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Garnet is a fusion Gem comprised of Ruby and Sapphire. She was first formed by accident 5,752 years ago when fusion between two different types of Gems was unheard of. She has mostly stayed together since then.


The Answer 110

During the Crystal Gem raid on Blue Diamond's court at the start of the Rebellion, Ruby saved Sapphire from being harmed by Pearl, causing them to accidentally fuse. When Garnet is formed, she is confused and doesn't understand what she is, since Ruby only ever fused with other Rubies and Sapphire never fused at all. Garnet quickly loses form as Blue Diamond's court closes in on her, since fusion between different kinds of Gems is strictly prohibited. In order to save Ruby, who blamed herself for the ordeal, Sapphire fled with her and the two became outcasts, able to form Garnet again. Garnet had trouble getting used to being a fusion at first, and tripped down a hill, where she was found by Rose Quartz and Pearl. Garnet explained her confusion to Rose, to which she replied that it was perfectly fine to be a fusion, recruiting her to the Crystal Gems.

Your Mother and Mine (257)

During the Rebellion, Garnet fought in order to live freely as a fusion and preserve Ruby and Sapphire's love for each other. She described a specific battle of the war as "a maelstrom of destruction and death". Bismuth also revealed that her and Garnet took on a battalion of Quartz soldiers together, to which Garnet corrects her to battalions. Garnet was aware that Pink Diamond was shattered during the war, believing the culprit to be Rose Quartz like the other Crystal and Homeworld Gems. Garnet and Pearl were both protected by Rose's Shield from the Corrupting Light at the end of the war.

Over the thousands of years following the war, Garnet lived with Rose Quartz and Pearl at the Crystal Temple. There, she assisted the team in containing Corrupted Gems and performing other duties in order to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. Eventually, Garnet met Amethyst after the Gems find her at the Prime Kindergarten.

At some point hundreds of years ago, Garnet and Pearl met Buddy Buddwick when he was exploring the Strawberry Battlefield. Pearl draws a map for Buddy of dangerous places not to visit, and Garnet tells him that "Only the bravest, most courageous, most memorable explorers would dare to visit these fascinating places.". Also around this time, Garnet and the other Gems helped a sailor who fell overboard into shark infested water, as shown in an old Gem painting. Garnet, specifically, is punching a shark away from the boat.

When Greg Universe first came to the Temple looking for Rose about 20–30 years ago, Garnet had just been coming back from containing a Corrupted Gem. She tells Greg to state his purpose, and threatens to throw him back over the fence that was supposed to keep humans out in the first place. Garnet and Amethyst chuckle when Pearl becomes noticeably jealous of Rose and Greg's relationship. Another time, Greg is singing a duet with Rose, and all the Crystal Gems are playing instruments except for Rose. Garnet is playing her keytar. After witnessing Rose and Pearl fuse, Greg goes to Garnet for advice on fusing with Rose. Garnet explains that "First you need a gem at the core of your being. Then you need a body that can turn into light. Then you need a partner you can trust with that light.". Garnet encourages Greg, telling him that she thinks he can fuse with Rose if he danced like himself. When Pearl becomes jealous and asks why they are still dancing after the fusion failed, Garnet explains that it did work.

Three Gems and a Baby 154

After Rose and Greg have Steven, Garnet becomes the de facto leader of the Crystal Gems. One day during a winter storm, the Crystal Gems come to Vidalia's House to drop off presents for Steven. Garnet's present is a razor, and says that he'll need it in the future. When Steven gets excited, his Gem glows, leading Garnet to believe that it's Rose. Greg couldn't figure out why his Gem was glowing, leading to the Gems to kidnap the baby to figure it out themselves. Garnet explains to the other Gems that she believes Steven is a fusion, and Rose is just trying to unfuse. Garnet unfuses to show Steven what to do, but this only results in the baby crying. Garnet fuses once more, and says "I'm here! You know me! You know them, too! I don't understand!". After realizing Steven is his own being, Garnet tells the Gems that from now on, everything has to be about Steven, not Rose. As Steven grows up, Garnet assists in building a Beach House for him to live in.

Season 1

"Gem Glow"

Gem Glow (058)

Steven visits the Big Donut, where he becomes distraught after finding that the Cookie Cat ice cream brand has been discontinued because a recent competitor, Lion Lickers, has become more popular in sales. When he gets home, he finds Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet locked in battle with Centipeetles that have invaded Steven's room. They destroy most of them, but do not find the gems they usually receive after "poofing" a Gem's form. Garnet believes that the mother Centipeetle must be nearby, controlling the others.

Steven drives one off the fridge and finds a lot of Cookie Cats in the freezer. The Gems explain how they got some from a nearby factory, since they knew that they were his favorite, they decided to buy the last remaining batch for him. He then takes a bite out of a Cookie Cat, and his gem starts to glow. Amethyst tells him to try to summon his weapon, but Steven does not know how. Eventually, his gem stops glowing, leaving Steven disappointed. He asks to be taught how to summon a weapon, and he visits Garnet last, on the top of the Crystal Temple. He asks if he has to train hard and not worry at the same time, to which she replies affirmatively. She tells him the alternative is to link his mind with all existing matter and to channel the collective energy of the universe through his gem, which is her method for pulling out her gauntlets. Steven remains utterly confused.

Garnet gauntlets

Steven decides to do it his own way, by recreating what happened when his gem started to glow. He attempts to make everything exactly as it was before, and sings his song again. This fails, and he wonders whether if he is not cut out to be a Crystal Gem. The others say that he is being silly, and reassure him that he is one of them. He eats another Cookie Cat in reassurance when his gem suddenly starts glowing brighter than it did before. It glows to the point where his weapon is finally revealed: a shield. Steven concludes that he can summon his weapon by eating ice cream.

The ground suddenly starts rumbling, and the mother Centipeetle appears outside. Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet go outside, but tell Steven to stay inside. The Gems become trapped, losing the battle. Steven fails to summon his shield and decides to retreat. When he sees the Cookie Cat freezer is damaged by the mother, he becomes distraught and gets a new wave of courage. He grabs the freezer by the plug and throws the broken freezer at the mother, electrocuting her. The Gems then defeat the mother, and Garnet bubbles her gem, sending it to the temple. With the assurance of the Crystal Gems, he resolves that he is unable to summon his weapon by eating ice cream. Then the Gems cheer him up by saying that he will be able to figure it out, "in his own Steven-y way".

"Laser Light Cannon"

Laser Light Cannon 035

Amethyst and Steven join Garnet and Pearl at the beach to come up with a plan to stop the eyeball, referred to as a Red Eye. Garnet tries throwing Amethyst at it, but to no avail. The only way the Crystal Gems can think of to destroy it is to use Rose Quartz's laser light cannon, the issue being that none of them know where it is. Steven suggests getting his dad to help, even though the other Gems tell Steven that his dad probably would not have the light cannon. While he is gone, Garnet continues to launch Amethyst at the Red Eye, but she merely bounces off it and plops into the ocean below.

As Steven and Greg arrive at the beach with the laser light cannon, they come across the Gems still launching Amethyst at the Red Eye, which is getting dangerously close to impact with the Earth's surface. Suddenly, the Eye starts emitting a gravitational pull and begins destroying everything in its range. Quickly, the group tries to activate the cannon. They try various methods – looking for a switch and putting Steven's gem near the cannon itself – but nothing works. His dad reassures them that they will find another way, and Steven agrees, repeating the quote: "If every pork chop were perfect, we would not have hot dogs.". Upon the quote being spoken aloud, the cannon glows and opens up in a manner similar to flower petals unraveling, and the barrel falls on the sand. The Gems help Steven lift and aim it at the Red Eye. When the light cannon fully charges, it blasts out a strong beam of light, in the somewhat vague shape of Rose Quartz, which swiftly destroys the incoming entity. The Red Eye explodes into many fragments, damaging several parts of the city, but the damage is overshadowed by the relief of getting rid of the danger just in time.

"Cheeseburger Backpack"

Cheeseburger Backpack 223

Steven eagerly runs into the house and sees Garnet covered in feathers. Amethyst is trying to get a gigantic egg into the fridge while Pearl is discouraging her. Pearl begins to tell Steven about how they are only staying for a minute because they need to place the Moon Goddess Statue at the top of the Lunar Sea Spire before midnight or the whole structure will be destroyed. When Steven realizes they need to carry the statue there, he finds this a suiting time to debut his newest piece of gear, his Cheeseburger Backpack.

The Gems agree and decide it would be a good educational trip for him. After packing as many things as he can fit in the backpack, Steven and the Gems take the warp pad to the Lunar Sea Spire. Their first obstacle is getting into the Spire. They have to jump a gap that Garnet says is magically protected with a gravitational force pulling down towards the water. Steven goes into his backpack and pulls out the first of his odd items he brought along with him: sweaters. He ties them together and throws them towards the Spire, using them as a rope swing. After he succeeds, Amethyst pulls out her whip and brings the rest of the Gems over.

Later, Steven throws some bagels from his backpack into the room, diverting the Crystal shrimp and clearing a path for them. The Gems are so impressed with his ingenuity that when a ravine forms in front of them and fills with water, they immediately look to him for a plan. Steven reaches into the backpack and pulls out the first sensible item he packed: a raft. Unfortunately, as soon as he tosses it into the water, it is carried down a waterfall. Garnet kicks over a column to use as a bridge, but says that Steven had a nice idea anyway. They pass over the bridge that Garnet had made for them and begin to trek up to the top of the spire. Once they are at the top, they see a beautiful view of the sky and realize that it is not yet midnight and they still have time to place the statue and save the spire.

Garnet asks Steven for the statue from his bag. As he rummages through it, he begins to look frantic. Disappointed, he tells the Gems he does not have the statue, but has an alternative. The Gems say it is worth a shot and Steven puts Mr. Queasy where the Moon Goddess Statue was supposed to go. The doll then explodes. The Lunar Sea Spire begins to crumble away as it floods and sinks into the ocean.

Cheeseburger Backpack 328

The Gems one by one pop up from underwater. Steven apologizes that the spire sunk, but Pearl and Amethyst cheer him up saying that 50% of his ideas worked. The raft that went over the edge of the waterfall earlier pops up and they get on it to head back home. Garnet, however, mentions that it is going to be a three-hour paddle to get home.

"Together Breakfast"

Together Breakfast 085

Steven is home alone, wondering where the rest of the Crystal Gems are. It is breakfast time, and he is getting hungry. He decides to make breakfast and starts stacking a tower of waffles. He calls for the other Gems, but no one responds. Steven completes the breakfast with a finishing touch: a strawberry garnish on top. After several additional attempts to gather the Gems, Steven gives up, rather upset. He made such a beautiful Together Breakfast and does not want to eat it without the Gems.

Garnet comes in and Steven asks if she would like to have some of his together breakfast, but she declines because she has to go into the Crystal Temple to burn something. She shows him a scroll with strange patterns and voices emanating from it. Steven thinks it is cool and takes a picture of it with his phone, but Garnet quickly snatches it off him, says she now has to burn that too and leaves.

After going through Pearl and Amethyst's rooms, Steven is chased by Amethyst for the together breakfast. Steven eventually jumps onto a red glowing pole. Steven looks down, panics, and falls down into the depths of the Temple. He sees Garnet standing by a pool of lava where she breaks his phone and tosses it in. She begins burning the scroll when the other Gems arrive, whispering to Steven that they should leave. Instead, excited that they are all finally in the same room, he calls out to Garnet, distracting her. The soul escapes from its containment orb and expands into a large dark cloud.

The Smoke Monster squashes Garnet and Amethyst with a waffle. After seeing it hurt his friends, Steven pushes it into the lava and destroy it. Steven apologizes, saying that all he wanted was to have breakfast with the other Gems. Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl help Steven make another together breakfast which is bigger and better so they can all share it. They finish it and get ready to eat it, but then they realize that they do not have the appetite to eat something that almost killed them, so they decide to order a pizza instead.

"Cat Fingers"

Cat Fingers (268)

Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst head out to sea on the Gem Sloop to fight a "living island". As they start to leave, Steven tries to swim after them. Pearl wants to stay behind to help Steven with his cat fingers, but Garnet says they can not because their mission deals with a tectonic emergency. Pearl tells Steven to stay calm as they leave.

When the Gems return to Beach City the next day, they discover Steven no longer has cat fingers. Pearl states the lesson learned is to always listen to her and never to Amethyst, to which Garnet responds that the lesson learned is to have more faith in Steven. The Gems walk away in annoyance as Steven starts to tell them cat puns.

"Bubble Buddies"

Bubble Buddies (280)

Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst are walking toward the Beach House. Steven's bike rolls down the hill and stops in front of them as he comes running after it. Steven rides away and the Gems go inside. From the house, the Gems watch Steven try to impress Connie with his bike before falling on it and running away in embarrassment. Steven runs inside the house and quickly closes the door behind him. The Gems question him about Connie. He implies that he wants to be her friend, so Garnet tells him to just talk to her. Steven takes this advice and tells the Gems not to watch him because it would mess up his "funky flow". He leaves after getting Connie's bracelet from the fridge. Later on, the Gems run to the pier where Steven had trapped and poofed Orange Spodumene. Garnet bubbles the corrupted gem. Amethyst and Pearl begin to embarrass Steven in front of Connie, but Garnet quickly intervenes. She picks up Amethyst and Pearl, telling them not to mess with Steven's funky flow before carrying them away.

"Serious Steven"

Serious Steven (027)

Garnet tells Steven that this is his first serious mission. The Gems arrive at the Gem Battlefield, and Steven falls out of the warp stream into a patch of strawberries. While covered in strawberry jelly, Steven is suddenly attacked by a small swarm of butterflies and Garnet says, "They're just butterflies, Steven.". Steven thought they looked bigger when on his eyeballs. As Amethyst laughs at Steven's words, Pearl thinks she is having second thoughts of having Steven with them but Garnet shushes her and says just look at him.

Serious Steven (097)

Eventually, the Gems find a large, upside down pyramid temple. Steven finds a strange, smaller pyramid and touches it, causing it to flip over. Everyone inside then begins to gravitate towards a hole in the ceiling. Eventually, they fall into a large room with multiple doors. Pearl decides the group should split up and suggests that she should stay with Steven. Garnet chooses to take Steven with her while Pearl goes with Amethyst. Garnet and Steven travel through three trap rooms, with Steven usually needing to be saved or carried by her.

In the third room, which is filled with axes, fire, spikes, and lava, Steven feels queasy and has a flashback to the Funland trip two weeks ago, where he and the Crystal Gems went on the teacup ride. Steven was riding with Garnet, but Steven eventually gets sick and falls out of the ride, landing on Harold Smiley and breaking the lever. The ride speeds out of control, sending all the teacups flying with the riders inside. Back in the present, Steven awakens to realize Garnet carried him through the third room because he fell asleep.

After exiting, they find themselves in the room where they started. Pearl finds them and tells Garnet that they always arrive back where they started after three rooms no matter which path they take. Steven asks Garnet what they should do. She says they will have to keep going in as long as it takes for them to find the exit. Horrified, Steven has a small breakdown as he believes it is his fault he is in this situation, just like with the teacups. However, Steven realizes that the temple must have been like the teacup ride. Each room they entered rotated to connect them to another room, sending them out another door leading into the main chamber.

Garnet breaks through the floor and they all fall into a large mechanism that causes the temple's rooms to rotate. Garnet throws Steven at his request to the centerpiece and he removes the gem controlling it, causing the temple to explode. The Gems emerge from the rubble and compliment Steven on his ingenuity.

"Tiger Millionaire"

Tiger Millionare 015

The Gems return to the temple. Pearl is seen yelling at Amethyst for being too "childish" on their mission, and when Amethyst looks at Garnet for support, she agrees with Pearl instead.

Later, she and Pearl discover Amethyst and Steven's night-time occupation when they find the flyers Steven created to advertise the final match. After scolding them, Garnet demands them to return to the temple. Amethyst refuses, and she begins fighting Garnet. Steven interrupts and tells the crowd Purple Puma's backstory, helping Garnet and Pearl understand Amethyst's reasons for wrestling. The audience begins chanting for a fight between the two groups. Garnet replies "No.", saying she and Pearl are "The Notorious Order of Wrestling Haters". The four pretend to fight in order to please the crowd; Garnet and Pearl let Tiger and Puma win, ending the match. Garnet, who has been dubbed as "Captain Square", and Amethyst apologize to each other.

"Steven's Lion"

Steven's Lion (081)

The Gems and Steven are trekking through the desert, littered with large sandstone columns which erect and dissipate at random. Garnet explains that the "Power in the structure has turned aimless." and thus, was raising stand alone structures at random. Suddenly, a loud roar interrupts their conversation and the Gems run off to investigate, leaving an exhausted Steven behind.

Not too long after, a large explosion sends out a blast of sand, burying Steven and a lion. The Gems approach after defeating the monster which held the Gem powering the structure known as the Desert Glass, a red velvet pillow encrusted with a large, green gem (which Amethyst claimed as hers since she delivered the killing blow). Upon seeing Steven with the lion, they quickly take up arms, only for Steven to assure them the lion means no harm. Steven says his goodbyes as they exit the Desert and return to the Crystal Temple.

Later Steven finds the lion back at his home, getting there just as he tears the door down. It later becomes apparent that he is after the Desert Glass. This revelation angers and disheartens Steven, who becomes frustrated with the lion and subsequently throws the pillow off the balcony and onto the beach. The ground suddenly begins to quake and massive sandstone columns begin to erect around the gem. The Gems run outside and Pearl explains that the Desert Glass is attempting to "rebuild its castle".

Steven's Lion (274)

Meanwhile, the pillow engenders a massive sandstorm and wall which not even Garnet is able to penetrate. Steven, being caught inside, realizes that he must retrieve the gem from atop the central tower. Upon almost reaching the top, the sand structure morphs and forces Steven to fall from a great height, only to be caught by the lion. Steven realizes the lion only wanted to protect them from the pillow, and the lion uses a magical roar to destroy the sand structures around them. They then burst through the top of the tower and retrieve the gem and all the sand structures dissipate shortly thereafter. Steven indirectly asks the Gems if he can keep the Lion, which they (specifically Garnet) indirectly agree to.

"Arcade Mania"


The Crystal Gems are searching a cave for a corrupted gem. The ledge Steven is standing on suddenly crumbles away and he falls off the cliff. Garnet catches him at the bottom, where they encounter the gem monster. It begins to shoot its drill parasites at them. Garnet dodges them and charges the monster. She dodges and blocks its attacks before summoning one of her gauntlets and punching it through the mouth. The monster poofs and Garnet bubbles its gem. Steven watches in amazement and compliments her. Pearl points out the parasites, which burrow into the ground and escape. Amethyst jumps into one of the drilled holes in an attempt to catch them. Garnet says to let them go and pulls Amethyst out of the ground.

SU - Arcade Mania Steven Pushing Garnet

Later on, Steven takes the Gems to Funland Arcade as a reward for their hard work. Steven introduces the game, Teens of Rage, to Garnet. She misunderstands his advice, however, and punches the screen, destroying the game. Steven shows her Punch Buddy, but she subsequently destroys it as well. He frantically searches for another game and leads Garnet to Meat Beat Mania. He hands her the controllers and she begins to play. Steven decides it is time to leave when Mr. Smiley discovers the broken games. As Steven is leaving with Pearl and Amethyst, he calls to Garnet, but she continues to play.

The next day, Steven, Pearl, and Amethyst are attacked by the drill parasites. Steven realizes they need Garnet and heads to the arcade where he finds her stuck in a trance playing Meat Beat Mania. Steven climbs on top of her and waves his hand in front of her eyes, trying to snap her out of the trance. He removes her shades and falls off in surprise of her third eye, which is moving rapidly with the pace of the game. He unplugs the machine, but Garnet simply reactivates the game by sending electricity through it. Steven then tries to end the game by beating Garnet as the second player. He is unable to win, and in frustration, rips off the grill of the machine and smashes it into the screen. Garnet finally snaps out of the trance and joins Pearl and Amethyst outside in fighting the drill parasites.

"Giant Woman"

Garnet sends Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven to find the Heaven Beetle at the Sky Spire. Meanwhile, she heads to the center of the Earth to locate the Earth Beetle. She greets Steven and Opal as they return, taking the Heaven Beetle and putting her in a terrarium with the Earth Beetle. After bubbling the terrarium, she tells Steven that he'll be great at fusing one day.

"So Many Birthdays"

So Many Birthdays 017

While the Gems are exploring Amethyst's room, Steven notices a photo of the Gems and Rose Quartz in pioneer clothes. Pearl states that the gems in the photo were them many years ago. Pearl tells Steven that they are immortal and do not age, although they can still get injured and die, which upsets Steven. Steven is amazed at their age, at which he remarks how they can find a birthday cake large enough for all those candles. Garnet then says that they do not celebrate birthdays, stating, "It's not our way". Steven is flabbergasted by this and decides to make up all the birthdays that they missed.

Lastly, Steven throws a party for Garnet, featuring kazoo-racers. Before doing anything, Garnet and Pearl tell Steven that they are just "too big" for parties. This makes Steven deeply think about the childish things he does. Distraught, Steven wanders into town, contemplating the nature of birthdays and aging. His forlorn attitude inadvertently activated his gemstone, resulting in him aging into a teenager.

Steven starts running back home, aging rapidly as he runs. While the Gems clean up the supplies from Steven's birthday parties to them, Pearl admits that the parties were fun with Garnet still wearing Steven's Birthday Suit saying it "makes her important" before Lion arrives with Steven. Horrified, the Gems try to reverse his age by hosting many birthday parties, but instead of becoming younger Steven ages even more. Pearl, who could not bear to look at Steven aging rapidly, could not bring herself to help them. She and Amethyst freeze when they see Garnet walking over to Steven, awaiting her response to the worsening situation.

