A Gem Destabilizer is a weapon designed to instantly destabilize a Gem's physical form. The Yellow Gem Destabilizer appears to have been modeled on Yellow Diamond's power to generate a type of lightning current-bolt that can paralyze and poof Gems.



The Yellow Gem Destabilizer resembles a goldish-brown arrowhead-tipped tuning fork with a pale yellow, oval-shaped orb suspended between the tips. It gives off streams of static energy between the orb and the hilt.


The Blue Gem Destabilizer has a somewhat similar shape to its yellow counterpart, but the shape of the weapon leading up to the end is smoother compared to the jagged shape of its counterpart. The Blue Gem Destabilizer has no electric charge, but contains a blue orb at the end.


Gem Destabilizers essentially dissolve a Gem's body on contact with the operational end. Lines of yellow energy course through their body, dismembering them upon release and therefore forcing the Gem's consciousness to retreat into their gemstones. This process will disrupt even the most stable of Gem fusions. The containment fields of Gem prison cells, such as those seen aboard the Gem Warship, utilize a similar effect, destabilizing any part of a Gem's physical form that comes into contact with them.

While archaic Gem weapons employ brutal force from which a Gem may require days or weeks to recover, a Gem Destabilizer will merely knock a Gem out of commission for a short period, perhaps for only a few hours. This is still sufficient to collect and imprison the inactive gemstone, making it arguably more efficient than the older method of poofing and bubbling.

Gem Destabilizers and the containment fields used in prison cells of the Gem Warships have proven to be ineffective against the half-Gem, half-human Steven. Subjection to either device results in him being only slightly shocked; this is probably due to his body being organic and not made of light as stated by Pearl and Garnet.


  • Because Jasper and Peridot have Yellow Gem Destabilizers and Aquamarine has Blue Gem Destabilizers on her ship, it can be assumed that Gems belonging to a certain Diamond determines what Destabilizer they wield.
  • Both Jasper and Peridot are seen wielding a Gem Destabilizer, implying it is a standard issue personal defense weapon for Homeworld Gems.
    • Gem ships have been shown to carry Gem Destabilizers, such as the Gem Warship and Aquamarine's Ship.
  • A Gem Destabilizer seems to be based on a tuning fork and the principle of mechanical resonance. All crystalline compounds have a resonant frequency, which causes them to fracture when exposed to a certain wavelength of sound.
    • The fact that it creates an electrical charge suggests that it might also be based on a close-range taser, a weapon that uses an electric shock to subdue a target.
  • A flashback during Garnet's story in "Gemcation" shows Pink Diamond fighting the Crystal Gems with an object resembling a Gem Destabilizer in each hand.


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