Image Description Appearance(s)
Garnet 2012 PrePilot
Garnet has gray shades, wears a dark-magenta top, with a yellowish-orange headscarf, beyond elbow-length yellowish-orange gloves, and pink pantyhose. 2012 Concept Poster
Garnet 2013 PrePilot
Garnet's skin had a more brownish tint to it. She wears a maroon top with a mustard-yellow headscarf, elbow-length mustard-yellow gloves, and orange pantyhose. 2013 Concept Poster (Pre-Pilot)
Pilot Garnet redo
Her skin had a more reddish tint to it. She had straight black hair, wore maroon shades, a bodysuit colored purplish-red on the top, and dark-grey and black on the legs. The star also wasn't present in the chest area, it was an upside-down triangle colored maroon and magenta. The star was instead a connection to her sash. She had more pointed, circular cubic shoulder pads and wore pale-red kitten heels with gold stripes around them. "Pilot"
The facets on Garnet's gemstones were connected, Ruby and Sapphire's gemstones seem to be switched, and her skin is slightly lighter than her design in the Pilot. Her hair is longer and her color palette highly resembles her debut one. She has a yellow star-shaped polygon on her chest. Her shades are dark maroon, much like her Pilot design. Her shoulder pads are circular. 2013 Concept Poster (Post-Pilot)
The star on Garnet's shirt isn't colored in, and she appears to be wearing black elbow-length gloves. "Garnet's Universe"
Garnet in the RPG game, Attack the Light. 'Attack the Light'
Chille tid garnet
In the black and white sitcom dream sequence, Garnet is human with two eyes, sunglasses, and an outfit similar to "The Fonz" from "Happy Days". She has a star on the back of her jacket, rolled up jeans, and low-tops. "Chille Tid"
What Are Gems Chibi Garnet
A small, "chibi-like" version of Garnet. "What Are Gems?"
"How Are Gems Made?"


Garnet - Baby
Steven's interpretation what Garnet might look like as a baby, her outfit featuring a short-sleeved bodysuit and short hair styled like Ruby's. She is also seen without her visor. "How Are Gems Made?"


Image Description Appearance(s)
Garnet wears Steven's Birthday Suit. "So Many Birthdays"
Garnet wears large flannel pants with a plaid design when golfing with the Crystal Gems. They previously belonged to Greg Universe. "Rose's Room"
Jacket Garnet Redo
Garnet wears a greenish-grey jacket. On the back of the jacket is a guitar along with the words "Cool Dad". It previously belonged to Greg Universe and was intended to have been thrown away, but Garnet received it from Steven instead. "Maximum Capacity"
She wears a white sports bra and has a red jacket tied around her waist. She wears black leggings that completely cover her lower half. "Garnet's Universe"


Image Description Appearance(s)
Garnet - Old Timey Clothesredo
Garnet wears a pale-brown tricorne hat and white and pale-maroon goggles. She has a black top and a crimson jacket with burgundy gloves. She also has a tight white sash ribbon above her waist, which separates her top from her crimson-colored pants. The aforementioned pants are just below knee length. She also wears black, high boots. "So Many Birthdays" (painting)
She wears a dark pink tunic with a light pink, vague lightning stripe down the middle and hot pink shoulders with leggings that reach up to her abdomen. The leggings are a dark fuchsia color and end with magenta on her ankle down to her heel and over the bridge of her foot. Her shades are soft-blue and pale-red, and are rounded rather than pointed. "Story for Steven"

"We Need to Talk"

Garnet Debut Table
Her debut regeneration. She had medium, maroon colored skin, and more voluminous cube afro. Her shades were orange-tinted and she wore a black and crimson bodysuit, with cubic shoulder pads (the right one being magenta, the left one being crimson), and a pink star with a magenta outline on her chest. She also wore long, elbow-length black gloves that covered her middle fingers. From "Gem Glow" to "The Return"


Image Description Appearance(s)
Garnet shapeshifts her hands to make them larger and more stretchable, resulting in giant hands. "Steven and the Stevens"
"Secret Team"
"The Message"
Garnet shapeshifts into Steven to play Steven Tag with Amethyst. "Keep Beach City Weird"
Garnet wears a two-piece with a dark red top and a pink outline under a slanted black skirt with a red stripe that stops slightly above her knees. A pink bow resides on the right side of the skirt. "Beach Party"
Life jacket garnet
Garnet shapeshifts part of her bodysuit into a lifejacket. "Chille Tid"

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