forming Sardonyx. Their fusion theme is "Enticement".

Pearl and Rose Quartz

Rose picks up the hem of her dress and sways it while Pearl twirls around elegantly, and the two come towards each other hand in hand and stare at each other. Then Pearl picks her legs up one by one and Rose holds Pearl's hand, and then the two stare at each other again. Rose holds Pearl as they turn around to the right, making a dip, and lastly both of them embrace, fusing into Rainbow Quartz. Their fusion theme is currently unknown, but the fusion dance takes place whilst Greg is playing "What Can I Do (For You)".

Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst

While the dance itself isn't shown in the fusion's debut episode, part of it is shown in the game Attack the Light. The resulting fusion from this dance is Alexandrite. At the end of the short, "Fusion", Garnet twirls Amethyst and Pearl with one hand each, and then they fuse. In "Super Watermelon Island", their fusion dance is completely shown. In Steven Universe: The Movie, the end of Alexandrite's fusion dance is seen. Later, in "Bluebird", Alexandrite is formed without much of a dance, but rather Garnet putting her hands on Amethyst and Pearl's shoulders. Their fusion theme is "Collaboration".

Lapis Lazuli and Jasper

Jasper grabs Lapis and twirls her, catching her with a dip, then flashes her gem as she grins at the Crystal Gems and the two fuse into Malachite. Their fusion theme is "Collusion".

Ruby and Sapphire

While not technically a dance, Ruby grabs Sapphire by the waist, lifts her, and the two spin for a while before they fuse together into Garnet, as shown in "Jail Break". In "The Answer", when they accidentally fuse for the first time, they simply hold each other and spin around. Later on, they romantically dance while holding each other's hands. Ruby then swings Sapphire into the air while spinning, fusing once again. When fusing in "Hit the Diamond", Sapphire jumps at Ruby, after which they fuse as they tumble onto the ground. In "Three Gems and a Baby", they simply touch foreheads and hold hands to re-fuse. In "That Will Be All", they tightly hold each other's hands to fuse. In "Reunited", as they both kiss, Ruby picks up Sapphire and they both spin once, fusing in the process. In "Together Alone", they are able to fuse by running towards one another. Garnet forms in Steven Universe: The Movie, when Sapphire pushes Ruby out of the way of a falling anvil. Their fusion themes are "Reunion" (in "Jail Break") and "Reconciliation" (in "Keystone Motel" and "The Answer").

Steven and Connie

Their first fusion occurs in "Alone Together". Steven and Connie initially dance wildly and playfully until Steven trips and Connie grabs him. They look at each other for a while and, as they laugh, they fuse together into Stevonnie. Their fusion theme is "Alone Together". Steven and Connie fuse again in "We Need to Talk", though to a song by The Philosophy Majors. This time, their dance is similar to Ruby and Sapphire's with them spinning while holding each other's hands. Steven and Connie's synchronization dance to deliberately fuse is seen for the first time in "Mindful Education". The two dance somewhat wildly before standing back to back, clasping hands, and fusing into Stevonnie. In "Together Alone", Stevonnie is formed when Steven and Connie spin in a circle, holding hands.

Garnet and Peridot

Garnet and Peridot attempt to fuse in "Log Date 7 15 2" when the latter tries to gain a better understanding of fusion with the former's assistance. Garnet grabs Peridot's hands and twirls her so she is in her arms. Garnet then twirls Peridot who lets go, resulting in no fusion.

Steven and Amethyst

Though not really a dance, Steven and Amethyst fuse when Amethyst grabs Steven's arm, which leads to an embracing hug between the two. This causes a mushroom cloud-like burst, followed by the appearance of smoke, revealing Smoky Quartz. When they fuse in "Know Your Fusion" and "Back to the Kindergarten", they simply grab each other's hands to fuse. In "Guidance", they fuse by jumping into the air, holding hands, and twirling together. Their fusion theme is called "Consolation".

Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven

The four stand in a circle, each extending one arm and then moving in towards each other. Garnet swings her arms in rhythm, Steven shuffles while doing a monkey dance, Pearl pirouettes and Amethyst swings her hips. Then Amethyst and Steven link hands and spin on spot, raising their free hands to catch Garnet. Pearl dives into Garnet's arms, and Garnet raises her up. Then, the four fuse together into Obsidian.

Steven and Greg

SU Movie 1159.png

Steven and Greg begin to play a song together on their guitars. As they get into the music, they begin to approach each other doing Chuck Berry's signature Duck Walk. They press their backs against to each other, then look at one another, still playing music. An explosion occurs as they fuse, with the smoke clearing to reveal Steg. Their fusion theme is called "Let's Duet".

Pearl and Steven

A Very Special Episode 205.png

Their complete fusion dance was not performed the first time they fused, though Steven did dance with Pearl's gemstone, forming Rainbow Quartz 2.0. In "A Very Special Episode", Rainbow Quartz 2.0 was formed when Pearl pulled Steven out of Sunstone and towards her.

Garnet and Steven

A Very Special Episode 064.png

This dance was not shown in their fusion's debut episode, "Change Your Mind", but Steven did hold Ruby and Sapphire's gemstones close to him to form Sunstone. Their dance was seen in completion in "A Very Special Episode". Steven and Garnet start of next to each other. Garnet performs rhythmic movements with her hands, while Steven accompanies her with his own dance. The two then hold hands. In that same episode, Sunstone is formed when Garnet pulls Steven towards her.


  • The "Fusion Dance" displayed by Gems is very similar to the Fusion Dance shown in the 1989 anime Dragon Ball Z. However, the Gems actually dance to fuse, rather than complete a set of poses like the Fusion Dance in Dragon Ball Z, in order to become one.
  • Some of the fusion themes' names correspond with combining or fusing.
    • Opal's is called "Amalgam", which is the combination of two elements to form another.
    • Sugilite's is called "Synchronize", which is to act as one, or in unison.
    • Malachite's is called "Collusion", which is when two parties conspire together.
    • One of Garnet's is called "Reunion", which is the act of coming together again after a period of separation. The other is called "Reconciliation", which is the act of restoring friendly terms.
    • Rainbow Quartz's is called "What Can I Do (For You)", which is often said by a suitor to imply his desire to improve their relationship.
    • Sardonyx's is called "Enticement", which is the act of attracting or luring in someone.
    • Alexandrite's is called "Collaboration", which is the act of working together with others to create something.
    • Smoky Quartz's is called "Consolation", which is the act of giving comfort to another who has suffered, wherein the two (Steven and Amethyst) find comfort with each other's similar flaws.
    • Stevonnie's is called "Alone Together" which is the experience of being physically together but emotionally feeling alone. This might stem from when Stevonnie became anxious at the rave in "Alone Together" and said it would be alright if their components were actually there rather than as part of a fusion.
    • Rainbow Quartz 2.0's is, quite promptly, called "We Fused!", which is what Pearl tells Steven right after they unfuse.
    • Steg's is "Let's Duet", a duet being two people singing or playing a musical composition together.
  • During NYCC 2016, Kat Morris was asked about how characters are sometimes able to fuse without dancing. She replied that it's "more than the dance, it's about a mutual understanding."[1]