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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. The Barn, Evening]
(Steven knocks on the front door of the barn.)
Steven Peridot! Lapis! I'm here! Did you forget your favorite Steven was coming over to spend the night?
(There is no answer from inside. Steven looks around and spots an alien mask ornament, with antlers on top and a rope hanging out of it, at the side of the barn.
Steven Aha! A door knocky thing! Eh!
(Steven pulls on the rope, and the whole ornament falls apart. He then turns around and sees a corn field in front of the barn.)
Steven Hey, that looks new.
(Steven begins to walk through the corn field while holding the alien mask and antlers horn.)
Steven Peridot, Lapis! I-I'm sorry I broke your door thingy! I wanted to fix it, but I don't know how it goes together! Makes a pretty neat mask though. *sees more rows of crops ahead* Wow! Did I just die and go to the back of a cereal box?
(Steven steps forward, when sprinkler systems start up at his side. He screams in surprise, which catches Lapis' attention, who is activating the sprinkler systems with her water abilities.)
Lapis Hi, Steven! *stops the sprinkler systems and flies over*
Peridot Steven! *riding by on a tractor in the background* I'm on a tractor!
Lapis Did I spray you by accident?
Steven Just a little. *shakes his head around to shrug off the water*
Lapis Haha. So glad you could make it.
Peridot Steven! How do you like our little- (The tractor stops, causing Peridot to jolt a bit.) Ough! Experiment?
Steven It's amazing. What made you want to start farming stuff all of a sudden?
Peridot I have all the skills required for growing Gems. I figured, why not try growing something else? *jumps off of the tractor* Who knows? Maybe they're ready right now!
(Peridot pulls an ear of corn off a corn stalk.)
Peridot Hello, corn. *waits for a response* Maybe she can't hear me in there? *examines the corn* I MADE YOU IN MY IMAGE, YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!
Steven *chuckling* Wait, you didn't think the corn was gonna walk right out of the ground when you told it to, did you? That's not how vegetables work.
(Peridot and Lapis look at Steven in disappointment.)
Peridot It's not? Well, then, what's the point of corn? *throws the corn on the ground in frustration* I have to admit, I've really been starting to miss the pitter-patter of full-sized Gem soldiers...
Lapis It does get pretty quiet around here...
Peridot Come on, Lapis. Let's go disassemble the tractor.
(Lapis and Peridot leave sorrowfully to disassemble the tractor.)
Steven All they wanted to do was make a living vegetable... Wait! I know how to do that! Garnet says not to lick stuff I find on the ground, but this is for a good cause.
(Steven picks up a pumpkin seed on the ground, licks it, and sticks it into the soil.)
[Time-Skip; The Next Day]
(Peridot is dragging Steven excitedly through the corn field.)
Peridot Hurry, Steven!
Steven Peridot, slow down!
Peridot But you need to see, we did it!
(Steven sees Lapis observing a small living pumpkin, jumping and barking around like a dog.)
Peridot Guess you don't know how vegetables work after all.
Steven Heheh. Yeah, you guys sure showed me.
Peridot Come now, my little creation! You can assist in harvesting the rest of your kind.
(Peridot detaches the pumpkin dog from its stem and holds it in her hand. The pumpkin dog jumps out of her hand and runs towards Steven.)
Steven Uhh... Must be the pumpkin treats in my back pocket. Heheh...
Peridot *walks towards Steven* That doesn't make sense. We made it! It should listen to us!
Lapis *walks up besides Peridot* It's only just come into existence, and it already doesn't like us.
Steven Oh, come on. Go to Peridot and Lapis!
(Steven pushes the pumpkin dog closer to Peridot and Lapis, but it then jumps into Steven's arms.)
Steven Oop! I'm sorry, I think he's coming to me because... I'm the one who made him.
Peridot Oh. That explains it.
Lapis Well, we made this one. *picks up a normal pumpkin*
Peridot It's... okay. But look at Steven's. It has a face and everything...
Lapis It's true. Ours... doesn't have a face...
Steven Oh no! Don't be sad! Wait right here. I have an idea.
(Steven runs toward the pumpkin field and the pumpkin dog follows.)
Steven My dad showed me how to do this once. *picks up a trowel* First we make a mouth. Nyeh!
(Steven slits a smile onto the pumpkin with the trowel, as the pumpkin dog watches confusedly.)
Steven Then we make two... eyes.
