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This is a list of known locations on the Gem Homeworld and other planets controlled by Gems.


Homeworld appears to be split into two sections: an upper level and a lower level. The lower level (the surface of Homeworld) is barren and lifeless, likely because the Homeworld Kindergarten drained the life force out of the planet. The upper level is where modern day Homeworld cities and structures appear.

Unnamed Capital City

A side view of the city rising up from the planets surface.

Homeworld is home to a highly advanced capital city, which appears to cover almost the entire surface of the planet. The architecture of the city is very geometric, with brightly coloured buildings appearing to have been stacked on top of each other as the city grew upwards. Some architectural style remains from Era 1, such as the varius inverted pyramids seen on pillars which are identical to the Pyramid Temple on Earth. At the bottom of one of the skyscrapers are cell-like structures, very similar to those seen underneath the Ancient Sky Arena.

Many white vein like tubes appear to connect the various buildings on Homeworld, with coloured light periodically passing through them. Homeworld 'streets' appear to mostly consist of bridges spanning the gaps between the different buildings as, due to the way the city has been constructed, there are numerous gaps between buildings which lead all the way down to the planets surface. As of Era 3, plant life has been incorporated into many of the cities structures.

Known Locations

The Trial 243.png
  • Docking Bay: There is a building near the city with a lime green interior. Gems enter the docking bay to park and exit ships.
  • Trial Building: The Trial Building appears as a white flower-like mechanism in the city attached to an anvil and a circular black structure on top, bearing resemblance to the shape of a Roaming Eye ship .There is an empty pink room for the defendant to stay in until their trial, which connects to a trial room, where court cases take place. 
  • Diamond Palaces: The palaces where the Diamonds live comprises two main sections: the main structure and the four Diamond's palaces. The main structure is constructed to resemble the Era 1 Diamond Insignia, and presumably houses the Diamond's Throne Room. Adjacent to the colors of the Era 1 Insignia are the Diamond's palaces, which double as docking bays for their ships.
    • Diamond Ship Docking Bay: Shown in "Legs From Here to Homeworld", when Pink's Ship landed on Homeworld, it landed on the docking bay, later revealed to be the "roof" of her palace. In "Together Alone", Steven's dream shows all of the Diamond ships docked on top of the corresponding palaces, until now in "Steven Universe: The Movie".
    • Pink Diamond's Palace: Making its debut in "Legs from Here to Homeworld", it is a pink, diamond-shaped building that contains Pink Diamond's chamber, a hexagonal room with high ceilings and glittering walls, decorated with pink bubbles around the upper half of the room. A hallway that likely goes to the next palace. Pink Diamond's Palace also has a curtained window overlooking the Diamond Throne Room and the other Diamond's palaces. On one side of the room, there is a door leading out from the palace. There is another room to the side that is accessible by unknown means that comprises a walkway leading to a chair seated before a vanity mirror with various objects scattered over it. Of these objects, two vases, a small pot full of smooth rocks with two flowers growing from it, numerous rocks with gemstones embedded into them, a pair of tweezers, what appears to be a tuning fork (if not a gem destabilizer), and an encased jewel are present. Not much else is known about the interior of Pink Diamond's palace. As of "Together Alone", the room is now filled with furniture from his home back on Earth, which the Pebbles worked overnight to create.
    • Yellow Diamond's Extraction Chamber: This room appears to be the Homeworld equivalent of a sauna. The building is entirely yellow, with two large statues crossing spears over the entrance, and an Era 2 Great Diamond Authority insignia on the door. The interior is full of steam, with large seating for the Diamonds, two large statues with waterfalls coming from their mouths, and a steam vent/sucker in the center of the shaped like the Era 2 insignia.
    • Yellow Diamond's Bubble Chamber: The Bubble Chamber is stored with gemstones of poofed Gems cased in Yellow Diamond's bubbles as punishment. The building is entirely dark yellow and with different shapes and the doorframe is almost diamond shaped. The walls are yellow with white lines and has a design that looks similar to an upside down letter G and has twelve diamond shaped lamps. There are bubbled gems floating in the air and includes the poofed and bubbled gemstones of Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Pearl above Yellow's throne and other Unknown Gems behind an upside down letter Gs, the ceiling is brown and her throne is yellow. The seat is orangey-light brown, and pointy top of the throne is black.
    • Blue Diamond's Onsen: The building is entirely blue, with the statue walls and the original Era 1 symbol on the top of the door and another on the door itself. The interior is full of water and a waterfall, the original Era 1 Great Diamond Authority symbol on the center of the door frame and Gem Language written on either side of the door frame, and a walkway leading to the inner chamber. The pool itself is rectangular, and has three large steps with three large pipes running under them, in which large streams of water seem to flow. Each of the four corners of the pool is decorated with one of the four colors from the original Great Diamond Authority symbol. At the bottom of the pool is a drain stopper modeled after the original Great Diamond Authority logo.
    • Diamond Throne Room: The "Diamond Throne Room", also known as "the Ball Room" has a red carpet with four white lines running from a large curtained entrance way to the four colored thrones positioned like the original Diamond Authority symbol where White, Yellow, Blue, and Pink Diamond sit. The rooms multiple columns are crisscrossed with an upside down tetrahedron on the bottom. In "Homeworld Bound" the Diamond Throne Room is now officially as a museum in the history of Eras 1, 2, and the beginning of Era 3.
    • Gift Shop: As part of Era 3, Aubergine Pearl show the Gems a gift shop after the Throne Room. The gift shop is located somewhere near the thrones.
    • Yellow Diamond's Workshop: The workshop is a room where Yellow Diamond can reconstruct shattered gems.
    • Blue Diamond's Joyful Chamber: TBA
    • White Diamond's Meditation Chamber: TBA

