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Gem Bound is the first Steven Universe game, and it can be played here on the Cartoon Network site. It was released in 2013 on the official Cartoon Network site. It was also a mobile game on the iOS App Store but was taken down mid-July 2014 for unknown reasons.



  • Cookie Cat – Restore Steven's Energy
  • Moon Goddess Statue – Protect Steven from Enemies
  • Toy – Double the value of a coin
  • Big Bubble – Wider area to hit enemies
  • Slow Bubble – Making hitting enemies easier
  • Strong Bubble – Last longer on the way down
  • Garnet – Gives you a boost
  • Pearl – Makes it rain coins
  • Amethyst – Whip and destroy the enemies

Series references


  • Crash Course: Mystery Badge: Destroy seven enemies while falling.
  • A Pet For Your Tummy: Buy Cookie Cat.
  • Make it Rain: Summon Pearl twice.
  • Hero Hijinks: Jump on 50 platforms with full energy.
  • Coin Trick: Collect 50 coins.
  • Gem Power: Fully upgrade all Gems.





  • The name "Gem Bound" is a pun on one being "bound" for a location, and how one bounds from one place to another like a rubber ball.
    • It may also be a reference to Earthbound, a game for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System).
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