So Many Birthdays 189

Garnet picks up Steven and violently shakes him back and forth. Pearl and Amethyst rush over to stop Garnet, shocked and appalled by her desperate actions. When they finally get her to stop, she explains that she thought violence would be the answer. The three of them all begin to argue about what to do, and a fading Steven watches them from the ground. Garnet begins to cry, when suddenly, Steven begins to speak, standing up straight, telling the Gems to control themselves, turning younger as he speaks.The Gems figure out that Steven is aging due to his Gem reacting to his state of mind. They manage to get him to feel like himself again, assuring him that he does not need to feel like he is being childish if he is just being himself. He returns to his normal age, but notices that he still has adult legs. Steven realizes this, and jokingly dances around and laughs before the star iris closes in.

"Lars and the Cool Kids"

Lars and the Cool Kids (040)

Steven and the Gems observe a lagoon with dangerous, fast-growing clinging moss. The moss originated from a nearby hill where it was planted by Rose. According to Pearl, despite the danger the moss showed, Rose planted it there because she saw beauty in everything, "no matter how gross". To keep humans away until the moss could be properly dealt with, Pearl materializes some police tape from her gemstone, and the Gems cover the entrance to the area.

"Onion Trade"

Steven once again attempts to trade for "Ranger Guy" by replicating "Dave Guy". Eventually, Onion comes to Steven and asks him for the Replicator Wand instead. Ultimately, Steven gives in, handing Onion the wand for "Ranger Guy". The wand is to Onion's liking, and he accepts the trade.

Onion Trade 133

As time passes, Onion begins to replicate countless numbers of G.U.Y. toy balls. When the Gems question the situation, Steven reveals how he traded the wand for Ranger G.U.Y., and Pearl asks why he did not just use it to replicate the toy. The Gems, bombarded by Onion's attacks, fail to coerce Onion into handing over the Replicator Wand. While the Gems are distracting him, Steven jumps on Onion and causes him to drop the wand. He realizes that Onion had stolen his Ranger Guy, but lets him keep it because he realizes all Onion does is "sit around and wait for his dad". Garnet then destroys the Replicator Wand, which results in the disintegration of every replicated item.

"Steven the Sword Fighter"

Steven The Sword Fighter 118

The Crystal Gems are watching a movie, "Lonely Blade IV", in Steven's room. Garnet shushes Pearl, who keeps talking about the ridiculous aspects of the movie, such as the poor sword fighting. Pearl offers to demonstrate to Steven proper sword techniques. The Gems head to a large arena. Pearl states that she will need a sparring partner in order to give a proper demonstration. Steven begins to raise his hand but Garnet immediately pushes it down. Pearl summons a Holo-Pearl and has a duel with it. After winning, she activates training mode on the Holo-Pearl to teach Steven. He distracts her, however, and she is impaled by the Holo-Pearl causing her form to dissipate. Garnet and Amethyst reassure Steven that Pearl will be fine and just needs to regenerate.

About two weeks later, Steven spends time with Holo-Pearl because he misses Pearl, who still has not reformed. Garnet tells Steven to have patience and to stop hanging out with Holo-Pearl because it is creepy. Later on, Garnet and Amethyst enter the Beach House just as Steven destroys Holo-Pearl. They then watch Pearl reform.

"Lion 2: The Movie"

Steven and Connie are in the Beach House watching a trailer for a movie on Connie's phone. The Gems warp in and Connie shows them the trailer. Steven and Connie leave for the movie.

"Beach Party"

Beach Party 049

The Crystal Gems are fighting a corrupted gem, resembling a pufferfish, on the beach. During the fight, Garnet attempts to attack the monster from above, but it blows her away and she lands on the roof of Fish Stew Pizza. After Amethyst shapeshifts into a giant baseball bat and hits the pufferfish far out into the sea, they head over to Garnet. Kofi is furiously yelling at Garnet for destroying the sign of his restaurant. She does not respond to him and goes back to the Beach House with Pearl and Amethyst. Steven arrives later and informs the Gems that they have been banned from Fish Stew Pizza. To his surprise, they respond with indifference. Steven asks them what is the point of saving people if they are just going to ban them from their pizza shops, to which Garnet replies that they do not do it for gratitude. Steven decides to throw a party so that the Pizzas can get to know the Gems.

Beach Party 122

As Steven is preparing the party on the beach, the Gems show up. He asks them to change their outfits so that they look more casual. The Pizzas soon arrive and the Gems introduce themselves while transforming into their beach outfits. As they sit down and begin to eat, the topic of conversation eventually moves to the broken sign at Fish Stew Pizza. Steven quickly changes the subject by suggesting they play volleyball. After setting up the court, Steven picks the teams: Amethyst and Jenny, Pearl and Kiki, Garnet and Kofi, and himself with Nanefua. As they play, the unconventional tactics used by both the Gems and the Pizzas lead to arguments.

While they are arguing, the pufferfish returns. The Gems grab the Pizzas and move them away. Nanefua and Steven quickly come up with a plan to defeat the pufferfish and they tell the others what to do. After Amethyst shapeshifts into a ball, Pearl hits her into the air and Garnet jumps up to catch her. Garnet then hits Amethyst toward the ground who ignites before smashing into the sand, forming a large, spiked structure of glass. The Gems and the Pizzas pull the volleyball net into the pufferfish's face until it is pressed up against the spiked glass. Garnet then drops down on top of it, poofing the corrupted gem. Afterward, Kofi thanks the Gems for their hospitality and for saving his family and unbans them from his shop. Steven thanks him in return but the Gems remain indifferent.

"Rose's Room"

The Crystal Gems are in the Crystal Temple and enter the Beach House where they find Steven with four cans of corn. He tells them they can all go play mini-golf using the coupons on the back of the cans. To his disappointment, they inform him that they need to go on a mission; a dangerous artifact has appeared in the Northern Hemisphere and they need to retrieve it. Steven shows them Greg's golf clubs and golf pants that he found and suggests Garnet wear the pants because they are too big for him. Pearl and Amethyst chuckle, but Garnet does not respond. They warp away, leaving Steven behind.

Rose's Room 062

The Gems return the next day, and find Steven playing video games. Garnet shows Steven the Wailing Stone she found. As Pearl explains its function, Amethyst activates it, causing it to emit a high-frequency sound wave. It breaks the screen on Steven's TV before Pearl shuts it off. Frustrated, Steven complains about how it is unfair that he can not play mini-golf or his video game and wishes for a place all to himself. As he says this, his gem glows and the door to Rose's room opens. He approaches it and the Gems try to warn him. Steven, who feels that they have been inconsiderate toward him lately, angrily runs into the room and the door closes behind him, blocking the others.

Rose's Room 201

The Gems anxiously wait outside the Temple Gate. Eventually, the door opens and Steven falls out and lands on Garnet. He immediately bites her arm and is relieved to find she is not made of clouds. Steven informs them how the room had created a "messed up version of Beach City". He apologizes for getting mad earlier and Pearl says to him that they are also sorry. Garnet then tells Steven that they now have time to hang out. They all go play mini-golf and Garnet wears the golf pants.

"Coach Steven"

Coach Steven (029)

The Crystal Gems warp to the Communication Hub. Steven asks where they are, and Pearl explains how the place once served as a communication hub for gems, but has lately been transmitting bursts of electromagnetic interference. Garnet simplifies her explanation, stating the structure is hurting television. Pearl begins to come up with a plan to destroy it, but Garnet interrupts her, saying they need Sugilite, which greatly excites Amethyst and Steven. Despite Pearl's protest, Garnet and Amethyst fuse into Sugilite and begin destroying the hub. Pearl picks up Steven after he gets hurt by falling debris and they warp away.

Later on, Sugilite returns to the beach, and angrily attacks Pearl for leaving her behind. With encouragement from Steven, Pearl manages to force Sugilite to unfuse. She embraces Garnet and Amethyst, who are in pain from being overworked.

"Steven and the Stevens"

The Gems are in the Sea Shrine, looking for the glass of time. Steven picks out the smallest hourglass but Pearl tells him that the glass of time would not be "so small and insignificant", it would be "beautiful and grand." Garnet chooses the biggest hourglass in the sea shrine. Pearl asks how they will transport it to the warp pad, and Garnet claims she can carry it. Pearl stops her, saying that they need to be careful which one they touch, reminding her what happened "last time." Amethyst then makes the call by grabbing an abstract designed hourglass but the sea shrine's roof breaks, resulting in a huge amount of water pouring in.

The Gems are about to leave, but Steven wants to get the small hourglass that he picked earlier. As he runs back, a huge wave of water flows towards him. Garnet shapeshifts her hand, making it large enough to pull Steven away from the danger. The Gems then warp out of the sea shrine and back to the Beach House. When the Gems get back to the house, Steven asks if they will return to the Sea Shrine. Pearl then angrily says that they, unfortunately, have to wait another 100 years for the Sea Shrine to reform. Garnet then changes the subject by telling her that there is a lobster on her butt, to Pearl's dismay.

Steven and the Stevens 265

After Steven destroys the hourglass and the versions of himself from the alternate timelines, he participates in the Beach-a-Palooza with the Crystal Gems, singing "Steven and the Crystal Gems".

"Monster Buddies"

The Gems and Steven are fighting Larimar in a snowy mountain while trying to acquire a powerful artifact called the Shooting Star. Garnet slams Larimar into a wall, causing the ice ceiling to start to cave in. The rocks begin to fall on Amethyst and Garnet bubbles Steven, warping him back to the Temple.

Monster Buddies 104

The Crystal Gems come back and see Nephrite out of her bubble. They think that she is a threat, with Garnet about to kill it, but Steven tells them that she did not harm him, and that he will try to her. Garnet allows it, although Pearl still thinks that it is dangerous. Garnet tells Steven that she thinks he can tame Nephrite.

On the beach, Steven wants the Gems to put away their weapons and go inside. Pearl objects but Garnet insists that Steven can do it. After being attacked by a seagull, Nephrite spits acid at the seagull to protect Steven, causing it to fly away scared. Steven eagerly runs up to the house, wanting to show the Gems Nephrite's new "trick". Every time Steven squawks like a seagull, Nephrite spits a stream of acid. One stream almost hits Garnet, another melts a picture of Pearl off of the refrigerator, and another knocks a sandwich out of Amethyst's hand and melts it, much to her dismay. Garnet thinks that the creature's acid venom could be the only way to continue through the ice cavern without causing a cave in.

The Gems and Steven eventually make their way through the cavern to the room containing the Shooting Star. Pearl explains that the Shooting Star is far too hot to touch with bare skin and that Garnet should use her gauntlets. Garnet summons her gauntlets, and the sight of them causes Nephrite to get frightened and spew acid all over the ceiling. Garnet and Amethyst attack Nephrite as Steven tries to convince them to stop. Amethyst accidentally pulls Nephrite directly into herself, Garnet and Pearl, knocking the three over. As Nephrite is about to attack them, Steven approaches her, crying, and asks her to stop. He tells her that she does not need to fight or be a monster anymore, he then hugs Nephrite, calming her down.

Monster Buddies 317

The stalactite breaks from the ceiling and falls straight for Steven, but Nephrite pushes him out of the way, sacrificing herself to save Steven. Garnet comforts Steven, telling him that he did a good job raising Nephrite, and that his mother would be proud of him. She explains that Rose Quartz once used her powers to try to heal the monsters, but was unable to do so.

"An Indirect Kiss"

Steven is telling Connie the story of why a fence was installed on the cliff above the temple. In the flashback, Amethyst unexpectedly falls off the cliff and lands on a rock. Steven runs down the cliff as fast as he can and Amethyst shows him her eye, hidden behind her bangs, that has enlarged itself to become googly. Garnet and Pearl run to them and try to get Amethyst to show her gem. Garnet reveals Amethyst's gem has been cracked. Pearl and Garnet inform Steven that Rose Quartz had healing tears. Steven tries to heal Amethyst's gem with tears but is unable to cry. Garnet decides that they go to Rose Quartz's healing spring to heal Amethyst.

At Rose's Fountain, Amethyst tackles Steven out of the way of the thorns, but this further cracks her gem, which causes her head to be swapped with her right foot. Garnet and Pearl, oblivious to the plant's sentience, proceed to make a path through the wall of thorns. Once through to the spring, they see that it too has become overgrown, and is no longer flowing healing water.

An Indirect Kiss 184

Garnet and Pearl leave to find out what stopped the spring, as Amethyst's condition worsens. Steven is sad that he could not save Amethyst and starts to cry. A tear hit the broken gem; however, nothing happens, which upsets him more. Suddenly, the spring begins to work, which causes a massive overflow of healing water which causes the thorns to bloom into roses, and Amethyst to return to normal. Steven exclaims to Pearl how his tears caused the spring to be fixed. Pearl responds that she and Garnet were the real reason behind the renewed spring, that he will never have any real magic powers, and that they no longer want anything to do with him. Steven admits to Connie that Pearl did not actually say those words but he felt as if she did.

"Mirror Gem"

Pearl gives Steven a Gem-powered mirror with the intent to teach him about Gem history. Steven later discovers that the mirror is like a person and can communicate by using bits of sentences it hears and combining them to speak. Amazed, Steven plays with it all day on the beach, then returns home to inform the Gems of his discovery, despite the mirror's discomfort with this idea.

Mirror Gem 141

When he arrives home and shows the Gems his new "friend", they all are stunned and fearful that the mirror has a personality. Pearl and Amethyst both seem apprehensive, Pearl saying that it should "only be following orders" and Amethyst asking Garnet to "do something." Garnet then walks over to Steven, and the mirror again shows it is fear with the clip of Steven screaming in protest. Garnet then orders Steven to give it to her, saying that it will be safer with her. The mirror keeps playing the screaming clip in a loop, frightening and confusing Steven. He pleads with Garnet to not take the mirror, saying that it does not want to go with her, but she attempts to assure him that it is just an object that can not want anything. As she reaches closer to the mirror, Steven swipes his hand at her, saying that it wants to be with him, but accidentally slaps Garnet, and her visor falls to the ground, shocking everyone.

Garnet stares furiously at a terrified Steven, who then runs out the door, screaming and apologizing while running down the beach. She then says Steven is in big trouble, while Pearl insists to Garnet that it was only an accident and he did not mean to slap her, and all three Gems proceed out the door after him. Hiding behind a rock on the beach, Steven pleads with the mirror to tell him what he can do to help it. When he begins to pull at the gem, the water around him forms a pattern, and when he finally tugs it out, the mirror breaks. In front of him, the Gem he removed reforms into a humanoid form, unmoving. Steven walks up to the mysterious gem, who gets up and subsequently introduces herself as Lapis Lazuli, a Gem with the ability to manipulate water.

Mirror Gem 184

Garnet yells for Steven, and the rest of the Crystal Gems find them and pull out their weapons. Lapis recognizes Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as Crystal Gems, and attacks them in rage, stating that they knew she was trapped in the mirror but did nothing to help her. She tells Steven to come "home" with her, whose hesitance prompts her to tell him not to trust the Gems while Garnet charges at her. Lapis walks into the ocean, escaping and blocking out Garnet's attack with a wave. The episode ends with Garnet informing Steven that he is grounded.

"Ocean Gem"

Ocean Gem 012

The episode picks right off of the previous, with Garnet telling Steven that he is grounded because he disobeyed her order. Before the Gems try to take away his privileges, Greg shows up and tells them to come outside where the Gems see that the ocean is missing. Mayor Dewey, nervous and shouting loudly, blames the Crystal Gems. Garnet tells him that it was Lapis Lazuli, and Pearl explains the current situation. Still upset, Mayor Dewey frantically begs them to fix it. Steven, while inside the Beach House, prepares to find Lapis, as he acknowledges that the whole situation was his fault. Not wanting him to be alone, Connie, Greg, and Lion all want to join him on his quest, with the Gems adding in that they obviously have to go. Garnet also adds that Steven is ungrounded.

Ocean Gem 090

While driving, Greg plays some music that Rose liked, and Garnet, greatly disliking it, jumps out of the van. She spends the rest of the trip riding on top of the van. Before they arrive Steven questions why Lapis is fighting them. Pearl admits that not all Gems are good, and explains that the monsters they fight were Gems that became corrupted and broken. When they arrive, they see a large tower of water that leads into the sky. Lapis, sensing them, yells that they should not be there and should leave her alone, and Steven responds that they are not leaving unless they get the ocean back.

Lapis then makes water clones of the Crystal Gems, and the Gems fight them. Steven, telling Lapis that he does not want to fight anymore, activates his shield due to his anger towards Lapis for attacking Greg and Connie, and his fierce feeling of love to protect them. The resulting vibration from the attack deflecting off of Steven's shield forces the water clones to dissipate. Then Steven, telling Lapis that he is coming up to see her, goes to the top of the tower to talk to Lapis.

After fixing her gem, Lapis' eyes are healed, and she gains wings made out of water. Thanking him, Lapis flies off into space. Suddenly, the tower begins to collapse. Lion and Connie are able to catch Steven as he is falling. When the group returns to Beach City, the residents congratulate Steven as their hero. Garnet acknowledges that Lapis made it off the planet, and Pearl asks what it means for them. Garnet says to wait and see.

"House Guest"

House Guest 039

The Crystal Gems are standing in front of It's A Wash. Pearl is examining Greg's damaged van. Greg offers to help Pearl fix his van, but falls back into his office chair after trying to stand. Steven suggests Greg stay with them at the Beach House until his broken leg heals. Amethyst reminds Steven of his healing powers. He attempts to heal Greg's leg, and seemingly fails, becoming disappointed. Garnet reassures Steven, telling him to just give it more time. Pearl asks Garnet to lend her a hand with the van; she lifts it and the engine falls out. Greg moves into the Beach House and spends time with Steven.

Later on, Garnet informs the others of a mission: they must travel to the Geode which has become cracked. Garnet wants Steven to come along too. Steven is reluctant to leave his dad, but Greg assures him that he will be fine. As the Gems are about to leave, Greg tries to appear pitiful. Pearl gives him a warp whistle and Garnet explains that if he blows on it, the warp pad will activate and alert them that they need to return. The Gems warp to the Geode.

As Pearl begins to explain the Geode to Steven, she is interrupted by the warp whistle. Steven leaves but quickly returns. Amethyst jokingly asks him if Greg fell down and broke his butt, to which Garnet replies that that is not funny. After another interruption, Pearl finishes explaining that if the Geode breaks, the synthetic storm contained inside will be released and would vaporize them. Garnet suggests Steven use his healing powers to seal the crack. Steven is unable to seal it, and the Gems try to reassure him as he begins to doubt himself. They return to the Beach House when they hear the warp pad activate again. As they go into the temple, Pearl tells Garnet that they need to quickly come up with another plan to deal with the Geode.

Later on, Pearl finishes fixing Greg's van and he decides to move out. He hugs Pearl in thanks. She feels horrified, and hides behind Garnet.

"Space Race"

The Crystal Gems warp to the Galaxy Warp. They check the warp pads there, making sure that all warp pads going off planet are still inactive. Steven marks the inactive pads with stickers and asks where they go to. Pearl explains that they were used to travel to gem-controlled planets all over the universe. Steven asks if they can fix them. Garnet tells him no.

"Secret Team"

Secret Team 024

Steven is hanging out with Amethyst in her room jumping into puddles. Steven sticks his head in one of the puddles and sees Garnet in the Burning Room. Amethyst quickly pulls him out, explaining only Garnet is allowed in there. Later on, Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl form a secret team, using VIP(IZZA) coupons as their official card, to collect the gem shards they had accidentally released. After they collect them all, Steven bubbles them and enters the Burning Room through the puddle in Amethyst's room. He is surprised to see Garnet and gasps; she turns her head slightly. Amethyst and Pearl quickly pull Steven out. Amethyst asks him if Garnet saw him, and he replies that he believes she did not. Steven enters the Burning Room again, and places the bubble before leaving.

Later on, Pearl and Amethyst get into an argument, and their secret team is disbanded. Steven, wanting to get the group back together, meets up with Garnet at Fish Stew Pizza, where he reveals to her that he had formed a secret team with Amethyst and Pearl to collect gem shards they had released. Garnet decides to deal with them by forming another secret team. She asks Kiki for a pizza coupon.

Secret Team 178

Garnet meets Pearl in her room carrying Amethyst and Steven and drops them in front of her. She tells them that she knows about the gem shards. Steven decides to take the blame, and Garnet tells him that he will have to be punished. Suddenly, a large, black hand bursts out of the water and pulls Garnet under. It reappears in another fountain, still holding Garnet, before going under again. Steven exclaims they must have missed a gem shard. Two hands burst out of the water and attack Amethyst and Pearl. The hands manage to subdue them and they both claim to be at fault for releasing the shards.

Garnet suddenly emerges from the water. She releases Pearl and Amethyst, shapeshifting her hands back to normal. She tells them that they only seem to get along when she is trying to kill them. Garnet tells Steven that she knows he only wanted to protect them and that they made him feel as if he had to take sides. Addressing them all, she says that there are no sides because they are on the same team: the Crystal Gems. She tears her pizza coupon and drops it, prompting the others to drop theirs.

"Island Adventure"

The Crystal Gems travel to Mask Island to look for a corrupted gem. They are unable to find it and decide to check the ocean, believing it may have swum off the island. Steven warps them back to the Beach House. Pearl and Garnet compliment him, while Amethyst pranks Steven by turning her head into a fly's head. He falls over in surprise. Pearl scolds Amethyst, while Garnet admits it was a little funny. The Gems plan to warp back out. Steven wants to warp them again, but Garnet informs him they are going underwater. Steven leaves to tell his friends he is the warp master.

"Keep Beach City Weird"

Keep Beach City Weird (012)

Steven is playing Steven Tag with Garnet and Amethyst. He runs away from them to the Beach House and jumps into Pearl's arms, tagging her. She refuses to shapeshift into Steven and play Steven Tag with them. Out of players, Amethyst attempts to tag Garnet. She dodges Amethyst, throws her into the air, and slaps her down into the sand, claiming victory.

