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This article is about the Rejuvenator. You may be looking for the Destabilizer.

Homeworld used to use these things on Gems that started steppin' out of line. One hit with this... you're back to how they made you.

Bismuth, Steven Universe: The Movie

The Gem Rejuvenator is a non-summoned Gem Weapon used by Spinel in Steven Universe: The Movie possessing the ability to strip Gems of their memories causing them to revert to their original selves. This effect is not permanent, however, and can be reversed by reminding the affected Gems who they truly are.


In its inactive state, the Rejuvenator is a small magenta grip with a pink switch approximately two inches below its hilt. Upon activation, a long dark magenta pole extends from the grip with a gemstone-like object on the tip of the staff. From there two beams of pink energy extend from either side of the faux-gemstone with one of the beams coalescing into a short v-cut blade and the other becoming much longer and scythe-shaped. Sometimes bands of pink energy can be seen crackling around the blades.


The Rejuvenator works similarly to a Gem Destabilizer, as any Gem struck by or subjected to it are poofed. However, upon reforming the Gems will not remember anything other than their original purposes. The affected Gems will also revert to their outfits from when they were created. It is possible to restore their memories by recreating events and/or feelings that have had the greatest influences over those particular Gems.

Much like the Destabilizer, it was ineffective against non-Gems with no visible damage. However, it had a different effect on Steven who was a human-Gem hybrid: his gemstone took the brunt of the attack and his powers became severely weakened. For example, he was incapable of summoning his mother's shield for more than a few seconds and could not store objects in Lion's mane or bubble Spinel's gemstone after she was poofed. Even before he was depowered the Rejuvenator had been able to cut right through the shield.


According to Bismuth, it was once used by Homeworld to reset Gems that were seen to have defected. However, since Gems were able to restore their memories from moments or events related to what influenced them most the Rejuvenator was discontinued in favor of other weapons and technology such as the Destabilizers and Shattering Robonoids. One of the few known to still exist in the present was Spinel's physical weapon of choice.

Steven Universe: The Movie

After Spinel made her introduction to the Crystal Gems she pulled the Rejuvenator from within her gemstone and used it to poof Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl in rapid succession before striking Steven with it though this only resulted in him seemingly experiencing the same effect he would receive from a destabilizer. Spinel then hit Steven with it repeatedly before he managed to wrench it away and use it to poof her as well. Unfortunately, the Rejuvenator's real effects started to show when the bubble Steven made to contain Spinel's gemstone popped leaving him unable to form another and his shield "glitched out" like the form of a Gem with a cracked gemstone every time he summoned it; after showing it to his dad Greg Universe its effects were further seen when Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Amethyst and Spinel all reformed acting differently than before. Steven eventually learned he couldn't store the Rejuvenator in Lion's mane and had to carry it instead. When he went to Little Homeworld, he showed it to Peridot, who was puzzled by it before Bismuth explained what it was.

Before Spinel went off the rails again she pushed Steven back making him drop the Rejuvenator which a reset Garnet picked up and activated; the sight of it sent her into a rage and she knocked him back further after he took the Rejuvenator. When Spinel mockingly asked him to use it on her again while holding the still reset Garnet hostage Steven loudly denied the notion as he broke it over his knee; the Rejuvenator was discarded, and its remains were never seen again.


A Rejuvenator was seen and used again at The Reef where Pearl and Steven went to repair Pink Pearl's cracked eye. When Steven became enraged, he unleashed the true destructive potential of his mother Pink Diamond during an argument between Pearl and Volleyball. The facility's computer, Shell trapped both Pearls in a clamshell-shaped cage and attempted to reset them before they fused into Mega Pearl.


  • According to Rebecca Sugar, Spinel was able to get her bio-poison, injector, and rejuvenator due to her status from her connection to Pink Diamond.
  • It is unknown when Homeworld began and stopped using Rejuvenators, though Peridot's unfamiliarity with the device implies that it was retired before or at the beginning of Era 2.
  • The film's Rejuvenator was based on a scythe, which is associated with death in western cultures. In addition, a scythe is also used to reap mature crops, enabling new ones to take their place, mirroring the "death" of the affected Gems' personalities, and their "rebirth" with their original appearances and mindsets.
  • Gems who have their memories restored keep the same forms they had before being poofed by a Rejuvenator.
  • The overall appearance of the Rejuvenator is based on the main weapon of XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe, the Beam Scythe.
  • A scrapped plotline for Steven Universe Future involved Peridot creating a device that checks how many times a Gem has been rejuvenated; most Gems tested were never rejuvenated, though some had been hit once or twice. The main plot began when Rhodonite learns her components had been rejuvenated "seventeen times each" by their former owner, Morganite, after which she and the other Off Colors try to regain her many missing memories.


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