(Steven jabs two holes into the pumpkin for the eyes, and the pumpkin dog whimpers in fear.)
Steven Hmm... Looking pretty good. Oh, you know what? I almost forgot a really important step. *carves an opening on the pumpkin* You have to hollow it out!
(Steven dumps the pumpkin guts out of the pumpkin onto the ground. The pumpkin dog freaks out and jumps into Lapis' arms.)
Peridot Yay! It loves us now. (The pumpkin dog barks furiously at Steven.) Awww, it's okay, Veggie Head. That brute can't get you now.
Steven Oh. Heheheh. It's nice to have a new addition to the family.
(Suddenly, a plane flies overhead, and Steven, Peridot, and Lapis look up in surprise.)
Steven Huh?
[Trans. Ext. the Barn]
(The plane is parked near the barn and the pilot is standing in front of the barn, yelling in disbelief.)
Pilot Ah-what?! What the...?! Hobos broke into the barn!
(Steven, Peridot, and Lapis arrive.)
Peridot Hey! Don't you touch our things!
Pilot You're hobettes? A hobo is a man's job.
Lapis Who's the human and what's he yelling about?
Peridot The real question is: where are my attack drones? *repeatedly presses a button on a remote*
Pilot Wait a minute. Those mysterious constructions, your weird appearance, your strange jewels. I know what you are. You're hippies! I heard about you on AM radio. What are you doin', comin' in here, socializin' this fine, American barn?
(Steven looks confused, Peridot continues to press her remote, and Lapis sighs, before picking up the pilot with a water hand.)
Pilot Whaaah!
(The pilot is lifted into the air and surrounded by Peridot's attack drones.)
Peridot Oh, there they are.
Steven Wait! Don't hurt him!
Lapis But he's attacking us, and our home.
Steven *approaches the pilot* Uh, hello! How's it goin'?
Pilot Uh, how do you think?!
Steven Uh, yeah... We just wanted to know what you want.
Pilot What I want? I want you hippies out of my barn!
Steven *looks at Peridot and Lapis* Your barn?
[Commercial Interlude]
(Some time later, Greg arrives in his van with the other Crystal Gems. Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst approach Steven, Peridot and Lapis.)
Steven There they are.
Pearl Greg got your message and we came, too.
Amethyst Is that the human giving you trouble? *points at the man*
Garnet I told you you two could use a guard dog. (The pumpkin dog runs up barking beside Lapis.) I guess that works.
Greg What're you doin' to that guy up there?
Lapis Just... putting him down. *drops the pilot on the ground*
Pilot Uhhh! Not cool. *notices Greg* Greg?
Greg Andy?
Pearl They know each other?
Andy This is perfect! Come on, help me chase off these freeloaders. They're usin' some kinda... hippie mind tricks.
Greg Umm...
Andy Who told you you could move in here and mess this whole place up?
Greg I did, Andy.
Andy You did? This is my parents' barn!
Steven Um, Dad, who is this?
Andy "Dad"? You mean...? No way.
Greg Steven, this is Andy. He's my cousin. Andy, meet Steven. He's my... son.
Steven Wow! It's really nice to meet you! Does that mean you're my... first cousin, once removed?
Andy Forget that nonsense! *pulls Steven into a hug, which agitates the Gems* You call me Uncle Andy. I'm an uncle. I can't believe it. *holds Steven under his armpit* Greg, ya little turd, how come you never told me?
Greg How was I supposed to? I haven't seen you in years!
Andy And whose fault is that? You thought you were so much better than us, you just got in your van and drove away.
Greg That was like two decades ago!
Steven Uncle Andy, can I get down now?
Andy Oh, sorry, Steven. *puts down Steven* I ain't used to holdin' nephews. *turns to Greg* 'Cause I didn't know I had one! So, uh, which one of these girls is the wife? I gotta give her my condolences, right? *elbows Greg and laughs* Hey, come on. What, I gotta guess, here? oints to Garnet* It's gotta be you. I bet this useless lump needs a big girl to keep him in line. You're not big, I'm just saying. You're tall, not, you know.
Greg Rose is... no longer with us.
Andy Uh, wow. I-I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Greg These people are sort of like her family, so I offered to let these two stay in the barn. *motions to Peridot and Lapis*
Andy Yeah? Ah, well, that was real nice of ya. But the barn's for the DeMayo family.
Steven Wh-What's a Demayo?