Later on, Garnet and the other Gems burst into the lighthouse to save Steven, who has been captured by Ronaldo after being mistaken for a "snake person". Ronaldo attempts to fight them, but is easily beaten back. Eventually, Steven intervenes, telling the Gems that he is okay. Garnet compliments his snakeskin pants. Steven explains that he was trying to inspire Ronaldo to be weird again. Ronaldo is at first incredulous, refusing to believe that the Gems cause all the weird things in Beach City. With help from Peedee, Ronaldo comes up with another theory. Steven and Peedee, satisfied that Ronaldo is once again happy, leave the lighthouse with the Gems.

"Fusion Cuisine"

Fusion Cuisine 017

Steven and Connie are watching TV at the Beach House, when Connie's mom calls her and asks to speak to Steven's mom. They run downstairs and Steven hands the phone to Garnet, asking her to pretend to be his mom. The conversation goes poorly, and Garnet hangs up before handing the phone back to Steven. She nonchalantly apologizes, saying she panicked. Connie later informs Steven that her parents will not let her hang out with him until they have met his parents in person.

Fusion Cuisine 042

At the Beach House, Steven and Greg prepare to meet Connie's parents for dinner. Because Connie had told her parents that Steven lives with a nuclear family, he is forced to chose to bring along one of the Gems to act as his mom. He considers each Gem, but finds them all unsuitable: Garnet is not the best conversationalist, Amethyst is gross, and Pearl is unable to eat dinner. Steven then gets the idea that the Gems all come to dinner as a single fusion. They are at first against the idea, but after seeing Steven's lament over never seeing Connie again, decide they have no choice.

Fusion Cuisine 140

Steven and Greg arrive at the restaurant on the shoulders' of the fusion Alexandrite, where they meet the Maheswaran family. They proceed with dinner, during which Connie's parents make attempts at conversation. Eventually, Alexandrite de-fuses when her constituent Gems begin to fight over whether they should eat a piece of shrimp. Garnet berates Pearl and Amethyst, reminding them that they are trying to help Steven.

Connie's parents are upset with their daughter for lying. Connie, fearing her punishment, runs away and Steven follows her; the two decide to leave on the bus and live somewhere else. As the bus is driving away, it is stopped by a furious Alexandrite, and Steven and Connie are brought back to the restaurant. The Gems and Greg sternly chastise Steven for his behavior, ultimately revoking his TV privileges for a thousand years. Connie's parents are impressed, and seeing that Steven is in the care of responsible guardians, decide to allow Connie to continue hanging out with him.

"Garnet's Universe"

Garnet's Universe (010)

Garnet comes home from a mission carrying a Corrupted Gem. After Steven falls onto her hair, she asks Steven what he thinks Garnet did that day. Steven proceeds to go into an in-depth story about Garnet and friends trying to acquire a gem and defeating a villain, with a life lesson at the end. After the story, Garnet jokingly says that is exactly what she did today. When Steven asks if that is true, Garnet reveals it is not.

"Watermelon Steven"

Steven wakes up outside the car wash, when he sees that he is surrounded by watermelons shaped like him. He immediately calls the Crystal Gems. Pearl explains that Steven's mother had the ability to grow sentient plant life that protected her, and that he may have inherited this. Amethyst then states that Rose's plants could move and defend her, while his plants appear to be completely immobile.

Watermelon Steven (228)

Back at the Beach House, Steven alerts the Crystal Gems that the Watermelon Stevens came to life and are attacking people. Surprised, the Gems go outside, only to be immediately greeted by a small army of Watermelon Stevens. Garnet then explains that Rose's plants lived to fight. Though initially peaceful, they become slightly aggressive when Pearl abruptly puts both of her hands on Steven's shoulder, as they see Pearl's actions as a threat towards Steven. After seeing the signs of their aggression, Pearl then shoves Steven inside the house, causing the Watermelon Stevens to attack. An all-out battle then begins with Garnet at the lead, who is followed by Amethyst and Pearl. The Gems start out strong, fighting off the sentient watermelons, only to be quickly overpowered by their numbers.

The Watermelon Stevens then stop their fight with the Crystal Gems after Baby Melon punches Steven in the stomach and begin to attack him, who has accepted his fate. After the attack, Steven sees that Baby Melon has been reduced to a pile of watermelon pieces. Upset, Steven tells the Watermelon Stevens to look at what Baby Melon did to stop the fight, and to think about what they did and tells them to go and not return until they understand what true loyalty is. Garnet compliments Steven and his actions, which he humbly dismisses with Pearl and Amethyst putting one of their hands on each of Steven's shoulders and Garnet behind Steven.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Pearl attempts to convince Garnet and Amethyst to watch Steven as he sleeps in her stead, as he found out and told her to stop.

"Warp Tour"

The Gems warp back home after a mission in Flower Meadow. Pearl and Amethyst are even complimenting each other's contributions. Steven is allergic to the flowers in the meadow and while warping back, Pearl tells Steven to sneeze into the inside of his elbow, but his sneeze propels him to the edge of the warp stream. Steven's head pops out of the stream, revealing space and another warp stream adjacent to the one the Gems are using. Steven sees a fast and circular object warping through one of them. Garnet pulls Steven back and tells him not to stick his head outside, as there is not much air and it is cold. Steven tells Pearl there was something there, but she does not believe him. Garnet agrees with Pearl, telling Steven that there has not been anything else out there for a long, long time.

That night, Steven cannot sleep due to his fear of the warp monster he saw earlier in the warp stream. In the morning, Pearl wakes up Steven, saying the Gems have a surprise for him, which startles him into spraying her with his water gun. Garnet states that he can not get any of the cookies they made as a surprise, and Amethyst then eats them all instead. Steven apologizes for spraying Pearl and blames it on his lack of sleep. Pearl questions if it was about the thing he saw in the warp stream, and Steven snaps at her that it was real. Garnet suggests that the Gems check the warps to ease Steven's paranoia. Steven and Pearl agree both believing that they will be right.

They check back at the Flower Meadow, then at the Geode. They also check the Sky Spire and Pearl confirms that nothing is there either. Steven claims that Pearl's wrong, which angers her. Pearl, through a fierce glare, says she does not like Steven's tone. At the Galaxy Warp, Pearl chastises Steven, showing him that all warp pads are broken. Steven agrees with the Gems that they are safe. While they talk about how Steven now feels safe, and that is important for him to feel that way. Steven snaps back at them for telling him how he feels and knows something was inside the stream, which leads to Pearl and Steven arguing again. Pearl tells Steven that he does not know what he is talking about, to which Steven yells back that she does not know what he is talking about. This aggravates Pearl, and Garnet firmly tells Steven to let it go.

Warp Tour (212)

Steven jumps into the warp pad stream after a robot crashes through the house and tries to capture one for proof. As Steven struggles with the robot, others just like it appear in the stream and begin to crowd Steven, pushing him towards the edge of the stream. Steven tries to break free, but accidentally tumbles out of the warp stream and begins slowly floating away, still holding one of the robots. Suddenly, a warp stream opens right behind him, and Garnet sticks her arms out and pulls Steven into safety. She comforts him, telling him to take deep breaths. Garnet notices the robot Steven still has with him and says that must have been what he saw in the stream. Steven says he does not care about that anymore, but Garnet says that she does. She apologizes to Steven, telling him that he is Crystal Gem too, and they should have listened to him before. Pearl and Amethyst join them in the warp stream.

They arrive at the Galaxy Warp, and the robot joins the rest of its troop over at the Homeworld warp. The robots fix the warp, and it begins to activate. Garnet grabs her teammates and quickly takes them to a hiding spot. A green Gem appears on the warp pad and begins speaking to an audio recording log, revealing her name to be Peridot. She says the warp pad repair was successful. When Peridot warps away, Pearl and Amethyst are worried about what just happened, seemingly afraid of being found by Peridot or who sent her. Garnet then walks towards the Homeworld warp, saying that it does not matter what Peridot's motives were while summoning her gauntlets in greater size than usually seen, and smashes the Homeworld warp. Garnet dramatically ends the episode by saying, "She's not coming back."

"Alone Together"

Alone Together 081

Garnet is overjoyed to see that Steven and Connie were successfully able to fuse into Stevonnie because of her belief that fusion is sacred and personal, something that can be traced back to Ruby rather than Sapphire. Garnet tells them that a fusion is considered neither one person nor two people, but rather an experience and to go have fun.

"The Test"

Steven becomes distraught when he learns that the mission to the Sea Spire in "Cheeseburger Backpack" was a test and that he had failed. Steven, determined to redeem himself, demands the Gems give him a harder test to make up for it. The Gems hesitantly oblige. After Steven goes through Pearl and Amethyst's chamber, enters the final challenge, Garnet's Chamber, and makes a joke to himself about how Garnet turned up the heat. However, in this chamber, Steven finds out that the traps set in all the rooms could never hurt him.

Steven walks over the axes and spikes, feeling extremely hurt and unable to understand why they would trick him. Walking all the way to the end, he looks down to see the Gems standing beyond the final door, waiting to congratulate him. He overhears them talk about how it is impossible for him to get hurt. Pearl explains to Amethyst that the point of designing the rooms this way was to give Steven another "win" to regain his confidence and fix the problems he had been having with his healing powers ever since Greg faked his injury. Amethyst expresses their incompetence in teaching Steven to which Pearl protests to. Garnet says that he is not just a Gem. Since no one like Steven has ever existed before, she comes to the sobering conclusion that they have no idea what he needs.

The Test 251

Understanding their actions, Steven determinedly walks all the way through the "test," hardly acknowledging any of the traps. He walks through the final door, where the lights come on, and the Gems congratulate him. He walks up, maintaining his stern expression, stopping at the end where he falls on his knees and states that he cannot believe they would do something like that. At the last second, for their sake he pretends to be none the wiser and exclaims that it was awesome. He wishes that they could have seen him, thanking them, and they all join for a hug.

"Future Vision"

Future Vision 101

Steven slips on a tennis ball and falls but before he hits the ground, Garnet catches him in her arms. Steven states that her being there was very lucky, but Garnet responds that luck had nothing to do with it. Steven presses her for more information, but Garnet hesitates to answer. Eventually, Garnet gives in and tells Steven that she has the ability to see into the future. Steven asks about her powers, but Garnet is unsure of how to explain it to Steven. Garnet tries to explain the complexity of her powers using an example of a boat on a river with many deltas. She states that she steers the ship down the path that she thinks is best. Later at the Big Donut, Steven asks more questions regarding his future, which Garnet answers with ease. However, when Garnet tells Steven that there is a future where Lars gives him a high five, he runs over to him. Lars is startled and drops a coffee pot, and it falls toward Steven. Garnet blocks the coffee with her body, shielding Steven from danger. Slightly deterred, Steven and Garnet go down the boardwalk.

On the boardwalk, Steven asks if he could die from eating fry bits. Garnet lists some ways he could die in a comical fashion, which Steven takes to heart. Succumbing to paranoia, he begins to fear everything around him. He quickly goes home. Steven's fear eventually renders him unable to even pick up a knife to make his sandwich. As he finds another way, the Crystal Gems go on a mission leaving Steven alone. Before leaving, Garnet tells Steven to stay off the roof at all costs.

Future Vision 342

While they are gone, it begins to rain, and Steven begins to think of more ways he could die. He confronts his emotions and decides to go onto the roof. As soon as he reaches the top, the Warp Pad activates, and Garnet runs out to confront Steven. Steven states that his destiny cannot be avoided and that being on the roof was fate. Garnet replies that she told Steven about her powers even though she knew what would happen to help them become closer. Garnet pleads with Steven to see reason. Steven begins to agree cautiously when he comes back to his senses. He climbs off the roof and embraces Garnet. As they hug, Garnet deflects a lightning bolt. Steven inquires what happened, but Garnet assures him it was nothing.

"On the Run"

On the Run 016

The Gems warp back to the Beach House after retrieving the robots left behind by Peridot at the Galaxy Warp. Steven asks them why they brought them back. Pearl replies that they cannot allow the Homeworld warp to be fixed and Homeworld Gems to return to Earth, slightly raising her voice in anxiety. Garnet tells her to calm down, reminding her that Earth is safe. Steven questions what the Homeworld Gems wanted to do with Earth. Pearl explains that the Gems were trying to do something awful to the planet that would have been unfair to the life that already existed here. She states that some Gems, like Rose, Garnet, and herself, decided to protect the planet and sacrifice the possibility of returning to Homeworld. Garnet reaffirms their decision to defend Earth. After Steven begins to talk about how they are similar to some characters from a book series he reads, Pearl and Garnet go into the temple. Later, Garnet used her future vision to tell Pearl that Steven and Amethyst were in the Prime Kindergarten.

"Winter Forecast"

Winter Forecast 052

Steven and Connie are in the Beach House roasting marshmallows by the fireplace when the Gems walk in. Garnet confirms the approaching snowstorm with her future vision and advises Steven and Connie to head over to Greg's so he can drive Connie home. Steven wants to show Connie a TubeTube video before they go, but Garnet tells him that he needs to make the right decision. She kisses him on the forehead, passing her future vision to him. Over the course of a few seconds, Steven witnesses a series of alternate attempts to get Connie home.

In the third vision, Steven decides that it is too dangerous to take Connie home and that she should stay at the Beach House. The two run back from It's a Wash, and arrive at the house where they see the Gems sitting on the warp pad about to warp the Shooting Star. Pearl is distracted by Steven's arrival and she loses focus, causing the Shooting Star to fall and explode.

As his mind returns to the present, Steven asks Garnet what happened and she explains that she had momentarily given him future vision. He informs her of the events he saw, and she replies that he can now make the right decision. Steven and Connie immediately leave for Greg's.

Maximum Capacity"

Maximum Capacity 270

Steven is sitting on the beach with Garnet, Pearl, and many other Beach City residents, waiting for the New Year's fireworks show. He gives them a jacket, a sweater, and some pots and pans. Steven informs them that Amethyst and Greg will join them later. Pearl wonders why Amethyst would arrive with Greg, and asks Steven if they are hanging out again. Steven confirms her suspicions that they lately have been watching the "Li'l Butler" TV show. Garnet expresses her disdain and Pearl explains to Steven that Greg and Amethyst "used to disappear for days, watching [the]... tapes over and over and over." The fireworks show begins and Pearl tells Steven "Happy New Year." She lightly hits her pan with her spoon, asking Steven about her volume. Garnet replies that it is low, and loudly clangs her pans together, causing everyone to cover their ears.

The next day, Steven and Greg head over to the U-Stor storage unit to finish cleaning it out. They discover that the Gems have already cleaned most of it. Garnet tells them that it was Amethyst's idea, who explains that she can keep Greg's junk in her room so he will not have to throw anything away. After Amethyst gives Greg the picture of him and Rose in a new frame, the Gems carry Greg's junk back to the temple.

"Marble Madness"


Steven and Connie are on the beach when something falls from the sky and crashes into the ocean. The Gems rush out of the Beach House. A large robot emerges from the water and advances toward Steven and Connie. Garnet jumps in front of the robot, blocking it with her gauntlets. Pearl and Amethyst attack it from above, causing it to explode. Steven asks Garnet what she thinks the robot was trying to do. She replies that all that matters is that it is destroyed. Amethyst, who is covered in goo from the robot, gives Garnet a "goop hug", distributing the goo over her. Pearl appears, also covered in goo, and Garnet pulls her into the hug.

Marble Madness 101

The Gems later encounter more robots being shot from space. The second one lands on Mask Island and the Gems warp there and destroy it. Steven begins to grow unsure of their actions. The fifth robot lands in the Desert. The Gems warp there and Steven quickly warps after them. As the Gems are attacking the robot, Steven asks them how long they intend to keep destroying the robots. Pearl exclaims that they do not know, to which Steven replies that the robot probably does, and suggests that they follow it. Pearl and Amethyst are against the idea but Garnet decides to try it, not wanting to keep fighting the robots forever.

They all get on top of the robot and it walks toward the warp pad. It warps to the Kindergarten. Pearl, believing its destination implies its ill intent, decides that they should destroy it. Steven and Garnet stop Pearl, suggesting they continue to follow it. The robot walks through the kindergarten. It eventually stops and opens a hole in the ground. It changes shape before descending into the hole. The Gems quickly jump in after it. They stand on the robot as it continues to descend down, and curiously look around as they pass strange structures they had previously not known existed in the kindergarten.

Marble Madness 143

They eventually reach a control room at the bottom. A pedestal rises from the floor and the Gems watch as a small robot detaches itself from the larger robot. It makes its way toward the pedestal before activating it; a screen is then projected and Peridot appears on it. The Gems quickly rush off the platform and hide under it as Peridot begins to perform a status check of the kindergarten.

Steven suggests they ask Peridot what she is doing. The others shush him, and Garnet tells him that now is not the time to be asking questions. She turns to the others and explains her plan: when Peridot is distracted they destroy the power source on the far wall of the control room. They suddenly notice that Steven is climbing up onto the platform and angrily whisper his name. Steven talks with Peridot, who asks him if "Stevens" have replaced humans as the dominant species on Earth. He confirms the opposite before asking her what she is doing. She states that she is "just picking up where [they] left off"; one of the two giant hand constructs that she had activated from the floor of the control room forms a fist above Steven. It begins to fall toward him but is caught by Garnet, who throws it away. Peridot is surprised at the sight of the Crystal Gems, and realizes that they were the ones destroying her plug robonoids. The Gems begin to attack the giant hands. Amethyst eventually grabs one of the hands with her whip and swings it into the power source.

Just before the screen disappears, Peridot shouts that she will be reporting them. Steven admits that he may have gone too far. Garnet tells him he was not completely wrong because they learned something new, but then states that this was still a pretty bad idea.

"Rose's Scabbard"

Rose's Scabbard 015

The Crystal Gems are walking through the Gem Battlefield. Pearl explains to Steven that the weapons left behind here were used in the Rebellion; she does not want to disturb the site but Garnet decides it is best to recover them. Garnet picks up a giant battle ax, prompting Steven to search for a weapon of his own. After Lion discovers Rose's scabbard, Pearl informs Steven that she fought alongside his mother here. Amethyst exclaims that she wished she could have seen the battles that took place. Garnet reproachfully replies that the site witnessed death, destruction, and the shattering of countless Gems. The Gems warp home and Amethyst and Garnet place the recovered weapons in the temple.

Later on in the Beach House, Steven reveals to the Gems Lion's pocket dimension, in which Rose's sword is stored. They begin to suspect that Lion had some connection with Rose. Pearl is incredulous, believing that she would have known about Lion if he had something to do with Rose because she considered herself to be Rose's sole confidant. Garnet tries to calm her, stating that Rose kept many secrets. Pearl refuses to believe that she had withheld secrets from her and, in anger, slams her fist against the wall. The picture of Rose above the door begins to fall but Garnet catches it. Pearl warps away and Steven follows her with Lion; Garnet wishes him luck.

"Shirt Club"

Shirt Club (028)

The Crystal Gems are in the Beach House. Steven finishes drawing a flyer for the guitar lessons his dad is offering. He shows the flyer to the Gems. Pearl asks why there are lightning bolts on the flyer and Steven begins to explain that he wanted to show that his dad "rocks on the guitar." Garnet interjects, stating that there should be rocks instead of lightning bolts. Steven replies that it is too late for notes because the flyer was drawn in permanent marker.

Later on, Steven rushes into the Beach House asking the Gems for help. He informs them that he needs to take down all the shirts with the image from his flyer printed on them, and to stop Buck from making more because he does not agree with how his art is being used. The Gems decide not to help, stating that his problem is abstract. Garnet tells him that he needs to learn to help himself to become stronger, and advises him to let his problem be known so that an understanding can be achieved. Steven takes this advice and leaves to carry out his plan.

"Story for Steven"

Greg tells Steven the story of how he had met Rose, this time including his manager Marty. In the flashback, after Greg finishes performing his concert, he searches for Rose to give her a free shirt. He follows Amethyst to the Temple Gate where he meets Pearl. As Garnet warps in, she bubbles away the two gems she was carrying. She approaches Greg and demands he state his purpose. He tells her that he was looking for the "mysterious, pink lady." Garnet decides to throw him back over the fence surrounding the Crystal Temple's beach.

Story For Steven 130

As she is carrying him away, Rose appears asking her to stop. Garnet drops Greg, embarrassed. Rose explains to the others that she met Greg at his concert. He gives her the free shirt and the other Gems crowd around her to look at it. Amethyst tells Greg to play some music and Garnet, while summoning her gauntlet, threateningly adds that it should be good. Greg suddenly remembers he has somewhere to be and as he leaves, tells Rose that he hopes to meet her again. Pearl, sounding somewhat envious, tells Rose that she can sing. Garnet and Amethyst laugh as Rose smiles and Pearl blushes.

"The Message"

The Message 072

Steven is playing music on the beach with Greg when he hears a loud sound coming from the Beach House. He runs into the house where he finds the Gems standing around the Wailing Stone, which Pearl exclaims suddenly activated on its own. Garnet summons a gauntlet and taps the top of the stone. The sound stops briefly before continuing again. Pearl tries to bubble the Wailing Stone, but her bubble simply expands before bursting. Steven attempts to stop the noise by placing his arm through the hole in the device, but the sound is projected through his mouth. Garnet pushes Steven aside and stuffs a pillow into the hole. She quickly places more pillows around the Wailing Stone before sitting Steven on top. Garnet expresses her confusion to the others, not understanding why the device suddenly activated. She concludes that a Gem must be trying to send them a message from space. Pearl hypothesizes that the distorted audio could be due to the fact that the signal is too advanced for the Wailing Stone to process. Steven suggests that Greg help them because of his knowledge of audio manipulation. Pearl is skeptical, but Garnet suggests they try it.