  • Prison Tower: The tower, where Gems are prisoned for punishment, even Pink Diamond, is dark grayish, simply the interior consists of six dark chambers, with brownish walls later gray and the floors are light-brown which was later light grey and have windows for one of the chamber rooms. Steven and Connie are imprisoned here for fusing at the "Era 3" ball by Yellow Diamond, and being visited by Blue Diamond when she decides to set them free to live on Earth just like Steven's mother Pink Diamond wants to be free on Earth.

Abandoned Area

At the bottom of the cavern is the abandoned surface area of Homeworld. Being partially underground, (due to above ground structures) the area receives little light and is very dark. The area is barren, covered in dirt and rock. Many green tubes connect the walls together closer to the ground, almost appearing like roots to the buildings above. Pedestals protrude from the ground, and old statues of Gems and fusions can be seen scattered around. Some pedestals have text on them written in the Gem Language. There is another hole in the ground that leads to an abandoned Kindergarten facility.

Off Colors 094.png

Known Locations

Main article: Homeworld Kindergarten

​​Abandoned Kindergarten: Going through another hole in the ground leads to a dark cave. At the end of the cave is a humongous Kindergarten, with holes scattered everywhere that are seemingly endless. Going through an entryway in a wall leads to another part of the Kindergarten, where the Off Colors had lived for many years. This Kindergarten is completely underground.

Yellow Diamond's Unknown Base

Message Received Background Yellow Diamond's Control Room.png

Yellow Diamond's Unknown Base is a location seen in "Message Received", when Peridot contacts Yellow Diamond and Yellow Pearl through the communicator.

Not much is known about the base's location, aside from the fact that it appears to be near or inside of an asteroid field.

In "Message Received", Yellow Diamond is seen in the control room using holographic terminals to access information quickly. These terminals presumably possess the same functionality as the Moon Base terminals.

Only a white floating chair atop a stepped diamond-shaped altar can be seen from the inside, seemingly where Yellow Diamond works. There is a large glass wall made up of triangular panels separating the control room from the outside where several asteroids float in space both near and far.

Gem-Controlled Planets & Moons

Other various planets and moons which have been conquered by the Homeworld Gems are often shown in murals on various Gem structures.

Upsilon 9

Emerald mentions that Lars and the Off Colors crashed her personal shuttle on the planet Upsilon 9.

Klavius 7

A planet located in Sector 4. The Sun Incinerator was docked on the planet Klavius 7 and was heavily guarded by sixty-seven elite Citrines, before being stolen by the Off Colors.

Kyanite Colony

A Gem colony planet mentioned by Blue Diamond. Pink kept some of the aliens from this planet as pets and brought them back to Homeworld, where they caused chaos during a ball.

