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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(Garnet arrives alone at the Warp Pad of the Crystal Temple, carrying a bubbled gem.)
Garnet Steven?
(Garnet looks around the Beach House but notices no one's home. As she turns and heads to the Temple, she can hear Steven giggling. Garnet smiles, turns back around, and starts looking for Steven again. Meanwhile, Steven is seen hiding on a rafter beam above the Warp Pad, sneaking up on Garnet excitedly.)
Garnet Steven. I know you're here. (Steven keeps giggling in anticipation.) Come on out. You know I can sense you.
Steven Steven-bomb! *pounces and lands on Garnet's hair* I got you!
Garnet You got me.
Steven And now you're blind! *covers Garnet's visor*
Garnet Tiny hands. *picks Steven up and lifts him in front of her* My only weakness.
Steven *notices the bubbled gem that Garnet is holding* Whoa! What did you do today?
Garnet Tell me what you think I did.
(Steven's eyes lights up and he makes a big smile. He then begins to tell his own made-up tale of Garnet's adventure.)
[Screen card - "Garnet's Universe, created by Steven Universe"]
(Garnet arrives on a Warp Pad in the middle of a forest. She begins walking through the forest, as a mysterious figure stalks her in the trees. A bomb then suddenly appears in front of Garnet and explodes, which she quickly dodges by leaping onto a tree. More exploding bombs appear and Garnet easily dodges them, when the mysterious figure appear before her.)
Garnet You! Reveal yourself!
(The figure throws a bomb at Garnet and she catches it with one of her gauntlets. It explodes in her hand with no impact at all. Garnet then walks up to the figure, picks her up and disrobes her, revealing a humanoid frog.)
Hopper Hopper the morning to you, Garnet. Nothing like some morning training to get the blood pumping. Am I right?
Garnet Hopper. Nice to see you too. *releases Hopper*
Hopper By the way, have you seen Hoppy? She was hoppin' excited to train with us.
(Another figure, a humanoid rabbit, suddenly leaps out above Garnet and dives, yelling out loud, towards her with a katana. Garnet summons her other gauntlet and catches the katana just above her head in between her hands, causing a gust of wind around her.)
Hoppy Garnet.
Garnet Hoppy.
Hopper Wow Garnet, I can tell you've been training. *observing the screen of a tablet* Your power levels are hoppin' high!
Hoppy Yes Hopper, but they could always be higher. We should train more. I nearly had the jump on you that time.
Hopper OOHH!
Garnet We can train some other time, Hoppy. *dispels her gauntlets* Right now, there's a gem artifact to recover.
Hopper I wonder what it is this time. Maybe a magic power amulet, or a flying power carpet, or maybe an enchanted power onion!
Garnet Whatever it is, we should hurry. There's somebody at home that I need to get back to. *pulls out a photo of her and Steven*
Hopper Who's that?
Garnet My most favorite person in the world.
Hoppy Have you ever told him that?
Garnet No.
Hopper Why not?
Garnet I'm not... strong enough.
Hopper Will we get to meet him soon?
Garnet Not yet. He's not ready to learn that I have secret animal friends.
(The group continues to venture through the forest, when another figure lands on the ground behind them.)
Garnet Wha-?
Hopper *scans the figure with her tablet* His power levels are hoppin' pretty low.
Garnet I can revive him.
(Garnet grabs the figure and proceeds to revive him by spitting water in his face and slapping his face.)
Ringo Wu-ah-ah, Ringo! (Garnet drops him on the ground.) Haha! Thank you for saving me!
Garnet Tell us your name, stranger.
Ringo My name is Ringo. I am but a humble caretaker of the shrine atop yonder mountain. *points to a distant shrine on a mountain*
Hoppy How did you get those wounds? Was it from some kind of training?
Ringo Well, you see. An innocent Foxman wanted to see the shrine. Such a sweet, sweet Foxman. Naturally, I obliged. Inside rested the sacred magic gem of ultimate power. It was then that the Foxman double-crossed me. He used the power of the gem to banish me from my own shrine. Ever since then I've been searching for someone strong enough to help me.
Garnet That gem must be contained. No one should have that much power.
Ringo Oh, you can have the gem. I just want my shrine back.
Garnet We'll get it back for you.
Hoppy & Hopper Hop five! *high-five each other*
Garnet *looks at her photo again* Don't worry Steven. I'll be home soon.
(The group makes their way up to the shrine.)
Ringo We're here!
(Garnet, Hopper and Hoppy climbs atop the mountain while Ringo lays low. They spot a buff Foxman using a phone in front of the shrine. Hopper scans him with her tablet and it reads "70,000 POWER".)
Hopper Holy hop! His power is off the charts!
Hoppy Be careful Garnet. Don't hop off more than you can chew.
Garnet Foxman! Give us the gem!
Foxman What? *spots Ringo* You again? (Ringo hisses.) Oh, I see what this is. If you want the gem, you'll have to defeat me.
Garnet So be it. HU-UH!
(Garnet and Foxman begin to spar off. However, Foxman is too strong and he punches Garnet away. She collides into the others and the group is knocked off the mountain, landing on the branches of a tree.)
Ringo See? I told you he was strong.
Garnet Then we'll just have to get stronger.
Hoppy *gasps* Training time.