The Message 128

The Gems head down to the beach and sit in front of Greg's van as he prepares his equipment. Greg inserts a giant microphone into the Wailing Stone. The sound becomes amplified, causing everyone to fall backward. Greg quickly adjusts the sound, toning it down. As Greg continues to make adjustments, the noise begins to develop a musical tone. Eventually the van's battery shorts out and the noise stops. Greg tries to convince the Gems that he can keep trying. Garnet reassures Greg, stating that they will figure out something else, and heads back to the temple with the Wailing Stone and the other Gems. Steven stays behind on the beach and eventually comes up with the idea that the signal may be related to video rather than audio. Greg and Steven run into the Beach House. Inside, Greg is able to convince the Gems that he may be able to help, reasoning that he "[can't] make it any worse."

The Message 240

On the beach again, Garnet jump-starts Greg's van using her electrical powers. With the battery set, Greg hooks up the Wailing Stone to the TV. The video feed starts off fuzzy, and Greg begins to make some adjustments. Eventually the video clears and to everyone's surprise, Lapis Lazuli is projected on the screen. Garnet tells everyone to listen up as Lapis begins to speak. She informs them that there is a Gem who knows Steven's name who is heading to Earth. She then anxiously explains that Homeworld technology has become extremely advanced, to the point where she can no longer understand it. She pleads with Steven to not put up a fight, saying that it would "only lead to devastation." While Pearl and Amethyst frantically talk, Garnet remains calm. She eventually silences the others, and thanks Greg for his help.

"Political Power"

Political Power 032

Garnet, Amethyst, and Steven observe Pearl test her newly created robot disruptor, which she hopes will produce a "localized energy blast" capable of disabling Peridot's robonoids. She places a robonoid near the device and activates the disruptor. It sends out a powerful blast, knocking everyone over and shutting off all electricity in Beach City. The robonoid gets up, unaffected.

The next day, Mayor Dewey knocks on the door of the Beach House to speak to the Crystal Gems. Pearl tells him to not worry about the power outage, stating that it will be back on as early as tonight or as late as never. Mayor Dewey tries to explain the gravity of the situation. Steven tells him that they will help. Garnet shouts from inside the house that they will not. Steven tells Mayor Dewey that he will help him.

Later on, Steven walks toward the Beach House. On the stairs, he overhears the Gems talking about Peridot. He is surprised when Garnet mentions that Peridot will be coming with other Gems. Steven continues walking up the stairs and the Gems quickly end their conversation when they see him. He asks them if everything is okay, to which Pearl replies affirmatively. Garnet then suggests they play cards, stating they can light a fire in the fireplace for light. The Gems go inside and continue talking amongst each other while Steven stands outside.

Political Power 260

Later at night, Steven returns to the Beach House. Garnet and Amethyst are sitting on the couch and Pearl is working on her disruptor. Steven asks them if they want to talk. Garnet and Amethyst try to change the subject by asking Steven to play cards with them. Steven persists, and tells them to tell him the truth. Garnet solemnly informs him that Peridot is a modern Gem who will be coming with modern Gem technology that is likely to overpower them. She confesses that they are scared. Steven points out that they have been scared before, and says that they can figure things out together. The Gems nod in agreement, when the lights suddenly turn back on.

"The Return"

The Return 073

A giant hand appears in the sky above the ocean and begins to descend toward Beach City. The Crystal Gems see it, and assuming it to be Peridot's ship, open fire on it using four laser light cannons, including the Quartizine Trio. The attack has no effect and Garnet decides that they must take them head on. Steven contacts Mayor Dewey, telling him to evacuate the town.

As the evacuation of Beach City begins, the Crystal Gems and Greg pack luggage onto the van. Steven notices aloud that his own luggage is being packed too. Greg looks awkwardly at Pearl, who turns toward Amethyst, who turns away from them both. Steven comes to realize that the Gems want him to evacuate instead of staying with them to confront the approaching threat. Garnet explains to Steven that although they often treat him like a child, they rely on him because his voice inspires them, binds them, and reminds them why they had promised to protect Earth. She states that he must now be that voice for the people of Beach City. Steven understands that it is his duty to protect them, and leaves with Greg. The Gems sadly watch them drive away. They grieve silently for a moment, before Garnet tells them to pull it together.

The Return 179

As the warship has nearly reached Beach City, Garnet stands by Opal, who aims her bow at the fast approaching ship. Garnet orders her to fire; the arrow flies toward the hand, splitting into multiple arrows which deflect harmlessly off the ship. They turn around in surprise when Steven suddenly arrives behind them, causing Opal to de-fuse.

Pearl frantically tells him to leave, but Garnet realizes it is too late and tells Steven to stay behind them. The Gems ready their weapons as the ship lands. The hand flips over, palm facing up, and unfurls its fingers onto the beach. A small sphere rises from the center of the palm. It rolls forward onto one of the fingers before opening and revealing three Gems: Peridot, Jasper, and Lapis Lazuli. Garnet demands that they leave immediately. The three Homeworld Gems jump down onto the beach. Jasper dismisses each Gem, believing Pearl to be lost and defective, Amethyst an "overcooked runt," Garnet a "shameless display," and Steven a human. She orders Peridot to blast them with the ship. As it prepares to fire, Garnet orders Steven to leave. He refuses and Garnet yells at him that she cannot have him risking his life. Steven continues to stand his ground, not wanting to abandon his home and family. As the ship fires, Steven jumps in front of the Gems.

The Return 267

The blast is blocked by Steven's shield. Jasper turns around in shock and quickly commands Peridot to fire again. Garnet pushes Steven out of the way as the explosion knocks back Pearl and Amethyst. Jasper approaches Steven, believing him to be Rose, and questions his apparent weakness. Garnet bursts out of the sand and lunges at Jasper, who summons her crash helmet. Garnet's gauntlet connects with Jasper's helmet, and the resulting recoil sends Garnet flying backward. She recovers and tells Steven to run as she charges at Jasper. The Homeworld Gem primes her gem destabilizer and rushes forward. Jasper strikes Garnet in the chest with the weapon. Her body breaks apart before dissipating and her gems fall to the ground. The remaining Crystal Gems are defeated and they are brought aboard the warship.

"Jail Break"

Jail Break 164

Steven awakens inside a jail cell aboard the Gem warship. He is able to escape his cell and wanders through the ship, searching for the other Crystal Gems. He meets two other Gems, Ruby and Sapphire, and frees them from their cells. Upon being reunited, Ruby and Sapphire embrace each other, spin around in joy, and fuse together. Steven's awe quickly turns to surprise as he realizes that the fusion is Garnet. She excitedly thanks Steven, then apologizes, explaining that her constituent Gems did not want to meet him in their current situation. He asks if he made a good first impression, to which Garnet responds that they already love him. Suddenly they hear Jasper's angry shout, and they realize that she knows they must have escaped. Garnet tells Steven to find the other Crystal Gems and head to the control bridge. She kisses him on the forehead, passing her future vision and enabling him to quickly locate the others. Steven asks Garnet if she can defeat Jasper on her own. She smiles and replies that she is never alone.

Jail Break 222

Steven leaves as Jasper enters the room. The two Gems face each other and Jasper expresses her annoyance that Garnet is fused again. She proceeds to degrade Ruby and Sapphire for fusing, stating that it is a "cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger." Garnet chuckles and begins to sing "Stronger Than You", in which she expresses pride for the nature of her being and confidence in her ability to win. Jasper pulls out her Gem destabilizer, Garnet puts on her shades, and the rematch commences.

Jail Break 361

Jasper charges at Garnet, attempting to strike her with the Gem destabilizer. Garnet is able to dodge her attacks. Eventually, she kicks the destabilizer out of Jasper's hand and catches it in the air. She breaks it in half and the two Gems summon their weapons. They trade blows, neither Gem with a clear advantage. Garnet is able to launch Jasper toward the ceiling; she pushes off of it and flies at Garnet in a comet charge. The attack pushes Garnet through the floor of the central room and they fall into the reactor room. The attack leaves her injured, but Garnet is able to stand up, summon her gauntlets, and re-engage the fight. The two Gems continue to trade blows. Garnet successfully lands a hit to Jasper's head, breaking the visor of her helmet. She retaliates by spin dashing at Garnet, who rolls to the side. Jasper spin dashes around the room and comes back around to Garnet in a comet charge. Garnet catches her by the helmet, turns around, and throws her into the ship's reactor. The reactor explodes and Garnet heads to control bridge where she finds the other Crystal Gems. Garnet informs them that the ship is going down. Steven asks about Lapis, but Garnet responds that there is no time.

Jail Break 490

The Gem warship crashes into the hill behind the Beach House before it explodes. Lion runs along the beach and clears away some rubble, revealing the Crystal Gems inside Steven's bubble. Steven again expresses surprise at the fact that Garnet is a fusion. Pearl is dismayed about Garnet's ruined plan, which Garnet explains to Steven was to reveal Ruby and Sapphire on his birthday. Suddenly Jasper bursts out of the rubble. She angrily tells Garnet that she only defeated her because she is a fusion. Lapis emerges from the rubble and attempts to fly away. She is immediately pulled down by Jasper, who asks her to fuse with her. Jasper seemingly convinces Lapis to fuse with her and they form Malachite. As Malachite prepares to attack the Crystal Gems, Lapis restrains her using her hydrokinesis. She pulls the fusion into the ocean while Jasper struggles to break free. The Gems stare at the water and Garnet comments that Jasper and Lapis are "really bad for each other."

Season 2

"Full Disclosure"

Full Disclosure 001

The Crystal Gems are staring at the ocean where Malachite had just disappeared. Pearl comments that "[It] could have gone a lot worse." Garnet replies that it "Could have gone a lot better too."

Later on, the Gems are gathered at the Beach House. Garnet tells the others that they need to start cleaning up the debris from the Gem warship. Pearl agrees, and Steven adds that they should keep humans off the beach to prevent them from hurting themselves. Pearl informs him that they used to have a fence, and suggests they get a new one. Garnet disagrees, saying that Steven needs to be able to see his father and friends. Steven protests, and states that "[He] can't keep clinging to the vestiges of [his] humanity." He leaves the Beach House when he sees Connie walking up the steps.

"Joy Ride"

Joy Ride 007

The Crystal Gems are on the beach cleaning up debris from the Gem warship. Steven asks if they need to get every piece, to which Garnet replies that it is too dangerous to leave them lying around. They agree they have a lot of work ahead of them. Later on, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst head to a wheat field where they believe the flare they saw was emitted. Upon arriving, they see Peridot's escape pod seemingly attacking the Cool Kids. The Gems rush forward to their aid.

Joy Ride 167

Pearl throws her spear at the pod and Amethyst manages to wrap her whip around it. As the pod begins to pull away, Garnet grabs the whip and begins to pull it down. Believing Peridot to be inside, Garnet angrily tells her to "Stay off [her] planet." She summons her gauntlet and is about to punch the pod when Jenny stops her, revealing Steven to be inside. Garnet breaks the pod in half and Steven falls out. The Gems scold him, and Steven acknowledges his mistake. The Cool Kids, however, defend Steven, reminding the Gems that he is been through a lot and needs a break. The Gems agree, realizing that they have been hard on him lately, and Garnet rescinds their earlier punishment of revoking his TV privileges. Steven laughs and hugs her. The Crystal Gems and the Cool Kids then take several selfies together.

"Love Letters"

Garnet rises out of the ocean while Steven and Connie are getting their mail from Jamie. As she walks toward them, Jamie immediately becomes infatuated with her. Garnet tells them that she was looking for Malachite at the bottom of the ocean. Jamie asks how Garnet was able to stay submerged in the water for so long, to which Garnet replies that she is "a really good swimmer." Garnet then pushes all of the water off of herself, as Jamie watches in awe.

Steven and Connie rush into the Beach House to show Garnet a letter. Garnet tells Steven she is busy; she summons her goggles on and is about to leave when Steven tells her that the letter is for her. Garnet asks Steven to read the letter, and in it Jamie expresses his love for Garnet in a poetic writing style, along with an invitation for dinner at the Crab Shack. As Steven expects, Garnet rejects as she herself is a relationship. Steven and Connie later help Garnet write a response to Jamie. Garnet tells Connie to write the letters "n" and "o" and that would be the end of her response. Steven suggests to add more to the letter, and Garnet says to write, in an unintentionally rude tone, "the end, forever. And even after that." Steven and Connie later run into Jamie. Before they can give him the letter, he reveals to them his recent misfortunes in his auditions to become an actor, stating that he returned to Beach City to avoid another rejection. This causes the two to rewrite the letter in a more poetic fashion and in a more kinder tone. Jamie gets the wrong idea by this, and thinks that Garnet is madly in love with him.

Love Letters (245)

Later at night, Jamie arrives at the Beach House and calls to Garnet from outside. Garnet explains that she did not write that, and tells Jamie that she will never be interested in him, along with a sharp "go away!" Jamie runs away in tears. The next day, Garnet rises out of the ocean with the Water Bear attached to her back. She slams the monster to the ground and strikes its gem, followed by throwing it back into the sea. Steven and Connie tell Garnet that Jamie is not the same, and Garnet leaves to go talk to him. Garnet tells Jamie that she did not mean to hurt his feelings, and love at first sight does not exist because love takes time to develop. Garnet also compliments Jamie on being a fantastic actor, since he convinced himself that he is lovesick, and recommends that he starts his career with local theater.


Reformed 042

Garnet is in the Temple searching for a monster. Amethyst and Steven later enter the Temple through Amethyst's room where they find Garnet. She explains to them the Gem monster she is looking for is similar to the thing Pearl described seeing slinking through the Temple. They search around the room, looking for the corrupted Gem. Garnet later spots the creature, and fires her gauntlets at it. They miss and Amethyst gets upset at Garnet for "wrecking" her stuff, but before she can finish her sentence, she is grabbed by the Slinker.

Reformed 125

After tightly gripping Amethyst with its tentacle, the Slinker squeezes her like a snake, and Amethyst is forced to retreat into her gem, which alarms Steven. Garnet comforts him by saying that Amethyst would be back before he knew it. Proving this true, Amethyst regenerates within a matter of seconds, but with legs where her arms usually would be. Although Steven is amused, Garnet is displeased by this, saying that Amethyst regeneration was fast even for her. Amethyst blows off Garnet and cartwheels away, leading the Gems in the continuation of their search.

After a while of searching, they find another tunnel made by the Slinker. As they walk through it, Steven speaks with Amethyst and exclaims he wants four legs as well. Garnet denies this, stating that Amethyst should have taken more time with her regeneration. Steven brings up Pearl, and Garnet agrees that she had put more thought into it. This angers Amethyst, and when she stops to convey her distaste in Pearl, she is crushed by the Slinker, once again causing her to retreat into her gem. Garnet comforts Steven again and tells him that at least now Amethyst gets a second chance to regenerate a better form, hoping that she will take it more seriously this time around. When Amethyst comes back, even faster than previously, she takes on a form resembling an exaggerated parody of Pearl. Garnet again expresses her distaste, saying that it is not funny. Amethyst and Garnet get into an argument about how Amethyst's form affects the strength of the team, but they are interrupted when Amethyst is grabbed by the Slinker and forced back into her gem for the third time.

Reformed 144

Still angry at Garnet, Amethyst regenerates into a "stronger" form with an uneven body and bulging muscles on one arm and one leg. Garnet tells Amethyst that her form is not sustainable, who runs away in anger to find the Slinker. When Garnet and Steven catch up to her, she is seen embroiled in battle with the Slinker. As she struggles to defeat the beast, Garnet tells her to let go, but Amethyst refuses, insisting that Garnet "wanted [her] to be stronger." Garnet then tells her that she did not want this. Unable to maintain her unstable new form, Amethyst's left arm loses its strength and falls to the floor distorted. Amethyst then asks Garnet to tell her what she wants from her, but Garnet tells her that she has to figure it out for herself, making Amethyst even more frustrated. Steven realizes that Amethyst can not figure it out because she is upset and does not want to think about herself.

Reformed 192

Amethyst is suddenly engulfed by the monster, retreating to her gem one last time. Garnet punches it, forcing it to release Amethyst's gem from its mouth. Garnet and Steven return to the Beach House with Amethyst's gem, intending to find the monster after she regenerates. Garnet informs Pearl about the monster, and states that she was too hard on Amethyst. Amethyst remains in her gem for four hours, and when she regenerates, it is shown that she put more thought into her regeneration and has no abnormalities. Garnet says it is perfect, but Amethyst brushes the compliment off and claims that it is "just what feels right." Garnet says that is what makes it perfect and they then have a group hug.

"Sworn to the Sword"

Amethyst and Garnet emerge from Amethyst's room, and Amethyst asks why Steven is looking so concerned. Steven explains he is worried for Connie; Pearl is asking her to do all this dangerous stuff for him. Garnet expresses understanding and explains to Steven how Pearl recklessly risked her life many times for Rose, and that it makes sense that Pearl is training Connie to do the same for Steven and he warps himself to the Arena to try to stop Connie.

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"


For his documentary, Ronaldo goes to the beach to find the Gems fighting a crab monster. He approaches Steven and accuses him and the Gems of being a danger to the city. Steven says the Gems are protecting everyone, but Ronaldo counters with the point that all the monsters seem attracted to the Gems, putting the city in danger. Garnet abruptly decides that they should all leave, and they walk away, leaving Ronaldo satisfied.

Ronaldo compliments himself on getting rid of the Gems, but Peedee mentions that without the Gems, the strange happenings would stop and Ronaldo would have nothing to blog about. Ronaldo realizes his error and runs back to the Beach House, pounding on the door and begging the Crystal Gems to not leave Beach City. Garnet opens the door, and he begs her to stay. She says okay and closes the door as he thanks her.

The episode ends with Steven and the Gems watching the documentary on the Internet. As they finish watching, Garnet states the video was very poorly edited. Steven asks her if she really meant for them to leave, to which she replies that she just wanted to get the camera out of her face.

"Keeping It Together"

Steven and the Crystal Gems are folding his laundry, discussing Peridot's presence on Earth and the possibility of her most likely reactivating the Kindergarten despite crash landing on Earth. Steven hints that Garnet should unfuse so Ruby and Sapphire could help fold his shirts faster. Garnet says that Ruby and Sapphire would love to see them, but she will not unfuse for laundry.

They warp to Kindergarten to investigate any differences and search for Peridot. Nothing seems to be have been activated or even moved in the Kindergarten at the moment. Steven goes about his way and stumbles into Peridot, who just used the elevator from the Prime Kindergarten Control Room. The Gems find Peridot with Steven and they chase her. Peridot then uses her fingers as helicopter blades and flies away with Amethyst and Pearl chasing her.

Keeping It Together 148

Steven stays with Garnet. Garnet notes that if Peridot came to Kindergarten to reactivate it, then the injectors would have started working by now, but they have not. Steven and Garnet begin to investigate to find out what Peridot's job actually was. They find the elevator shaft to the control room and slide into it. While they are descending, Garnet explains more about Gem fusion to Steven. When they reach the control room, Steven shudders and mentions that the room somehow seems creepier than before and that the power is still cut off, and Garnet senses that something is wrong here. She says that something is strange after seeing that Peridot apparently pulled some pillars out of the walls.

Garnet touches one of the pillars, and they begin to move. Strange creatures resembling the combination of hands and feet begin falling from the ceiling. Garnet punches one of them and it poofs into a gem. It is two different gem shards stuck together, which disgusts Garnet, leaving Steven confused and worried. A much larger and grotesque version of these fusions rises from one of the pillars as though it is still fusing with difficulty. The four shards attempt to form their own bodies, but are pulled back together into the gem. With screams of agony and terror, they form a cluster that resembles a giant hand.

Keeping It Together 196

As the Hand Cluster approaches Garnet, she becomes terrified and stands still. Ruby, as Garnet, begins to cry out of her right eye, and understands what these fusions really are: they were previous Crystal Gems that were shattered, buried, and forced to fuse together. Garnet begins to unfuse slowly while Steven defends her. After Steven says that this is not like Garnet, she regains composure and knocks out the hand cluster, poofing the gem, which is a combination of multiple different gems.

Garnet bubbles the gem, realizing that this is what Homeworld thinks of Gem fusion. As Garnet talks, the speaker alternates between Ruby and Sapphire. Ruby on the right with Garnet's red eye expresses her anger at Homeworld, and Sapphire on the left with Garnet's blue eye, expresses sadness and tries to calm Ruby. They come to one conclusion: That these gem shards were the Gems that the Crystal Gems could not find after the war, and that they were forced to become a fusion. The forced fusions were the Crystal Gems' punishment for rebelling against Homeworld. Amethyst and Pearl return to Garnet and Steven, and notice one of the Gem mutants. Garnet orders the Gems to put them down and bubble them all.

Keeping It Together 241

Back at the Crystal Temple's hand, Steven warps to do his laundry and finds Garnet. They discuss what they saw in Kindergarten, and Garnet expresses disgust over the forced fusions. Garnet states that fusion is a choice between Gems, and the forced fusions they saw in the Kindergarten were not true fusions. Steven asks Garnet what it feels like to be a fusion all the time. She explains that the Gems forget that they were ever alone in the first place. When Gems fuse, they do not feel like two people, but rather one, and the Gems' old names might as well be names for the left arm and the right arm. When Steven asks if Garnet disappears when Ruby and Sapphire unfuse, she says that Garnet is the embodiment of Ruby and Sapphire's love. Even if they split apart, she will always exist in them. The strength of the two Gems' love allows them to remain fused for a very long time, explaining Garnet's long existence. After one of Steven's socks flies away with the wind, Garnet catches it and gives it to him, saying, "You don't want to break up a pair."

"We Need to Talk"

We Need To Talk (046)

While going through some of his old records, Greg is surprised when he witnesses Steven and Connie fuse. Steven asks him how he knows about fusion, prompting Greg to begin telling them the story; the flashback begins with a video Greg plays from his TV. In the video, Greg is recording Rose, Garnet, Amethyst, and himself performing the song "What Can I Do (For You)" in front of the Crystal Temple. Rose and Greg are singing, Garnet is playing a keytar, and Amethyst is on the drums. During the performance, Pearl fuses with Rose into Rainbow Quartz. Garnet and Rose leave when they finish the song, while Pearl speaks with Greg.

