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Speaker Dialogue
[Open the Great North]
(Pearl, Connie and Steven warped in on a Warp Pad in front of a giant Wailing Stone, in the middle of a snowy wilderness.)
Pearl  *excitedly* We're here!
Connie  Wow! The Great North is so beautiful in person. 
Steven  Wait, wait! Stay right there!
(Steven runs a distance in front of Pearl and Connie and takes out his phone.)
Steven  Alright, smileee! 
(Pearl and Connie smile and pose in determination, and Steven takes a photo.)
Steven  Okay, now one more where it looks like you're looking for a monster.
(Pearl and Connie pose again, and Steven takes another photo.)
Steven  Okay, now one like you made a joke.
(Pearl and Connie pose again, and Steven takes a third photo.)
Steven  Okay, now do one where the joke's not that funny, but it's more like a joke that makes you... think.
Pearl  Okay, I think that's enough photography.
Steven  But it's Connie's first mission! Her parents asked me to take lots of pictures.
Pearl  Oh...
Connie  Thank you so much for letting me come on this mission, Pearl! *bows to Pearl and blushes* It's such an honor to work alongside you.
Pearl  Well, Connie, your sword fighting skills have far exceeded my expectations. And, with my careful supervision, of course, I'm confident that you can handle a simple Gem recovery mission like this.
Connie  Thank you so much! I promise I won't let you down, ma'am.
(Steven snaps another photo.)
Steven  (whispers proudly to himself) Connie's first mission!
(Pearl, Steven, and Connie begin walking through the snow.)
Pearl  Recap the mission for us, Connie.
Connie  Garnet sensed some corrupted Gem activity in these woods. It is our job to locate it, destabilize its form, and bubble it.
Pearl  Very good. Now, your human bodies aren't designed to last in this cold, so we'll have to be extra careful.
Connie  That's okay, I've got this backpack filled with everything we need to survive in the wilderness.
Steven  And I've got board games in case we get bored. *grins*
Pearl  Ah, yes. Very good.
Connie  So, how will we know if this corrupted Gem is nearby?
(A large growling is suddenly heard, and everyone gasp in shock.)
Pearl  That's how! Here it comes!
(A Snow Monster breaks through some trees in front of the trio and roars at them.)
Steven & Connie  Uhhh...!
(Steven snaps a photo of the corrupted Gem while Connie prepares to unsheathe her sword)
Pearl  Remember, you work together!
Steven  *summons his shield* Ready, Connie?
Connie  *unsheathes her sword* Ready, Steven!
(Suddenly, a corrupted Biggs Jasper, similar in appearance to the Snow Monster, appears and roars loudly.)
Pearl  *summons her spear* Two of them?!
(The two corrupted Gems communicate with one another, and Biggs begins charging towards the trio.)
Pearl  Steven, bubble!
Steven  Bubble power!
(Steven summons his bubble shield and encases him, Connie and Pearl. Biggs jumps over the trio while the Snow Monster runs past them, as the two corrupted Gems flee in separate ways. Steven then dispels his bubble in confusion.)
Steven  They... ran away?
Pearl  There weren't supposed to be two...
Connie  Oh! Oh! I have an idea! We could split up! You can go after one of them, Pearl, and Steven and I will go after the other one.
Pearl  Connie, you are my pupil, so I know your combat skills are excellent. But I'm afraid this is too risky. You've never been in a real fight before.
Steven  Well that's not true, Connie defeated those Gem experiments at the hospital.
Pearl  But--
Steven  And look! *holds out a Cookie Cat walkie-talkie to Pearl and speaks into it* I brought these walkie-talkies so we can talk to each other in case something happens.
Pearl  But-!
Connie  And- *shows Pearl a wilderness survival book titled "The Punishment Of Nature"* I've read this book front to back at least 20 times!
(Pearl stares at the pair in great concerns, while they stare back at her with reassuring faces.)
Pearl  *sighs* Well, all right. But as soon as you find the monster, contact me immediately. I don't want you fighting this thing alone. One more time, what are you looking for?
Steven & Connie  A monster.
Pearl  What do you do when you find it?
Steven & Connie  Call you.
Pearl  *smugly* And who's your favorite Gem?
Steven  *glares at Pearl* Pearl...
Pearl  Why, thank you!
(Steven and Connie laugh together.)
Pearl  Now, be safe!
Steven & Connie  Yes, ma'am! 
(Pearl heads off on her own in one direction, while Steven and Connie go together in the other. Steven gazes up to the sky, with the bright sun shining upon them.)
Connie  All we have to do is follow these tracks. *takes a handful of snow from the tracks and tastes it* Yeah. These are fresh. We trail it until it stops to rest.