Andy *surprised* Andy Demayo. Greg DeMayo. Steven DeMayo. We're the DeMayos.
Greg Actually, we're, umm... the Universes, now.
Andy *gets angry* You space walnut! You didn't even keep the family name? But you're goin' around givin' family property out like candy on... some... kind of... candy-givin'-out holiday?!
Steven You're telling me Universe isn't a real last name?!
Greg It is a real name. I had it changed. Andy, look, they just really needed a place. *turns to the Gems* They're alien refugees from space and-
Andy They're illegal aliens!? Wha...? You couldn't even marry an American?!
Greg What does that matter?!
Steven DeMayo's a much cooler name than plain old Universe.
Andy You turned your back on your family just so you could get in with a bunch of weirdo, hippie, Martian immigrants!? *points at Peridot and Lapis* You two, get the heck off my planet, out of my country, and out of my barn!
Peridot Reactivating attack drones.
Steven Ah! Wait! *runs to Peridot* Uncle Andy?
Andy Yeah?
Steven I'm sorry we took over the barn. I didn't even know we had any other family to share it with.
Andy You didn't, huh? *glares at Greg*
Steven But this barn? It means a lot to all of us. We spent so much time together here.
Andy Well, my family spent a lot of time here, too. Once a year, we'd all meet up here, catch up, eat a big meal, have a good time. Years and years of family tradition.
Steven Oh, yeah? Well, we can do that, too. We've got a farm here with plenty of food. Let's make a big, traditional meal and eat it together. You'll have a good time, and then you'll have to admit they're family. And would you kick family out of the family barn?
Andy Ahh... Greg, you're lucky you got such a cute kid. I know he didn't get it from you.
Greg So, you're letting them-
Andy I'll give your coven a chance and eat your dinner, but only 'cause I lost my sandwich in the Atlantic. Now, excuse me, I gotta go get my junk out of the plane. *walks off*
Steven You think this'll work?
Greg Maybe. Andy's never been the type to change his mind about something, and he's really got his longjohns in a twist. It's gonna take a lot to calm him down. *walks off too*
(The Gems all walk up to Steven's side.)
Amethyst I don't like this guy. I don't like some- *scoffs* New Greg just showing up out of nowhere.
Pearl *arms folded* Our Greg is clearly the superior one.
Lapis We're not leaving our home.
Peridot If that clod thinks he can PUSH US AROUND-
Garnet Andy is a part of Steven's family. We should make an effort to get on his good side.
Steven If he's my family, he's yours too.
Garnet Gems don't have family. At least, not before we came here. *smiles at Steven, and he smiles back* So for the sake of our family, tell us what to do.
(Pearl, Amethyst, Lapis and Peridot joins Garnet in a huddle and look at Steven.)
Steven Let's get cooking!
(The Gems begin to harvest the vegetables from the farm. Garnet summons her gauntlets and punches the ground, making carrots pop up into the air, and Lapis flies down to catch them in a bag.)
Lapis Okay, give me the next row.
Garnet All right.
(Garnet pounds the ground again, while a shocked Andy watches on with Greg and Steven by his side.)
Andy Whoa. Your aunt is uh, pretty strong.
Steven She works out.
Andy Yeah I'll bet.
(Amethyst is playing around with the pumpkin dog and she shapeshifts into one too.)
Amethyst Arf! Arf!
(The pumpkin dog begins to chase Amethyst around, to Andy's distaste, as Steven laughs. Garnet then begins harvesting and throwing corn in the air behind her, landing into the bag Lapis is carrying. The pumpkin dog is heard barking and ends up in the bag too, presumably thrown by Garnet. Garnet turns and throws a corn a little off distance.
Garnet Sorry, flyball!
(Lapis flies after the corn, swings the bag around and catches it.)
Steven Yeah!
(Lapis sets the bag down on the ground, revealing the abundance of vegetables harvested.)
Steven This looks amazing!
(The pumpkin dog emerges from the vegetable pile and barks in delight.)
Garnet For a vegetable garden, I'd say we're pretty fruitful.
Andy Is it just going to be a bunch of vegetables? *sighs* I should have figured, you're a bunch of vegetarians!
Steven A vegetable grown by a family's love nourishes the body and soul.
Andy Aw, don't let them get to you Steven. I'll get you a stick of pepperoni for your birthday.
(Pearl and Peridot are then seen operating a machinery with a propeller. Perdiot is operating a control panel, and Pearl is inspecting the engine of the machinery.)