We Need To Talk (185)

Greg is at the beach re-watching the video to learn how to do a fusion dance. He falls over attempting to imitate Pearl's movements. Amethyst and Garnet arrive, and he asks them for advice on fusing. Garnet tells him that he needs a gem at the core of his being, a body that can turn into light, and a partner whom he trusts with that light. Greg is discouraged, believing that fusion is impossible for him. Garnet throws a stick for Amethyst to chase after so she can speak to Greg in private. She tells Greg that she believes he can fuse with Rose. She states, however, that it will not work if he tries to dance like Pearl, and that he needs to fuse his own way. Garnet advises him to "Get open, get honest, [and] invent [themselves] together." Greg takes this advice to heart and later attempts a fusion dance with Rose as Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst watch them nearby. They are unable to fuse, and later talk about their relationship.

Afterward, Greg and Rose continue dancing, much to Pearl's confusion, who believes the fusion did not work. Garnet says the opposite, understanding that despite Greg and Rose's inability to literally fuse, their attempt and subsequent talk has strengthened their relationship.

"Chille Tid"


The Crystal Gems are searching the ocean for Malachite. Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl observe the water from the raft while Garnet searches underwater. She eventually surfaces and climbs onto the raft, stating that she could not find the fusion. She emphasizes the urgency of finding Jasper and Lapis, stating that if the bond between the constituent Gems of the fusion snaps, their anger will take over and lead to destruction. Garnet announces that they will have to keep searching, but that they first need to take Steven home. Despite being tired, Steven insists that he is fine. He starts to walk off the edge of the raft, but Garnet catches him and they head back to the Beach House.


Back at the house, Garnet reminds Pearl that Steven needs rest because he is not like them. Steven asks if they need rest too, telling them they look exhausted. Garnet denies this, but Steven responds that they should try out sleeping, suggesting they also have a slumber party. Pearl is uninterested, but Garnet agrees, and tells Amethyst and Pearl to relax with Steven. She decides to leave to continue searching, stating that she is always relaxed. Pearl attempts to persuade her to allow them to come with her. Garnet refuses, and tells Steven to put the others to bed before warping away.

Garnet later returns to the Beach House, and finds Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl still awake. Steven runs up to her and hugs her, before attempting to explain his dream about Lapis. Garnet calmly shushes him and tells him to relax, stating that there is nothing they can do right now. She decides to show them how to sleep, and after cracking her knuckles, falls on her face. The others stare at her as she begins to snore.

"Cry for Help"

Cry for Help 026

Steven and Amethyst are watching TV when their program is interrupted by Peridot's distress message. Garnet concludes that there is only one place where Peridot can be broadcasting a signal strong enough to cause her message to appear on both Steven's and Connie's TVs, and presumably every TV between them. The Crystal Gems travel to the Communication Hub on Lion, and they discover that the hub has been partially repaired. Steven suggests Garnet and Amethyst form Sugilite to destroy it. Amethyst asks Garnet, but the latter immediately turns her down, stating that last time Sugilite went berserk and it was because of her that they cannot warp to the hub anymore. She tells Amethyst that "for the time being, Sugilite is benched." Garnet approaches Pearl, telling them that they now need to be more careful. She tells Pearl to fuse with her, who becomes elated at the opportunity.

Cry for Help 141

They perform a fusion dance and form Sardonyx. She is delighted to finally meet Steven in person, and happily greets him before disabling the tower. After she finishes, Sardonyx de-fuses and Garnet, Pearl, and Steven celebrate, exhilarated by the fusion's performance. Later, Steven is watching TV in his room with Garnet when Peridot's message suddenly comes on again. The Crystal Gems head back to the Communication Hub and Garnet and Pearl fuse into Sardonyx to dismantle the structure. They later return to the Beach House and Steven turns on the TV only to see Peridot's message. Pearl states that the hub must be fixed again. She calls to Garnet, who is bothered that Peridot continues to evade her future vision.

Cry for Help 316

The group goes to the hub and Garnet and Pearl prepare to fuse. Amethyst and Steven stop them, having earlier seen Pearl fix the hub after the second time they returned. Pearl realizes they know and apologizes to Garnet, telling her she was just having so much fun being Sardonyx. As Pearl's deception dawns on her, Garnet becomes furious. She realizes that she has not been able to see Peridot because Pearl has been fixing the hub. Pearl retreats in fear, attempting to say that she just wanted to share a few more victories with Garnet, whom angrily dismisses this. Amethyst tries to defend her, explaining to Garnet that fusing with her makes them feel stronger. Garnet tells Amethyst to not defend Pearl, stating that she has been distracting them from finding Peridot. She then tells Amethyst to fuse with her, and they form Sugilite before destroying the hub.

At the Beach House, Steven and Amethyst sadly notice that Garnet and Pearl no longer speak to each other, and wish that things worked out like how they do in cartoons.

"Keystone Motel"

After Greg puts forth a road trip for himself and Steven, Garnet decides to tag along. She's silent the whole time, but when Greg leaves to go buy car wash brushes, she begins arguing with herself and falls apart.

Ruby is angered that Pearl deceived Garnet, while Sapphire insists that they must move forward and forgive. The two continue to argue throughout the trip until Steven storms out of The Best Diner in the World, blaming himself for their fighting. Ruby and Sapphire reconcile, fusing back into Garnet.

Before they leave, Garnet makes sure that they get free ice from the motel. Upon their return, Garnet begins speaking to Pearl once more, but only to say, "Not now."

"Onion Friend"

Steven asks Amethyst if she's seen Garnet or Pearl, and she answers that they're probably somewhere not talking to each other. At Onion's House, Amethyst rants to Vidalia that she's never seen Garnet as upset as she is with Pearl.

"Historical Friction"

Jamie depicts Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl in the historically accurate play "Beach City or Bust". The play recounts Garnet warning William Dewey that his ship should turn back. Garnet later shows up fused as Obsidian to save William Dewey from a corrupted Gem and bring him to the shore of what would become Beach City.

"Friend Ship"

The Crystal Gems warp to Peridot's location at the Galaxy Warp, and Pearl is enthusiastic that her plan worked perfectly. Pearl charges at Peridot against Garnet's order; her reckless attack causes Peridot to trap her in a tractor beam and launch her back to Steven. Peridot hurries over to a Warp Pad, only to find it broken. Steven throws his shield at Peridot, which stuns her long enough to allow Garnet to throw the boulder at Amethyst, who slings it back to Peridot with her whip. Peridot is launched by the impact, and Garnet and Pearl race to catch her. During the tangle, Pearl stumbles into Garnet, making them both fall. Peridot flies and falls onto one of the warp pads, taunts the Gems the same way Steven did, and warps away.

Friend Ship 093

The Gems warp back to the Crystal Temple, all feeling down except for Pearl, who clarifies that they now at least know they can track Peridot accurately. She starts defining how she has wired up Peridot's escape pod to the Warp Pad and that the device will light up every time Peridot uses the Warp system, revealing her destination. Pearl is confident that with this, they will be able to catch Peridot eventually and end the problem. She says this while addressing Garnet, who walks to her but ignores her. This prompts Amethyst to ask if there is something they should talk about. The escape pod lights up, and Pearl projects a globe with Peridot's location. Pearl and Garnet walk over to the warp pad, while Steven mentions that at least Pearl is optimistic.

The Crystal Gems warp to a derelict Ancient Gem Colony Ship. Garnet begins to remind Pearl that they need to move on as she explains the functions of the ship to the group but she interrupts and exclaims on their task to catch Peridot. They all enter the ancient ship, which is completely overgrown by wildlife. A small object lights up and projects a holographic screen revealing it to be Peridot. She insults the Gems' intelligence, and Pearl retorts by saying that she must be "dull as dirt" if she thinks she can use the vessel to fly away. She reveals that she was luring the Gems into the ship as a trap instead of flying away, and the ship's entrance closes. After almost being shot down by lasers, they run towards a tunnel to safety. Suddenly, spikes appear out of the walls and floor, and the Gems make haste.

The Gems run into Peridot at the end of the hallway and, against Garnet's command, Pearl charges and attacks Peridot, slicing through a hologram instead. Garnet tells Pearl to stop, but she exclaims that she must do something to make up for leading the Gems into Peridot's trap. The floor below them suddenly opens up into a deep pit. Steven and Amethyst are able to save themselves, but Garnet and Pearl had fallen down the pit, and they check on them. A horizontal door closes, trapping Garnet and Pearl in a small room. Pearl apologizes to Garnet, saying that things shouldn't have turned out the way they are. Garnet reassures Pearl that they will escape somehow, but Pearl clarifies that she wanted to catch Peridot in order to regain Garnet's trust and show that everything can go back to normal. Garnet tells her that this is not about Peridot, and catching her will not restore their relationship.

Friend Ship 225

Pearl asks Garnet what she can do to be forgiven, but Garnet asserts that she can not forgive Pearl. She lied to Garnet, and she must learn that there are consequences to her actions. Pearl explains that she could not help herself. She tried to be strong like Garnet, but she could not, and she believes she is useless on her own and needs someone to tell her what to do. Pearl goes on to explain to Garnet than when she fuses with Garnet, she is able to feel like Garnet. In her eyes, Garnet is perfect, since Ruby and Sapphire are in a perfect relationship and Pearl simply wanted to be a part of that. Garnet denies Pearl's statement and says she is not as strong as Pearl thinks she is. Garnet reveals that she had fallen apart because Ruby and Sapphire had conflicting thoughts on Pearl's act of deception. Garnet explains that she has weaknesses too, but she chooses not to let them consume her, and she knows she must stay composed because of her effect on the team. There are times that Garnet looks up to Pearl's strength, and asserts that Pearl is her own Gem. She is unique in her own way, and she must choose to be strong in her own way in order to move on in order to regain Garnet's trust. Pearl understands and says that she cannot give up anymore. Garnet tells Pearl that there is only one way to get out of the room, and Pearl asks for her confirmation in agreeing to Garnet's plan, to which she agrees. Amethyst and Steven panic, but Sardonyx jumps up having drilled her way out of the room. Having fulfilled her role for now, Sardonyx quickly unfuses.

The Gems corner Peridot in the ship's control room and demand that she surrenders. Peridot starts to slowly fly away from the ship while taunting the Gems once more. Her ascension is halted by Steven, who jumps up and grabs on to Peridot's foot. She tries to drop Steven, but Amethyst and Pearl grab on to Steven, and Garnet grabs on to Pearl, preparing to pull the group to her. After failing to force Steven to release his grip, Peridot ejects her foot and flies away. Holding Peridot's smoking foot, Pearl regains her optimism and says that next time, they will get the rest of her. Garnet says that they went a step forward. Pearl and Garnet make up, and Amethyst lays down in relief.

"Catch and Release"

Catch And Release 085

After Steven is briefly kidnapped by Peridot in her last attempts to fix the Galaxy Warp, the rest of the Gems arrive and Peridot starts to run away.The Gems reunite with Steven and fight Peridot. After a short fight, Garnet is able to catch and poof Peridot, but not before she tries to tell them that she is the only one who knows something. When she is poofed, all her limbs and fingers fall to the ground, with Garnet holding her gem intact, and sends her to the Burning Room. The Gems wonder about Peridot's limbs, and Amethyst throws them into the ocean. Steven tells Garnet that Peridot was trying to say something important, but Garnet dismisses that as nothing more than desperate lies to get out of the fight.

Catch And Release 256

At the Temple, Steven wonders why Peridot was scared, and what was she going to say. He later ends up in the Burning Room, wanting to talk to her a bit more. He drops the bubble, and Peridot emerges, this time without robotic limbs. She tries to shoot Steven as she finishes what she was about to say before poofing, and realizes she is unarmed. He asks her for more information, but she runs away, as Steven gives chase. They emerge from the temple gate into the house, where the Gems are in the kitchen. Peridot yells that she has escaped, then notices the Gems staring at her. The Gems corner Peridot to Steven's bathroom, as she locks the door behind her. The Gems wonder how Peridot managed to reform, and Steven admits that he freed her with the purpose of getting information from her. He found out that she knows something about The Cluster, and the Gems are clueless as to what the Cluster even is.

Garnet agrees that Peridot is more valuable in her form rather than bubbled, and peacefully tries to get Peridot to talk. After Peridot refuses, the Gems get ready to break in and bubble her, but she responds that they will not get anything out of her if that happens. Pearl says that, unfortunately, they need Peridot in her form right now, to which Garnet says that it will be tricky to get her to talk.

"When It Rains"

When It Rains 005

The Crystal Gems are outside of Steven's bathroom, and Garnet demands that Peridot reveal information about the Cluster. Pearl attempts to reason with her, offering to negotiate a trade. Peridot sarcastically demands that her equipment to be returned, before facetiously referring to the fact that it had already been destroyed back at the Galaxy Warp. Garnet realizes that their questions were in vain, and suggests that they instead go and investigate the Cluster on their own. Steven excitedly pleads to accompany the Gems, though Garnet refuses, instead asking him to stay behind and watch over Peridot. Before the Gems depart, Garnet tells Steven that she loves him, making him blush.

When It Rains 264

After Peridot convinces him to take her to the Kindergarten, he learns about the Cluster and insists that she needed to tell the rest of the Gems so they could help, but she refuses. While Peridot and Steven argue, Gem mutants crowd around the Warp Pad, and Steven immediately summons a bubble shield around himself and Peridot. The mutants chase them until they are cornered, at which point the Crystal Gems come to save Steven and Peridot. While the Gems fight the mutants, Steven tries to explain to Peridot, again, as to why they need the help of the Crystal Gems. Peridot appears to think about it this time. After defeating the mutants the Gems appear flustered as they question Steven and Peridot. Garnet begins to scold Steven, claiming that she told him to keep an eye on Peridot. Peridot comes to Steven's aid by informing the Gems that he did as he was told. Finally relenting, Peridot tells the Gems that she has made up her mind, and that she will tell them about the Cluster.

"Back to the Barn"

Back to the Barn Number (021)

The Crystal Gems are gathered in the Beach House where Peridot informs them about the Cluster, an artificial fusion composed of millions of Gem shards located at the center of Earth that will destroy the planet when it emerges. The Gems recognize the gravity of the situation and agree that they must construct some sort of machine to travel to the center of Earth to stop the Cluster. The group heads over to the Barn to begin working on a drill. Before they begin, however, Pearl and Peridot get into an argument regarding their engineering abilities, resulting in a competition to determine who will lead the project to construct the drill, dubbed by Steven, the "Robolympics". Pearl and Peridot each perform a series of events with their respective robots while Steven keeps track of their points. Garnet and Amethyst watch on the side and cheer on Pearl.

Back to the Barn Number (170)

After completing all the events, Pearl and Peridot have accrued the same number of points. Refusing to consider Pearl an equal to herself, Peridot demands that they have a tiebreaker. An argument ensues between Pearl and Peridot, which quickly escalates into a fight. Steven, Amethyst, and Garnet look on, careful to avoid the two fighting robots. Peridot eventually gains the upper hand and manages to destroy Pearl's robot. The other Crystal Gems make sure Pearl is alright before praising her, refuting Peridot's claim that she is common. Peridot is confused as to why the Gems are not listening to her despite having won, prompting Garnet to state, "Welcome to Earth." Garnet and Amethyst proceed to clean up the wreckage of Pearl's robot.

"Too Far"

Too Far 054

The Crystal Gems and Peridot prepare to construct the drill. Steven, Peridot, and Amethyst stand by the barn where Pearl has just completed drawing the blueprints for the drill head. Garnet joins the group informing them she has chased away some cows and is ready to get to work. Peridot asks Garnet to unfuse before they begin, stating Garnet's fused state is making her very uncomfortable. Garnet promptly ties Peridot to a fence with a leash. Steven asks her if that was necessary, to which she replies that Peridot having free reign of the place made her very uncomfortable.

Pearl later approaches Peridot, informing her that they now have all the materials except for the drill head. When Peridot suggests that she get one from the Kindergarten, Garnet immediately adds that she cannot go without a chaperone. Amethyst proposes that she and Steven go with her. Garnet agrees to the plan and tells Amethyst to keep Peridot in line. After the group returns, they begin to work on the drill, during which Peridot accidentally starts the drill head, undoing some of their progress and causing a mess. Garnet blames the cows.

"The Answer"

Garnet wakes up Steven in the barn at midnight to wish him a happy birthday. Steven is exuberant, asking Garnet if she plans to finally tell him about Ruby and Sapphire like she had promised. A flashback commences as Garnet begins to tell the story of how Ruby and Sapphire first met.

The Answer 097

Garnet explains that 5,750 years ago, progress on the establishment of Earth's Gem colony was being hindered by a small group of rebels. Sapphire, along with her three ruby guards, were sent to Earth so that she may share her vision of the future with Blue Diamond. At the Cloud Arena, she reveals to her diamond that the rebels will attack their location before eventually being captured. As Sapphire predicted, Rose and Pearl arrive shortly after her report and proceed to defeat several Gems. Pearl approaches Sapphire, but before she strikes her down, Ruby pushes Sapphire out of the way, fusing with her and forming Garnet for the first time. The fusion is surprised, and examines her newly formed body. The unorthodox fusion distracts the other Homeworld Gems long enough for Rose and Pearl to escape. Immediately after, Garnet unfuses, and the angry crowd closes in on Ruby and Sapphire. To save Ruby from being punished, Sapphire grabs her arm, jumps off the arena, and floats down to Earth.

The Answer 238

The two Gems begin their new life on Earth, over the course of which they grow closer together, and eventually decide to fuse again. After forming for the second time, Garnet tentatively walks around, still unfamiliar with her new form. She suddenly trips and rolls down a hill. At the bottom, she is meet by Pearl, who cautiously points her sword at her. Pearl realizes aloud that she is looking at the fusion she saw at the arena. Garnet quickly protests, stating that she did not mean to fuse, but remembers that she did the second time, and then offers to unfuse. As she stumbles over her words, Rose approaches her, calming her down. Garnet is surprised to discover that Rose does not find her unsettling, and begins to ask her questions about why she is so sure of her feelings and actions. Rose laughs and welcomes Garnet to Earth, who proceeds to ask more questions, wondering what she is. Rose settles down Garnet, telling her that she already is the answer. As the flashback ends, Steven asks Garnet what the answer was. She replies, "Love". Steven says that he knew it, and Garnet says that she did too.

"Steven's Birthday"

The Crystal Gems prepare Steven's birthday party at the barn. Steven wonders if they should take a break from the drill, to which Garnet responds that they should celebrate their progress, mentioning that he has grown a lot this year. Greg and Connie arrive shortly, and after preparations are completed, Steven enters the barn to put on his birthday suit.

Steven's Birthday 070

The Crystal Gems, Greg, and Connie surprise Steven with his cake as he steps out. They collectively gasp when they see Steven's taller form. He explains to their amazement that he had a magical growth spurt. The group moves on to the party festivities, eating cake, playing badminton, and dancing. The Gems are glad to see Steven having fun. After the party winds down, the Gems, Greg, and Connie are surprised by Steven's sudden transformation into a baby.

Garnet picks up the crying Steven and attempts to calm him by making funny faces. This causes Steven to cry even more, prompting Greg to take over. He takes him for a car ride with Connie and Amethyst. The next day, Steven has managed to revert to his normal age. As he speaks with Connie, they discover that Steven has grown a facial hair. The other Gems are impressed and Greg and Connie are glad that Steven is growing older.

"It Could've Been Great"

It Could've Been Great 068

The Crystal Gems are taking a break from building the drill. Peridot is annoyed that progress has slowed, and when she mentions this to Steven, he helps her create "Peace and Love on the Planet Earth" to express her feelings about life on Earth. They sing the song as they resume working on the drill, and the other Gems join in.

When they finally finish building the drill, the Gems compliment Peridot for her work. She then remembers that they still need the Cluster's coordinates before they can begin drilling. Pearl suggests the coordinates may be found at a diamond base on the moon. Due to its inaccessibility by warp pad, the group travels there via Lion. When they arrive at the moon base, Steven notices the murals on the walls and asks Peridot whom they depict. She is surprised he does not know, and explains that they are the Diamonds, the Gem matriarchs who govern Homeworld and all the Gem colonies. She claims that Gems "live to serve them," which prompts Garnet to clear her throat in displeasure. Peridot quickly corrects herself, before diverting their attention to a control service. She activates it, creating a set of stairs. The group goes up to the control room.

It Could've Been Great 183

At the top, they find the main computer, and Peridot begins to look through its files for the Cluster's exact location. Peridot eventually finds it, and the group prepares to leave. Steven lingers behind, however, and asks Peridot if there are any games on the computer. Peridot replies that it was used for planning colonies. The others return as she begins to pull up diagrams of Gem structures built on Earth.

Upon inquiry of the final plan, Peridot projects a hologram of a completed Earth colony. Peridot believes the end result would have been an example of a perfect colony, efficient use of Earth's available resources producing numerous Gems and structures. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst strongly disagree. They reaffirm Rose's belief of the value of life, claiming that completion of the colony would have lead to the extinction of all life on Earth. Peridot claims that Rose did a lousy job of protecting Earth, arguing that the Rebellion had led to the insertion of the Cluster which would ultimately doom the planet regardless.

Sensing the tension between the Gems, Steven steps in front of Peridot and attempts to lighten the mood. Garnet, however, reaches past him, picks up Peridot, and summons her gauntlet. She forcefully tells Peridot that she is talking about things that she does not understand. Steven intervenes, saying it is not worth it. Garnet pauses for a moment before dropping Peridot and smashing the computer. The Gems begin to head back.