(Garnet, Hopper and Hoppy begin their training by meditating under a waterfall, when they are joined by Ringo, who proceeds to bathe himself under the waterfall.)
Ringo *humming* Ringo! Ringo!
(After meditating, Garnet summons her gauntlets and begins to enlarge them to an enormous size.)
Hoppy & Hopper Weighted gauntlets!
(Garnet begins to struggle under the weight of her giant gauntlets and throws a single punch in the air.)
Hopper *looking at her tablet* She just gained 10 power from that one punch!
(Garnet groans in pain as she slams her gauntlets onto the ground, unable to bear the weight, and starts panting heavily.)
Hoppy Come on Garnet, you can do this! You just gotta remember what you're fighting for.
(Remembering Steven's smiling face, Garnet picks back up her giant gauntlets with determination and continues throwing punches. Her punches gradually intensify in speed and strength as she keeps on training.)
Hoppy, Hopper & Ringo Whoa!
Hopper 7,000. 8,000. 10,000! Numbers have no meaning!
(Hopper's tablet snaps apart from Garnet's sheer power surge. Garnet unleashes her final punch at a distant mountain and it breaks in half.)
Garnet I'm ready.
Hoppy, Hopper & Ringo So cool!
(The group makes their way back to the shrine.)
Ringo We're here!
(Garnet, Hopper and Hoppy climbs atop the mountain to confront Foxman while Ringo remains low.)
Foxman Back again, huh? Looks like you're hungry for another delicious beating.
Garnet Actually that last one spoiled my appetite.
Foxman How dare you insult my cooking skills? *tries to punch Garnet, but she easily blocks it* What?! Impossible!
(Foxman tries to punch Garnet again. She dodges out of the way and gives a swift jab in Foxman's stomach, defeating him. Hopper, Hoppy and Ringo cheer in victory.)
Foxman *moans in pain* Oh, it hurts.
Garnet Now give back the gem.
Foxman But I'm the sworn protector of the gem. What did that liar tell you? (Ringo sneaks past Garnet and Foxman, and retrieves the gem from the shrine.) No!
Ringo You dummies fell for it. Now the sacred magic gem of ultimate power is mine! Hehehehehe! *places the gem in his hair ring and transforms into a buffed version of himself* Ultimate Ringo!
Foxman Curse you, Ringo. I'll make you pay for this!
Ringo Too bad you didn't out-fox me when you had the chance!
(Ringo zaps his staff at Foxman, turning him into an onion ring.)
Garnet An on-
Hopper -ion-
Hoppy -ring!?
Ringo Hahahahaha!
Garnet We will avenge you Foxman. Ringo, you must be defeated!
Ringo Um-hum. The name's Ultimate Ringo.
(Ringo zaps Garnet, Hopper and Hoppy, transporting them to another dimension.)
Hopper Whoa. Wha- What is this place?
Ringo Welcome to my Ringo Zone! It is here where my powers are strongest. You wanna stop me? Go on. It will amuse me. And after I beat you, maybe I'll destroy the planet. Just 'cause I can.
Hopper & Hoppy You monster!
Hoppy Get ready to hop, drop and roll!
Ringo Hehehe...
(Hoppy leaps towards Ringo, but he quickly zaps her, easily defeating her.)
Garnet Hoppy, no!
(Hopper wraps her tongue around Ringo, but he zaps her too.)
Garnet Hoppy- I-I mean, Hopper, no!
(Hopper and Hoppy moan in pain on the ground, severely injured.)
Garnet Now this is bad. *takes her hair off her head and drops it, creating a small crater on the ground*
Hopper & Hoppy W-w-w-weighted hair!?
Hopper (Her tablet spontaneously reforms.) Without her weighted hair, Garnet's power is hop-tastrophic.
Garnet *summons her gauntlets and leaps at Ringo* Ringo!
Ringo Ultimate! Hahahahahaha!
(Garnet and Ringo clash in a fist fight. Ringo, however, is too strong for Garnet, and he sends her crashing into the ground.)
Hopper & Hoppy *cowering* Garnet!
Garnet *takes out her photo* I'm sorry Steven. I wasn't... strong enough.
Ringo *takes the photo* Ah, what a nice photo. But you know, there's something not quite right. Oh, I know. *turns the photo into an onion ring and eats it*
(Enraged, Garnet roars in anger and reforms her hair with full energy, causing Hopper's tablet to explode again. She then gets up and floats into the air.)
Ringo Grrrr... This is getting ridiculous!
(Ringo charges at Garnet and she quickly kicks him away. She then enlarges her gauntlets into an enormous size and plunges towards Ringo, crashing him into the ground, thus defeating him.)
Hopper & Hoppy Hip hop hurray!
(Garnet then recovers the gem from Ringo.)
Unknown Narrator And so, Garnet used the gem to return the Foxman to his original form. And as for Ringo, heh, he stayed trapped in the Ringo Zone. Forever. That day Garnet learned a valuable lesson that being strong was about more than just how many mountains you could punch in half. It was about love. And there was no greater love than Garnet's love for Steven.
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven finishes up his made-up tale of Garnet's adventure.)
Steven And then you came back here. And I got you. And you were blind. And that's what you did today!
Garnet ...Yeah, that's pretty much what happened.
Steven *gets excited* Really?!
Garnet No.
[Screen card - "THE END"]

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