Pearl Hmm. Let's turn it down to about 2000 degrees, for now.
Peridot Sounds puny. *turns the heat down*
Steven *walks over* I like the propellor on it. It's like Andy themed. I bet he's gonna love this! *calls over to Greg and Andy* We're ready for the veggies now!
Greg Be over in a sec, schtu-ball!
(Greg and Andy carry boxes of vegetables down and set them down near the machinery.)
Andy Hmm, seems like too much if you ask me- *sees the propeller and engine* Oh, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! *face turns red and seethes in anger*
Steven Uh, Uncle Andy?
(Garnet, Lapis, and Amethyst run over.)
Amethyst Dude, what's wrong?
Andy I'll tell you what's wrong, "dude"! Everything! Do you not see this abomination sitting right in front of you!
Steven What are you talking about?
Andy It's the engine, boy, the ENGINE! They butchered my parents' plane and made- made... WHATEVER THIS THING IS!
Pearl It's an oven cooktop combo.
Andy It's TERRIBLE! That was the heart of the legendary wings of the "Daring DeMayos". I learned to FLY on this plane!
Lapis No one was even using that junk.
Peridot Now it's actually good for something.
Andy See that's the problem with people like you, you think everything just belongs to you, cause nothing belongs to anybody, and you take it, and everything's cool! And it ain't cool!
Greg Andy?
Andy *covers his face in frustratation* I'm gonna need a moment. I-I can't look at this right now. *storms off*
Steven Uh-
Greg Andy, hold up! *chases after Andy* They didn't know!
Andy (off-screen) Right, I get it. In-laws.
Steven This is going down in flames.
Pearl I'm sure Greg will turn this around.
Andy (off-screen) What do you mean you weren't "technically married!?"
Greg (off-screen) Look, Andy-
Steven We gotta up our game. It's going to take the ultimate party to turn this around. Like, all the best parties of all time put together!
Pearl I think that's doable.
(Pearl, Garnet, Peridot, and Lapis all get into Greg's van and drive of, waving goodbye to Steven, Greg, Amethyst, and Andy.)
Pearl See you in a bit!
Amethyst Have fun!
(Carrots and potatoes are seen on a table, as Steven and Andy prepare the vegetables.
Steven *picks up a knife* Ready?
(Suddenly, the pumpkin dog, on top of Amethyst's head, starts barking in distress, catching everyone's attention.)
Amethyst What's going on with the pumpkin? (The pumpkin dog jumps off of Amethyst and runs off.) Whoa! Chill out, dude!
(Amethyst chases after the pumpkin dog, as it whimpers in fear.)
Greg You sure I can't help you with anything?
Steven It's okay. Uncle Andy and I got it. *notices Andy skillfully peeling a potato* Whoa! It's one peel!
Andy Aunt Deb and I usually got put on kitchen duty when the family got together. I peeled a lot of potatoes back in my day.
Greg Aw man, what's Aunt Deb been up to lately?
Andy Suddenly you care about Aunt Deb? Ohh, "Mr. Curiousity". Let's see if I can cram 20 years into a sentence.
(Steven summons his shield, to Andy's surprise, and puts the cut-up veggies into it.)
Steven Uh, I'm gonna get these onto the stove.
Andy Sure.
(Steven places his shield on the cooktop, functioning as a pot, as the veggies begin to cook.)
Andy Hehe. Hey. it works! You know I guess it's good these plane parts are getting some use. Maybe recycling ain't so bad.
Greg Looks like you got a new plane, anyway.
Andy And she's a good one, too. Been all over the world in that thing.
Steven You've been all over the world?
Andy You better believe it. It's really something else, you know? Just you and the hum of your engine up in that thin air, no other people, no living things around to uh, keep you company. *pauses* But you know, it's not like there's much for me on the ground these days either, so uh...
Steven Uh, Uncle Andy?
(A car horn is heard.)
Andy Your aunts are back.
(The Gems return on Greg's van, with groceries.)
Pearl So Andy, we heard you like marriage, so we thought, why don't we all marry each other?!
Peridot Ta-daa!
(Peridot unveils a wedding cake with multiple figurines on it. Andy reacts with a look of discomfort.)
Pearl And if that's not human enough for you, we can throw a little "being born" (Garnet holds a balloon reading "It's a boy!") and some "dying"! (Lapis carries a headstone, with the title "RIP Andy" over it.)