Steven  Wow, Connie, you're a wilderness expert. 
Connie  Well, I like to be prepared. When civilization collapses and this world ends, I need to be ready to build the new one.
Steven  Yeah, I guess if Homeworld invades Earth, things could get pretty crazy for humanity.
Connie  Forget Gems, humans are already starting their own demise! Peak oils, Steven! How do we handle terminal decline without alternate energy sources?!
(Steven's walkie-talkie starts to beep, and he picks it up.)
Pearl  *through walkie-talkie* How are you two doing? Are you hungry? Remember, you humans need to eat!
Steven & Connie  Yes, ma'am!
Connie  Luckily, I packed plenty of survival fuel. Time to get our protein on! *takes out a Protes bar* 
(Steven and Connie both eat a Protes bar each, and continue on their tracking.)
Connie  Good thing this snow is here, it makes following tracks a lot easier.
Steven  I'll say!
Connie  So these corrupted Gems are like wild animals; just a bundle of fight-or-flight reflexes and survival instincts.
Steven  Well, they're like that now, but before they were different. They used to be normal Gems like Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet. They had thoughts, and feelings, friends... I don't really know how the corruption works. It's like they're sick. They don't remember who they used to be... Maybe they don't even know how to look like themselves anymore.
Connie  Woah... Are you okay?
Steven  Yeah, I'm good. Oh, I know what'll cheer me up! Woo-hoo! Umph! *face-plants onto the snow* Whoa-hoa-hoa-hoaaaa! Umph!
(Steven rolls himself off a snowy hill and collides into a snow bank at the bottom. Connie snowboards on a piece of wood down the hill to the bottom, as Steven pops out of the snow bank looking dizzy. His walkie-talkie then beeps again.)
Pearl *through walkie-talkie* Steven, Connie? I'm not having any luck finding this monster. We might have to return to the Temple and regroup.
Connie  No, no! We can handle it! We're making great progress. We can definitely take care of this ourselves.
Pearl Oh, well, you sound very confident. Carry on, then, and remember, Connie--
Connie  Stance wide, body lowered. I've got it, ma'am.
Pearl ♫ Balance is the key! ♫
Connie  Need some help there?
Steven  Yes, please. 
(Connie pulls Steven out of the snow and they collapse into the ground. They both laugh together as Steven wipes the snow off of his jacket.)
Steven  Woah, look at the tracks.
Connie  Woah. Now this is a mess! Some of these prints look humanoid... Could Pearl have been here?
Steven  But, Pearl went the other direction.
(Steven snaps a photo of the messed-up tracks, consisting of two sets of footprints.)
Connie  Monster... Humanoid... Monster. What could this mean..? *notices that it has started to snow* We should probably take shelter from this blizzard. But first, let's grab some of these pine needles. We can brew a vitamin C-rich tea with them, so we don't get scurvy!
Steven  Like a pirate!
(Steven and Connie take refuge in a small opening in one of the trees as the blizzard grows stronger. Connie brews some tea with the pine needles she picked up with a small stove.)
Connie  The tea is ready! *pours some tea in a cute cup and hands it to Steven* Here, try it!
Steven  Thanks! *takes a sip of the tea and makes a face of disgust*
Connie  How is it?
Steven  It's... Hmmm.... It's bad.
Connie  Well, yeah. It's not about tasting good, Steven. It's about surviving the punishment of nature.
(Steven and Connie both take a sip of the tea and make disapproving faces.)
Connie  So, why were there humanoid tracks out there? They weren't ours, and they weren't Pearl's. It couldn't have been the monster, unless it's just some guy in a monster suit but that kind of thing only happens in cartoons, usually over a property dispute.
Steven  Maybe it is a guy in a monster costume.
Connie  Y'think so?
Steven  I don't mean literally, silly! What I mean is, there might still be a conscious Gem inside there somewhere.
Connie  Is that possible?
Steven  What if the monster is turning back and forth into its original form? *scrolls through his photos on his phone* If it is, it might not be as corrupted as we think. There might still be a chance to save it!
Connie  How?
Steven  I can't heal Gems that are corrupted. A-At least not all the way, but if it's half-corrupted...
(A large growling is heard again, startling Steven and Connie. The pair then quickly leave their shelter.)
Connie  This way!
(Steven and Connie begins running through the blizzard, in pursuit of the newly-made monster tracks. Connie then suddenly halts in place, and Steven bumps into her, hurting his nose.)
Steven  Oww...
Connie  Shhh!
(Steven and Connie encounters the Snow Monster right in front of them, scratching the rock wall in a state of panic.)
Connie  It seems scared... I-Is it running from us?