"Message Received"

Message Received 105

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are gathered outside the barn discussing their plans regarding the Gem drill and Cluster. Steven and Peridot eventually go inside the barn. Some time later, Steven returns outside and reveals to the others the Diamond Communicator that Peridot had taken from the moon base. Steven is visibly upset that despite his efforts to help Peridot adjust to life on Earth with the Crystal Gems, she seems to still not care for the planet, fixated on contacting Homeworld.

Garnet consoles Steven, telling him that he has more patience than the rest of them, but that not everyone deserves this patience. The side of the barn suddenly explodes, and Peridot emerges, piloting her robot. She picks up a truck and throws it at the Gems, causing them to scatter and giving her the opportunity to grab the communicator from Pearl and Amethyst. As she flees, Amethyst shapeshifts into a helicopter, and the Crystal Gems fly after Peridot.

Message Received 225

When they catch up to her, Garnet fires her gauntlets into Peribot, sending it into some telephone lines. The Gems descend upon the fallen robot and begin attacking it. Peridot is able to slip through the robot's arm and reach the dropped communicator. Steven runs after her, and the two briefly struggle over the device before Peridot manages to activate it. Garnet quickly grabs Steven and hides behind Peribot with Pearl and Amethyst.

The Crystal Gems anxiously watch as Peridot speaks with Yellow Diamond, informing her about her current situation and the status of the Cluster. To their pleasant surprise, Peridot openly refuses Yellow Diamond's order to allow the Cluster to grow, and blatantly insults her superior, severing her allegiance to Homeworld. After Peridot deactivates the communicator, the Crystal Gems praise Peridot for her words. Their joy turns to panic when Peridot informs them that the communicator can be remotely detonated. Steven quickly bubbles the device before Garnet punches it into the sky, where it explodes. The Crystal Gems return to celebrating and welcome Peridot to the team.

"Log Date 7 15 2"

Log Date 7 15 2 029

Garnet enters the barn just as Peridot throws her tape recorder in her direction. She catches it and gives it back to Steven after Peridot refuses to take it back. As Peridot continues to fret over her recent defection from Homeworld, Garnet puts her hand on her shoulder and suggests she calm down. Garnet then picks her up and carries her out the barn as she begins to fuss about where she will wear a star. Steven notices that the two Gems seem to be getting along well, and decides to listen to Peridot's logs to learn how their relationship had improved.

As Steven listens to her logs, a series of flashbacks play showing Peridot's experiences at the barn. In one of the flashbacks, Peridot pushes Greg off the roof of the barn to see if he can fly. Garnet catches him and proceeds to scold Peridot, telling her that she cannot shove humans off roofs because they are fragile and soft. She then asks Greg to excuse Peridot for not understanding. Peridot concludes that not all organic beings on Earth can fly and that Garnet is the worst. In the next flashback, Peridot tries on a pair of boxers she found while cleaning. Garnet appears behind her and compliments her shorts, prompting Peridot to rip off the shorts in surprise.

Log Date 7 15 2 170

In another flashback, Peridot explains to Steven and Garnet why Percy and Pierre from Camp Pining Hearts would make the best team out of all the characters. After she finishes her verbose explanation, Garnet gives her a thumbs up. In the next flashback, Peridot records a new log entry while working on the drill with the other Gems. She laughs with Pearl and Amethyst at their jokes while Garnet simply gives her a thumbs up. She admits in the entry that she appreciates Pearl's and Amethyst's company but still does not understand Garnet. In the following flashback, Garnet works on the drill with Peridot and the other Gems. Peridot is surprised to see Amethyst and Pearl fuse to move the drill. Garnet compliments them and suggests everyone take a break. She sits down on a bale of hay and is approached by Peridot, who asks her to explain why she is fused and not using her combined size and strength to do anything. She replies that she is stargazing and would prefer to stay fused while doing so, disappointing Peridot. The two gaze at the stars for a while, Garnet noting that they can see Homeworld's galaxy. Garnet eventually offers to fuse to help her understand fusion. Peridot falls over in surprise, but, after composing herself, agrees to try.

Log Date 7 15 2 255

After they prepare themselves, they begin performing their fusion dance. Peridot quickly breaks away from Garnet, however, ending the dance. Despite being unable to fuse, Garnet claims that she is proud of Peridot for making an effort to understand her. Peridot protests that she still does not understand her, to which Garnet replies that she is "Percy and Pierre." As Steven listens to the last log entry, he is surprised to hear Garnet's voice. Peridot begins her entry, stating that she had gained a better understanding of Garnet after attempting to fuse with her.

Garnet then directs her message to Steven, her future vision having revealed that he would later listen to Peridot's logs. She tells him that he probably should not have listened to these logs, but understands that his curiosity stems from his compassion. As Steven listens, he watches Garnet speak with Peridot outside. Garnet ends her message by telling Steven to give back Peridot's recorder. As Garnet and Peridot enter the barn, Steven returns the device, and Garnet gives them a thumbs up, prompting them to do the same.

Season 3

"Super Watermelon Island"

Super Watermelon Island 095

The Crystal Gems are gathered at the barn preparing to drill. They notice the ground shaking, which Peridot interprets to be the Cluster. Steven wakes up from his nap and attributes the tremors to Malachite. He explains to the others that while he was asleep, he took control of a Watermelon Steven on Mask Island and saw Malachite. Garnet concludes that Lapis must be losing control of the fusion. She informs the Gems of her plan: she will head to Mask Island with Pearl and Amethyst. Believing it to be too dangerous for him, she tells Steven to stay behind and watch the drill with Peridot. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst head to the nearest warp pad and warp away. On Mask Island, the three Crystal Gems find Malachite struggling against her water chains. They quickly fuse into Alexandrite as Malachite breaks free.

Super Watermelon Island 228

The two fusions engage in combat as Steven watches through a Watermelon Steven. With the help of the Watermelon Steven community, Alexandrite manages to defeat Malachite, forcing her to unfuse. She recovers Jasper and Lapis before unfusing herself. The exhausted Crystal Gems are met by Steven's Watermelon Steven. Garnet thanks him and all the other Watermelon Stevens for their help.

Another quake suddenly shakes the island, splitting the ground. As the island moves, Amethyst manages to hold on to Lapis, but the Gems can only watch as Jasper slides into a fissure. Garnet realizes that the Cluster must be about to emerge. She urges Steven to wake up and begin drilling with Peridot, explaining that they will not make it back in time because the warp pad was destroyed. The Gems reassure and encourage Steven, and as he begins to awaken, Garnet tells him that they love him.

"Gem Drill"

Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst return to the barn with Lapis. They are greeted by Steven, who asks if Lapis is okay. Garnet assures him that she will be fine. Pearl immediately mentions that Steven looks happy and asks him if he destroyed the Cluster. To the Gems' surprise and relief, he explains that he bubbled it.

"Same Old World"

The Crystal Gems are relaxing at the barn. Peridot and Steven are sharing their experiences from their trip underground with the others. After some time, Steven leaves to check on Lapis in the barn. Garnet follows him shortly after. She observes that Steven is concerned, and reminds him that Lapis will need a lot of time to recover from the physical and emotional strain from her fusion with Jasper. Steven agrees, and the two leave Lapis to rest. The next day, Greg drives the Crystal Gems back home.

"Barn Mates"

Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst head over to the barn to investigate the sudden arrival of a ship. Once there, they find Steven, Peridot, and Lapis standing near the vessel, which has become embedded into the ground. Steven explains that Lapis had saved them and that Homeworld must be searching for Peridot. The Gems curiously watch as a hatch on the ship opens, and a Ruby emerges.

"Hit the Diamond"

The Gems watch as a Ruby emerges from the ship. They quickly hide in the barn where they observe more Rubies come out of the Roaming Eye. Peridot is frightened, believing that the Rubies are here to capture her for disobeying and insulting Yellow Diamond. Garnet reassures her, informing her that it is the sworn duty of the Crystal Gems to protect anything that calls Earth home. Garnet tells everyone she has a plan before unfusing into Ruby and Sapphire.

Steven ends up convincing the Rubies that they need to win a baseball game in order to search the barn, whereas they have to leave the planet if they lose. The "human" team consists of Steven, Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis, and Sapphire. They play against the Ruby team, consisting of the five Homeworld Rubies and the Crystal Gem Ruby. The humans win in the final inning when Sapphire hits a two run home run.

Hit the Diamond HD 255

As she runs to the home plate, Sapphire dives into Ruby, accidentally fusing into Garnet. The Rubies realize they are Gems and fuse together. Peridot runs out of the barn, not wanting the Crystal Gems to fight in her stead. To her surprise, the Ruby fusion reveals she is looking for Jasper. Steven proceeds to fool the fusion by telling her that Jasper is on Neptune. The Rubies unfuse, board their ship, and fly off. Amethyst comments that Rubies are dumb, to which Garnet replies not all of them.

"Steven Floats"

Steven Floats (165)

The Crystal Gems warp back to the Beach House where Steven expresses his joy at being back home after so long. Some time later, Amethyst brings Garnet to the beach where she finds Steven floating in the sky. As Garnet mulls over what they should do, Pearl arrives and frantically runs around trying to determine where Steven will land. Garnet eventually jumps away and steals Kofi's phone which she uses to call Steven. He tells the Gems that he believes he has discovered a new power. They inform him that Rose had the power to regulate the speed of her descent. Pearl tells Steven to try falling faster. He replies that he cannot figure out how, and asks them to keep him company until he lands. Throughout the night and into the next morning, the Gems do a variety of activities with Steven: they throw food at him, play checkers, and draw images in the sand.

Steven Floats (194)

In the morning, the Gems hear Steven's alarm clock going off. When they ask him about it, he urgently replies that he needs to get down immediately. The Gems try weighing him down with several objects. They give him a jacket, a bowling ball, and a boat, before adding their own weight. Steven continues to fall at the same velocity. He asks if there is any more things they could give him. Garnet shows him his alarm clock. Upon seeing the time, Steven thanks the Gems for trying to help, but sadly states that there is no point anymore. They apologize before leaving.

On the ground, the Gems continue discussing about how to get Steven down. As Pearl and Amethyst argue with each other, Garnet's future vision reveals to her that Steven will figure out how to control his floating powers. She tells the others that Steven will realize that his power is linked to his emotions, and will use happy and sad memories to land safely behind them ready to them a hug. Steven faceplants in the sand behind Garnet. He gets up and runs to the Gems to give them a hug. Having figured out Steven intended to go to the Big Donut, Garnet stops him and tells him to run to the store.

"Restaurant Wars"

Garnet works at Steven's restaurant, Steven's. She claps as the star iris closes.

"Monster Reunion"

Steven informs the Gems that he has regained his healing powers after fixing a tear on his teddy bear, MC Bear-Bear. Garnet's future vision reveals to her that he will ask if he can heal one of the Corrupted Gems in the Burning Room. Before he can ask, she tells him no, and informs him of her foresight. Steven proceeds to ask if she can foresee him changing her mind.

Monster Reunion 096

Steven and the Gems go into the Burning Room, where Steven releases Nephrite. As she begins to reform, he licks his hand and applies it to Nephrite's gem. She regenerates into a semi-corrupted humanoid form. Steven is confused as to why his powers did not fully heal Nephrite. Pearl reminds him that she is corrupted rather than cracked. Garnet describes corruption using an analogy, stating that it is "sort of like if MC Bear-Bear did not tear the fabric of his arm, but the fabric of his mind." She informs Steven that she is impressed with his ability, stating that this is the best they have seen a Corrupted Gem healed. Garnet tells him they should let Nephrite rest again, however, and asks Amethyst to poof her. Steven stands defensively in front of Nephrite, insisting that she is no longer a monster because she can walk and talk. He begs the Gems to let him try to help her further. They acquiesce, but Garnet reminds Steven that some Gems are beyond their help.

Some time later, the Gems find Gem language written on some papers in the living room of the Beach House. They read them and discover that Nephrite has a ship and crew. They warp to the Ancient Gem Colony Ship where they find Steven and Centi reunited with her Nephrite crew. They inform Steven that the text Nephrite had written was actually in legible Gem language, which is how they had been able to find them. The Crystal Gems decide to allow the Nephrites to stay in their ship before heading home.

"Greg the Babysitter"

Greg tells Steven the story of how he started working at the car wash. In the flashback, Garnet is seen with the other Gems warping to and from the temple.

"Gem Hunt"

Pearl mentions that Garnet used her future vision to predict that there would be corrupted Gems in The Great North. Steven explains to Connie that corrupted Gems used to be normal, using Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl as examples. Later, when Pearl becomes scared that Steven and Connie are angry with her because she called herself their favorite Gem, she begs them not to tell Garnet

"Crack the Whip"

Garnet and Pearl prepare to warp out of the Beach House to search for Jasper. Garnet asks Amethyst to hold down the fort. Connie arrives and Pearl is reminded of her sword training. She apologizes, explaining that they need to leave. She tells Connie that they can train next week once they have taken care of Jasper, which Garnet adds would be the best case scenario. Garnet and Pearl warp away.

"Steven vs. Amethyst"

Garnet and Pearl warp back to the Beach House, unable to find Jasper. Steven runs up and informs them they had found Jasper. They are initially surprised, but express their pride in him when he describes how Stevonnie had chased Jasper away. Garnet and Pearl then see Amethyst, who they notice has reformed. Amethyst shrugs them off, telling them she is fine.


The Crystal Gems are hanging out with Steven in his room. They cheer him on as he plays video games. Their attention is diverted toward Lion, who has begun chewing on one of Steven's shirts. Steven wrestles the shirt away from him and puts it back on his drawer. Before he can return to his game, Lion steals the shirt again. Steven takes it back and decides to put it inside Lion's mane. As he attends to this, Garnet and Pearl watch Amethyst play Steven's video game. Steven suddenly falls out of Lion, claiming to have made a horrible mistake. The Gems gather around Lion as Steven goes back in his mane. He comes out again and informs the others that there is a Gem inside. Garnet asks him to describe her. Steven pops in and out of Lion's mane to get a look at the Gem. He describes her as being big, with rainbow hair, tattoos, and a concave gemstone. Pearl and Garnet are intrigued, finding his description of the Gem familiar. Garnet asks Steven to bring her out. He goes back inside, and shortly returns with the Gem. She stares at them for a few moments, before Pearl rushes forward to embrace her, revealing her name to be Bismuth.

Bismuth 100

Garnet, Pearl, and Bismuth begin to joke around much to Steven and Amethyst's bewilderment. Garnet introduces them to Bismuth, who she explains is one of the original Crystal Gems. As Bismuth settles down, she is amazed at the changes that have taken place in her absence, particularly of Rose's transformation into Steven. To their unease, she eventually inquires about the other Crystal Gems.

Bismuth 131

The group warps over to the Gem Battlefield, where Bismuth is shocked to learn that the Rebellion had ended about 5,300 years ago. Pearl and Garnet explain to her that they were able to save Earth, but Homeworld's final attack had wiped out the rest of the Crystal Gems. They comfort Bismuth as she grieves for their fallen comrades. Her sadness quickly turns to anger as she claims that she could have saved the others had she been around. They inform her that Homeworld has not stopped trying to take Earth, kindling Bismuth's anticipation to have the opportunity to fight them again. Garnet and Pearl remind her of Homeworld's larger forces and technological superiority. Bismuth is unfazed, and reminisces with them about events from the war. She proceeds to take them to The Forge where she reveals that she had made all the material weapons used by the Crystal Gems. Bismuth surprises Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst with enhancements for their weapons.

Bismuth 301

Afterwards, the Gems spar together on the beach while Steven watches. Eventually, Bismuth asks Steven to demonstrate his combat skills, stating that it is a ritual for the Crystal Gems to spar before battle. He decides to show her his own rituals instead. Steven and the Gems play badminton and cards, make pizza, and watch a movie.

That night, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst are relaxing in the Beach House when Steven warps in. They are surprised to see him injured and carrying Bismuth's bubbled gem. Steven reveals to them the events that had transpired: his disagreement with Bismuth about the use of a weapon capable of shattering Gems, their subsequent fight, and the revelation of similar circumstances pertaining to Bismuth's disappearance during the Rebellion. The Gems solemnly place Bismuth's gem in the Burning Room before going outside to gaze at the sky with Steven.


Garnet and Pearl head over to the barn where Lapis receives the returning Rubies from "Hit the Diamond" by trapping each of them in water bubbles. The three are later joined by Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot.

"Back to the Moon"

Steven wonders why the five Rubies they had encountered earlier had returned to Earth. Garnet suggests they ask one of them. At Steven's prompt, Lapis proceeds to release each Ruby, one at a time, so that he may question them. Leggy does not know why they have returned, Army lunges at Steven before being restrained by Garnet, Navy is unable to speak out of embarrassment, and Eyeball refuses to tell them anything.

Back to the Moon 081

When they get to Doc, she explains that they had been unable to find Jasper on Neptune and all the other planets in their solar system, before angrily demanding that they reveal Jasper's location. Amethyst shapeshifts into Jasper and is able to fool the Rubies. Doc informs her that she will need to file a report to Yellow Diamond at the nearest Diamond base if she intends to stay on Earth with her Crystal Gem "prisoners". As the Rubies board their Roaming Eye, Garnet and Pearl express their concerns to Amethyst about her plan. She assures them that everything will be fine before ushering them into the ship. They fly to the moon base.

Back to the Moon 196

At the moon base, the group heads up to the control room. As they ascend the stairs, Eyeball tells Leggy the story of Pink Diamond, who she reveals to be the owner of the Earth colony. She continues to explain, stating that Pink Diamond had been shattered by one of her own soldiers, Rose Quartz. The Crystal Gems freeze at hearing this. Steven is shocked, but firmly denies that Rose would shatter someone. As Pearl begins to tremble, Garnet and Amethyst look back at Steven in concern.

Doc appears at the top of stairs and informs the group that they have a problem. In the control room, they find the main panel broken and the diamond communicator missing. Amethyst convinces the Rubies to leave without her by having Eyeball file a report for her back on Homeworld. As the Rubies board their ship, Amethyst relaxes and the Crystal Gems praise her for holding Jasper's form for so long. The Roaming Eye's door suddenly opens, and Doc exits the ship to offer Amethyst a ride back to Earth. She sees her in her normal form and realizes they have been tricked again. The Rubies fuse together to fight the Crystal Gems. Before the battle begins, Steven opens the airlock on the moon base, pulling the Ruby fusion into the door frame. Garnet and Pearl quickly fuse together before smashing Sardonyx's hammer into the fusion, forcing her to unfuse. As the Rubies are sucked out into space, Eyeball pulls Steven out the door with her.


Bubbled 265

Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst commandeer the Roaming Eye left behind on the moon base and head out to search for Steven. They eventually find him floating through space in his bubble. After they pull him into the ship, Garnet attempts to awaken him. Steven regains consciousness, and the Crystal Gems share a tearful reunion.

As Pearl flies the Roaming Eye back to Earth, Steven asks Garnet why he had never been told about Pink Diamond. She replies that they did what they had to during the war, and that things are different now. He then asks if Rose had really shattered her. Garnet confirms this, and explains that because Earth belonged to Pink Diamond, destroying her was the only way to save the planet. Steven remains unsure, prompting Garnet to reaffirm Rose's decision, stating, "She didn't always do what was best for her. But she always did what was best for Earth." Steven sighs and thanks Garnet for telling him.

Season 4

"Kindergarten Kid"

Kindergarten Kid 009

The Crystal Gems sweep through the Beta Kindergarten, poofing and bubbling the Gem monsters that Jasper had incarcerated. After poofing another one, Amethyst questions their actions, finding them similar to Jasper's. Pearl and Garnet disagree, and the latter reminds Amethyst that the Corrupted Gems are cared for in the stasis of the bubble. They head over to Steven and Peridot, where they have found another Gem Monster. Garnet tells the others to get ready as she releases her. Despite this, they are completely caught off guard by the Tongue Monster's speed. She scatters the Gems before escaping. Peridot laughs at their failure to capture the Corrupted Gem, prompting Pearl to begin explaining the difficulty of such tasks. Garnet quickly cuts her off, stating that mistakes happen, even when one can see the future. Amethyst challenges Peridot to capture the Gem monster herself. Wanting to show off her metal powers, Peridot agrees to help them, and walks away to begin her search.

Kindergarten Kid 295

After Steven informs them of his intention of staying behind to help, he runs after Peridot while the others seemingly leave. Unbeknownst to Steven and Peridot, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst had stayed behind in the Beta Kindergarten. Throughout the course of the next day, they watch with amusement Steven and Peridot's unsuccessful attempts to capture the Tongue Monster. When Peridot finally poofs the Corrupted Gem, Garnet and the others emerge from hiding. They reveal that they had been watching the whole time and had known what would happen with Garnet's future vision. Peridot admits that she had more difficulty than expected, after which she accidentally bubbles the Tongue Monster's gem, creating a bubble for the first time. With some guidance from Garnet and Steven, Peridot sends it off.

"Know Your Fusion"

Know Your Fusion 029

The Crystal Gems are at the Beach House. As Garnet and Pearl prepare some food, they notice Steven and Amethyst acting suspiciously. Pearl asks them if they have something they would like to tell. Steven and Amethyst recall their recent fight in the Beta Kindergarten, and ask them if they know exactly who beat Jasper. Garnet and Pearl fail to give the desired response, prompting them to say that they have someone they would like to introduce. Steven and Amethyst proceed to fuse into Smoky Quartz, astonishing Garnet and Pearl. As Smoky starts to demonstrate their yo-yo tricks, demolishing parts of the house in the process, Garnet begins shouting with happiness. She picks up Pearl and shakes her excitedly, who asks the former for some help.

The two then fuse into Sardonyx and catch the yo-yos. Sardonyx is elated to meet Smoky, and suggests that they need a bigger stage to get to know each other. She takes them to her room in the temple where she hosts her show, Sardonyx Tonight. Throughout the course of the show, she asks Smoky questions and has them perform a series of tests to learn more about their abilities. Smoky disappoints Sardonyx, however, being unable to demonstrate any other aptitudes or special abilities other than their yo-yo proficiency.