Lapis *cheerfully* We're very sorry for your marriage. *hands Andy the headstone*
Pearl We tried to cover as many celebrations in the human lifespan as we could.
Amethyst Nice.
Steven *gets increasingly uneasy* Oh boy...
Andy *starts laughing* Okay, okay. I give up! It's too much! *keeps laughing and takes off his flight cap* All right. Where am I sitting?
[Commercial Interlude]
(It is the evening, everyone sits around a big table outside of the barn.)
Andy What do you say we get right to it, huh? And hey! If we're throwing all tradition out the window anyway, why don't we start with this gorgeous cake! *cuts a slice of the wedding cake* Dessert before dinner! *laughs and stops himself from digging in* Where are my manners? *passes the plate to Steven* Steven, pass it to your friend.
(Steven hands the plate to Peridot)
Peridot *takes the plate* Oh. Where are my manners? *passes the plate to Lapis*
Lapis *takes the plate* Oh. Where are my manners? *passes the plate to Pearl*
Pearl *takes the plate* Oh, thank you Lapis. But where are my manners? *passes the plate to Amethyst*
Amethyst *takes the plate* Oh. Where are my manners? *passes the plate to Garnet*
Garnet *takes the plate* Andy. *holds out the plate to Andy*
Andy *takes the plate* What, you guys don't like cake?
Steven Gems don't really eat. Well, except for Amethyst.
Amethyst I'm good. I had about three bottles of cooking oil earlier. *pounds her chest and burps out purple fire*
Andy That's uh... all right.
Pearl That's what we forgot, more cooking oil!
Peridot And the shopping cart! We should've taken it.
Lapis We could've put it in the wall next to the truck.
Pearl That would have been stealing.
Steven *jokingly* Cause it's made out of steel?
Peridot Didn't we save the earth? *folds her arms* We should have access to everything on it by right!
Lapis Or at least get a discount.
Andy You guys think you're saving the Earth-
Pearl *interrupts Andy* Saving the Earth from Homeworld is its own reward.
Peridot You know what else would be a reward? A reward! *high-fives Lapis*
Greg All right, we don't wanna start another Gem war at the table.
Garnet Oooh, don't start it!
(Amethyst giggles in the background and Andy gets increasingly uncomfortable.)
Peridot What if I just come to this table and started colonizing it 'cause "I'm a Homeworld Gem?!"
(Steven and Lapis laugh)
Amethyst *gasps* But you can't! This table has corn on it and it's beautiful and "we'll defend it!"
(Everyone laughs along, except Andy.)
Peridot You're right. Now that I've spent time at the table, I can see the value of your corn!
(Everyone laughs again.)
Lapis Why don't you put that corn in a mirror for thousands of years and then see how it feels about the table?!
(Peridot and Lapis laugh aloud together, while the others stare awkwardly)
Greg You know what? Thank you Steven. Putting this meal together was a great idea.
Steven Oh no, I should be thanking Garnet. She gathered up all the vegetables.
Garnet Lapis and Peridot grew them. Thank you.
Peridot Oh, but it was Pearl who drove us to the "store".
Pearl Well, I have to thank Steven for cooking the vegetables. And Amethyst, for putting out that grease fire.
Amethyst And starting it. Oh, and thanks to Greg for lending his van.
Greg *laughs* I guess you can say we can thank everyone.
Pearl Yes! Was everyone thanked? *raises her hand* Raise your hand if you were thanked!
(Everyone raises their hand, except Andy.)
Steven Hey, umm. What about Andy?
Peridot Hmm... Thank you, Andy for... showing up! Because of you, everyone came out here to the barn, and now we're all here for the first time in a while. And it's actually... pretty great! So... *holds up her plate* Cheers!
Everyone (Except Andy) *holds up their plates too* Cheers!
(Everyone laughs together while Andy looks down at the single groom figurine on his slice of cake. He then stands up in exasperation.)
Andy You can have it. The Barn. It's yours. *puts his flight cap back on and storms off*
Pearl Did we do something wrong?
Peridot I thought I said something really sentimental.
(Steven then notices Andy taking off in his plane.)
Steven No! Wait, he can't leave! Lapis?
(Lapis nods in approval. Andy begins flying his plane through the sky.)
Andy Ugh. *puts his hand on his face* What was I thinking?..
Steven Hi Uncle Andy!
