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"Garnet's Universe" is the 33rd episode of the first season of Steven Universe, and the 33rd episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven imagines what Garnet does with her day.[2]


Garnet's Universe (002).png

The episode starts with Garnet warping back to the Crystal Temple with an unknown bubbled gemstone. She hears Steven stifling a laugh, so she looks around for him. Steven suddenly "Steven-bombs" her, and he asks Garnet what she did with her day, to which in reply she said to him, what he thinks she had done with her day. Steven then proceeds to tell a story about what she did.

Garnet's Universe (069).png

In the story, Garnet warps into a fantastical world where everything is simplistic. She is then attacked by a masked figure who throws bombs at her. She reveals the attacker to be Hopper, a talking frog that Garnet trains with. Hopper then says that Hoppy, a talking bunny, wants to train. Hoppy suddenly jumps out of a tree with a katana, but Garnet blocks the blow. Hoppy and Hopper begin to ensue in conversation about training. Garnet reminds them that she needs to retrieve a gem artifact and that she needs to hurry because she wants to get back to Steven at the Temple. Hoppy and Hopper look at a photo that Garnet pulls from her clothing, soon asking who the boy in the picture is. Garnet replies, "My most favorite person in the world", showing us Garnet's maternal love for Steven. They ask if she's told him this, and she replies that she's not strong enough.

Garnet's Universe (092).png

They're shown walking through the forest until somebody drops out of a tree. The person looks very hurt, and Hopper says his power levels are low. Garnet then "revives" him by spitting water in his face and slapping him. Garnet learns that his name is Ringo, and he is the caretaker of the shrine on top of the mountain. Ringo tells the story of his injuries, saying a deceptive Foxman stole his power gem and banished him. Garnet wants to retrieve the Gem, but Ringo says all he wants is the shrine back. They travel to the shrine in a style similar to the Mario game, where the Foxman is looking at cats on Tumblr. Hopper measures him with her power analyzing device and says that his powers are off the charts. They warn Garnet to be careful, but Garnet walks up to him and demands the gemstone back. They start to fight, but the Foxman overpowers Garnet and punches them all off the hill and back into the forest.

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Hoppy was happy at this because it means they would have to train to be strong enough to beat the Foxman, which Garnet does. After their intensive training, they go back and finally defeated the Foxman, but it turned out that Ringo had lied to them. The Foxman was the real caretaker of the shrine, and the reason how he gets his muscular body and Ringo wanted the gem in order to turn into the evil Ultimate Ringo. Ringo turns the Foxman into an onion ring and transports everyone into the Ringo Zone.

Garnet's Universe (014).png

Hoppy and Hopper engage Ringo but were quickly dispatched. Garnet, summoning her courage, had a very long fight with Ringo and seems too strong to defeat until Garnet's able to defeat Ringo and take back the gem out of her love for Steven.

Steven wraps up the story, and Garnet laughingly tells him that's exactly what happened. He asks her if she means it and she says no.







  • All of the new characters in the episode were voiced by the main cast of Steven Universe.
  • Hopper and Hoppy seem to act the opposite of their counterparts of their voice actors. Hopper's attitude is more like Amethyst, while Hoppy's attitude is similar to Pearl's.
  • Hopper and Hoppy are another clue put in by the Crewniverse to hint at Garnet being a fusion, as this had not been revealed at the time of Garnet's Universe airing.
    • Hopper reflects Sapphire with her calm and calculating nature, whereas Hoppy reflects Ruby with her brash and reckless nature (as seen in the final fight against Ringo).
  • After Garnet's training, the Korean symbols that appear on the background (미인) are hangul for "miin", which means "beauty" or "beautiful woman".
  • The narration at the end of the story was Zach Callison's (Steven's voice actor) normal voice, these continue in "Steven's Birthday".
  • In the episode "Warp Tour", Garnet reveals that she actually can summon over-sized gauntlets.
  • The StevenBomb event gets its name from when Steven jumped on Garnet, yelling the same phrase foreshadowing the event.
  • When Hopper says "maybe an enchanted power onion", an onion shaped like Onion's head appears.
  • Garnet's outfit from Steven's imagination resembles her debut far-distance render.
  • The concept scene of Ringo electrocuting Hopper after she catches him with her tongue is later used when Peridot is caught by Amethyst's whip in "Keeping It Together".