Unknown Planet

The unnamed planet, now colonized and devoid of life.

A planet located in Sector 7 which was colonized by Yellow Diamond a long time ago. The planet was once teeming with organic life, and had green landmasses and a yellow ocean that covered most of the planet. Now the planet is mostly hollowed out due to intense colonization and is completely devoid of life.

Jungle Moon

The Jungle Moon.

Main article: Jungle Moon (location)

The moon which orbits the planet is still covered by a thick jungle and organic life. The Moon Base that was constructed on its surface is now abandoned and damaged by plant growth.

Yellow Diamond's Asteroid Mines

The Sun Incinerator arrives at Yellow Diamond's Asteroid Mines

Yellow Diamond controls a number of asteroid mines, presumably guarded sites containing materials for Gem technology.

Crystal System Colony 215


A remote mining Colony located on a small moon owned by Yellow Diamond. A kindergarten was also created on the moon.

Demantoid's World

Demantoid's world.png

A planet conquered by Demantoid and now used to develop much of her technology. Its surface is covered in green high-tec structures and still has much construction going on.

Pyrope's World (Blue 4)

Pyrope's world.png

A very old world with ancient structures and ruins sprawled across the planet, and high class gems as its inhabitants. The planet has fallen into ruin over the last few thousand years due to Pyrope's neglect of her duties as ruler and its aristocratic residents now live in squalor.

Palace of Light

The Palace of Light is one of the locations in Unleash the Light. It is a palace that was formally owned by Pyrope and presumably home to the Prisms. The Palace was formerly located on the planet Blue 4, but was removed by Pyrope and Demantoid and now exists on its own meteor.

Yellow 4

Yellow 4 was a colony belonged to Yellow Diamond that it was obliterated by a black hole mentioned by a green Bismuth (naval gem).

Moebius Planet

Various unknown Gems gather on the beach to watch Steven's message.

Several Gems are shown watching Steven's message on the beach of an unknown planet. The surrounding area appears quite barren and rocky, with a ringed planet and moon clearly visible in the planet’s pinkish sky.

The only structures shown are a large grey tower in the middle of the water topped with a yellow diamond symbol (possibly indicating that this is one of Yellow Diamond’s planets) and some dome-like structures built into a rock in the distance.

Unknown City planet

Gem's watch Steven's message from a balcony overlooking the city.

Many Gems serving Blue and Yellow Diamond appear on a planet dominated by a sprawling city bathed in greenish light. The architecture of the city appears slightly more curved than the city that covers Homeworld itself.

Unknown Ocean planet

The surface of the planet Pearls are made on.

Visited by Steven, Pearl, and Pink Pearl. This is the planet where Pearls were made, customized and repaired at a location called the Reef. What little is shown of the planet appears to be rocky with an Earth like ocean. The colony in which the Reef resides is White Diamond's 5th planet.[1]

Unknown Jungle moon

Steven and Lapis on its surface.

A moon which appears to orbit a yellow colored gas or ice giant, which was in the early stages of colonization before being abandoned in Era 3. Visited by Steven and Lapis Lazuli to stop both Mean Lapis and Nice Lapis, who choose to continue terraforming this world regardless. Flower-Like Aliens are shown living on its surface.

Other colonies

As Yellow Diamond stated that she has hundred of crystal system colonies in "Familiar", other colonies belonged to Blue Diamond, and White Diamond. In Unleash the Light, Pearl reminded Steven there are more colonies to liberated after defeated Demantoid and Pyrope.


It is revealed in the episode "Lars of the Stars" that different areas of space are referred to as "sectors" by Homeworld.

  • Sector 4 – The location of the planet Klavius 7 where the Sun Incinerator departed and jumped into hyperspace.
  • Sector 7 – The location of the unknown planet and its jungle moon where Stevonnie was stranded after their conflict with Emerald.
  • Three unknown sectors – Mentioned to have been passed through by the Off Colors.


  • Klavius 7's name may be inspired by the Clavius crater, one of the largest crater formations on Earth's moon, which was named after 16th century Jesuit priest, mathematician, and astronomer Christopher Clavius. Clavius is also the name of a fictional lunar settlement in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey literary universe, located in the same crater formation.

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