(Andy turns and looks, reacting in shock and surprise, as Lapis, flying and carrying Steven, catches up to him.)
Andy Ah, wha- what are you doing, kid?!
Steven I thought everything was going really well! Is somethings wrong?!
(Andy dives downwards and flies over the ocean. Steven and Lapis quickly chase after and catch up.)
Steven Why'd you leave?
Andy I'm the only one who didn't! It was your goofball father who was the first one to hightail it out of here. Then after him, it was Aunt Deb. She and her partner got the RV. No reason to stick around with that thing! Grandpa moved to the keys, too old to make the drive anymore. I was the only one who tried to keep everything how it used to be. I knew what it meant to really be a family. And look what that got me, huh?! Nothin'! *accelerates the plane and dashes higher into the sky*
Steven Ah, no wait!
Lapis Hold on!
(Lapis speeds up after Andy, causing Steven to scream in surprise. Andy groans in anger as he flies higher above the clouds, as Steven and Lapis catch up once more.)
Steven Lapis, throw me onto the plane.
Lapis Okay.
Andy What?! I swear, if you throw him, I'll-
(Lapis hurls Steven onto the wing of the plane.)
Steven *gives a thumbs-up* I'll meet you back at the barn!
Lapis *gives a thumbs-up back* Roger. *flies off*
(Steven trips and grabs onto the wing, as the plane begins to wobble from his weight.)
Andy You're throwing off my balance, you're gonna bring us both down!
Steven Andy! I love that we both eat cake!
Andy What?!
Steven And you have that cool hat! And you know how to peel potatoes! And you need a plane to fly! I love the Gems, but... I'm a human too! I never had a chance to know that part of my family! But now I do. Andy, I want to be your family! Isn't that why you came back?
(Andy stays silent for a few moment, until the plane begins to go downwards.)
Steven Ah!
Andy Ah, Steven, you better hold on!
(Andy tries to maintain the balance of the plane. but in the process, tips Steven over and he falls off the wing.
Andy Steven! STEVEN!
Steven *falling* AH! Float, float, float! Apple pie, video games, fresh laundry!
(Andy pulls the plane around and catches Steven in the back seat)
Steven Andy!
(Andy then pulls the plane up before it falls into the ocean, and flies into the sky again.)
Steven That was a close one, Uncle Andy! You sure are good at-)
(Steven reacts in surprise as Andy yells at him.)
Andy What good to are you to me as family if you're- *turns around, revealing tears in his eyes, and quickly covers them up* Sorry. Look I just- I'm just glad you're safe.
(Steven smiles, as Andy pilots the plane over the ocean on the horizon.)
Andy It just doesn't feel fair, everything got so different. I wanted everybody to stay the same, but they- they just didn't. Geez. What am I even doing? I got an airplane. I could've been visiting everybody, everywhere they went. *turns to Steven* I could have known about you. I guess I could have just changed too, you know?
Steven It's not too late. We're here. If you want us to be.
(Andy smiles in response.)
[Trans. Ext. the Barn]
(Everyone is looking uneasy, while Peridot and Lapis are talking to the pumpkin dog.)
Peridot No! Say clod! Cl-od!
(The pumpkin dog barks in response, when Andy's plane flies back to the barn.)
Pearl Steven!
Steven Hii!
(Steven and Andy walk over to everyone.
Pearl Andy... it's good to see you again. I'm sorry if-
Andy Hey! Uh, you guys probably got a lot of leftovers right? I-I just figured I'd come back and help you with that. You know, since you don't eat and all.
Pearl *smiles* Yes, of course. We'll get everything in order.
(The Gems turn around and walk of, except Peridot, who pauses for a moment.
Peridot *turns and waves* Wow, thanks for the barn! *catches up with the others*
Greg Hey, Andy? *walks over to Andy and Steven* I'm really glad you came back.
Andy *is silent for a second, then hugs Greg with a big smile* Ah, come here you goofball! *chuckles* You need a haircut, son.
(Greg and Andy laugh together as Steven smiles, when the pumpkin dog runs in.)
Steven Pumpkin!
Andy Hey, you got some leftovers for me too, you little- you little freak of nature there?
(Pumpkin coughs up a groom figurine from the wedding cake. Steven, Greg, and Andy start laughing together.)
Andy *laughing* That's, uh... *stops laughing* That's gross.
(The star iris closes on Andy's disgusted face, ending the episode.)

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