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The Gem Language is a language that appears in writing throughout Steven Universe in the background art, and as a minor plot point in "Monster Reunion". It is presumably one of the native languages of the Gem race.

The language is depicted in:

An alternate form of the script appears throughout Attack the Light in scenery and in-game dialogue.

Main Script

Anything about the language's grammar, orthography, or lexicon in canon has yet to be revealed, and it has not been heard spoken. It is likely not an alternative script or substitution cipher for English, as it has more than 26 characters. Some of the characters resemble traditional (or simplified) Chinese; among those characters are: 中 (middle), 門 (door), 日 (day/sun), 目 (eye), 几 (stool/amount), 月 (month/moon), 山 (mountain), 开 (open), 王 (king), 田 (field), 丑 (ugly/clown), and 巳 (Sixth Earthly Branch/snake zodiac).

In "Monster Reunion", Centipeetle's script writes appears somewhat different to the previous instances of the script. The elements are written similarly to the Arabic script as opposed to the runes seen on the show. Steven mistakes these for meaningless scribbling when he first sees it, but Pearl describes it as "decently legible". It is possible this is a cursive or stylized form of the written language, or a different writing system entirely.


Alternate Script

The alternate script in the dialogue of Attack the Light uses the fonts Alien Lines Latin and Alien Sans Latin.

When directly translated from these fonts into readable text, "BLAH FHJOW NVG FKKD HFG" and "OUEIT JJOKLE" hold no meaning[1].




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