Steven  What if it's running... From itself?
Connie  Shhh! *covers Steven's mouth* Keep your voice down!
Pearl  *through walkie-talkie* Hello, you two. How's it going? This weather has really taken a turn for the worse, and I would hate to be responsible for putting you two in danger.
(The Snow Monster stops scratching at the sudden intermission of Pearl's voice though Steven's walkie-talkie, and notices Steven and Connie.)
Pearl Make sure you bundle up with--
Connie  Steven! Turn it off!
Steven  I'm trying!
Pearl  And remember, if you find the monster, don't make any loud, startling noises.
(The Snow Monster turns around and starts approaching Steven and Connie.)
Steven  Stupid, slippery mittens!
Pearl  Hello?! Anyone there?! I'm just going to keep talking until somebody answers. 
Steven  Nyuh! *throws his walkie-talkie away*
Connie  Steven!
(The Snow Monster now stands face-to-face with Steven and Connie, and Connie prepares to unsheathe her sword.)
Steven  Wait, let me try talking to it.
(The Snow Monster stomps up to Steven.)
Steven  Hey, how's it goin'? Mmm, can you hear me? Are you in there somewhere..? *extends a hand* You can control this. Remember who you used to be!
Connie  '*whispers* Steven, I don't think it's working.. *starts unsheathing her sword)
(The Snow Monster notices Connie's sword and attacks the pair. Luckily, Steven summoned his bubble shield in time, protecting him and Connie. The Snow Monsters keeps stomping on Steven's bubble, eventually popping it, and Steven and Connie burst out of it, separated from each other.)
Connie  Steven!
(The Snow Monster approaches Steven, when a snowball hits its face.)
Connie  *nervously* Hey! Over here!
(Connie draws her sword at the Snow Monster, but slowly backs away in fear.)
Steven  Connie, what are you doing?!
(The Snow Monster takes its attention to Connie and approaches her, while Connie keeps backing away.)
Connie  I... I don't know! I... wasn't prepared for this!
Pearl *through walkie-talkie* Steven? Connie? Is this because of the "Favorite Gem" thing? Heh, that was just a joke! *chuckles nervously* ... Don't tell Garnet.
(Connie begins running towards the Snow Monster.)
Steven  Connie!
(Connie skillfully slides under the Snow Monster and grabs the walkie-talkie in the snow.)
Connie  Pearl! We've found the monster!
Pearl *through walkie-talkie* What?!
Connie  We need your help!
Pearl  I'll be right there, Connie!
(Suddenly, Jasper charges in and knocks the Snow Monster down with ease. Steven gasps in shock.)
Connie  Who's that?
Steven *panics* Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bubble! Aaaah!
(Steven quickly rushes towards Connie and summons his bubble shield around them. The pair watches in horror as Jasper repeatedly punches the Snow Monster, and then slams it into the ground. Jasper then climbs atop the Snow Monster and yanks on its Gem on its chest, poofing the Snow Monster. Jasper then stands in triumph, holding Biggs's gem in her other hand, and glances at the two gemstones with a maniacal grin.)
Steven  Jasper...
Connie  Those footprints... The monsters were running from her!
Pearl  *swiftly leaps in* Connie, where's the- *notices Jasper and freaks out* JASPER!
Jasper  *chuckles menacingly* Hey Rose, look what I got. *holds up the two gemstones in her hands*
(Steven takes out his phone and snaps a photo of Jasper. Jasper then turns around and walks away, disappearing into the blizzard chuckling to herself. Pearls sighs in relief as Steven dispels his bubble.)
Pearl Are you two okay?
Connie  Yeah... We're fine.
Pearl  *hugs Steven and Connie* Ohhh, thank goodness! What a disaster! I neverwould've let you come on this mission if I knew Jasper would be here!
Connie  I'm sorry...
Pearl  What?
Connie  I thought I'd be ready to fight, but I wasn't. I failed.
Pearl  You weren't supposed to fight, you were supposed to call me and you did. This was a total success.
Steven  Connie's first mission!
Pearl  Connie's first mission! 
Steven  *takes out his phone* Group picture!
Connie  *blushes* Haha, Steven!
Pearl  Oh! A-Another picture. Tell me when you--
(Steven pulls the group closely and snaps a photo.)
Steven  Aaand, got it!
(Steven shows everybody the photo, with Pearl looking rather unglamorous.)
Pearl  Oh, no... Are your parents going to see this?
Connie  My parents see all of my photos, ma'am.
Pearl  Hmm...
(Pearl and Connie start walking off while Steven looks at his photo. He then scrolls to the photo of Jasper, and eerie music plays as the episode ends.)