As Smoky continues to deprecate themself about their incompetence, Sardonyx realizes that she had ruined their plan to impress her constituent Gems. She subsequently unfuses, and the room begins to destabilize. Garnet explains to a concerned Smoky that the room cannot exist without Sardonyx. She attempts to reach Pearl to fuse again, but struggles amidst the crumbling structures. Smoky realizes they are running out of time, and acts quickly to save the other Gems. They pick up Pearl, throw their yo-yo through the temple gate, and grab Garnet as they are pulled toward it. As the Gems spill back into the Beach House, Smoky unfuses. To Steven and Amethyst's delight, Garnet and Pearl express praise of their fusion. Garnet requests for the play-by-play, leading to Amethyst beginning the story of how Smoky formed for the first time.

"Buddy's Book"

Steven and Connie visit the Buddwick Public Library where they find Buddy Buddwick's journal. They read through it and discover that after Beach City was founded, Buddy decided to become an explorer. During his expeditions around the world, he met Garnet and Pearl at the Gem Battlefield. They cautioned of the danger of visiting Gem-related sites, and marked numerous such places on his map for him to avoid. Due to his wish to be remembered as a courageous explorer, their warnings had inadvertently stimulated Buddy's decision to visit these locations.

"Mindful Education"

Mindful Education 058

Connie meets Steven at the Beach House for sword training as Stevonnie. Pearl and Garnet warp in shortly after she arrives. Pearl explains to them that Garnet will be sitting in and is very excited to watch them train; Garnet proceeds to show them the fusion sign she had made for Steven, Connie, and Stevonnie. The group warps over to the Ancient Sky Arena, where Steven and Connie prepare to fight a Holo-Pearl. Garnet cheers them on as they fuse together and begin training.

During the fight, Stevonnie unexpectedly falters, causing them to fall to the ground and unfuse. Garnet and Pearl are surprised by their sudden misstep, and rush over to check on Steven and Connie. Without a word, Connie immediately runs away, and Steven soon follows her. Garnet finds the two on the stairs by the warp pad, and discovers that Connie is experiencing emotional stress. The three head down to the beach where Garnet informs them of the inner balance fusions must have in order to maintain their physical forms. She explains that if either of them is out of balance, their fusion will begin to hallucinate and eventually fall apart; to prevent this, "[they] must see [their feelings] clearly without running from them."

Mindful Education 225

Garnet offers to show them, but states that they first need Stevonnie. Steven and Connie fuse and, with guidance from Garnet, close their eyes and begin to meditate. Stevonnie enters a fusion realm with Garnet, who begins to sing "Here Comes a Thought" teaching them about confronting their feelings. As the two fusions sing together, they observe their fusees face and eventually overcome their negative emotions. The next day, Stevonnie continues their combat training at the Ancient Sky Arena.

As they fight against multiple Holo-Pearls, Stevonnie suddenly falters again. Garnet calls to them, attempting to help them regain their focus, before reassuring a worried Pearl. Stevonnie continues to totter about, however, gradually moving toward the edge. Alarmed, Garnet and Pearl rush forward, but can only watch as Stevonnie falls off the arena.

"Future Boy Zoltron"

Garnet's future vision reveals to her that Steven will need her help. She finds him in front of Funland Arcade standing in a game machine. As she predicted, Steven requests to borrow her future vision. She kisses him on the forehead, passing her power to him, and asks him to be home in time for dinner as she leaves. Garnet stops by Mr. Frowney and tells him that "He's ready to answer [his] question." She hands him a quarter before walking away.

"Onion Gang"

On Onion and his friends' tree, there is a picture of Garnet, revealing that they pranked her once in the past.

"Gem Harvest"

Gem Harvest 086

Greg receives a message from Steven about a man creating complications at the barn. He drives over with Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. At the barn, they meet Steven, Peridot, Lapis, and the recently created pumpkin dog. At Greg's cue, Lapis drops the man she had restrained with a water hand. The Gems are surprised that Greg knows the man, whose name he reveals to be Andy. Greg introduces him as his cousin, and introduces Steven to Andy as his son.

Eventually, Greg explains to Andy that the Gems are sort of like Rose's family, which is why he offered to allow Peridot and Lapis to stay at the barn. Andy demands that they leave, claiming that the barn is only for the DeMayos. Steven is able to convince him to have a dinner with them, however, hoping that Andy would come to accept the Gems as family and allow them to stay. After Andy leaves to get his things from his plane, the Gems discuss their opinion of him. They are mistrustful of Andy, but Garnet suggests that they should make an effort to understand and befriend him because he is part of Steven's family. Unfamiliar with the concept of family, the Gems look to Steven as he guides them toward preparing the dinner.

Gem Harvest 203

The group spends time gathering vegetables from the field and constructing an oven. Pearl, Garnet, Peridot, and Lapis later drive off in Greg's van to pick up more groceries. Believing Andy to be a very traditional person, they decide to also acquire several objects related to the human celebrations of marriage, birth, and death. Upon returning, they present these objects to Andy much to his amusement. After preparations are completed, the Gems, Greg, and Andy sit down for dinner outside the barn.

Over the course of dinner, Andy learns of the Gems' lack of inclination toward eating, and he gradually begins to feel out of place among the others as they discuss and joke about past events such as the Rebellion and stopping the Cluster. They eventually begin expressing their gratitude to each other for their contributions today. Steven notices that Andy did not receive any thanks, prompting Peridot to thank him for showing up, his arrival having brought everyone together. Steven, Greg, and the Gems cheer in agreement. After a moment, Andy abruptly stands up, cedes ownership of the barn, and flies off in his plane. Lapis and Steven quickly fly after him. Andy eventually comes back to the barn with Steven, and reassured with his return, the Gems begin to prepare the leftovers from dinner.

"Three Gems and a Baby"

Three Gems and a Baby 074

The Crystal Gems and Greg are relaxing at the Beach House. Steven observes the blizzard outside, and comments that he has never seen it snow this heavily. Garnet replies that this is not entirely true. Pearl and Greg explain to Steven that fourteen years ago, when he was only a few months old, there was a similar snowstorm. Steven reminds his dad of their arrangement, cuing Greg to sing "I Could Never Be (Ready)" as a flashback commences. Greg is seen taking care of a baby Steven at Vidalia's house. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst later arrive with gifts for Steven. Garnet gives her gift to Steven and opens it for him, revealing a razor which Greg quickly picks it up. He thanks Garnet but states that Steven does not need a razor. She refutes this, replying that he will need it in the future.

Amethyst and Pearl give their gifts and, like the razor, Greg finds their adult diapers and dictionary impractical for Steven. He demonstrates that Steven is more enthralled with his jangling keys. Amethyst takes them and continues to amuse Steven as Garnet makes a joke about bringing a big box of keys for him. As they laugh, Steven's gem suddenly begins to glow, surprising everyone. While Greg begins to panic, Garnet states that the glow is from Rose. Amethyst agrees, and suggests that Rose must be trying to shapeshift back to her normal form. Pearl exclaims that she cannot shapeshift back because she is trapped in a baby. Garnet believes that Rose has not shapeshifted, but that Steven is a fusion and Rose is trying to unfuse. Greg asks the Gems what he can do to help, to which Pearl inquires what do humans do with a baby when it glows. He is unsure and leaves to get one of Vidalia's books on babies. While he is away, the Gems drive away in his van with Steven.

Three Gems and a Baby 147

Back in the present, Steven is surprised to learn they had kidnapped him. The Gems admit their actions were regrettable, and had thought that it was better to handle things their way. The flashback resumes where the Gems are driving away. Amethyst notes an angry Greg running after them. Garnet responds that Greg was doing his best up until this point, but the situation has now changed. Amethyst peers at Steven, and speaking to Rose, asks why she is still a baby. Wondering if she finds it fun, Amethyst shapeshifts into a baby and tells Garnet to hold her. She acknowledges that it is quite enjoyable, but continues to ponder why Rose has not shapeshifted back for months.

Garnet disagrees and restates her belief that Steven is a fusion. She speaks to him, saying she understands that he does not want to be rude to Greg by unfusing in front of him. Garnet reminds him that Greg is no longer here, and suggests he can take a break. She offers to do so as well, and unfuses into Ruby and Sapphire. Steven looks around for Garnet, and begins to cry thinking she disappeared. Ruby and Sapphire quickly fuse back into Garnet, who attempts to comfort Steven, but remains confused as to why he did not recognize her component Gems.

Three Gems and a Baby 206

Pearl stops the van, and goes to the back with the others. She tells them to calm down, and reminds them that Rose cannot reform because she has a baby around her. Pearl picks up Steven, and tells Rose that she can release her as she grips his gem. She stops herself and begins to cry, however, remembering that this was what Rose had wanted. She repeats Rose's words of how it is so great that growth and change comes naturally to humans, but then exclaims that it is not so for Gems. Garnet replies that it will be natural for him. Having come to accept that Rose is no longer with them, she states that "From now on, everything has to be about Steven."

The Gems hear Greg approaching from outside; Garnet opens the door for Greg allowing him to jump into the van. He expresses his thanks, but then remembers they had taken Steven. Garnet apologizes, explaining that they thought they knew what Steven was. Greg confesses that he is not sure either, but suggests they will have a better chance of figuring things out if they work together. Back in the present, the Gems and Greg admit they did not know what to do back then. Steven reassures them, saying that Rose would have loved how everyone has changed over the years, to which everyone shouts "Hear, hear!"

"Steven's Dream"

Steven's Dream 062

After Steven has a dream of a mysterious palanquin, he and Connie think the Gems would know and ask them. Garnet is the first to respond, telling him he can not go there. Steven asks why not, and she is noticeably quiet. Steven says he thought everyone was going to tell him everything from now on, and Garnet tells him to stop, because Rose never wanted him to see the place. Steven becomes upset, saying that they weren't considering what he wanted, and Rose was his mom, and thinks he is the one who deserves the truth the most. Angered, he thanks Connie, borrowing the book and storms outside.

Garnet follows him and tells Steven he has to trust her. Steven does not understand, as Garnet was usually truthful to him, and she wishes she could, but if she told him why he could not go, he would not want to go anymore. Steven is more intrigued and wants to go even more now. Garnet realizes the mistake and says he can not go because she can not go with him. Steven asks why, and she starts speaking through Sapphire, noticeably tearing up out of her right eye, saying she was scared and she can not get near her. Steven points out she mentioned "her," and is now more curious to go but she asks him to stay for her. Steven says he will not, and Garnet sighs, saying she knows.

After Blue Diamond takes Greg and leaves Earth on her ship, Steven tries to give chase, using his floating powers until the ship blasts away at warp speed, leaving him falling in the air. Garnet arrives from behind and catches him, apologizing to Steven, saying she saw Blue Diamond come here and find all of them (through her future vision), so she could not be there with him. Steven says she took Greg and he should have listened to her. He asks her what they were going to do, and Garnet says they were going to space, to get Greg back.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

Garnet and Steven return from Korea and tell Pearl and Amethyst about how Blue Diamond kidnapped Greg. They think about where they went and conclude that they are at Pink Diamond's Zoo. The group decides to use the Roaming Eye to travel to the zoo, and head over to the Barn to pick up the vessel. After performing a quick inspection of the ship, Peridot informs the others that it is suitable for Steven to travel aboard safely. Before leaving, Garnet consigns the protection of Beach City to Peridot and Lapis.

The Crystal Gems head into space and begin their journey to the zoo. Along the way, they pass by a few members of the Ruby squad, whom they agree to pick up after rescuing Greg. The Gems also experience some complications regarding the Roaming Eye. The activation of its gravity engine enabling faster-than-light travel results in the distortion of Garnet's, Pearl's, and Amethyst's physical forms. Due to the complexity of the calibration controls, they remain in this state until Steven manages to shut off the gravity engine, after which the group finds the zoo in view. With their physical forms reverted to normal, the Gems reassure a concerned Steven, the recent string of unsettling events having prompted him to begin expressing guilt over Greg's abduction. They continue their approach to Pink Diamond's Zoo.

"Gem Heist"

The Crystal Gems enter the zoo and land the Roaming Eye in the hangar. From within the ship, the party notices two amethyst guards standing by the hanger's doorway. Realizing that an ownerless pearl, a fusion, and a human will stand out, Garnet unfuses so that Sapphire can begin explaining her plan to move about the zoo without drawing suspicion from the guards.

"That Will Be All"

The Crystal Gems, with Greg in tow, head back to the hanger to begin their departure. Just as they are boarding the Roaming Eye, the manager of the zoo, Holly Blue Agate, notices Steven and Greg. Attributing their escape from the containment area to the incompetence of the Amethyst guards, Holly Blue assures a worried Sapphire that there is no need to explain. She summons her whip and flicks it toward Steven and Greg. Sapphire and Ruby immediately fuse and catch the whip's tail much to Holly Blue's surprise. The Crystal Gems proceed to subdue Holly Blue by tying her up in her own whip. After a farewell to the quartz guards and a defiant admonition to Holly Blue, the Crystal Gems fly out of the zoo and head back to Earth.

"The New Crystal Gems"

The Crystal Gems arrive back on Earth where they are greeted by Connie. She informs them of the events that had transpired during their absence, notably of the formation of the Crystal Temps and the mishaps at It's a Wash. The group walks over to the car wash to inspect the damage. They find the building in near impeccable condition, and are shortly presented with a new sign for the car wash by Peridot and Lapis.

"Storm in the Room"

The Gems help Greg install the new sign for It's a Wash. Afterwards, they return to the Beach House with pizza for Steven.


Rocknaldo 075

Steven and the Gems are relaxing in the Beach House, listening to Amethyst read Ronaldo's blog off of Steven's phone. They proceed to watch one of Ronaldo's videos, and are surprised to discover that he intends to join the Crystal Gems. He promptly bursts through the door of the Beach House. The Gems bluntly turn him down, explaining that he cannot become a Crystal Gem because he has an organic body with no gemstone. Steven sides with Ronaldo, reasoning that despite the differences among the Crystal Gems, they still love and accept one another. The Gems are persuaded, and allow Ronaldo to live at the Beach House as a new member of the team.

Over the course of the next week, however, the Crystal Gems experience some difficulties adjusting to life with their new member. The Gems find Ronaldo somewhat awkward, and on one occasion are forced to turn down his request to join them on a mission due to his inexperience. Steven gradually grows irritated with Ronaldo's inconsiderate behavior in his attempts to integrate himself into the team.

The tension between them eventually comes to a head when Steven approaches Ronaldo and censures him for his selfishness and rudeness, after which Ronaldo collapses into unconsciousness due to lack of sleep. The Gems leave him outside Beach Citywalk Fries and inform Peedee of his return before heading back to the Beach House.

"Room for Ruby"

Steven and Garnet are gazing at the stars outside the Beach House. Eventually, they observe what appears to be a red, screaming shooting star which crashes onto the beach. Upon closer inspection, they discover the "star" is actually Navy. The Ruby lunges at Steven and Garnet, but, to their surprise, Navy then begins to plead she would like to live with them on Earth. The two Crystal Gems are immediately skeptical. Navy states the other Rubies are mean to her and assures them she holds no animosity against them from their previous encounters. Garnet remains uncertain, so Steven reminds her that Navy "always seemed really nice" and draws a parallel to Ruby's own fall to Earth, convincing Garnet to give Navy a chance.

Room for Ruby (318)

As Steven helps Navy settle down on Earth, Garnet procures two balloons for the occasion: a red one labeled "Welcome to the Party!" and a blue one with "Sorry for your Loss". The next day she takes her balloons down to the beach where she observes Navy leaving Earth with the Roaming Eye after dropping Steven, Lapis, Peridot, and Pumpkin into the ocean. When the other four reach the shore, Garnet pops the red balloon and comments that it was "still worth a shot."

"Lion 4: Alternate Ending"

Steven claims that Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl expect big things from him.

"Are You My Dad?"

The Crystal Gems are spending some time together at the beach. The Gems and Connie later meet up at the Beach House where Steven describes to them an unknown Gem he saw in town. They each sketch an image based off Steven's description, after which Steven determines Connie's picture most resembles the Gem he saw. Steven also informs them that the Gem claimed to be looking for her dad. Pearl and Amethyst are incredulous until Connie suggests that this Gem may be similar to Steven. Garnet contradicts this, stating that there are no other Gems like Steven, but then expresses doubt of her own assertion. The group ultimately agrees to investigate the whereabouts of this Gem. They split up and begin searching the town.

"I Am My Mom"

The Crystal Gems assemble at the Beach House where Steven informs them that two Gems, an Aquamarine and a Topaz fusion, have kidnapped several Beach City residents and Connie. Garnet and Pearl are alarmed to learn that these particular Gems are on Earth, Pearl concluding that they must have been sent personally by the Diamonds. Steven shortly receives a photo from Connie on his phone, revealing her location at Funland.

I am my mom 94

The group rushes over to the amusement park and, after a short search, encounter Aquamarine and Topaz, the latter of whom is carrying the missing humans, Jamie, Sadie, Lars, Onion, and Connie, within her form. The Crystal Gems clash with the Homeworld Gems but are swiftly repelled. Eventually, Aquamarine grows impatient with the present situation and threatens to have Jamie killed if the Crystal Gems do not reveal the location of "my dad". Not wanting his friend to die, Steven claims that he is "my dad" and surrenders himself to the Homeworld Gems. The other Crystal Gems watch in dismay as Steven is taken aboard a Aquamarine's Ship|ship which then flies away.

I am my mom 286

Refusing to let them get away, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst quickly fuse and pursue the fleeing ship. Alexandrite catches the Homeworld vessel above the ocean where she lowers it closer to the water's surface for the recently escaped Steven and his friends. Before they can all jump, Aquamarine freezes everyone with her wand. As he realizes that there is no other option, Steven reveals to Aquamarine that he is not "my dad" but Rose Quartz, knowing that the Homeworld Gem will prioritize his capture over the humans. Upon seeing his gem, Aquamarine unfreezes everyone after which Alexandrite unfuses. The Crystal Gems and Connie frantically demand Steven to stop as he walks back into the ship which then warps away.

Season 5

"Lars' Head"

Garnet is overjoyed at Steven's return and runs up to hug him along with Pearl, Amethyst, Greg, and Connie.

"Dewey Wins"

Garnet, Greg, Amethyst, and Pearl watch nervously as Steven walks Connie out of the Beach House.


Gemcation (147)

The Crystal Gems and Greg take Steven go on a vacation to Cool Ranch, noticing his despondence and attributing it to his visit to Homeworld. At the ranch, Garnet invites Steven to join her in the hot tub, where she tries to get him to open up about how distressed she believes him to be about Pink Diamond's affect on Earth. He quickly shuts her down, throwing her off.

Garnet tells Pearl to tackle Steven's issues, and her struggle causes Steven to tell the Gems and Greg that he's upset that he hurt Connie. Upon realizing that Steven's phone has no service, the Crystal Gems and Greg help Steven get internet access again by leaving Cool Ranch so he can see if Connie messaged him, but Steven ends up getting Ronaldo's text instead. The Gems join Greg and Steven on the roof of the van, watching the sky together.

"Your Mother and Mine"

Your Mother and Mine (203)

Steven introduces Garnet to the Off Colors, who are shocked to see that she is a fusion. Accidentally making them uncomfortable with her compliments, Garnet decides to tell the Off Colors about the history of the Crystal Gems and the rebellion. Garnet describes herself as a new kind of fusion made for love. She describes how she and Pearl survived the Corrupting Light due to Rose's shield. In the end, she assures the Off Colors of their worth, inspiring them to try and fix the Sun Incinerator. Steven asks Garnet if it's possible that Pink Diamond is still alive, but Garnet tells him that she's gone.

"Pool Hopping"

Garnet works temporarily in Big Donut and explains to Steven some things about the future vision of improbable ways in which if you do an unexpected action then those visions will be opened to reveal new futures Steven is impressed and then Garnet decides to resign from work and helps Steven with a delivery and start making unexpected sew Steven is strange but fun. They order pizzas together and begin to give them to random people

Pool Hopping (299)

Garnet and Steven go to Vidalia's house to give her the last pizza and end up posing for a painting, but end up seeing a stray kitten and chasing him but they end up losing in the forest where they find more stray kittens in the rain. Steven worries about the fate of the kittens and be his basic needs, he asks Garnet what to do but for the first time Garnet does not know what to do, he says that now he can not see anything since the events in which Steven surrendered to Homeworld or that he managed to escape by the lion's mane. Because of these decisions and changes in destiny, Garnet began to feel more useless. Steven tells her that they need to focus on getting the kittens out of the rain.

Back at Vidalia's house, Vidalia finds a shelter to take the kittens. Garnet realizes that the reason her future vision was off was because she wasn't taking Steven's maturity into account. She decides to keep the first kitten, naming her Cat Steven.

"Letters to Lars"

In Steven's letter, he mentions to Lars that he and Garnet are in charge of taking care of food rations for the new shelters. She is also seen helping Greg learn how to play tennis, shapeshifting her arms so that she doesn't have to move to hit the tennis ball.

"Can't Go Back"

Using the Observation Orb, Lapis and Steven are able to view Garnet and the rest of the Crystal Gems practicing on the beach. Peridot uses her ferrokinesis to lift cans in the air, one of which Garnet explodes by launching her gauntlet. When Peridot seems depressed, Garnet and the rest of the Gems sit with her and listen to her speak. With Peridot's confidence regained, the Crystal Gems walk off together.

"A Single Pale Rose"

Garnet and Amethyst are shocked by the revelation that Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond.

"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

Now We're Only Falling Apart (374)

Garnet falls aparty due to Ruby and Sapphire's conflicting views on Rose's true identity. While explaining to Sapphire Rose's reasoning, Pearl reveals that Garnet changed the course of the whole rebellion, making it about freeing all Gems.

"What's Your Problem?"