Cultural References

  • Hopper resembles Frog from Chrono Trigger.
  • Hoppy resembles Usagi from Usagi Yojimbo.
  • Garnet's outfit from Steven's imagination resembles her debut far-distance render.
  • The device Hopper uses to measure power levels of others resembles a Wii U GamePad.
  • The ending of the episode somewhat resembles an ending from the Pokémon anime.clarify
  • Garnet stopping a bomb with her hand, along with the camera position, resemble a scene in Akira, in which Tetsuo stops a missile.
  • The bombs resemble Zeeky H. Bomb from 2001 web animation The Demented Cartoon Movie by Brian Kendall. Zeeky's catchphrase was "ZEEKY BOOGIE DOOG!" before comically exploding whenever anyone said his phrase.
  • When Hoppy is introduced, and the screen is cut in three parts, this could be a reference to Samurai Jack.
  • The magic power amulet that Hopper mentions resembles the Demonic Wishing Eye from the 2010 series Adventure Time.
  • Hopper's garb in her initial appearance is similar to the character Mizune in Soul Eater in the runaway train episode. The bomb usage lends even more credence to the Mizune's borrowed Tadpole bombs.
  • Foxman is browsing Tumblr on his phone. He can be seen looking at cat images/gifs.
  • According to Jeff Liu, who is a storyboard artist on Steven Universe who did some of the animated sequences in this episode, Garnet's final move was inspired by Gurren Lagann.
  • Ringo's transformation shares the same colors and characteristics of the Sailor Guardians from Sailor Moon.
  • Garnet taking off her hair/weight may be a reference to Rock Lee from Naruto, who had weights hidden under his leg warmers.
  • Garnet meditating under the waterfall is similar to how Libra does it in Saint Seiya.
  • Garnet's last attack in the episode bears a resemblance to Mazinger Z's Big Bang Punch from Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!.
  • The background on this episode (including the mountain Garnet breaks in half with a punch) is very similar to the one used in Super Mario World.
  • Garnet's "super fast punching" during her training resembles Kenshirō's Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken technique from the Fist of the North Star series. The attack is a very iconic rapid punching move which has been paid homage in many other popular series.
  • There were multiple references to the Dragon Ball series.
    • The device Hopper uses to measure power levels is similar to a Scouter.
    • The explosion of the device after someone exceeds their power levels.
    • The power level reader skipped the number "9,000" during its rise even in its increments of thousands, possibly a reference to the "Over 9,000" meme, which originated from the Dragon Ball series.
    • During Garnet's training, she increases her power while holding a pose similar to the most common one in Dragon Ball.
    • She takes off her hair (weight), similar to how Piccolo takes off his cape, and how Son Goku takes off his weighted training clothes.
    • The fact that her hair grows bigger when she increases her power level, resembles the transformation of a Super Saiyan. Another resemblance to the Super Saiyan transformation is that it is triggered by an immense emotional response.
    • In the Dragon Ball series, power levels were initially introduced to show that an over-reliance on them would result in failure, and eventually, the characters reached power-levels so high they were immeasurable. In the episode, Hoppy relies on power levels and eventually Garnet's power level becomes so high, that it becomes immeasurable.
  • Ringo's O-Zone is similar to the abilities of certain characters from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, who can create their own universes where other characters are forced to play by their rules and where they are in full control. It may also be a reference to the Phantom Zone from Superman comics.
  • The episode features many cliches from anime, like characters with very large muscles to show how powerful they are.
  • After Garnet, Hopper, and Hoppy meet Ringo, a red arrow starts red flashing over the temple in the background. This could be a reference to the first episode of the Ouran High School Host Club anime, "Starting Today, You Are a Host!" where a flashing red arrow directs the audience's attention to a very expensive vase in the background that is about to become a plot point.
  • Near the start of the episode, when Garnet points and tells a hooded figure to reveal themselves, her pose resembles the "OBJECTION!" point of Phoenix Wright, from the video game series Ace Attorney.
  • Hoppy's line: "Get ready to hop, drop and roll!" may be a taken from a beer named Hop, Drop 'N Roll.


  • Hoppy's line "Don't bite off more than you can chew" is a callback to "Cat Fingers" when Pearl tells Steven the same thing.


  • Right before Garnet stumps her foot a frame can be seen below, showing a black outline.


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