Pearl becomes fearful that Ruby won't return to Sapphire, wondering what they would do without Garnet. Steven puts Garnet's feelings before his own throughout the episode. Amethyst becomes upset, correctly noting that everyone else is dealing with the fallout of Rose's mistakes.

"The Question"

Ruby states that she and Sapphire stayed together as Garnet because Rose told her that she was the answer. She decides to find herself outside of Garnet, becoming a cowboy and exploring the countryside. However, the whole day, Ruby thinks about Sapphire and being fused with her. With Steven's help, she decides to propose to Sapphire so that they can be Garnet on their own terms.

"Made of Honor"

Steven wants Garnet's return to be special, so he helps Ruby and Sapphire plan their wedding. After freeing Bismuth from her bubble, Steven recounts to her the truth behind Rose Quartz and how Ruby and Sapphire are handling the situation.


Kiss ruby and sapphire and Garnet returns

In her vows, Ruby says that being Garnet makes her feel more powerful and like she can do anything. Sapphire describes forming Garnet for the first time as changing her entire life in her own vows. The two then kiss, forming Garnet once again.

At the wedding reception, Garnet throws the flower bouquet to the ladies but due to her super strength, the bouquet ends a hundred meters from the sky then dance and celebrate. She thanks Steven for inspiring Ruby to propose and helping plan the wedding, saying that he would remember this day forever. Steven suddenly notices that he's unable to stop crying. Garnet realizes that Yellow and Blue Diamond are on the way. The wedding guests run away as the Diamond arm ships arrive.

Garnet is seen in the Beach House with Greg and the other Crystal Gems as Steven tries to fall asleep. He's unable to stop the Cluster, causing it to form and begin arm wrestling with Yellow Diamond's ship. Garnet forms Alexandrite to defend Steven from Blue Diamond, but they end up falling apart due to Blue Diamond's pathokinesis. Fighting through the tears, Garnet confronts Blue Diamond, grabbing at her skirt and yelling at her for ruining her day. Garnet reveals that she was only serving as a distraction, stopping Blue Diamond from moving out of the way before Lapis crashes the barn on top of her.

Reunited (863)

Garnet fights Blue Diamond with the rest of the Crystal Gems, helping take her down. She defends Steven after he's knocked unconscious by Yellow Diamond. In her mind, she tells herself to hold it and everyone else together, though Steven psychically assures her that she can do it. At the end of the episode, she is seen looking down at Steven with Connie and the rest of the Gems.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

Garnet, crying from Blue Diamond's power, watches Blue Diamond hug Steven, much to anger, not wanting to hand him over to Blue Diamond, stating that she's a shatterer, but is stopped by Bismuth. She's next seen watching Blue, Yellow Diamond and Steven almost heal Nephrite, much to her surprise. When White Diamond is brought up, Garnet reacts in shock and fear. She is seen giving Cat Steven to Greg, wanting him to water it for her while she goes with Steven and the others to Homeworld. On Homeworld, she watches as White's Pearl takes Steven to White Diamond herself, much to her horror.


Garnet is left with the others on Pink Diamond's ship when Pearl goes to found Steven in Pink's room. She is later seen coming out of Pearl's Gem along with Amethyst and Connie as she hugs Steven.

"Together Alone"

Together Alone 325

Garnet watches as the Pebbles redecorate Steven's room, almost like the one on Earth. Garnet is later seen with the others as Blue Diamond talks to Steven about preparing for the Ball, insulting Garnet while doing, much to the latter's chagrin. After deciding not to go to the ball, she tells a distraught Steven that White Diamond won't listen to her, but she will listen to "Pink". When Steven and Connie accidentally fuse, Garnet reforms to protect them, stating to Blue and Yellow Diamond that they'll have to go through her, along with Opal and Lemon Jade, only to be poofed by the latter Diamond afterwards.


Steven, in the body of a Watermelon Steven, draws a picture of events on Homeworld which includes Garnet. The drawing confuses Bismuth, Greg, and Lion.

"Change Your Mind"

Garnet's gems were bubbled by along with Amethyst and Pearl's. She reformed with Steven's help through fusing with her gemstones into Sunstone to save everyone from being crushed by the Diamond Mech. After being smacked down, Steven and Garnet unfuse. The Crystal Gems decide to form Obsidian, who scales the Diamond Mech all the way to the head, where they're forcibly defused due to a crash. Garnet and the rest of the Crystal Gems are able to climb into the head ship through the eye.

Change Your Mind 790

Garnet watches as White Diamond dismisses Steven and mind controls Amethyst, the latter making Garnet demand that the Diamond leave her alone. This causes White Diamond to control her as well. Under White's control, she restrained Steven along with Amethyst to prevent him from helping Connie. When Steven's Gem gets removed and Pink Steven forms, she along with he mind-controlled Amethyst, Pearl, and the other two Diamonds and even White herself attempted to blast Pink Steven and make him submit, only to be ineffective and knocked to the floor by the powerful latter.

Change Your Mind 1013

After being released from White's control and reuniting with the other Crystal Gems, Garnet and everyone else returns to Earth and help escort the Corrupted Gems to Rose's Fountain so the Diamonds can heal them. She is later seen on the beach with everyone else as Steven sings "Change Your Mind".

Steven Universe: The Movie

SU Movie 024

In her story, White Diamond describes Garnet as one of the new friends Pink Diamond made when she ran away to Earth. Steven refuses the Diamonds' offer to stay on Homeworld, explaining on the Diamond Line that he already has a home in Beach City with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Back at the Beach House, Steven begins to sing "Happily Ever After", accompanied by a visual of himself running behind Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.

SU Movie 201

Jumping out of the portal in Lars' hair, Steven meets up with Garnet and the Off Colors at the Big Donut. She continues "Happily Ever After", describing Ruby and Sapphire's first fusion and how she never would have believed she'd make it to where she is. She and Pearl later join Steven and Amethyst in Little Homeworld, the four finishing the song together.

As the Gems lay together near the Lighthouse, Steven asks Garnet if they stay just as they are in the future. Using her future vision, Garnet realizes that there's about to be a big change to their lives.

Spinel arrives on her injector, which immediately embeds itself in the hill above the Crystal Temple. Spinel correctly identifies the Crystal Gems, attacking the using her elasticity. On top of the lighthouse, Spinel pulls out the Gem Rejuvenator, which she uses to poof Garnet and the other Crystal Gems. Later, her component Gems reform, first Ruby, then Sapphire moments later. However, neither of them have any memories, as if they were fresh from the ground. Ruby, per her design, swears to protect Sapphire with her life. Sapphire says she knows Ruby will, but that Ruby won't last more than a day.

After all the Crystal Gems and Spinel have reformed, Steven gets the idea to go ask Bismuth, Lapis Lazuli , and Peridot. Ruby objects initially, but relents moments later when Sapphire says she foresees them following him. They follow Steven to Bismuth, who explains the rejuvenator. Spinel (rejuvenated) suggests that memories are like a puzzle, at which Steven gets the idea that simulating the events that caused them to form Garnet with make them remember.

Steven starts by pretending to threaten Sapphire with a large rotary saw. Ruby asks permission to dispatch Steven, but Sapphire declines the request, noting that Steven won't follow through. When she is right, Ruby excitedly asks what will happen next. Sapphire predict that Spinel will examine the saw, which happens, but then Spinel loses control of the saw. Sapphire narrated the event, blushing at one point when Ruby compliments her. She returns to narrating, frantic this time, as the saw cuts upward, eventually slicing a large anvil, which falls downward over Ruby. Steven blocks it momentarily with his shield, but can't maintain it. Sapphire shout how she told Ruby she wouldn't last a day, with Ruby simply responding that it was nice to meet her.


Just as Steven's shield collapses, Sapphire dives, pushing Ruby out of the way and fusing with her, a complete reversal of the first time they met. Garnet then does a song number, but her reformation is not enough to return to her former self. Steven leaves Garnet in Little Homeworld to go look for Amethyst.

At the U-Stor, Garnet has gotten tied up in red and blue wires, confused about which one Greg wants. He tells her it doesn't matter, as they're the same. Garnet attends the Sadie Killer and the Suspects concert at the Abandoned Warehouse, where she is in awe as Amethyst shapeshifts into Rose Quartz. Later on in the concert, Steg lifts Garnet on the back of Lion, and she flies through the sky with him and Opal.

Upon Spinel's return to the Beach House, Garnet comments on her new appearance. She goes with the rest of the Gems to view Spinel removing her injector. As Steven begins to wonder what could bring Garnet back, Spinel becomes paranoid that she's going to be left behind again and attacks Steven, accidentally revealing the Gem Rejuvenator on him. As a result of Spinel reinserting her injector, the ground becomes fractured and the Gems are separated. Finding Garnet, who's confused, Spinel grabs her with her elasticity and threatens her. Steven breaking the Gem Rejuvenator and claiming the truth causes Garnet to remember who she was.

SU Movie 1554

Garnet begins to sing "True Kinda Love" as she reverts to her regular self. Amethyst and Pearl join her in fighting Spinel back, who flees to the top of her injector. She releases much of the poison in her injector, spreading it across Beach City.

SU Movie 1857

Garnet, along with the others go out to rescue the citizens of Beach City, forming Alexandrite with Amethyst and Pearl to do so. She is seen at Little Homeworld when the injector explodes, fearful for Steven. Pearl drives Garnet, Amethyst, and Greg to find Steven. They are relieved to find him and to see that his powers have returned. Garnet suggests Steven drink water to hydrate himself as he kisses Beach City back to health, looking at Connie as she says this.

Garnet is seen assisting in the reconstruction of Beach City with Jenny Pizza. She participates in the ending number of "Finale".

Steven Universe Future

"Little Homeschool"

Little Homeschool 055

Steven introduces Cherry Quartz to Little Homeschool, a program he and the Crystal Gems started to help Gems acclimate to Era 3. Steven shows her Garnet's yoga class.

"Rose Buds"

Steven invites Superfan, Hippie, and Shy Rose Quartz to the Beach House, where Garnet and Pearl are seen having an uncomfortable lunch with them. When Hippie Rose Quartz offers her a massage, Garnet flees to the bathroom, where she's quickly followed by Pearl and Steven.

The three talk about how they feel the situation to be weird, due to them looking and acting like Rose Quartz did. They feel bad about this, as the Rose Quartzes have already been judged and falsely punished for the same reasons. Garnet and Pearl stay in the bathroom as Steven leaves.


Garnet participates in Steven's commercial for Little Homeschool, where her yoga class is advertised as a way to find one's center.

Bluebird 070

At the Beach House, Garnet attends a welcoming party for a new arrival, Bluebird Azurite. She and the Gems join Steven in the bathroom, as he's afraid Bluebird's components want to hurt him. Garnet tells him that he needs to give Bluebird a chance, as she's a different person than the Gems that make her up. When Bluebird gives Steven a shaken soda that explodes in his face, Garnet has to remind him to give her a chance.

Bluebird helps Garnet stretch out before yoga, showing her trust for her. Some time later, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl leave the Beach House to find Bluebird attacking Steven. The three form Alexandirte, separating Bluebird. She watches as Aquamarine and "Eyeball" fly away.

"A Very Special Episode"

A Very Special Episode 045

Garnet calls Steven, reminding him that Sunstone has a Safety Geminar scheduled and that he's late. When Steven arrives at the Beach House, he finds that Garnet has been scaring the students with terrible potential futures. After forming, Sunstone is able to calm the students and help them. Steven and Garnet unfuse so Steven can go help Pearl with Onion.

Checking back in with Garnet, Steven finds that she's wrecked the house with the students in an attempt at a safety obstacle course. However, they got distracted and began watching television. The two form Sunstone and take the Gems out of the house, teaching them to wear helmets while skateboarding and to watch for crosswalk signals. The two once again unfuse as Pearl is having trouble.

Rainbow Quartz 2.0 meets up with Garnet on the hill by the lighthouse, bringing Onion with them. Garnet sees this as a bad idea, and while Steven explains himself, Onion distracts the students with a grass whistle. Garnet, Pearl, and Steven chase after them but are thrown for a loop when Onion accidentally leads the Gems off a cliff. Garnet forms Sunstone with Steven to save them, but Pearl pulls Steven out, believing Rainbow can do it. After Amethyst also demands Steven's attention, Steven collapses.

The scenario is revealed to be a PSA by Sunstone. They explain that it's important not to overbook yourself.

"Snow Day"

Using her future vision, Garnet predicts what Steven will need during a day at Little Homeschool and pack these items in his Cheeseburger Backpack. However, Steven denies the backpack from her, instead opting to use his own bag. Garnet insists he pet Cat Steven, who pops her head out of the backpack. He doesn't, but she's still supportive of him as he leaves the house.

When Steven returns to the Beach House, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl surprise him with pizza, face masks, and movies. Steven turns them down, denying the pizza on the account that it has pepperoni toppings and he's a vegetarian. Garnet apologizes to the Gems, stating she thought they were in the pepperoni timeline.

The next morning, the Gems attempt to treat Steven to a Together Breakfast, but he passes it up in favor of a protein shake. Little Homeschool ends up cancelled that day due to a snowstorm.

Snow Day 092

Amethyst recruits Garnet to help trick Steven into playing Steven Tag. Garnet attempts this by pretending to look for Cat Steven, asking Steven to check the cabinets for her. Amethyst jumps out of the cabinet, but Steven manages to dodge and she tags Garnet instead. Garnet shapeshifts into a younger Steven, and the two chase him through the Temple and Beach House.

As Steven is asking Pearl for help, Garnet sneaks up behind her and tags her as well. Pearl shapeshifts into a younger Steven as well, and Garnet and Amethyst celebrate her achievement. Their happiness is short-lived, as they quickly turn back to their pursuit of Steven.

Steven is able to flee the Beach House, where he's confronted by Sugilite in the form of his younger self. Though he escapes her, he soon encounters Sardonyx, who is rolling snowballs at him. After getting away once again, Opal appears at the top of the Beach House, and she launches Garnet towards what they believe to be Steven with her bow. However, Garnet laments as she realizes it wasn't Steven she tagged, but his jacket on top of a pile of snow.

The Gems form Alexandrite and confront Steven once more. She chases Steven to the top of the lighthouse, where she splits into her four component Gems. Ruby and Sapphire fuse back into Garnet after Sapphire tags Steven, and the three Gems taunt Steven into shapeshifting into his younger self. When he does, the three are excited to see how cute he is.

Snow Day 287

Steven snaps at them, revealing his anger that they still treat him like a child. The Gems apologize, explaining that they've only been trying to reach out to him and spend time together. After, Steven tags Garnet, who shapeshifts into Steven's current appearance. The two then chase Amethyst and Pearl down the hill.

Garnet is seen holding Cat Steven in the Dondai Supremo, the four Crystal Gems sharing protein shakes. Steven drives off, all of them on their way to Little Homeschool.

"Little Graduation"

Garnet stands outside Little Homeschool, watching as Amethyst and Pearl hang a banner welcoming new students.

"Prickly Pair"

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl decide to support Steven's blooming horticulture hobby by helping move soil into his conservatory. Garnet shows concern for how Steven appears to be using his plants as an unhealthy coping mechanism, but he brushes her off. Before leaving, Garnet tells him to keep an eye on his cactus.

The next day, Steven brings Cactus Steven down into the Beach House to show the Crystal Gems. Garnet comments on how the cactus managed to bounce back. Taking Cactus Steven to the beach, Steven tells him that the Crystal Gems are better teachers than he could have been.

The next morning, Steven once again shows Cactus Steven to the Crystal Gems, demonstrating that he's now begun repeating what Steven says. Garnet is amused by this, but grows concerned when Cactus Steven quotes Steven's rant from the beach. Back in the conservatory, Steven says that he doesn't want the Crystal Gems' to find out about his problems. He mentions that if she does find out, Garnet will give him high and mighty advice.

Prickly Pair 257

The Gems return to the Beach House to find Cactus Steven has grown and is attacking Steven. Though they attempt to defend him, they end up struggling against Cactus Steven's spines. All the while, Cactus Steven is repeating Steven's thoughts about the Crystal Gems. Eventually, Steven manages to calm Cactus Steven by showing him affection, who soon after leaves the house. The Crystal Gems are shown to be concerned for Steven, but he closes himself off.

"In Dreams"

Steven has a dream where he sees Garnet and other people he's close to dancing in the Beach House, which he can't enter. In another dream, Steven sees Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl fly away from him.

"Together Forever"

Steven leaves his room to find Garnet hasn't yet set out for her day at Little Homeschool. He tries to ask her for her opinion on his future, but she refuses to answer and instead defuses. Sapphire explains that she's running late for her class, so Steven goes with Ruby to get her opinion. Based on her own experiences, Ruby boldly exclaims that Steven should propose to Connie, as it sorted out a lot of her doubts about her relationship. Getting the same advice from Sapphire, Steven decides to move forward.

Together Forever 193

After his failed proposal, Steven finds Garnet sitting near the edge of his crater with the picnic basket. Garnet tells Steven that he shouldn't listen to Ruby and Sapphire, as they're both hopeless romantics. She explains she didn't stop him from proposing because there wasn't a future where he didn't propose, and that Connie and Stevonnie can't fill the hole he feels in his life. She sits with him on the stairs as he eats his cake.

"Growing Pains"

Dr. Maheswaran tells Steven that several months prior, the Crystal Gems allowed her to take x-rays of them. The only objects that appear in Garnet's x-ray are her Gemstones.

When asked about potential traumatic events in his childhood, Steven recalls seeing Garnet destabilized by Jasper in "The Return". He also flashes back to the Gems lagging behind the Roaming Eye in "Adventures in Light Distortion", scaling the Diamond Mech as Obsidian, and seeing Garnet and the other Crystal Gems controlled by White Diamond in "Change Your Mind".


Fragments 019

Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl attempt to confront Steven about his increasingly dangerous powers. When Steven attempts to go to his room, Garnet accuses him of avoiding the conversation. She insists he talk to them, but he ends up using his speed to get away from the Gems.

When Steven returns from the woods, she is seen waiting for him inside the Beach House.

"Homeworld Bound"

Homeworld Bound 021

Garnet is shocked to see Jasper exit the bathroom instead of Steven. While Amethyst and Pearl confront Jasper, Garnet notices him slip upstairs and prompts the other Gems to follow. In his conservatory, Steven puts up a wall between himself and the Gems, claiming that he's been avoiding the only people who can help him. Garnet tells him to remember that they'll always be his family before he warps away.

"Everything's Fine"

Hearing Steven's return, the Gems rush into his room. Though confused by his new appearance, they express their worry for him. Garnet decides that they'll take his word that he's okay.

At Little Homeworld, Garnet's counseling of two humans is interrupted by the newly created Topiary Stevens. While she fights them off, Steven rushes away.

Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Greg, and Connie confront Steven at the Beach House, convinced he's lying to them about how he's feeling. Though he at first denies it, Steven begins to explain his thoughts about shattering White Diamond and that he actually shattered Jasper. Garnet is shocked to hear this and tries to reach out to him, but his breakdown continues. As he claims he's a monster, Steven begins to transform.

"I Am My Monster"

Seeing the monster from Little Homeworld, Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis show up to help the Crystal Gems. They find everyone shouting up at the monster, and when they express confusion, Garnet explains to them that the monster is Steven. After fleeing from falling rocks, Garnet claims that as long as Steven believes he's a monster, he'll stay as one. She comes up with a plan where she forms Alexandrite to draw Steven away from the town, the three defusing after being thrown into the cliff. Bismuth and Peridot then bring his attention to the ocean, where Lapis holds him down with chains.

While the Gems discuss what to do, they're interrupted by the arrival of Spinel and the Diamonds. Garnet informs them that the monster they're looking at is Steven, and they react with surprise and horror. After the Diamonds' failed attempts at reaching out to Steven, he emits a massive shock wave that knocks everyone over and causes Garnet to defuse.

I Am My Monster 168

Inspired by Connie's speech, Garnet realizes how to help Steven. She has Yellow Diamond make her bigger and Blue Diamond carry everyone else with a cloud. The group then runs towards Steven, Garnet leading the way. She dives towards him, capturing him in a hug. Garnet tells Steven that he was there for her when she needed him, and now she wants to be there for her. They're joined by the rest of Steven's family, all expressing their love for him.

Reverted to his original form, Steven awakes and the Cluster's hand to find his family looking down on him, all of them smiling.

"The Future"

The Gems warp into the Beach House to find that Steven has made his own Cookie Cats for them. After trying one, Garnet remarks that they're delicious. Nostalgic, the Gems recite the Cookie Cat rap together, Garnet breaking the flow on the ending line, "He left his family behind.". Steven then tells the Gems he's decided to leave Beach City to travel across the country. They react positively, confusing Steven. Garnet tells him that this will be an exciting new chapter in his life.

Steven warps to the Crystal Temple's hand to find Garnet doing laundry. He gives her a book, which he reveals to be the wedding planning book for Ruby and Sapphire's wedding from "Made of Honor". He tells her that he hopes she will be the one to plan his wedding someday. When Steven asks if she used her future vision and told Amethyst and Pearl he would be fine, Garnet tells him that she doesn't need to see the future to know that.

Speaking with Greg, Steven expresses that he wishes the Gems would act sad that he's leaving. Greg posits that they may be trying to act strong for him.

The Future 166

On the beach, the Gems, Greg, and Connie all gather to see Steven off. They say their goodbyes and wave to him as he drives. Suddenly paranoid, Steven reverses the Dondai Supremo back in front of the Gems, confronting them for their seeming lack of feelings. Unable to stop themselves, the Gems begin crying. The four join together for a hug, where Garnet says that she'd love to plan his wedding one day. She also reveals that she looked into his future, and she saw that they would be a part of his life no matter where he settled. She also says she saw futures where their sadness stopped him from leaving, and Amethyst claims that they didn't want to hold him back. Steven drives away one more time, this time the Gems crying as they wave goodbye.

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